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4-Hour Body Promo – Half-Naked Girls, Erections, and Stickers

On this blog, I try and strike a balance — well, it’s more like a ratio — of 80% useful content and 20% fun for sh#$% and giggles. If the blog isn’t fun for me to write, it will end up boring to read, so I sometimes visit Random Land. This is such a time. I think athletic girls are fantastic (don’t worry, ladies — goodies for you soon), and I like stickers.

Antenna Design: Why Two Minds Think Faster Than One

Are two minds really better than one? We sit down with the power duo behind Antenna Design to discuss the pros and cons of creative partnerships.

Advice from a Billionaire: What to do With a Windfall

A long-time GRS reader named Andy dropped me a line the other day to point out an article on the Forbes website. Forbes interviewed billionaire Mark Cuban (best known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks pro basketball team) about his secrets to building and keeping a fortune. Andy particularly liked Cuban’s answer to the penultimate question, which is about what to do with a windfall.

Can Investing in Collectibles Really Work?

Kevin writes in: I have a small collection of vintage baseball cards from the 1930s that have a list value of about $30,000. I started collecting when I was a kid and my grandpa gave me some to start with, but over the years I’ve bought many more, almost completing a Goudey Heads Up set. I have had them all graded.

Are You Taking a Much-Needed Break – Or Just Being Lazy?

It’s ten thirty in the morning. You’ve been working for an hour or two, so you decide to read your favorite blogs for a bit, and check out some web comics. But you feel a bit guilty.

Yay! The Happiness Project and I Made It Onto JEOPARDY!

I fell out of my chair in shock and delight when I heard that The Happiness Project and I were a question on Jeopardy! last night. The category was "Glee," and the clues were all synonyms for the word. As I understand it, my clue was something like, "Gretchen Rubin explored this, in her book, The [blank] Project." That certainly makes me very HAPPY. I mean -- Jeopardy! Wow.

How To Use What Others Have To Help Them Grow

You have a gift you’re probably not aware of. Even if your own life isn’t perfect (and whose is?) you have the ability to help others overcome their obstacles. We all know people who struggle with issues of self worth, are making efforts to change, or who allow life to beat them into submission.

Unitasker Wednesday: Tiger Taco

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! This week’s unitasker selection was guaranteed a spot in our feature simply because of its name: The Tiger Taco. I mean, how could we not link to something as glorious as a taco made of TIGERS?!!! Except, as you can see, the product name is even clutter.

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2009 Uncluttering a London museumThe University College London’s museums are purging most of their 250,000 items in their collection. They plan to donate a good portion of it to other museums, but they might also trash the objects not worth keeping.

Can Someone Else’s Comment Land You in Court?

I rarely ever delete comments, unless they are hateful, disrespectful or spam.But, I recently found myself editing or deleting a small handful of comments not for any of the above reasons, but because I was concerned that if I published them “as is,” they’d risk landing me in court.These comments shared detailed stories about people and businesses whom the commenters felt had don

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Fringe Edition

A few weeks ago, thanks to a Simple Dollar reader, Sarah and I discovered the television series Fringe. We’ve started slowly catching up on it, using Netflix and getting a disc at a time.

Get Past a Motivational Brick Wall

Photo credit: m.eckelberg/Flickr I run my freelance web design business from home where it’s more comfortable, cheaper and generally a lot easier to access. But with that comes distractions from my Xbox, the great British daytime TV, and my bed. The lack of communication and contact with real people can also be a downside as well.

A woman in uniform: Angelina Jolie

Los Angeles-based professional organizer John Trosko tipped us off to an interview with actress Angelina Jolie in the December issue of Vogue. In the article, “The Other Angelina,” Jolie talks about the monochromatic nature of her wardrobe and how this helps to keep it small: “As Brad’ll tell you — and my kids — apparently Mommy only wears black,” [Jolie] says.

Productivity Hack: Using the Web to Minimize Internet Distractions

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. There have been days when I’ve wasted an embarrassing amount of time mindlessly surfing the Internet. While I try to make that the exception rather than the rule, it’s a massive time suck that usually puts me behind on things I actually needed to do that day. Obviously the web makes life easier in many respects.

Why Waking up Early Is So Difficult

Do you drink coffee? Have you ever tried to stop? Me neither. I like coffee. But what about getting up early? Have you ever tried waking up early? How did it go? That was a challenge for me. I used to dread getting up early – especially for work! I mean 40 hours a week working in a job you don’t enjoy… who the heck wants to do that? But nowadays I love getting up early.