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By Jules

TORKA stalks as Photography Props Storage

IKEA items used: TORKA decorative stalks I am a Newborn Photographer and I have my studio at home. I wanted something nice and useful for my Baby Props and I thought that this was a nice idea. I used TORKA decorative stalks for that. I just used some pins and for the first one I bundle some Christmas LED lights and for hanging the props I used some curtain pincer clips. I hope you like it!

What Is a Landing Page?

Results are what differentiate a landing page from every other page on your site.They’re laser-focused web pages on specific topics that help to (a) bring in more visitors or (b) convert visitors into leads and sales.The trick is moving beyond the visual aesthetic or design to make sure all the proper elements appear correctly on each page.

How to Earn Free Hotel Stay Certificates Every Year

Hotel stays should be part of your travel strategy even if you don’t usually stay in hotels.

How to Be Happy Even If You Don’t Have Money

Nowadays, it’s commonplace that “money makes the world go round”. It almost implies that one cannot be happy if one is not quite well off. Is this true, actually? Let’s look at what psychologists and self-help gurus say about that. As it happens, leading a happy life even if you have to pinch pennies is more than realistic.

Bar/ High dining table with KALLAX shelves

IKEA items used: 1 x KALLAX shelving unit 5 x LACK wall shelves 1 x TORNLIDEN tabletop (optional: 2 x KALLAX insert with 2 drawers + 2 x LEKMAN boxes) IKEA surprisingly has very limited option for high dining tables… I have a high ceiling living room and wanted to have a loft atmosphere in that room but the available bar counters and high dining table are usually expensive, provided you fi

Put things away, right away

Pre-order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. The advice “put things away, right away” seems so basic it feels almost ridiculous to share it on Unclutterer. We all know the benefits of spending a few seconds to put something away as soon as we’ve finished using it.

Top New Presentation Templates of 2016

2016 is moving fast. Is the deadline for your important presentation coming up quickly? Do you need to design your slides and get them ready to go?If that's that case, you have some work to do then. But before you fire up PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides, first take a smart look at an efficient starting point for your project.

3 Selfish Rules That Will Make You Happy

From a young age we are being taught to be selfless. To consider the feelings of the people around us and put them before our own. Selfless people are likeable, always nice to be around and they just make our lives a little bit easier. But are they happy? Some of them certainly are. I am not saying there is no happiness to be found in helping others.

How to Write a Business Plan

If you’re starting a business, one thing you’ll need to do early on is to write a business plan. But it can be hard to know where to start. You can find plenty of business plan templates online, but filling them out can still be tough. What information should you include? How much detail should you go into?

APTITLIG Chopping Board Turned Jewelry Tray

IKEA items used: APTITLIG Chopping Board Supplies: Gold Resin Antlers Double Hook Grey Marble Contact Paper Gold Craft Paint Screwdriver Paint Brush Hot Glue Gun & Gluestick Directions: Unscrew the two antlers from the base. They will pop out easily. Paint the edges of the cutting board gold.

17 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Do What You Love

The older we get, the more we tend to become "realistic". After 20, 30, 40 or more years being told by society what you can and can’t do, what you should and shouldn’t do, it is not easy to do what you really love.

Manvotional: The Greatest Sporting Proposition in the World

“The Greatest Sporting Proposition” By Bruce Barton From It’s a Good Old World, 1920 Sir Walter Raleigh was one of the ablest and most attractive men of his time.

The Honest And Painful Truth About Success

Let’s talk about Your success for a moment. The one you have always dreamed of. The image that fills your mind the moment I say the word. Yes, that one! That success that you have been making passes at. That success that you have entertained in surges of motivation. And shelved in moments of apathy. That success that has led you to the glossy covers of magazines.

Final WDS 2016 Ticket Sales Open Wednesday, February 10

For six (six!) years now, our volunteer team has produced a global adventure that takes place every year in Portland. This year will be our best year ever—and you should be there! Here’s what you need to know: We’ll begin the FINAL ROUND of main-stage ticket sales for WDS 2016 on Wednesday, February 10th, starting at 9am PST.

Podcast #175: How to Improve Your Work and Life With Systems

Are you an entrepreneur or a manager, and feel like every day at work you’re just putting out fires? Or in your personal life, do you go home and it’s just crisis after crisis that needs fixing? Our typical response to managing the chaos is to get more efficient at putting out those fires.