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By Tim Ferriss

How to Create a New Gmail Account (Quick Start Guide)

Gmail is one of the most popular email software platforms available today. It includes many powerful tools such as the ability to combine multiple email accounts into one account and an easy to use tasks utility. It's also fully compatible with other helpful Google software tools such as Calendar and Docs. Gmail is a great email tool for small business owners and freelance professionals.

Susan Garrett — Master Dog (and Human) Trainer

“Dogs are here to teach us. And if you don’t open your eyes to that, you’re going to miss life lessons.” – Susan Garrett Susan Garrett (@susangarrett) is an incredible dog trainer. She has a B.Sc.

Man Cave Bar

I want to share my IKEA Home Bar Hack.

“I Am Being Swept off My Feet at Last.” A Good Thing–or Not?

“ ‘Don’t you worry about me! I am as happy now as I have ever been, and that is saying a great deal. But the time has come. I am being swept off my feet at last,’ he added, and then in a low voice, as if to himself, he sang softly in the dark…” — J.R.R.

50 Ways To Relax Without Spending Money

Simply put, overworking is bad working. Separate estimates suggest that stress costs American business $300B per year, with sleep deprivation alone costing $63.2B in lost productivity.

10 Habits That Can Prevent Heart Disease

Why would your dear old faithful heart get a heart disease, right? I feel as immortal as you do, trust me. But, my daily patients and recent statistics published by the American Heart Association, the CDC, and the NIH show that heart diseases represent the leading cause of death in the United States. With a death toll of 375,000 people a year in the U.S.

How to Make an Improvised Stretcher

The decision to move someone who is injured is always a last resort. In most cases, as long as they are in a stable, safe position, it’s best to wait for emergency medical teams to arrive and administer treatment, especially when injuries concern the neck or spine.

3 Natural Home Remedies to Heal Gum Diseases

One of the most underrated human body parts is the mouth, although gum inflammations, cold sores, and cavities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to “poor oral health.” Dental hygienists consider gingivitis – the bleeding of gums when brushing and flossing – to be a very mischievous oral health issue. Gingivitis is easy to treat, reversible and not damaging to the bone and teet

Introducing the 2016 Unclutterer Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Order a copy today of ​Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter​ by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. Over the next two weeks we will be running posts for our annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

How to Not Be Driven by Your Aversions

By Leo Babauta I have a friend who doesn’t realize how much he dislikes so many things — much of his life is spent avoiding things he doesn’t like, or trying to rush through things like exercise, or annoyed by people who do things he doesn’t like. We all have aversions to things, more than we probably realize.

Why the Smell of a Hallway Taught Me Something Important about Myself.

Yesterday, I went to the Panoply offices to record an episode of the Happier podcast in the studio there. As I walked down the hallway to the water fountain, I was suddenly struck by a “Proustian memory” — a flood of remembrance triggered by a smell or taste. For some reason, this hallway smelled exactly like the hospital where I worked as a candy-striper in high school.

Papa went to… WOoD StoCK

For a long time I wanted to thank Jens from Stuttgart … So, thanks Jens!

5 Ways To Travel The World While Keeping a Full-Time Job

Developments in technology mean you can travel the world AND hold down a full-time job. These days, we don’t necessarily have to choose between one thing or another, but can have it all! Yes, full-time job included. Whether you are working for a technology company or in academia, all you need is a little planning, the right kit and the drive and you can work on the go.

Kura Bunk Bed Hack for Two Toddlers

Ikea Items Used: Kura Loft Bed, Trofast Toy Storage and Emmie Ruta Duvet Covers With our 18 month old attempting to climb out of the crib we decided it was time to transition him to a bed of his own. He would be sharing a room with his 3yr old sister. Rather than having two beds take up precious play space we thought about purchasing a bunk bed.

Podcast #251: Live Your Dream Without Quitting Your Day Job

The popular idea of the entrepreneur is that he’s a renegade risk-taker who goes all in with following his passion so that he can get out of the 9-5 rat race.  But what if you enjoy your day job at the office? Or have other reasons for wanting to work for someone else? Heck, maybe you’re a doctor, or firefighter, or teacher and working for someone else is just part of the gig.