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By J.D. Roth

Unitasker Wednesday: Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar Wrapper with Golden Ticket Replica with No Chocolate Included

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! On Tuesday, Disney announced it had tapped Tim Burton to direct a live-action remake of Dumbo. After reading this news, I instantly remembered another Tim-Burton-related unitasker I saw at a white elephant gift exchange a couple years ago.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2012 Ask Unclutterer: Routines on a constantly varying scheduleReader Cat works non-traditional hours that are always changing.

DIY Card Catalog / Apothecary from RAST for $75

Materials: RAST dresser Shirley is very nostalgic for library card catalogs so we decided to make a card catalog.

5 Secrets of Long Distance Relationships

As they say about a long distance relationship, that a smooth and healthy relationship can prove to be a blissful whereas a suffocating one can lead to intoxication for freedom. Living away from your partner is hard. But maintaining the relationship even while being miles apart is even more stressful.

Locus of Control: An Introspective Glimpse Into Your Own Psyche

How does your locus of control affect the things that make you happy and the love in your life? Is it internal or external? Whether or not you have a background or even an interest in psychology, there is an idea in the realm of personal psychology that directly connects with everyone.

5 Steps to Get You Through a Terrible Feeling and In to Feeling Good Again

  “For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Is there such thing as a wrong feeling? Well kind of, but not really.

How to Survive a Dog Attack

When I lived in Tijuana, Mexico fending off “roñosos” (mangy) stray dogs was a daily battle. Most of the time they were all bark and no bite. Just remaining calm, avoiding eye contact, and continuing on my way was all I needed to do.

“Give Me a Second Glass of Wine, and All My Hard-Fought Self-Control Falls by the Wayside.”

Habits interview: Hannah Nordhaus. I know Hannah Nordaus from college.

Trofast Beauty Station

Materials: TROFAST I hacked a TROFAST storage unit by flipping it over, adding casters and painting it black. Back when I made this the only color options were white and natural wood. I also added handles, a hair dryer holder (found at any beauty supply store) and a small storage basket on the sides.

Easel to Magnetic Board + Whiteboard Combo

Materials: Algot metal shelves, Dokument pen cups, Mala easel, SLÄTTHULT wall stickers Had a Mala easel which I had no space to open up and use since moving into my new apartment.

Efficient travel tips from an airline pilot

My sister has been a commercial airline pilot for more than a decade. Whenever I’m taking to the skies for travel, I hit her up for tips.

The One Trick That Will Help You Become Wealthy

Do you want to know how to become wealthy? Who doesn’t? I’ve done a little searching recently for just how to become wealthy. The results surprised even me. Some of the results I found were along the lines of live within your means, save and invest, etc. Basically all of the typical stuff you already know and hear.

Custom Beech and Maple Desk

Materials: Alex drawers, Hammarp countertop, Sjunne legs It is most built from IKEA parts, but removing the existing drawer fronts and cutting new ones out of plywood and adding nice bar handles (thanks, Nancy!) really gave the whole thing a more expensive vibe. The table top is a really pretty piece of butcher block which I successfully cut by myself with only a power jig saw at my disposal.

10 tax breaks for 20-somethings

This article is by staff writer Suba Iyer. When I was in my 20s, I was single, without kids, renting, had graduated from college, working at my first job and no interest whatsoever in taxes. My feeling was, Why should I waste time thinking about taxes? As a single, renter with no kids, I would get absolutely no deductions or credits — and in addition to that, I had nothing to itemize.

Steps to Create a Financial Framework for Your Finished House

Whether you are finishing a major renovation project or finalizing a new repair, you may be eager to put the finishing touches on your home. While the majority of your expenses may have been accounted for in the work you have already completed on the home, you may still have several thousand dollars’ worth of finishing touches you want to put in still.