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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: September 29, 2016

The winners of last week’s Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie giveaway were: Cesar C. from Homman Estates, IL, Leif K. from Pacifica, CA, Etienne M. from Quebec, Kit B.

Kickstarter Bonus: Dealing with Struggles Video Course

By Leo Babauta As I get closer to the goal for my Habit Zen app on Kickstarter, I’ve decided to add a new bonus reward: a video course on dealing with life struggles. It’s for anyone who is struggling with: Frustration Feeling overwhelmed Stress and anxiety Feeling down or unmotivated Unhappy with their direction in life Feeling bad about themselves I won’t be able to give you

Bathroom tray for small items

IKEA item used: 2 covers from the 2-piece DRAGAN bathroom dish set, bamboo The DRAGAN bathroom set comes in 2 pieces – a deeper box and a shallow tray which works as the cover for the box. We decided to use the cover as a tray for all the small things in the bathroom but we didn’t have space on the countertop.

Why computer backups matter

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. It’s been over a year since I last encouraged you to have a computer backup strategy in place, and some recent news made me want to emphasize this once again.

Gearhead 101: How Full-Time 4WD and All-Wheel Drive Work

Welcome back to Gearhead 101 — a series on the basics of how cars work for the automotive neophytes out there. Last time we went into detail about how part-time 4WD works and why it’s beneficial to have all four wheels powering the car in low-traction situations.

Competitive Analysis: How to Find Out Who's Buying From Your Competitors

In my previous tutorial, we covered the basics of doing competitive analysis for your business—no matter how small it is. For this guide, we’ll go deeper into learning more about your competitors’ customers. You’ll find out the different types of people your small business competitors target, why they buy, and what possible unmet needs they have.

7 easy steps to transform an IKEA stool into a cute table

I propose to you to transform a piece of furniture that almost everybody has in their homes, the FROSTA stool from IKEA. Materials: - An IKEA FROSTA stool - Spray paint - Drill - Cork - Paper tape - Double-sided tape - Sandpaper - Compass Budget: Approximately 40€ Steps: If your stool is already assembled, disassemble it.

How To Find A Dose Of Clarity In Your Life

Do you ever wonder why we are here? Why at times, if feels like we’re on Cloud 9? And other times, it’s as if the World is crumbling below our feet? Beauty and chaos, progression and destruction… these things are present everywhere we look and we’re expected to keep our cool?

“I Physically Put My iPhone in a Different Room. Sometimes Under Lock and Key.”

Interview: Jeff Wilser. I forget how I got to know Jeff Wilser, but when we met for coffee, he mentioned that he had an idea for a book about Alexander Hamilton — something fun, and also very informative.


Torta Horta: uma sobremesa que leva legumes feitos de morango com chocolate! Aprenda ainda a fazer a ganache  e a terra comestível! Os amigos do Centro Tiquira me ajudaram na receita! Obrigada, pessoal! <3 O post TORTA HORTA (DE MORANGO COM CHOCOLATE) apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Podcast #239: Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

If you’re a man on the precipice of marriage or have marriage as a life goal, one worry you likely have is “Will my marriage last?” While divorce rates have been decreasing since they reached their peak in the late 1970s and early ’80s, there’s still a perception out there that marriage is just a crapshoot — a game of Russian roulette — and that the odds favor you ending up in a

Spotted: GEMAK street lights

Not my hack, but I noticed these lights in front of a deli at the beach of Wenduine (Belgium) that clearly consist of hacked GEMAK colanders. They can also be seen in this Google streetview. ~ T-Fork   The post Spotted: GEMAK street lights appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Another Bonus Offer: 50,000 American Express Points Now Available

The interior of the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain Link: 50,000 Points Up for Grabs Last week I mentioned an upgraded bonus offer in the world of travel hacking.

How To Find The Best Topic For Your Blog

Being a blogger is a wonderful job. It lets you connect to different people with different personalities. Unfortunately, however, finding the right blog topic ideas is no easy task.

How to Use Feedback From Customer Reviews (In Your Small Business)

When you’re first setting up your business, getting customer feedback is typically the last thing on your mind. After all, what if you’re just a small operation with very few customers? Most of your energies will be directed towards making sales.