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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

How to Be More Confident

I was so far outside of my comfort zone it was hard to believe I even had one. I thought just turning up to my first Toastmasters International meeting was the hard bit. I was wrong.

18 Ways to Peacefully Motivate Yourself

Most productivity tips boil down to clever ways of forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do. How exhausting! It's so much more peaceful - and so much more effective - to motivate yourself instead of forcing yourself. Think of one goal you'd like to achieve, but you're having trouble motivating yourself. You care. That's why you chose this goal in the first place.

Wants Vs. Likes

  “In the world there are only two tragedies.

7 Perfect Ways to Train Your Brain with the Help of Gadgets

The key to training your brain is to keep it active. Watching TV is not going to stimulate your brain enough in order to keep it active. Playing computer games can be helpful, but it really depends upon the game you are playing. The ones that take persistence are often the better ones.

Secret of Adulthood: What We Do Every Day Matters More Than What We Do Once in a While.

From Further Secrets of Adulthood. Agree, disagree? I think this Secret of Adulthood is very helpful when it comes to habits. If we want our lives to be better than before, it helps to think about what we do most of the time. In Better Than Before, I include a chapter on the Strategy of Safeguards, the strategy that helps us deal with possible habit challenges and failure.

Hackers Help: Can I remove the mirror from the LILLÅNGEN high cabinet?

Photo: IKEA.com Hello, I have purchased this at our local IKEA: LILLÅNGEN High cabinet with mirror door, color is black/brown .. hoping to be able to remove the mirror from the door, but it is proving extremely tricky. I was wondering if anybody had done it and has any pointers?

Digital recipe organizing solutions to love

Elaine recently asked Unclutterer: I have a specific need related to paper management — recipes. I’d like to take all the scraps of paper with notes about recipes I have in books, torn out newspaper clippings, torn out magazine clippings, recipes from the inside of product packaging (like recipes on the inside of the cream cheese box) and get them organized digitally.

The password for Beloved

There is that place you cannot reach within your singular self on your very own body inside your human person. No matter how you bend or try to scratch it, there is That Place you cannot reach alone. Don’t bother to beg your god for a ride. Enlightenment can’t lift you up to it. Not even the fragrance of your desire, not even the sonic caress of your incantation is going to permeate. Because

5 Ways To Keep a Conversation From Coming To a Dead-end Standstill

You’re nodding along as the other person talks to you about something. She might be an acquaintance you bumped into, or someone you’ve met for the first time. And as the other person finishes talking, she waits for you to say something. Then, it happens. The deadly, awkward silence.

More kitchen storage without drilling into tile backsplash

Materials: BYGEL bars, BYGEL s-hooks, BYGEL containers, GRUNDTAL shelves, LÄMPLIG trivet Save putting holes in your backsplash and add shelves and pockets in front of it. Attach Bygel bars into the underside of top cabinets.

What’s your position on debt? Read this first

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. You hear it all the time, here and many other places: Debt is bad — evil, even — you know, like smoking and drinking and gambling. Yet, despite overwhelming evidence that smoking is bad for us, almost one person out of every five still smokes. And in the past year, that number has not declined significantly.

6 Ways to Stop Feeling Demotivated and Get The Work Done

We all feel it from time to time. We feel demotivated. We know we have to do the work. We even know what to do, but we just aren't doing it. Heck, we even supposedly have a passion for it! Yet, the drive, inspiration and willingness aren't there. Getting the work done can be tricky. It's easy to learn how to do it, but it's hard to actually take action.

Of All the Posts I’ve Ever Written, This Is One of My Favorites.

Assay: Lately I’ve been doing some research on Thomas Merton (long story), and that got me thinking about Flannery O’Connor, and that got me thinking about a post that I wrote several years ago.

PSA: Half of Marriages No Longer End in Divorce

Whenever the subject of marriage gets brought up, you can be sure that someone will argue against the institution by trotting out the most famous of famous statistics: half of marriages end in divorce.

6 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Newb When Playing Poker

  In 2002, Chris Moneymaker (yes, that’s his real name) was an accountant and amateur poker player in Tennessee. He played online quite a bit, and occasionally in casinos, but mostly ended up in debt. By the end of May 2003, he had won the World Series of Poker — and the $2.5 million main prize.