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How to Work Like the Masters

Written by Jay of Dumb Little Man.
how to work like the mastersWhen I need work done on my car, I consult with a mechanic. When it's time to build a deck in the backyard, I will search for an expert and listen to what he says.

So when it comes to life itself, why wouldn't you at least consider what experts think? Trust me, I completely understand that the term 'expert' is often self-proclaimed. Nevertheless, it is up to you to hear, interpret, and evaluate information. What you do with it is ultimately your call.

With that, LifeRemix has done some homework and we're bringing you a list of things that you'll need to consider. If you constantly feel that your inbox or task list is never-ending, this will help.

Here are a handful of tips on working from the most popular productivity bloggers on the internet, along with bloggers on organization, the environment and more. Instead of blathering, we will summarize and then allow you to read more if indeed you think a point is up your alley.

From Wisebread:

  • Achieve greatness fifteen minutes at a time. Do all your tasks in
    fifteen minute chunks. Use a simple kitchen timer to keep time. When
    you know every unpleasant task will end in fifteen minutes, there is
    no more excuse for procrastination or distractions. Read more
  • Sound more confident in one easy step. Do you place an upward
    inflection on your name when you introduce yourself? Turning your
    introduction into a question makes you appear unsure of yourself:
    "Hello, my name is Bob?" Turn your introduction into a statement.
    You will immediately feel and sound more confident. Read More

From Dumb Little Man:

  • Gain 10 days per year by adjusting your sleep. Learn how to go to bed without sitting in bed for hours watching TV. I used to be the guy that stayed up late and woke up with barely enough time to shower before work. So, how did I change that? It's actually pretty simple, I installed a regimen that I have now followed for years." Read more
  • Leave work at work. We all go home from work irritated and it takes a toll on our happiness and even our families. Change your route home, turn of the blackberry or do something to keep a little seperation. Read More

From Zen Habits:

  • Eliminate all but the essential tasks. Our to-do lists can often be long and overwhelming. I've learned to weed out the non-essential tasks, simplifying my to-do list down to the three most essential tasks each day. Read More
  • Single-task. Once you've chosen to work on an essential task, eliminate distractions and give that task your complete focus. It'll help you complete your tasks much more and improve productivity. Read More

From LifeDev:

  • Take creative breaks. There never seems to be enough time in the day to finish everything that needs to get done. If you really want to maximize your time, try using your break times to get done those other tiny unrelated tasks that have to be done throughout the day. Tasks like doing the dishes, watering plants, or anything else that removes yourself from behind the computer. In short: You can work non-stop, without getting burned out, and still get everything done on your todo list! Read More
  • Learn the benefits of rest. Breaks are a pivotal part of every workers life, yet so often they aren't taken because there "isn't enough time". Without these important breaks, we start to become drained, exhausted, and unmotivated. One tip to ensure that you're taking the appropriate amount of breaks is to plan your day around your rest breaks. Pencil in those breaks first thing, and then plan the rest of your day. This makes taking breaks a priority, instead of an oversight. Read More

From The Happiness Project:

  • Walk around the block. Studies show that even a short walk will boost your mood and energy, and the sunlight will make you more alert. In fact, even if you can't go outside, just taking a ten-minute break each hour will boost your retention level. Read More
  • Smile. No surprise, but research shows that people will perceive you to be friendlier if you smile more, and becase of the phenomenon of "emotional contagion," your smiling will help others "catch" your mood -- moreover, just the act of plastering a smile on your face will boost your own spirits. Read More

From No Impact Man:

  • Let your TV rob someone else's time. We gave ours away and now we each have an average 4 hours 35 minutes a day to spend with each other, on our work, and generally doing stuff instead of watching stuff. Plus we reduced our power consumption and carbon emissions! Read More
  • Smash your cell phone. I did. It dropped out of my pocket while I was riding my bike. I couldn't buy another one because of the "no consumption" rules of the No Impact Man project. Now, I make phone calls at 11:30 AM and 4 PM, when it's convenient for me instead of for everyone else. Read More

From Success From the Nest:

  • Don't let someone else define your creative process. No matter how much the gurus know about the creative process and productivity, they aren't you -- because you are unique. Your muse and creative flow may be found in a completely different place. Read More
  • Achieve balance when working from home requires good communication. Remember, your family has as big a stake in this as you do (and maybe even bigger -- they're not in control). You have to be open about what's going on -- and allow ways for your family to be involved while setting boundaries. Read More

From Pick the Brain:

  • Always look for new ways to get better at what you do. It might not seem to make a big difference, but small improvements add up over time. Continuously optimizing your work process is the key to becoming an expert. Read More
  • Focus on a concrete goal with well-defined, measureable steps. Without a concrete goal, it's too hard decide what to do next and you'll waste a lot of time trying to decide. The narrower your goal, the easier to it will be to follow through and the more motivated you'll be to take action. Read More

From LifeClever:

  • Want to be a designer right now? Just look in the mirror, and say,"I'm a designer." Okay, I know that sounds like a lame self-help motivational trick, but here me out. Designing is an activity that everyone does, from planning a vacation to laying out your living room. Now, you may not be a good designer. In fact, you may be terrible. But how will you improve, if you don't get the courage to identify as one? Read More
  • What's the best way to beat blogger's block? Lower your standards. Blogs aren't novels, so don't start a post by worrying about being perfect, insightful, original, or even grammatically correct. Good writing, like good design, is a process of iteration and editing. Read More

From Behance:

  • We all have a love-hate relationship with meetings. While some of the greatest ideas and solutions come up in brainstorm meetings, we also lose most of our time in discussion without action. One solution is to measure the value of meetings with action steps. Consider a few practical tips on minimizing meetings to maximize results. Read more
  • What can the world of storytelling teach us about giving feedback in the workplace? Master Storyteller Jay O'Callahan encourages us to focus less on criticism and more on sharing appreciations. Read more

From Ikea Hacker:

  • A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Is there a way to get rid of cables and wires snaking round your table? A little creativity and down-to-earth diy can get rid of them in a blink. Read More
  • Some times the most productive places are away from your usual work station. Take your laptop somewhere inspiring and type away. The key is to get comfortable wherever you are and a laptop desk helps. No money for a fancy one? Try these.

From Unclutterer

  • Control your worries. It's easier to be productive when you are not worrying about things outside your control. Asking yourself a few useful questions can help you better focus on what you can control. Read more
  • Start routines that eliminate clutter. Establishing a regular routine for household tasks can help keep your living space free of clutter, which makes it easier to stay focused on your priorities. Read more

Like I said in the beginning, there is no way all of these apply to you. Just consider your life and your problems and determine where you need work.