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By J.D. Roth

IKEA VARIERA Shelf Insert as Ventilation Cover

After a long basement and bathroom renovation I realized that the bathroom ceiling vent cover went missing or thrown out. I used the top part of the Variera white metal shelf insert in place of the missing vent cover.

Freelance Consultant's Guide to Client Interviews (Questions + Process)

For freelancers and consultants, client interviews can be a major challenge, especially if you're shy or prefer to communicate via email. While job interviews are equally challenging for employees, they typically go through these once every few years or whenever they're switching jobs.

Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) — Decide if it’s right for you

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. Pay As You Earn (PAYE) was introduced in December 2012 and has been widely touted as one of the best options for those struggling to pay back their student loans. Why is this? PAYE is an income-driven payment plan for federal student loans that caps the monthly payment amount at 10 percent of your discretionary income. The U.S.

3 Reasons You’re Capable of Happiness Right Now

I'm here to tell you today, that you're capable of happiness. This applies to everybody and yes, you are part of everybody and anybody. It doesn't matter if you're old, feeling guilty, lacking confidence, young, unmotivated, anxious, angry, ugly, tired or whatever you think it is that you are. You're fully capable of happiness and you can be happy this very instant if you want to.

9 Secrets that helped me Overcome my Fear of Public Speaking (And Address an Audience of 3,000 People)

I remember the day I addressed what was back then the largest audience of my life.

The Sioux Guide to Spirituality

Charles Alexander Eastman was born in 1858 and raised as “Ohiyesa” to be a hunter and warrior in the traditional ways of the Santee Sioux. When he was almost 16 years old, he left tribal life to learn the culture of European-American civilization and earn his undergraduate and medical degrees.

The Secret Weapon to Help You Stick to Your Good Habits.

It’s been so satisfying to have Better Than Before out in the world.

The Most Important Moment

By Leo Babauta Something I forget a lot, and have to remind myself about a lot: I’m not on my way somewhere. This moment isn’t just a stepping stone to get to another place. It’s the destination. I’m already here. I’m not on my way to a more important moment. This current moment is the most important moment. This might be obvious to some of you, but I forget a lot.

Night-time BRIMNES

Materials: BRIMNES Chest of 3 drawers The Brimnes chest of 3 drawers (Art. 703.120.17) has a frosted glass window in its top drawer. I don’t know why it does, but it can certainly be put to better use than showing an outline of your sock pile! Here’s what you will need: About 2m (7′) of LED light strip.

Build a time buffer into your schedule

Under-scheduling your day — even by just 30 minutes — can be an effective method for keeping to your schedule all day. I’ve been working from home, in one capacity or another, since 2009.

How to Control Your Emotions in Any Situation

Emotions are what make us human, but sometimes, our most human side can lead us into pitfalls that could have been easily avoided had we kept our emotions in check. I personally knew a person who blew his top off in front of his supervisors, because the organization he worked for stopped providing education benefits for his children. The result: not only did he loose the benefit, he lost his job.

How Do You Know When To Persist and When To Quit?

How I Broke the Cycle of Mental Hospitalizations There is real magic in the wisdom of making the right life decisions at the right time. If you want to move forwards, sometimes you need to take a few steps back first. Other times you need to push ahead in spite of all odds. Often you sense a breakthrough is upon you. Do you obsess with making the right decision, losing sleep over it?

Can you handle SMM or better hire a manager?

Branding for small business allows it to achieve serious, impressive and professional reputation. It is not just advertising on national TV or in popular magazine. Nowadays branding is a lot more. Therefore such excuse as “we cannot afford it” is not appropriate. If you want to develop your business and stay in the market for many years, you cannot afford to miss branding!

One Year of Taking Adderall to Help with Writing & Focus

Last year I shared the story of why I got a prescription for Adderall, the brand name of the psychostimulant drug that can help you better manage your attention and focus. Adderall is a controlled substance in the U.S. and most other western countries.

7 Tips on What Information to Put on Your Business Card

A good business card is not just a tool for giving your information out to prospects but an opportunity to connect with a new prospect on a personal level.