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By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

About Behance

Behance- Make Ideas HappenThe Behance Research Team is led by Scott Belsky, founder of Behance LLC in New York City. Scott and the Behance crew have been studying exceptionally productive people and teams working in the creative fields. Behance has been documenting the methods and resources that productive creative professionals use to make ideas happen.

Behance's blog has been humming since January of 2007, and has been busy around the blogosphere. They've been featured on MSNBC, Sirius Radio, and blogs including LifeDev, LifeHacker, CoolHunting, Daily Candy, and many others.

As if doing some exceptional blogging wasn't enough, Behance has also launched a product line that is featured in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art stores.

The Behance team is made up of designers, developers, product designers, and researchers. Scott Belsky, Behance's founder, previously worked in Goldman Sachs' Pine Street team, an initiative for leadership development and organizational improvement. Scott has spent almost five years studying the creative professional community. He graduated Cornell University and holds 50% of an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Here's a fun little fact: The languages spoken natively in the Behance office include Spanish, French, English, and PHP.