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About Jonathan Fields | Awake @ the Wheel

awake at the wheel
Jonathan Fields | Awake At The Wheel features stories, tools and tips revolving around small-business, entrepreneurship, marketing and personal growth.

It’s drawn largely from Jonathan’s renegade journey from mega-firm lawyer to serial health & fitness-industry entrepreneur, author, speaker, yoga teacher, career-coach and hardcore marketer and his experiences helping craft the images of strategies for a wide range of start-up businesses.

It’s real, practical, gritty, personal and…valuable! It pokes fun on a regular basis (mostly at Jonathan) and mercilessly celebrates the maverick in all of us, swaggering between cautiously-spiritual and relentlessly skeptical…but always in the name of finding a broader truth.

Jonathan can also be found running his Career Renegade Bootcamps, directing his marketing group, Vibe Creative and working on his next book on career-evolution, due out from Random House in January 2009.