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By John Wesley

About The Simple Dollar

about the simple dollar

People starting their careers today have a vastly different set of options before them than their parents did. It's incredibly easy to get into debt, the job and career options (and the ways to get started with them) are vastly different, and the cost of walking in the front door to your first home is astronomical. Add to that the sophistication of modern marketing and all of the expensive technology available, and it's not surprising that the generation coming of age today is sometimes referred to as Generation Debt.

The Simple Dollar is about dealing with these problems in a realistic way. You're not going to hear from a miser sitting on the porch preaching about saving every penny. Instead, Trent (the author of the site) has been down that road, nearly losing it all due to the lures of easy credit cards and a rampant lust for goodies. He turned it around without living the life of a hermit - and you can, too.

How is that possible? The answer is that it's more than just money. It's how you approach life, accomplish things, and make choices every single day. The Simple Dollar is your guide to figuring out the right answer for you.