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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

The Clean-Slate Guide to Simplicity

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jeffrey Tang of The Art of Great Things. When we think about simplifying, we usually think about subtraction. Getting rid of excess stuff. Clearing away obligations. Deleting old emails. We simplify by paring away the layers of something until we find the core. Too many books on the shelf?

Best Freelance Advice Ever

If you could go back in time to the moment you first started freelancing, what is the single most important piece of advice you would give yourself? Would you spend more time developing a specific skill set? Would you tell yourself not to take on that CFH – Client From Hell? Would you ensure that all clients pay 100% upfront – before any of the work starts? Would you suggest that you read Fre

How to Deliver Bad News in a Good Way

Take advantage of the silver-lining principle - separate a small gain from a large loss to make the blow less painful.

Core77 speaks with Jonathan Ive on the design of the iPhone 4

"The only way you truly understand a material is by making things with it."

Ask Unclutterer: Encouraging kids to help out at home

Reader Sonja submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: How do you get your family to want to help with a cluttered house? I have four children. Unfortunately, Sonja, I have some bad news. If your family doesn’t want to help unclutter your home, there aren’t any methods to make them want to help.

Getting Things Done: The Power of the Next-Action Decision

This is the eleventh entry in a fourteen part series discussing the time management classic Getting Things Done by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings through July 16. One key theme in this book is the importance of coming up with a “next-action” list, which is essentially a “to-do” list.

What Is Your Ideal Client Profile?

When you’re a traditional freelancer, you’re always constrained by your individual capacity to produce work. In fact, after talent, knowledge and experience, time is your most important resource. And since there are only so many hours in a week, you need to treat that time with great care.

Cocktail Lines and True Presence: the Power of Not Relying on Your Past

Today’s post is the second in our summer guest post extravaganza. It’s from my friend and contract limitation-killer, Danielle LaPorte, the creator of WhiteHotTruth.com and The Fire Starter Sessions.

Workspace of the Week: Superb sewing suite

This week’s Workspace of the Week is MrsSutton99′s idyllic craft room: Dear MrsSutton99: Can I please have your amazing sewing and craft room in my home? Thank you for your consideration, Erin at Unclutterer Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool.

Worth More Than Money: Taking A Detour on the Road to Riches

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. Hola! My family is spending the month of July vacationing in Argentina. My husband grew up here, and his entire family still lives here: his parents, his brother and sisters, and my kids’ eight cousins, plus all his uncles and aunts and cousins.

How to Avoid Lonliness When Working From Home

I think web workers (or anyone that works at home) would agree that the biggest problem they face, after a few months of working from home, is a strange feeling of loneliness.Agreed, not all of us feel like that. Some people prefer solitude than company (it's actually a trait that's good for web working).

50 Creative (and Crazy) Ways to Quit Smoking Once and for All

This article was first published by NursingSchools.net courtesy of Ken Martin. ———————– Everyone knows that smoking is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to yourself, but still, many people continue to smoke because they simply can’t quit.

A Man and the Boutonniere

Introduction to the Boutonniere Most men will wear a flower on the lapel of their jacket only a handful of times in their lifetime.  This is a shame.  Nothing adds panache to a man’s appearance like the confidence embodied in wearing a stylish boutonniere.

The Money Book: Book Review

Imagine if you will, just that morning you find out your car has given up the ghost and your only recourse is to consign it to the boneyard. Now after arriving home you find a burst water pipe and an impromptu swimming pool forming in your basement.

"Even the Things That Frustrate Me Are the Product of Choices I've Made to Have the Life I Want."

Happiness interview: Melanie Rehak. Every happiness project is different. Melanie Rehak's happiness project? She devoted a year to food: working in the kitchen staff of a small restaurant, working on some of its supplying farms, and coaxing her picky-eater toddler to try new foods.