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By Brett Kelly

About The Cranking Widgets Blog

the Cranking Widgets BlogThe Cranking Widgets Blog is written by Brett Kelly and focuses primarily on personal and professional productivity (specifically Getting Things Done) with a smattering of technology- and parenting-related content. The blog first showed it's face in November of 2006 and has gained a fairly respectable following in recent months. Posts from CW are regularly recognized on Lifehacker.com, lifehack.org and other notable productivity-themed blogs and websites.

Brett Kelly is a software developer from Southern California, USA where he lives with his lovely wife and two beautiful children. When not writing software and learning the ropes of being a father, he's something of a "beverage enthusiast", especially coffee (which he roasts himself) and scotch. He also enjoys a rousing game of backgammon and has been known (despite his better judgment) to deliver a blistering karaoke performance of "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses. You can read more about him than you ever wanted to know at http://brettkelly.org