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By Chris Guillebeau

Podcast #299: How to Be Manly According the Ancient Greeks and Romans

Ancient Greece and Rome have a heavy influence on the idea of manhood we promote on the Art of Manliness. In fact, this classical conception of manliness was how much of the West defined manhood up until the middle of the 20th century.


Vocês me desafiaram a fazer um Strogonoff Doce!!! Sim, esse é o nosso #DESAFIOBG! E, claro, aceitei com o maior prazer! Para transformar o prato em sobremesa, fiz um delicioso creme de chocolate e coloquei frutas, marshmallow e amêndoas! E ai, qual o próximo desafio amores? O post STROGONOFF DE CHOCOLATE apareceu primeiro em Blog do Bom Gosto.

17 Easy Positive Changes You Can Make In Your Life Right Now

There are many positive actions and habits we know we should do, like working out, eating healthily and not spending beyond our means. We know the big things that will make our lives better, but the fact that they’re big tasks means they can feel daunting or overwhelming. And so we easily give up on them. Life isn’t always about big, bold milestones.

The Monthly Huckberry Giveaway: April 2017

Below you’ll find some of my favorite offerings from Huckberry this month. Enter the giveaway to win any of these items, or anything else available in their store (up to a value of $500). Last month’s winner was Cole from Alameda, CA. He chose the Compact EDC Kit. Will you take home this month’s prize? My Picks This Month 1.

How To Start Building Confidence: A Story From A (Formerly) Fearful Guy

As a 4-year-old, I recall clinging to my father’s leg at a friend’s birthday party. I was terrified to go into the other room, where other kids were whacking a piñata with a long stick. That model followed me the rest of my life. Being an unconfident male in America is not a winning recipe for success and I knew that. For decades, I had no clue what to do to get out of it.

How To Maximize Your Potential While Embracing Your Weaknesses

What do successful people actually do with their weaknesses? That is a question worth pondering. If you think about it for a moment, you’ll realize that people who are truly successful don’t shy away from their weaknesses.

Avoiding “sorry for the late response” emails

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. If I didn’t email you back it means I set your note aside to consider more carefully later, then didn’t. — Michael Green, on Twitter I read this tweet and smiled, because I’ve done the same thing, as have so many others.

8 Best Ways to Make Passive Income Online in 2017

For many people, passive income sounds like the dream. You get to earn money while you sleep! You’re free to travel the world and work 4 hours a week!

Old LACK Shelf to compact corner dressing table

An old style LACK shelving unit was used but it should work with the new design with thinner cross-members (KALLAX):- Carefully cut the shelf in half and finish cut edges Attach surface to one edge with standard fixings Secure to wall using standard mountings Use 2x drilled aluminium angle in the corners underneath surface to secure to vertical section and to side wall Small section at the top

Five Traits Women Want In A Partner

Do you think that good looks, a six-pack, and some pearly whites are all you need to win over a woman’s heart?

10 Easy Tricks On How To Save More

With online shopping and easy credit facilities, it’s easy to feel tempted to spend more than you normally would. There’s always a new gadget, appliance or a pair of shoes put on sale.

“It’s Easier to Let Myself Down Rather than to Let Other People Down.”

Interview: Amy Blankson. Amy Blankson is a person who knows a lot about happiness and good habits. Remarkably, she’s the only person to be named as a “Point of Light” by two presidents (President Bush and President Clinton). What a credential — a two-time Point-of-Light!

7 Clean and Simple Resume Templates for Visual Artists

Even as people working in a creative industry, sometimes you want an understated resume or CV to demonstrate your skills, professionally. These are seven of our favourite, clean and simple resume templates from Envato Market.1. Resume/CV - Swiss Make a positive impression with this simple and clean 5 pack of resume templates.

The Alien of Extraordinary Ability

“Just because you use your eyes, doesn’t mean you see what’s actually there.” – Murray Carter Murray Carter (@CarterCutlery) is a Canadian craftsman like no other.

The 3 Keys to Balancing Safety and Risk in Raising Your Kids

In this series on overprotective parents, we’ve taken a nuanced look at the phenomenon’s origins, explored the question of whether the world is a more dangerous place now than it was several decades ago (it’s not), and delved into the risks that arise when we don’t allow children to do risky things (there are many). Today, we conclude the series with a discussion of how parents can find a