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Happiness Project

By Gretchen Rubin

Happiness First, Money Later

We live in a success and money driven culture. If you doubt the truthfulness of that cliché, I’ll refer you to competitive reality TV, your office, the lottery, and just about any marketing or money-based blog on the web. From the first day that we understand its power, we’re made to believe that... Read more at PickTheBrain.com

The Tool Works at Both Ends

From chipping out spearheads in primitive times to modern day tinkering with computer chips, men have always been very connected to their tools. For thousands of years tools have magnified and extended our natural abilities, allowing us to gain power and control over nature and our circumstances and better fulfill our roles as providers and protectors.

The Illusion of Time

Photo by JUCO By Kayla Albert “Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” ~Will Rogers Last Saturday morning, as I sat at the corner coffee shop with my mom cradling my daily caffeine fix, I found myself going into a long rant on all the things that were currently irking me in my life.

Ribba shaddow box key rack

Materials: Ribba shadow box, Sarita curtain cut-offs, 6 screw in hooks, a ring of aged keys Description: We're always losing our keys, so we needed a key-rack. Obviously, it had to look good! We found a ring with some chunky, old looking keys which was perfect. The hack itself took less than 10 minutes.

Avoid Clothes That Require Washing Separately (84/365)

Several years ago, I owned this wonderful sweater that I liked to wear during the winter. It fit me almost perfectly, the color of it matched my complexion, it wasn’t itchy at all, and I loved the pattern. As much as I liked it, though, I ended up wearing it only once or twice a winter, and I eventually ended up giving the thing away. Why? It required individual washing.

Pimp your maskros lamp otherwise it pimps you one day

Materials: Maskros lamp, paper stars Description: Sometimes my brain does stupid things to me: I thought I'm kind of the only person in the world who bought the Maskros lamp from IKEA. And then I was quite shocked seeing this lamp everywhere - in every barber shop (humans & animals). So I decided to pimp mine. Before it pimps me. Click to read the rest of the post >>

Sorry for the Inconvenience!

On Friday, a bug appeared in the software for The Simple Dollar that prevented a portion of users from viewing some sections of the site. This bug has now been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

This I Believe: 43 Lessons from 43 Years

Because I’m a nerdy kind of guy, I have some nerdy traditions. In the past, one of those nerdy traditions has been to celebrate my prime-number birthdays with a big party. When I turned 37, for instance, I hosted a poetry recital. Two years ago, we held a “bacon bash”, which was a lot of fun. This year, I was going to host a travel-themed party to celebrate my 43rd birthday.

GRUNDTAL fork light mount

Materials: Grundtal hangers, v-brake spacers, 1 flat washer, M5 bolt and Nut (3 cm long) Description: Lights are an essential item on every commuter's bike. Most commuter lights, when mounted on the handlebars, only allow you to be seen on the road, not SEE the road. So fork mounts were the answer. Closer to the ground, most of the light is direct to it.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2011 Unclutterer housekeeping I am pleased to announce that these layout errors have finally been corrected by my publisher, and a new Kindle version is available for download. 2010 Kindle software available for Mac users I know that not everyone is on board with reading electronic books as a way to control over-flowing bookshelves, but if you are, you might be happy to know that Kindle softwar

How Are My 2012 Goals Progressing?

I thought it might be interesting to take a moment and review the goals I set for myself in 2012 and how they’re coming along. A regular review of one’s goals is a key part in making progress on them. Get Fit the Right Way I’ve had decent success with this, though not overwhelming success. My goal for 2012 was to lose 52 pounds at a steady average of one pound per week.

Linkswitch #98, Freelance Web Development, On The Road, Facebook Changes

Every other week we roundup some of the highest quality articles and resources that benefit freelancers from across the web. We present these articles here on various helpful topics. This week we have articles on learning freelance web development, grammar goofs, working on the road, and more. 7 Steps to Learning Freelance Web Development, So you want to become a freelance web developer.

Accessories sorter/earrings organiser

Materials: Antonius basket insert and a drill Description: Buy Antonius basket insert. Drill holes along the rim of each compartment at 1" intervals, or as it suits you (I just guessed as I went - this is not high science). Click to read the rest of the post >>

To Do: Take a Vacation.

Good-bye! I'm off for a week's vacation. Do you ever feel as if it's more work to take a holiday than it would be just to stay home in your usual routine? I'm in that stage right now, but I know I'll be happy once vacation starts.

Creative Time: On Making Art Happen and Pushing Culture Forward

Creative Time's Anne Pasternak tells us how the New York-based nonprofit ushers stunning public art projects into the world again and again.