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About Ikea Hacker

ikea hackerJules runs Ikea Hacker, a blog compiling Ikea hacks from all over the world. The blog started in June 2006 after she did a google search on Ikea hacks and saw that there were so many wonderful ideas floating around the Internet. Three seconds later, a light bulb exploded in her brain, (much like her logo suggests), and the rest, as they say, rolled out like Swedish meatballs.

Ikea Hacker is the place to go to for an alternate view of Ikea and its furniture. It's full of creative ideas to make your mass produced pine furniture just that wee bit more personalized and unique.

When she's not blogging or hanging out at Ikea, she is most likely having coffee, feeding her pet guppies or trying to come up with a creative idea what to do with all those allen keys she has collected.