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By Tim Ferriss

DIY kitty lamp with FADO

To make the Kitty lamp (and surely with NO HELLO first) you have to use: 1. FADO lamp from IKEA 2. 2 small packages of FIMO soft clay (polymer clay) 3. Soft pink paint 4. Black Posca pen (or another pen for glass painting) 5. White glitter for the cheeks, if you like… 6.

Dealing with house paint in an organized manner

The specks of white on my arms can only mean one thing: I’ve been painting. Summer revitalization around our house has become a little out of hand this year, as my wife and I have decided to re-paint three rooms in our home.

Mobile TROFAST for art supply storage

I needed a storing system for my painting utilities, paints, brushes etc. Preferably one I could move around. I was thinking to build one from scratch. Then I ran into this IKEA TROFAST. It looked great for what I had in mind. I bought a new one at IKEA. I wanted to build a door with shelves where I could store my brushes.

Freelance Collaboration: How to Work Well Together When You're Far Apart

Remote workers are a growing part of today's business landscape. The odds of being assigned to a remote team are great.

10 Simple Self Improvement Hacks

Aristotle once said that we are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, if you want to live a successful life, you need to have the right mindset and habits. On the other hand, it should be noted that human as we are, we have faults that prevent us from reaching our full potential. This is where the need to improve oneself comes in.

5 ways to keep your financial information safer from hackers

This article is by editor Lisa Aberle. Hey, do you mind if I try to guess one of your passwords? No? Okay, how about “123456″ or “password”? Maybe “Max123″ or “Bella2011″? Although I hope no Get Rich Slowly readers are using any of these passwords currently, “123456″ and “password” are among the most common passwords chosen.

3 Ways to Know What You Want

I was riding in a taxi cab with a few coworkers years ago after a long day working a convention when I said something I thought was basic knowledge. “You’ve got to know what you want in life,” I said matter-of-factly. “I think the reason so many people are unhappy is because they’re busy chasing things they don’t even want.” One of my coworkers laughed and called me a guru.

Is Your Mind Your Own? Find Out with a Simple Self-Test

We all like to think of ourselves as independent adults with minds of our own, right? But most of us aren't as independent as we think. We’re emotionally dependent on—also known as addicted to—all kinds of things, including the approval of others. The yes/no test is a good way to gauge where you are on this.

Do You Keep a Contented Heart? I Work at This.

“This day by God’s mercy I am 29 years of age, and in very good health, and like to live and get an estate; and if I have a heart to be contented, I think I may reckon myself as happy a man as any is in the world, for which God be praised.

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2013 Planning an organized Walt Disney World vacationThe first of three in a series on organizing a vacation to Walt Disney World. 2010 Making Mondays — and your week — more productiveMondays are opportunities to start new habits and the day to begin a productive path for the week.

The Do More Pull-ups Routine [VIDEO]

If you’re reading this in an email, click here to watch the video.  Want to include pull-ups in your workout routine but can’t even do just one stinking pull-up? Well, follow the routine in the video and you’ll be cranking out pull-ups for reps in no time.

12 Ways to IKEA Hack Summer

With sunshine streaming in through the windows and our warm weather gear finally getting a chance to be worn, now is definitely the time to start living life outdoors! Whether you’re spending your summer at home by the pool and are looking for the perfect excuse to dig out your meat tongs, we’ve gotten brilliant ways to get you IKEA hacking your summer. 1.

How To Use Failure To Your Advantage

I know that feeling, I have been there multiple times. It is a lonely feeling.

Who are the Most Productive People in the World (and what we can learn)

Beside stunning nature, retro cars and friendly people, Cuba is... a mess. Many things don’t work there, despite their propaganda - people live in slums, media gets censored and technology is so 60s.

Two Million Downloads! Thank You, Readers and Listeners!

My sister Elizabeth and I are so happy. We just passed a big milestone for our podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. We’ve had more than two million downloads! (2, 019,041 for anyone who, hypothetically, checks the numbers constantly.) Our first podcast was on February 25, so we haven’t been doing it very long. We’ve been thrilled by the enthusiastic response of listeners.