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By Chanpory Rith

Old School Army Wisdom on the Importance of Staying Fit (Even If You’re a Desk Jockey)

Editor’s note: The following excerpt was included in FM 21-13, an Army field manual published in 1952. It applies well to both soldiers and civilians, regardless of what line of work they’re in.  FM 21-13 THE SOLDIER’S GUIDE Section VI. PHYSICAL TRAINING Military leaders have always recognized that soldiers do a much better job if they are in good physical condition.

Do You Face These Common Problems in Happiness and Habits? Here’s Your Answer!

For years, I’ve been reading, writing, and talking to people about their happiness and good habits.

It’s perfectly okay to give up on a book

When is it okay to give up on a book? I’ve seen a couple articles on the web addressing this question, but my answer is shorter than those I’ve seen: It’s always okay to give up on a book. Of course there are a few exceptions: if you’re in school and the book is required reading, if your boss is asking everyone to read a specific book, etc.

Our 2 Best Tips for Dealing With Picky Eaters

Lots of kids are picky eaters. Maybe you were one growing up, and refused to let anything green touch your lips. Maybe you’ve got a kid now who rarely ventures beyond cheese pizza and apple sauce. Having an overly “discerning” palate is a phase a lot of children go through. Most grow out of it, eventually.

More than 15 ways to handle recurrent clutter

There are three areas in my home that are on a recurrent cycle of being cluttered and cause me stress: the kitchen, the family room, and the dirty clothes hamper in the bedroom. I have taken many steps to try to get my laundry problem under control, but I continue to wrestle with it. The kitchen is a similar stress aggravated by the fact that my husband and I eat three meals a day at home.

You Can’t Miss Your Boat

I know quite a few people who spend a fair bit of time thinking about all the might have beens, what-ifs and opportunities they’ve missed.

A simple box turned backgammon storage box

Where do you put your games? In a box? Well, why not make that box, also a game. Here I created a backgammon storage box from this IKEA box, the SMÅRASSEL. Or course, the box has room for all my other board games too. Photo: IKEA.com I purchased this decal but with some vinyl and straight edges you can make your own game board. Simply follow the directions on your decal.

How to Write an Employee Handbook (For Your Small Business)

Does your small business need an employee handbook?To many business owners, an employee handbook may sound like the kind of bureaucratic red tape that only large corporations need to worry about. And some may not know what it is or even have thought about it.

3 Ways Your Circle of Friends Determine How Far You’ll Go in Life

You’ve heard it countless times. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” The reason why so many people are unsuccessful today or haven’t begun their journey to success is that they take the said statement too lightly. Are you one of those people? Maybe you’ve been keeping your fingers crossed and hoping your current friends would wake up and change.


Aprenda a fazer um picolé sabor TORTA DE LIMÃO! A massa do sorvete é feita com limão, leite condensado e creme de leite. Por cima, ele leva um merengue tostadinho! Se você não tiver maçarico, é só substituir o merengue por chantilly e dispensar o fogo O post PICOLÉ TORTA DE LIMÃO – Tostado! apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Podcast #323: Improve Your Breathing, Improve Your Health

Take a breath right now. Did your chest go up and down? Congratulations, you just failed at breathing. Don’t worry, my guest today on the show will set you straight. Her name is Belisa Vranich.

Will your heirs really want your stuff?

Saddleback Leather makes some lovely products.

Modern TV Stand from KALLAX + FROSTA

I made a modern TV stand combining the KALLAX shelving unit with legs from the FROSTA stool. IKEA items used: 1 KALLAX 1 x 3 unit (42 x 111cm) 1 FROSTA (legs) 2 KALLAX doors 1/2 Kallax drawer Photo: IKEA.com Other items / equipment used: 1 plywood board birch 38 x 103,8 x 0,6cm 1 plywood board birch 38 x 33,6 x 0,6cm (maybe painted in white) wood glue short screws (4x25mm), 4mm wood drill, co

Changing Trends in the Way Families Buy Homes

Owning a home gives families a sense of independence and security. However, in buying a house, numerous factors influence the family’s choice.

Morning Routines and Strategies

“Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition.” – W. H. Auden This is a special episode of the podcast. After more than 200 conversations with the world’s top performers, you start to spot certain patterns.