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Success From the Nest

By Tony Clark

About LifeRemix

LifeRemix is basically a band of bloggers who enrich people's lives through blogging. The blogs are hand-selected, and each one is incredible. They have excellent writers, and their content is quite unique.

With the constant swelling of the blogosphere, good writing can be hard to find. We're trying to act as a filter so only the best writing is showcased, while at the same time learning a thing or two.

LifeRemix was created as a collaboration between two bloggers, Brett Kelly of the Cranking Widgets Blog and Glen Stansberry of LifeDev.

Special Thanks

- Toby Becker of Birdbox Design for the great Logo
- Thomas McMahon of TwisterMC for layout ideas, and converting Glen to a Mac user.
- All of the bloggers within the network for their patience as we stumble through the process of creating a blog network.

And anyone else we may have failed to mention.