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The 44 Training Program: Turning Uncertainty & Discomfort into Mindful Openness

By Leo Babauta Today is my 44th birthday (thanks mom!) and I have a gift for you, my beautiful readers: It’s called The 44 Training Program: Turning Uncertainty to Find Mindful Openness. What the heck is that?

“In 1970 I Felt So Lonely that I Could Not Give; Now I Feel So Joyful that Giving Seems Easy.”

“If I am able to remember loneliness during joy, I might be able in the future to remember joy during loneliness and so be stronger to face it and help others face it. In 1970 I felt so lonely that I could not give; now I feel so joyful that giving seems easy.

Yay or Nay? aka our own “Shark Tank”

Philipp wrote me an email and wanted honest feedback from the IKEA community on the thingamajig he invented to cover up dowel holes in the PAX wardrobes, BILLY bookcases and others. He calls them “beauty-clicks”. I know, not the best name. The idea is good, and I personally think they look better than Variera cover caps.

Is There a Poem that Constantly Runs Through Your Head?

April is National Poetry Month. I don’t read much poetry these days; usually, when I do, it’s because a book that I’m reading includes a quote from a poem, and that makes me interested enough to look it up. I found one of my favorite poems that way.

How to Cast a Spinning Reel

Beginners new to the art of attempting to catch fish will likely have their first experience with a standard spinning reel and rod. It’s an ideal set-up to go after the type of fish typically found in freshwater lakes and rivers, and it offers a lot of versatility when considering what types of tackle you’d like to put at the end of your line.

My Mission: Help the World Transform Fear into Openness & Joy

By Leo Babauta When I started Zen Habits 10 years ago, I simply wanted to share what I’d been learning about changing my habits and simplifying my life with others. Then something magical happened. Over the next year or two, people took some of my tips and changed their lives. They were able to finally stick to some new habits, simplify their lives, even find a mindful practice.

How To Make Use of 5 Advanced Excel Pivot Table Techniques

The problem we all face isn't a lack of data; instead, it's finding meaning in huge amounts of data!

Do You Drown Out Your Intuition?

Our higher self You can call it intuition, inner knowing, the universe, higher beings or whatever works. Everything that exists contains this flow of energy. It’s always there. When you are in that flow, you know that you are safe. You know you can do anything. You know that everything will go well and everything will work out. There are no mistakes when you’re in the flow.

The Importance Of Freedom And How To Take Control Of Your Life

Freedom is what gives people the power to act or not to act. It allows them to determine their own future and to shape their own destiny. That is what we all crave for. Yet, somewhere along the way, we have lost touch of this freedom we all love.

Social Briefing #6: How to Make Yourself More Approachable

Social Briefings are short bi-monthly dispatches that offer practical tips to improve your social skills.

Never to old to Rock ‘n Roll

I repurposed an Ikea Tockarp TV Unit to accommodate my turntable and amplifier so that I could play my ’70s vinyl record collection. Photo: IKEA.com 1. Check that your record player and amp can fit in the shelf space provided with a little room to spare so that you can slide them out without difficulty. The backboard can be cut to accommodate the depth of the record deck, if required. 2.

How To Develop Empathy By Understanding Subjective Hardship

Most people understand what hardship is but not a lot of people know how to develop empathy. When we think about someone who undergoes hardship, we often think about those who are impoverished, disabled or marginalized in some way. What we fail to think about is subjective hardship. What is subjective hardship? I define subjective hardship as the hardship that someone internalizes.

Ta Da! “The Four Tendencies” Book Cover Revealed!

I have an exciting announcement (at least, it’s exciting to me). At long last, I can reveal the jacket for my new book The Four Tendencies! We worked long and hard on the design, the colors, and the subtitle. I hope you love it as much as I do. (But please, if you don’t love it, don’t tell me.

Podcast #299: How to Be Manly According the Ancient Greeks and Romans

Ancient Greece and Rome have a heavy influence on the idea of manhood we promote on the Art of Manliness. In fact, this classical conception of manliness was how much of the West defined manhood up until the middle of the 20th century.


Vocês me desafiaram a fazer um Strogonoff Doce!!! Sim, esse é o nosso #DESAFIOBG! E, claro, aceitei com o maior prazer! Para transformar o prato em sobremesa, fiz um delicioso creme de chocolate e coloquei frutas, marshmallow e amêndoas! E ai, qual o próximo desafio amores? O post STROGONOFF DE CHOCOLATE apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.