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Get Rich Slowly

By J.D. Roth

Billy Golden Hack

Materials: Billy, curtain, gold paint Description: Put a lace curtain on the back panel, spray with gold paint. You can also colour the frame of each shelf. ~ Cam

11 AP Style Guide Rules That Are Easy to Mess Up

When I was in journalism school (in both the late 1990s and mid 2000s), the AP Stylebook was our bible.

Unitasker Wednesday: Waterproof Pool Table

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! When I go swimming, I refuse to go anywhere without a Waterproof Pool Table: It’s just not swimming if I can’t work in a few laps and then hustle some kids out of their allowances when I run a table in Eight Ball.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2010 Ask Unclutterer: Magazine clutterReader Nia: “I am especially guilty of magazine clutter. Why am I unable to throw away magazines? It’s seriously painful for me to get rid of them.

10 Personal Finance Apps to Help You Manage Your Money

Freelancers are often frustrated by fluctuating income. And when you don’t have the luxury of getting regular paychecks, there is the tendency to make money mistakes. But you can avoid overspending and make better use of your money by practicing good money management. Reaching your financial goals doesn’t mean you have to be a financial wizard.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Shorts Transition Edition

I’m one of those people that you’ll typically find wearing full-length pants on the hottest day of the year. I’m not much of a fan of shorts for some reason. Everyone else in my house, however, seems to have already made the leap into shorts.

The Business of Job Bid Sites for Freelancers

Bid sites have become a part of freelancing, no matter how much some of us dig in our heels and scream otherwise. It’s become very common for a freelancer to land her first clients through a site like Elance or Odesk, or for a freelancer to pick up some work to fill in holes in their schedule.

Prepare for the Tax Preparer to Save Money

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. Tax Day falls on my birthday. This year, I’m giving myself the gift of a tax preparer. Last year, in the days leading up to The Big Day, I locked myself in the home office. I emerged bleary-eyed from staring at a computer screen and mentally exhausted from climbing my way through an avalanche of paperwork and receipts.

Bottom-up Billy

Materials: BILLY height extension unit, BILLY wall shelf, veneer strips, stain Description: I needed horizontal wall cabinets that would run the length of the wall and give me all the space I wanted without compromising on style. So I took a few store-bought IKEA items and turned them into a one-of-a-kind fully customized shelf unit.

Why Being a Little Selfish is Good For You

"Selfish." The word has such negative connotations. It's seen as a tremendous character flaw – the type of insult that someone may yell out in a heat of passion only to stop a conversation dead in its tracks, as the receiving party takes tremendous offense. Read more at PickTheBrain.com

Hit Thrift Shops and Secondhand Shops in Upscale Neighborhoods (86/365)

One of my best resources for finding new clothes comes from going to the nicest neighborhoods in a metro area (in my case, usually Des Moines) and finding the nearest Goodwill or other secondhand clothing shop. That’s where I begin almost all of my clothes shopping. Why do it this way?

LACK Shoe Unit

Materials: LACK TV Unit, brackets, screws, anchor bolts, buzz or jig saw Description: I had two black LACK TV units in my living room for a couple of years, when I decided to go for a completely new media rack.

Contingency planning for botched work days and deadlines

Anyone who has stepped foot in a corporate work environment in the past 10 years is familiar with the phrase contingency plan. It’s the piece of your project where you try to determine ahead of time what you and/or your team will do when things go wrong. What will you do if a vendor doesn’t provide the quality of product you expected?

Everything but the kitchen sink desk

Materials: Vika Kaj adjustable legs, Ikea hollow core desktop Description: I moved in to an old storefront and I needed a kitchen sink counter surround fast and cheap. I ran out to Ikea just before closing to buy a counter top and when I got there I was told ikea had no counter tops left. A fire had destroyed a warehouse and there were none available for love or money.

Huge Expedit Wall

Materials: Expedit 4x4. Expedit 4x2, Expedit 5x5 (chopped up), you need normal assembly tools, a drill, hammer, circular saw and some guts Description: We decided on a big storage wall for our children's play-room (and guestroom). After putting two Expedits (4x4 and 4x2) on top of each other we still had a lot of "lost space" on top and on the sides of the case.