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By Gretchen Rubin

12 Ways You Can Step It Up In Life To Rise Above Being Average

This is how I define being normal: It is being the same as everyone else. This is a good thing as it means you're a rational person who tries his best in being happy and also doesn't bring harm to others. But here's the thing: Normal and average are two entirely different things. Yet, they constantly overlap one and another. Average isn't cool.

Best Student Loans in 2014

Are you having a hard time finding out what the best student loans are? You might also be wondering how to nab the best student loan rates. You’re not alone if you think figuring out how you’ll pay for college is a stressful, complicated process.

9 Secrets for Dressing Well: A Roadmap for the Style Rookie

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Robert van Tongeren. Some men make it look so easy, don’t they? They seem to have a natural sense of what looks good on them and what doesn’t.

Art of Manliness Book Club November ’14: The Call of the Wild

Jack London is one of AoM’s guiding spirits. Brett and Kate read almost everything both by and about Jack London in researching an epic 11-part series on his thumos-filled life.

11 Money Moves to Make Before Becoming a Mommy-Preneur

Ditching the 9-to-5 routine can be incredibly rewarding, but be sure you’re financially prepared to take the leap. Photo: Julie Jordan Scott For years, I sat behind a desk crunching numbers, analyzing spending trends, validating financial transactions and generating reports.

Hemnes Olé!

Some time ago I bought a Hemnes china cabinet which I decorated with Mexican talavera knobs to fit in with the southwestern style of my home.

Which of These 8 Types Describes You, as You Relate to Your Environment?

Every Wednesday is List Day, Tip Day, or Quiz Day. This Wednesday: Which of these 8 types describes how you relate to your physical environment? I’ve been reading Brian Little’s interesting book, Me, Myself, and Us: the Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being. Among other things, he discusses various  frameworks for understanding people’s different traits. I’d nev

Expedit/Kallax 4×4 with ethanol fireplace

I wanted to put some things in my Expedit 4×4 which did not fit at all… So the plan was: Put my ethanol fireplace in the top level of the Expedit. The second level is for books and stuff.

Hackers Help: Poang footstool to snack table?

Photo: IKEA.com I looked for a hack for the Poang footstool to turn it into a snack/drink table but didn’t find anything on the site. Maybe a angled base and a fitted top of some sort? Is there one and I missed it? Any ideas how to hack one? I live in a travel trailer and having my furniture do more than one function is a plus. Thanks. Rod in Maryland

Unitasker Wednesday: Snow cone and shave ice machines

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! We all have snippets of good memories from our youth that occasionally bubble up and bring smiles to our faces.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2013 Kindle MatchBook lets you upgrade your print-edition book purchases to ebooks Kindle MatchBook lets you upgrade your previous Amazon.com print-edition book purchases for select titles to the corresponding ebook versions. 2009 Making exceptions to your uncluttered standards Making exceptions to uncluttered standards can become a slippery slope.

A Frugal Guide to Amateur Astronomy

Several months ago, I had a wonderful evening with my six year old daughter where we spent more than an hour (up until bedtime) in the backyard under the night sky, looking up at the stars. We talked about how big the universe is. We talked about how most of the dots in the sky are stars but a few are planets and some are whole galaxies.

What You Missed in that TED Talk You Watched

I know what you did this week. You spent hours combing through your Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook feeds while also listening to a few TED talks, searching for that one nugget that’s going to change everything for you. But guess what. It won’t. And you wasted your time. Sorry! Think about what you found. Did you find anything new?

How to File an Insurance Claim

Accidents happens, even on sunny days. Here are the steps you should take when they do. Photo: Mark Turnauckas It’s a beautiful day with clear skies and bright sunshine. The birds are singing and there’s a gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the trees. You take a deep breath and savor the sweet scent of honeysuckle.

Castle playhouse & loft bed

Materials: SNIGLAR bed, STOLMEN pole & climbing ladder I always dreamed of having a castle bed as a kid and now since I have a little 4 year old that loves castles I decided to just make it! What we used from Ikea was; a SNIGLAR bed, STOLMEN pole & a climbing ladder.