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By John Wesley

Revealed! Book Club Choices for September 2015. Such Good Books.

Pardon this moment of book self-promotion: For many people — at least in this part of the world — September marks a time of new beginnings. In my book, Happier at Home, I write about how I did a project from September through May, to make my home a happier place. If you, too, feel like September is the other January, you might like the book. What a joy it was to write!

The Daybreak: Make an Important Goal Happen with a Morning Habit

By Leo Babauta The sun begins to come up, and the first rays of light begin to shine upon this fresh day. What do you do with this time? The most important thing. If you have a project you want to happen (let’s say you want to write a book), this is the time to form a habit that will make that project happen. A morning writing habit will get the book done.

Pro Style Kid’s Kitchen Hack

When we had our first daughter we converted the office in our house to a playroom. Because there was no storage in the room, as toys were added they just kind of ended up everywhere.

Tips to Manage Your Career

Many people just let their career “happen” to them. People who really get ahead usually take a much more proactive approach and intentionally manage their career. In this post, we want to look at some things you can do to plan ahead. 1. Keep in contact What you know is important, but whom you know may determine what opportunities present themselves.

Podcast #134: A Field Manual For Life After Combat

What happens when a soldier returns from the battlefield? How does a combat veteran transition from the chaos and intense camaraderie that occurs in war to the more placid rhythms of civilian life?

Put your soul on the agenda. The 2016 Desire Map Planner Collection is here!

I say this every year: I LOVE my day planner. I’m so proud of this planner system. And every year, I totally overhaul the design and make it even better. And then I say, No, THIS year, it’s the best edition yet. Well… THIS YEAR IS THE BEST PLANNER COLLECTION EVER. It’s radically newer, smarter, wiser, funner, and sexier.

Computer desktop clutter

There are two types of people in the world — those who are okay with this, and those who aren’t: Computers have been a part of my daily life since about 1994. The machines and technologies we used back then would be almost unrecognizable today, with one exception: files saved on the desktop.

“My Car Is My Home, the Planet Is My Backyard”: On the Road with Bruno Caumette

This is a traveler case study. (Read others or nominate yourself.) For almost two decades, Bruno Caumette has made his home in a Toyota Land Cruiser. He’s been around the world once and is currently working on his second voyage.

A Freelancer’s Guide to Basic Bookkeeping

As a freelancer, you probably don’t get excited when you think about bookkeeping (unless you happen to be a freelance bookkeeper).

RIBBA-MALA Writing Wall Hack

We were looking to replace our Mala kids easel and save some space at the same time. For this hack we used the Ribba shelf to mount the Mala paper roll to the wall.


“Make a budget” is one of the most often repeated personal finance tips but, just like “eat more greens”, very few of us actually follow it even though we know it’s good for us.

When investing in yourself is wise

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. You’ve heard it before, many times probably: Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Really? How do we know that’s true?

The 5 Commandments of Personal Development

Are you drowning under the sea of information on personal development? You wonder what you should really focus on in order to get results? It is while I was trying to answer that question that I came up with 5 fundamental rules.

The Oracle of Silicon Valley, Reid Hoffman (Plus: Michael McCullough)

Reid Hoffman with Ana (top) and Michael (left) McCullough, co-founders of QuestBridge.org (Photo: Will Miller) “I build, design, and improve human ecosystems through software either as a creator or an investor.” – Reid Hoffman Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) is often referred to as “The Oracle of Silicon Valley” by tech insiders, who look at his company-building and inve

Shadow Work and the Rise of Middle-Class Serfdom

Meet Bill, an average American. The first thing Bill does when he rolls out of bed in the morning is look at his phone. He checks for new texts and emails, peruses his Facebook feed, and then surfs around to various news sites and blogs. Then he grabs a quick breakfast and it’s out the door for a 20-minute commute to work.