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Success From the Nest

By Tony Clark

Living Lean Without Being an Outcast

It’s not exactly a secret that the “spend less than you earn” strategy is a little different than how the average American lives their lives. As I’ve quoted many times on The Simple Dollar, 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

Success Comes To Those Who Have No Need For It

The idea of hard work leading to success has been a universal and sacred tenet for centuries. But is it true? Does hard work truly lead to success? Is every hard working person that you know a success? Or is their life full of disappointments and anguish? As is always the case, this advice is a reactionary response to laziness.

Bookshelf or Fireplace? I Couldn’t Decide.

Materials: Two full-size and one narrow Hemnes bookshelves I had a spare wall in my living room, but wanted both a lot of book storage and a fireplace. I checked the dimensions of the Hemnes bookshelf, and discovered an electric fireplace insert that fit with just a little extra space. I used this AKDY 28 inch unit.

4 Steps To Become More Decisive

I hate making decisions. I always envy those who say, “I just knew this was the house for us,” or “to me that was a sign, so I just broke up with him.” They make it seem so easy. They don’t spend sleepless nights poring over the pros and cons list, scrutinizing it one  more time just in case something new pops out.

How to Perform a J-Turn: An Illustrated Guide

I’m a big fan of old cop and detective shows. One of my favorites is The Rockford Files that aired in the 1970s and starred the legendary James Garner as private detective Jim Rockford. The Rockford Files was famous for the car chase scenes in which Rockford would race down bad guys in his Firebird Esprit.

Movable Expedit Standing Desk with Storage

Materials: Expedit 5×5 Bookshelf, Expedit cabinets and drawers, Expedit Casters (4 sets), Frosted glass panel I saw this hack on a website previously about small space living and added a few touches of my own. Link here. Only changes I made were: 1. Added frosted glass topper 2. The shelf what was not built in I placed on top of the level that will become the standing desk platform.

New Kura bed tent

Materials: Green Kura bed tent My daughter didn’t enjoyed the original green Kura bed tent because she couldn’t see anything when she was on the bed. I came up with the idea of using one crochet blanket made by my grandmother to make her a new bed tent. Just used the original structure from green Kura bed tent and sewed the crochet blanket so the structure could be adapted.

Hackers help: Any ideas on how to place a rather big pc case on a Micke desk?

Good morning! My name is Thijs and this is my first post here, I currently have a Micke corner workstation, and the long straight desk ( the 142cm wide one ) I was trying to think out a way to place my new (upcoming) pc on there, it sizes are: width: 24.5cm, depth: 58.2cm, height: 55.8cm it is the bitfenix colossus venom. Any ideas? cheers! Thijs. Photos: IKEA.com  

When multitasking can be dangerous

In an effort to get more done each day, we’re often tempted to multitask. As Erin has noted before, sometimes this is fine — for example, running a load of laundry while I’m writing this post is unlikely to cause any problems. However, when both tasks require focused attention, multitasking can actually be detrimental to productivity.

Self-Reliance, Part Three

Six weeks ago, I shared with you the first third of my favorite essay of all time, Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and three weeks ago, I walked through the middle third of that essay. Self-Reliance has profoundly affected my life in countless ways, and I find myself re-reading it every month or two.

You have no jurisdiction here (a poem for boundary-making)

The outline of my being shines brighter than agreements I made before now but thank you for the bond that bound me for now I know my endless expanse my fences are not so much about you not being welcome (although you’re not) It’s that this is now and it is me and I am in space and that covers it all. I sounded it out for you. Sonic love.

25 Guiding Questions to Identify and Manage Anxiety While Recovering

You can’t enter a battlefield armed with only an arsenal of interrogative statements. However, acquiring a database of questions can definitely tame a few pesky weeds. For example, I might worry intensely every day. But maybe I can search inside myself to transfigure at least a good chunk of those worrisome thoughts into a mindset focused on recovery.

Baby SELJE monitor stand

Materials: SELJE night stand Tools: Screw driver Steel Hack Saw Metal File Step ONE Pop off the white feeties pads and save them. We will be putting them back on. Step TWO Using the Steel Hack Saw cut off the long side of the legs. We will be using the left over U shaped bits leaving us with 4 steel rods.

A better way to calculate the value of your time

This article is by staff writer Kristin Wong. It’s both fascinating and useful to calculate the value of your time. Financial freedom gives you options and flexibility. But without time, that means nothing. Time is a precious resource that we should spend wisely. But you already know this – we’ve written about it quite a bit.

“Habit Change Is Easiest When People Move House or Undergo Some Life Transition.”

Habits interview: Wendy Wood. I was very pleased to get the chance to interview Professor and Vice Dean Wendy Wood, because she’s one of the top experts in the field of habits, and has done much of the most interesting research in the area. For instance, it was her research that showed that about people repeat about 40% of their activities almost daily — and usually in the same place.