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3 Ways To Win with Weaknesses

Weaknesses. We all have them. We all talk about them, and we all work on them. Weaknesses are a reflection of something that blocks your internal motivator – your Why It Matters. Unique to you, your Why It Matters is the driving force behind what you do.

Tara Brach on Overcoming Challenges, Fear of Missing Out, and Mindfullness

“Meditation is evolution’s strategy to bring out our full potential.” – Tara Brach Tara Brach (@TaraBrach) is a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and one of the leading teachers of Buddhist thinking and meditation in the Western world. She is the founder of the Insight Meditation Community in Washington, D.C.

Blow It Out Your Barracks Bag! WWII Slang From the Front

“Our fighting men are makers of slang because they are adventurous individuals and they are not restricted by decorum and their taste is unlimited. Their hunting ground for new terms is in their native tongue as well as foreign. They adopt traditional devices of similitude, making attributes work for the whole. They use hidden resemblances, they know no limitations and have no boundaries.

Overcoming Fear – 6 Steps that will Change Your life!

Fear can be paralyzing. Fear can also be motivating. The key to overcoming fear is to ultimately see it as an opportunity, and once you are able to do that, your fear no longer has control over your thought or your action.

HÅLLARE Candle forest

Materials: HÅLLARE candle holder – 7 candles Simply glue dried branches to the back of the candle holder with hot glue. See more of the candle forest. ~ Aléxia Costa The post HÅLLARE Candle forest appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

A Brief Guide to Quitting a Bad Habit

By Leo Babauta There aren’t many of us who don’t have some bad habit we’d like to quit: smoking, sweets, shopping, nail-biting, porn, excessive checking of phones or social media, other distractions … The problem is that we think we don’t have the willpower, faced with past evidence of failure after failure when we’ve tried to quit before. We don’t think w

How to Deliver a Kick-Ass Consulting Service

Are you trying to win a bid, bring in more work for your company or influence stakeholders? How do you influence your clients when delivering a consulting service?  I’ve put together a list of techniques to empower you to lead with confidence and bring in repeat business for years to come!New to Consulting? Consulting can be pretty straight forward for the natural.

5 steps to regaining confidence

  Confidence is part of the human soul that affects us all. There are two primary aspects of life that can affect confidence: Number 1: Our own personal experiences. For example, I can remember my earliest experience of losing confidence when I was aged 10, and I missed a penalty at a soccer match. It left me upset, unable to face people at the game, my team mates and their parents.

BJURSTA to luxe upholstered bench

StyleMePretty published a tutorial on this fabulous upholstered bench.

Strategies for an affordable college education

As you gaze at your newborn or newly adopted son or daughter, one of these thoughts may run through your head: “Will I be able to afford to put you through school?” “Am I required to put you through school?“ “Right now it’s all I can do to pay for Pampers and child care. I’ll worry about college later.” Time has a way of sneaking up on us.

9 Ways To Believe In Yourself

Self-belief is one of the most important qualities of a happy and successful person. You can be the most beautiful and intelligent individual, strong athlete or clever entrepreneur, but without self-belief these qualities may never come out to the full extent. Self-belief is the foundation of your success both in life and work.

The 10 Best Effects of Exercise on Stress

We can’t control everything that happens in our lives. Of course, not being able to control certain issues doesn’t stop us from worrying about them.

Podcast #125: Why The Great Gatsby Endures With Maureen Corrigan

I know it’s cliche, but my all-time favorite novel is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. To me it offers prescient warnings on the perils of a consumer society and perfectly captures the American drive to strive for the unattainable, even if it results in tragedy. NPR’s literary critic, Maureen Corrigan, is also a huge Gatsby fan. A far bigger one than I am, in fact!

My College Roommate Sent Me a Sketch of Myself–What a Memory.

One of my Secrets of Adulthood is: “Always remember how easy it is to forget.” I’ve tried a lot of things — keeping a one-sentence journal, taking tourist photos of my own romance — to help hang on to memories. It’s funny, though, what can unleash a memory.

Revealed! Book Club Choices for August 2015.

Pardon this moment of book self-promotion: I was very happy that the Washington Post included Better Than Before in its terrific list, A summer reading list that will help you professionally. Many great ideas for reading. (Want to know more about Better Than Before? Excerpt here. Audio clip here. Discussion guides here.) Now enough about me and my book (!) — on to the fun part.