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By Brett McKay

Wise Bread

wise bread- fugal living tips
Wise Bread provides daily personal finance and frugal living tip, with the goal in mind to keep us all living large on a small budget.

Launced in January 2007, they've experienced incredible growth and have been featured in many large publications like Lifehacker, Wired, The Register, Consumerist, MSNBC, Mother Jones, Makezine, Treehugger, Autoblog, and Boing Boing.

Wise Bread draws these great articles from a community blog created by several passionated bloggers. Their bloggers come from a rich array of backgrounds. They are professional writers, financial consultants, entrepreneurs, career counselors, scientific researchers, homemakers, attorneys, students, designers, to name a few.

(Side note: They claim that all of their authors are incredibly good looking. We can neither confirm nor deny that, but our suspicions lean towards confirming it.)