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By Glen Stansberry

Where do you stand on digital books?

Since it’s the day after a holiday, I’m thinking maybe a conversation instead of straightforward advice will help us ease back into the week.

MINUT in HEMSTA disguise

Materials: HEMSTA shades, MINUT pendant lamp First I removed the glass shades (from the MINUT pendant lamp) from the light fixture, then I added the fabric HEMSTA shades to it (the little plastic thing that make the connection smaller has to be connected to the fabric shades first). After this I screwed back the glass shades on the light fixture. ~ Nina

The ins-and-outs of using a self-storage unit

Using a storage unit to house clutter is not recommended because it is a waste of money and is only a way to delay making a decision about what to do with the stuff you no longer need.

Going Back to College

Summer is ending and students are headed back to school. But what if you are past college age, replete with family responsibilities, holding down a full time job, and still feel like some additional training would improve your career?

Seven Clever Food Strategies for Stretching a Small Food Budget (and Nine Foods That Are Filling, Healthy, and Cheap!)

There are a lot of strategies out there for stretching a food budget, from couponing to meal planning. I’ve laid out our six-step plan for organizing cheap meals many times on The Simple Dollar, and it’s a routine we stick to almost every week. Still, that’s not the end of the road when it comes to stretching your food budget.

Daily Life in a 180-Square-Foot Motorhome: On the Road with Mike Rigney

This is a travel hacking case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) Why does someone move out of a big house and into a motorhome? What lessons do they learn, and how does their life change? Here’s Mike. Introduce yourself! Hello! I’m a 29-year-old mechanical engineer from Port Huron, Michigan now living in San Diego, California.

My first app is ready for download! Conversation Starters is LIVE. Talk your hearts out!

  My team and I use Skype chat like it’s our “watercooler chat place,” which can be summed up in three words: crude, cultured, and gushy. When we find stories about people using The Desire Map in groups, this happens: “Did you catch the convo from that book club in Maryland last night?

KURA castle with upper play deck

Materials: KURA bed, mdf board, thin plywood. I made a castle out of an IKEA Kura bed and two BILLY bookshelves. I mounted studs at about 40cm apart for a durable upper floor.

How to Meditate When All The Other Techniques Don’t Work

I suffered from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) for more than 7 years, and the worst part is that I’ve found out about it in the last year. I’ve spent days and weeks of constant worrying and over thinking without realizing that I am “digging my own grave”. I spent my nights reading articles to help me win at anxiety, and I spent my days trying to implement the advice I found.

How to save big with a salvage title

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. What was your first reaction when you saw “salvage title” in the headline? Cringe and shudder? Outrage, that anybody could seriously suggest something so risky on a respectable site like this? In mixed company, no less? Step away from the ledge, slowly, exhale, and then hear me out.

Letting Go of a Hurtful Past – 5 Ways to Move Forward

For most of my life, I always had trouble letting go of the past, specifically when it comes to angry situations. Like this one time, there was this drunk guy, who was my good friend's friend who tried to pick a fight with me. I didn't do anything because I wanted to avoid trouble. I spent years after that feeling so angry with myself. "Why didn't I just fight him?

Walking in Hong Kong

  Hong Kong has been one of my favorite global cities for nearly a decade now.

5 ways to use the BEKVAM

A cool video from Maya on the versatility of the BEKVAM spice rack. If the video below does not play, please click this link to view it on youtube. ~ Maya

Scholarships for Real Life: “Your First Clue”

Last year we started a foundation, making an initial investment of $100,000 and pledging to support “Scholarships for Real Life,” a program to enable people to pursue a dream of their own while also addressing a problem that affects others.

Wood tiles to wooden stool

I made this stackable seating with storage from the IKEA wooden tiles. (Platta?) To put the tiles together I use cable ties 30cm. And on the back of the cabinet, I placed a diagonal reinforcement. ~ Denise