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By Chanpory Rith

The Habits That Crush Us

‘Don’t panic.’ ~Douglas Adams Post written by Leo Babauta. Why is it that we cannot break the bad habits that stand in our way, crushing our desires to live a healthy life, be fit, simplify, be happier? How is it that our best intentions are nearly always beaten?

From Dish Rag Holder to Spray Bottle Caddy

Materials: IKEA wooden dish rag holder, 5/8'' spade bit, spray bottles Description: This is a simple hack that uses those $0.99 light wooden dish rag holders found in bins at our favorite materials store, Ikea (I can not, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, find the official Ikea name of these things, but we've all seen them at the big blue and yellow).

How Sites Like Contently Aim to Help Freelancers Find Work

I had never heard of the freelance-writing online marketplace Contently until I stumbled across this piece of info from the Wall Street Journal: Freelance-writing marketplace Contently has raised a $2 million Series A round led by Lightbank.

Novelty And Challenge Bring Happiness—Right?

It's very true that novelty and challenge bring happiness. It's also very true that novelty and challenge often bring feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, boredom, and insecurity. Learning to do new things, or to face new situations, isn't always fun.

Expedit iTV audio corner retuned

Materials: Expedit and aluminium strip Description: The inspiration for my hack was the Expedit Hi-Fi unit from Jon Dowland on 7 January 2012! As you all can see my Internet corner was a mess and needed a refreshment! With my Ikea Christmas tree card I bought a brown Expedit 2x2. Click to read the rest of the post >>

9 Tips for Working While Traveling

Every once in a while you need to do freelance work while you’re traveling. Trying to stay on top of your freelance tasks while on vacation can be stressful, especially if you’re traveling with your partner or family. Trying to find a balance between work and play isn’t easy.

Reader Mailbag: Sleeping Toddler

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Investing advice 2. Good advice for college student 3. International mortgage question 4. Favors as gifts 5. Allowance strategies 6. Life insurance for children 7. Buying local 8. Retirement savings challenges 9.

Cabin fever? Organize your summer travel plans now

At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, January is a great time to make summer travel plans. You are able to beat the rush and still get some good deals on popular travel destinations, as well as you are able to think about things other than the cold and wind and snow currently going on outside.

Freelance Freedom #242: Freelance Adventurer Part 3

Once a week, we feature a fantastic freelance-themed comic from the talented N.C. Winters. Why not also take a look at our comic archive?

Herman Miller meets IKEA LACK

Materials: White Ikea LACK table, drawer pulls of choice Description: Back in 2007, I posted an IKEA flat file here with a salvaged Herman Miller table base. However, I had a second set of metal legs from that buy of the type used with a rectangular top. Last Fall I trashed the overweight orange top and discovered that a LACK table would fit the spoked supports.

How We Paid Cash for Our First Home

This is a guest post from Cystal Paine, the Money Saving Mom. Paine is a wife, homeschool mom to three, self-proclaimed minimalist, and wannabe runner.

The Remedy For Boredom

No matter the time of year, or who we are, boredom can hit us when we least expect it, and we find ourselves bored with work, relationships . . . even life.   Sometimes boredom sneaks up on us; other times it signals its intention from way off in the distance.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2011 Unitasker Wednesday: Tea-Boy Penguin Tea Timer This just may be the cutest, most precious unitasker ever!

A Formula for Success: The Power of Implementation Intentions

If you’re like many men across the world, you probably set some new goals for yourself on January 1. Maybe it was to work out regularly or get into the reading habit. Or maybe you wanted to pay off your debt or increase your productivity. Perhaps you did okay for the first week or two, but have already fallen off the goal-achieving wagon. Oh well.

PJÄS cat tree

Materials: PJÄS dish, shelves supports, PVC pipe, drywall anchors, rope, hot glue, table adjustable leg Description: First I attached the adjustable leg to the PVC pipe with screws. I then covered the pipe with sisal rope and attached the shelves supports using drywall's anchors. The PJÄS dishes were secured with Ø 4 mm millimetric screws, metal rings and nuts.