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By Mark Shead

The Magic, Misdirection, and Mindset of David Blaine

“I never look at anything really as a success. I always look at it as a work in progress.” – David Blaine David Blaine (@davidblaine) is a magician, illusionist, and endurance artist.

Social Briefing #9: How to Think of Questions to Ask People

Social Briefings are short bi-monthly dispatches that offer practical tips to improve your social skills.

Buquê de Brigadeiro (‘Bouquet’ para o Dia dos Namorados)

Que tal um Buquê (Bouquet) de Brigadeiro para o Dia dos Namorados? Aliás, atenção para a campanha ‘Neste Dia dos Namorados, eu não preciso de um(a) Namorado(a). Eu só preciso de um Buquê de Brigadeiro’. Saiba mais sobre a ação no VÍDEO da receita! Se você não tem a quem presentear, faça para você mesmo!

Develop Resiliency: How to Move Towards Your Fears

By Leo Babauta One of the things we tend to do habitually is move away from things we’re afraid of.

Minimizing packaging clutter

Clutter doesn’t just come from things you buy (or are given) — it can also come from the associated packaging that sometimes winds up sitting around your home or office. That might be the manufacturer’s packaging or the packaging added by a company like Amazon. Excess packaging is part of the problem.

KALLAX Wooden Playhouse: Kids Adventure Castle

I just finished the following project – adding a wooden playhouse on top of two IKEA KALLAX shelving units. The idea was to use the IKEA KALLAX (two KALLAX units of 2×4) as part of a kid’s playhouse with an upper deck and sleeping area below, if required.

Choosing The Perfect Handmade Diamond Ring For Your Engagement

Knowing how to choose an engagement ring is tricky and buying it is quite a challenging task. You would not like to go wrong on any count since it has a lot of emotional significance. It is a symbol of your deep love, dedication and bond with your life-partner-to-be. Before stepping out to buy the best engagement ring ever, you must have a crystal clear idea of exactly what you are looking for.

“I Wrote This Book on a Computer Keyboard that Used to Belong to Malcolm Gladwell.”

Interview: Daniel McGinn. Dan McGinn is an editor at Harvard Business Review, and he’s written for publication such as Wired, Inc., the Boston Globe Magazine, and Newsweek. He also has a book that just hit the shelves this week: Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed.

How to Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint Presentations on Export

You created a Google Slides presentation, but now you need to share it with someone who uses Microsoft PowerPoint and doesn't have a Google account.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Dads aren’t usually very picky about Father’s Day presents — if you get them something, anything — even if it’s a World’s Greatest Dad mug or tie — they’re typically simply tickled pink that someone remembered them at all. Those low expectations are going work to your advantage this year — because this year, you’re not only going to remember to get your Pops something for Fa

How To Be Awesome: 3 Ways To Be The Most Interesting Man in the World

Long before the Dos Equis commercials came out about The Most Interesting Man in the World, I wanted to be that guy. I envisioned myself as that one person at parties that everyone flocked to because I had done amazing things and had captivating stories. I often imagined this: “Hey, Bill! Come over here.

Podcast 120: Very Special Episode of Listener Questions about the Four Tendencies.

Update: Congratulations to our beloved producer, Kristen Meinzer — her hilarious, addictive podcast By the Book got picked up! She and her co-host comedian Jolenta Greenberg choose a different popular self-help book and report what it’s like to live “by the book” — for their pilot, they lived by The Secret, next up, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Hackers Help: Hemnes tower bookcases and bridge – add trim/laminate?

Desperate mom of picky 13 year old son here. A few months ago, grandparents helped us give him a Pottery Barn Teen storage bed, full size. Note we could only afford the bed, but IKEA Mom here thought – hey! I can put together the Hemnes tower and bridge, and either paint or stain it to sort of match, or even match his walls, something cool, for an eighth of the price!

Book Review: A Simple Guide to Saving Your Family Photos

Like many of our readers, I find one of the most daunting projects is organizing and digitizing our family photos. Fortunately, when I was at the recent NAPO conference, I had the opportunity to speak with Mollie Bartelt, co-founder of Pixologie and author of A Simple Guide to Saving Your Family Photos.

Should You Live Together Before Marriage?

Shacking up. Living in sin. Fifty years ago, cohabitating with one’s significant other before marriage was described in pejorative terms and often thought of as immoral. Today the picture is quite different. Living together prior to getting hitched has increased 1500% since the 1960s, and 30% in just the last decade.