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Kevin Kelly – AI, Virtual Reality, and The Inevitable

“If somebody else can do it, I am not going to do it.” – Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly (@kevin2kelly) is back again and, as I’ve said before, he might be the real-life “Most Interesting Man In The World.” Kevin is Senior Maverick at Wired Magazine, which he co-founded in 1993.

Improve the Right Kind of Skills (They Probably Aren’t What You Think)

  *My brand-new book, Born for This, is all about helping you find the work you were meant to do.

10 Things In Life Which Should Be Handled Stress-free

You're reading 10 Things In Life Which Should Be Handled Stress-free, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. It is not uncommon to feel like your life is stuck in gear.

Bem-estar: saiba os benefícios do consumo da QUINOA

A Quinoa (ou quinua) é um cereal nativo da região dos Andes. Muito versátil, pode ser consumida em saladas, com frutas, em sucos e vitaminas, ou com leite e iogurtes. Esse grão que ficou muito popular há algum tempo é um alimento muito nutritivo e é uma opção excelente para quem está em busca de uma alimentação mais saudável. Vamos conhecer alguns benefícios da quinoa?

Receita escrita: Hambúrguer de Quinoa

Aprenda a fazer um delicioso hambúrguer de quinoa, rico em cálcio e fibras! Este grão é da mesma família do arroz, então acompanhe com uma proteína e tenha uma refeição super saudável! A receita escrita está disponível logo abaixo: O post Receita escrita: Hambúrguer de Quinoa apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

Why You Don’t Need To Travel Far To Turn Your Life Around

You're reading Why You Don’t Need To Travel Far To Turn Your Life Around, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake.

Podcast #206: Extreme Ownership

We live in a time of extreme complexity and uncertainty. In order to stay competitive in the business world, you’re constantly having to adapt and change. As a leader in this environment, you’re often forced to make decisions when you don’t have all the information that you need. Yet the complexity and uncertainty of the marketplace doesn’t compare to that of war.

The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: June 3, 2016

Last week’s winner was Josh from Carlsbad, NM. He chose the classic Spirit of St.

Why Setting Boundaries Will Change Your Game

You're reading Why Setting Boundaries Will Change Your Game, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

50’s Florentine Pendant

IKEA Item: Lakheden Lamp Photo: IKEA.com Steps: - Cut strips of silk fabric to dimensions of “ribs” on shade - pulled weft off every other strip to get a fringe effect - Applied with spray adhesive - Voila! ~ Amy L. Courage The post 50’s Florentine Pendant appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

“Just Like It’s Not Easy to Lose Weight, It’s Not Easy for People to Let Go of Their Past.”

Interview: Felice Cohen. I learned about Felice Cohen when I, like twelve million other people, watched a short video where she showed of her 90-square-foot Manhattan studio.

Top 5 Credit Card Signup Bonuses for Miles and Points: June 2016

Every year I earn well over one million Frequent Flyer miles and points. About 250,000 of them come through actual travel, but the rest come through travel hacking: the art of seeing the world on a budget. One of the easiest ways to earn a lot of miles all at once is through credit card signup bonuses. This post contains the best current card offers as of Friday, June 3rd.

The Original IKEA Malm Billy Head Board and Under Bed Storage Hack

I desperately needed more storage space in the bedroom and was frustrated that I was unable to efficiently use the space under my original style Malm low bed or behind the bed head (as I had previously hacked four 20cm depth EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM shelves to make a 2.7m long shelf behind the Malm bed head and night tables). I liked the idea of the high Malm bed but was less enamoured with h

The Role of Karma in Your Relationships

The role of karma in relationships is real and we can see it play out in our daily lives and the people around us. By now we’ve all heard of karma, and we’ve gotten the impression that it’s some malicious force that punishes us for our bad deeds. Not so! Karma is an old Sanskrit word that simply means “deed” but the ethical concept of karma dates back thousands of years in India.

What to Consider When You Start an Apparel Business

The business side of art can be quite the undertaking. More than just selling your work, you need to know or get to know a lot of small business practices as well as what you can expect to encounter as a small business owner or self-employed artist. In this article we’ll break down some common occurrences and ideas in working as an apparel designer.