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Success From the Nest

By Tony Clark

What sparked my investigation into medical identity theft

When the oral surgeon recommended that our daughter have her wisdom teeth removed, we thought we knew what to expect both medically and financially. Morgan’s two sisters underwent this procedure in the past, and we adopted a brave “Let’s get this over with!” attitude as we scheduled her operation.

7 Killer Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Beliefs are powerful. Yet, they're tricky. The smallest and most simple words in your head can make a big difference in your world. Check it out. 1) "When will it come?" Stop wondering when your deepest desires will come. Stop basing your life on hope only. Most of all, stop thinking you'll be happy only when you get that thing you want. Instead, think, "Here it is now.

Get 1% Better Every Day: The Kaizen Way to Self-Improvement

It’s happened to all of us. You have a “come to Jesus” moment and decide you need to make changes in your life.

10 Tips For Maximum Productivity When Working From Home

Some people love working from home, and say without hesitation it’s the best perk about their job.

Like Me, Are You Haunted by Reading People’s Final Journal Entries?

Lately, I’ve been somewhat obsessively reading Thomas Merton’s journals. It was very eerie to read the final entry in his journal — which, of course, he had no idea would be his last. And that got me remembering other final journal entries from authors I love. From Thomas Merton: Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. In a little while I leave the hotel.

Simple LACK nightstand

I love IKEA hacks. IKEA is a store with chic and customizable pieces, that you can customize even further if wanted. Take a nightstand for example.

What to do with old USB flash drives

I’ve got an army of old flash-based thumb drives in a drawer and it’s time to put them to work. The following are ideas for what to do with these drives if you’re like me and now rely mostly on transferring files through the cloud (via Dropbox or similar). Encrypted vault of secret files I’m a big fan of Knox for Mac.

7 Ultimate Steps to Overcome Disappointment

That feeling we get after every failure or unmet expectation is one of the worst feelings we women often experience. Disappointment is a terrible dose of “reality” that hits us like a truck coming out of nowhere. The very reason we experience disappointment is the fact that they we weren’t “expecting” things to happen the way we did.

Let the Wave Crash Over You: A Letter for My Brother

Chris & Ken in the early years (ages 7 and 2) Dear Ken, When I look back at all the memories we shared together, there are so many that stand out. I tend to think of our childhood, which was not particularly a happy one for either of us—but my memories of you and me are consistently happy.

Learning tower from IKEA MOLGER cart

Materials: MOLGER cart Get one IKEA MOLGER cart Assemble as per instruction but do not set the top tray Put the front tray onto the front side You can use it or you can add step for your toddler to climb up by him/herself For more pictures go to my website. ~ Ana The post Learning tower from IKEA MOLGER cart appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

Six Simple Questions Tp Help You Discover Your Purpose

As a high school student, one of my favorite Nollywood movies was ‘The Senator’. In the movie, Larry the lead actor knew right from high school that he wanted to be a senator. In fact, he was so convinced that he made his friends start calling him ‘senator’ That was Larry, lucky him.

A Freelancer’s Guide to Handling Debt Responsibly

There’s nothing wrong with being in debt.That’s a pretty controversial statement for many people. Newspapers and websites are full of horror stories about people who got mired in debt, and also of inspirational stories about people who paid it all off. Debt is often presented as a terrible burden, almost like a chronic illness.But here’s the thing: debt is a core part of today’s economy.

Summertime reads: How to get cheap or free books

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. I have always been a big reader. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m introverted — so introverted, in fact, that I almost lost my fourth grade reading challenge. First, you had to go up to the teacher and tell her that you’d read something.

3 Life Lessons Learned from Being My Own Boss

A few years ago I was walking to the car, about to jump in the passenger’s side so my husband could drop me off at my job on his way to work. Suddenly my stomach was in knots; my esophagus felt like it was on fire. This had been happening regularly for a few months, but we’d just gotten back from two weeks of blissful vacation, road tripping up the Pacific Northwest coastline.

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mind

Waking up every morning seems like an old routine we follow on a daily basis. Always waking up at the same time doing the same old thing. We don’t realize at times, but we can make small positive changes that can make a significant difference in our lives. After years of struggling to find the right formula, I decided to start right at the beginning - literally.