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By Tim Ferriss

How to Overcome Taking Criticism Personally

For many years of my life, I had this problem of taking what people say to me personally. It didn’t matter if their intentions were good or not, for some reason my ego would take control my thoughts and I’d take offense to it. This negative thought pattern I had was on auto-pilot. I’d get offended even if what that person said to me was true.

Weekend DIY Project: How to Make a Leather Wallet

“What ordinary people once made, they buy; and what they once fixed for themselves, they replace entirely or hire an expert to repair, whose expert fix often involves installing a pre-made replacement part…so perhaps the time is ripe for reconsideration of an ideal that has fallen out of favor: manual competence.” -Mathew B.

The Tao of the Dow: All About Stock Market Indexes

This is a guest post from MP Dunleavey, who is a contributing editor at Money magazine and the editorial director at Daily Worth, which offers free, daily money tips for women. What exactly is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the mythic number that punctuates each day’s stock market report? I’ve always wondered.

Eight Minutes to Financial Success – Minute #5: Reroute Your Commute

This week, The Simple Dollar is running a short series on some of the key moments in my financial turnaround and how you can experience those moments as well.

Randy Murray on Not Being Responsible For Other People’s Productivity

Productivity is how I get things done. If I’m managing other people, I can specify how we get things done together, but I can’t extend that over their entire lives. They have to work that out for themselves. Spoken like a man who has spent many years managing others. New managers try to micromanage methods and details.

My cherry blossom lantern, inspired by Joey

Materials: Regolit lamp Description: When I saw Joey's cherry blossom lantern, I immediately fell in love with it. Since I already had two Regolit lamps at home, I decided to make my own cherry blossom lanterns.

"A Very Close Friend Says That I Am Not Type A, but AAA."

Interview: Margaret Roach. I love reading accounts of other people's happiness projects -- whether it's Thoreau moving to Walden Pond or Alisa Bowman working to save her marriage.

Making Money From Quitters

I’ve spent a lot of years involved in the business of health and fitness.So I know the metrics well.

Reader Mailbag: Winter Recedes

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Refinancing questions 2. Selling stuff 3. Market price for old collectibles 4. Paying off low interest cards 5. 53, single, and moving forward 6. On Wisconsin 7. Wedding registry questions 8. Parenting blogs 9.

How to organize a bookcase

This video is more fun than instructional, but I felt compared to share the amusement. If only my books had magical powers and organized without any work on my part! Enjoy this video from Crazedadman: via the wonderful SwissMiss Like this site? Buy Erin Rooney Doland's Unclutter Your Life in One Week from Amazon.com today.

Corner workstation

Materials: Corner workstation MIKAEL, some small paper or cd boxes MACKIS Description: In the original corner worstation, I disliked the metallic storages, not useful and fast shambolic. That's why, instead of, I fixed some small paper or cd boxes. Then, I painted facades to match them with the wall.

FreelancerPro Interview: Never, Ever Get a “Real” Job

At just 26 years old, Scott Gerber is revolutionizing the way that people think about work. He is the founder and CEO of Gerber Enterprises, an entrepreneurial development and venture management company that has launched several successful businesses.

Setting Your Homebuying Priorities – Price, Quality, Location: Pick Any Two

This is a guest-post from Tim Ellis, author of Seattle Bubble, a blog and forum dedicated to real-estate market conditions in the Seattle area. Tim is a long-time GRS reader. Previously on GRS, Tim has written about renting vs. buying and renting in a new city.

3 Ways to Become Better at Time Management

Why do we have to work so hard to learn Time Management, to master it? Shouldn’t we be born with the ability to work efficiently? The problem is that we have the tendency to want to take the easy way, the short way, and as many have said before me, “A shortcut can often lead to long delays”. Even though multitasking, relaxing and other shortcuts might feel as

How to be Certain You’re Spending Marketing Money Wisely

This is the fourth in a weekly series showing freelancers and business owners ways to spend an hour per week building a basic marketing program. Last week we showed you How to Make Companies Beg to Be Your Client. This week we show you how to figure out what your marketing needs to accomplish.