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By Mark Shead

Ektorp storage using Trofast

Materials: Ektorp sofa (2seater) and 4 Trofast containers Description: Requirements: 1x Ektorp Sofa 4x Trofast containers (42*30*10) (if needed) 4x Trofast lid 5x 63 cm pieces of plastic or metal H-profile, width of H-profile must be > 10mm to allow the rim of the Trofast to slide trough. a lot of screws (width 3mm x length 20mm) or similar 1x small drill 2 mm.

Who Do You Think You Aren’t? How To Get Past Limiting Beliefs

By asking yourself this question will allow the freedoms of your mind to speak it’s truth. No running or wearing a mask or acting. We all know who we aren’t. We aren’t the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of Canada. YET. What is it that you tell yourself you could never do? Why don’t you trust yourself to do the things you used to daydream about?

Blacksmithing Basics: How to Make a Hook

Awhile back, we covered the fundamentals of blacksmithing. Those fundamental are interesting in concept, but now let’s try out some real-life applications to make something simple and useful for around the house. So we’re going to make three hooks.  That’s because a hook is often the first thing you make when you start to become a blacksmith.

Wondering About the $7,000 Happiness Project Calendar?

I've heard from many people who have tried to buy the Happiness Project Page-a-Day calendar—only to see it listed for astonishing prices. Yes, it's listed for $7,055.00 on Amazon. Crazy! Here's the situation. The calendar was selling for $15, but it sold out. Once online retailers ran out of stock, third parties who saw unmet demand began to push up the price.

Magnetic Art Easel

Materials: MALA Easel Description: Just because IKEA discontinued the magnetic art easel, doesn't mean your child can't have one. We bought the easel hoping to create an interactive way to teach our child letters and spelling. We used painters tape up the edges of the easel, painted on 3 coats of the magnetic paint we purchased at a local Home Depot and TA-DA..

Frosted Ramvik

Materials: Ramvik Coffee Table, Frosted Privacy Window Film Description: I was about ready to replace my Ramvik coffee table today. When it's clean, it's an awesome looking piece and I love having such large drawers. My problem is that it only stays clean for about an hour. Dog hair and dust likes to gather under the glass and it's nearly impossible to get it completely clean.

Spend Less Than You Earn (3/365)

If there is a single mantra of The Simple Dollar, it’s this one. Spend less than you earn. There’s a reason that it’s my first rule of personal finance. If you can spend less than you earn consistently over various time frames (less this week, less this month, less this year all at the same time), you’re going to be in great financial shape. Spend less… It all starts

Trying to Eat Better? Ask Yourself This Important Question.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day or Quiz Day. Quiz: Are you a moderator or an abstainer? In honor of many people's New Year's resolutions—"Eat more healthfully," "Cut out sweets," "Lose weight," and the like—I'm re-posting this quiz, to help you determine whether you're a moderator or an abstainer.

How and Why to Pick a Spiritual Practice

In this age of technology and materialism, when many wonder what tomorrow will bring, the resurgence of spirituality is a normal phenomenon. For centuries, people have turned to religions or other belief systems for support and understanding. Yet it never resulted in a better world on a global level. An improved personal life perhaps, but not a better planet.

Super-Cool Lego and Train Table

Materials: LACK large coffee table, LILLABO train set, Lego Base plate, wood glue and puddy, drill with 1/8in bit, miter box, saw, screw driver, sandpaper, 12 #8 2.5 in screws, 2- 8ft 1x2in wood, paint, spray lacquer, painters tape, newspaper Description: 1- Cut wood with miter box and saw to fit table top exactly. Sand smooth.

Unitasker Wednesday: Jalapeno Corer

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! Back in middle school and high school, I participated in the popular extra-curricular activity Model United Nations.

Wordsmith: Words that Should be Banned in 2012

I was tickled when I found this list of 12 words that should be banned in 2012 on PRDaily.com. What started in 1975 as a publicity ploy at Lake Superior State University in Michigan has turned into a phenomenon. The List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness gets submissions from around the world.

Big RAT house for the rat

Materials: Gorm system Description: You might be asking.."What a strange introduction to a hack.." I'd like to introduce the house of our 5 rat girls.. As a new cage for our rat pack would be WAAAY to expensive..my gf and i decided to have a go at it ourselves..Meaning - I'd have a go ;) It all started with a trip to the nearest Ikea store and the purchase of this.

8 Strategies to Get Your Business in a Distraction Free Zone

Physical and mental distractions are stunting the growth of your freelance business. In line with getting focused on my writing career for 2012, I’ve vowed to cut out as many distractions as possible, at the computer and beyond. Here are eight strategies to get your business in a distraction-free zone! Switch Facebook for LinkedIn I know, I know. What? No Facebook?

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Freedom Edition

A few days ago, a technical problem with The Simple Dollar cropped up involving the front page not refreshing for some users of the site. A reader emailed me about it. A few months ago, I would have then spent several hours reading documentation and trying to figure out what was wrong. There would have been a decent chance that I would have broken the site in the process.