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How to Change Your Car’s Air Filter

Think back to the last time you had your oil changed at a quick lube. The mechanic brings you out to the car to show you how filthy your air filter is and tells you it’s time to replace it. You’re a busy man with places to go and people to see, so you nod and give him the go ahead.

Experience Zero Gravity with James Cameron, Director of Avatar (and Me, Among Others)

James Cameron is writer and director of Avatar ($2.7 billion grossed), The Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic, among other blockbusters and genre-defining films. On October 9th, James Cameron, Jim Gianopoulos (Fox Films Chairman/CEO), Peter Diamandis (X PRIZE Foundation Founder and Chairman), Tim Ferriss (that’s me), and a select group of others will experience zero gravity.

Micro vs Macro: Using “Success Factors” To Manage Your Team

“Success factors” are a key element of great macro management. Learn how to set clear goals and expectations so your creative team can thrive.

Micro vs Macro: Using “Success Factors” To Manage Your Team

“Success factors” are a key element of great macro management. Learn how to set clear goals and expectations so your creative team can thrive.

Daily Links: Packing Puzzles Edition

Kris and I are in the final stages of preparing for our trip to France and Italy. We’ve packed, the housesitter is arranged, and one of us (hint: not me) has learned a bit of French. All that’s left is for me to finish prepping the guest posts that will run in my absence.

Running in Place? 14 Ways to Break Free

When we set big, lofty goals for ourselves, it’s really easy to find ourselves at a plateau of sorts, where it feels like we’re spinning our wheels but not really heading upward towards our end target. I’ll share two examples of this from my own life. I’ve been working on a novel pretty consistently for the past three years.

SwitchTip: Manage Multiple Facebook Pages with Hootsuite

For some reason, there are many people with multiple facebook pages.

7 Tips for Keeping School-Day Mornings Calm and Cheerful.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: Seven tips for keeping school-day mornings calm and cheery. Unbelievable, but school is already well underway. And that means that the early-morning scramble is underway too. I wrote this list a while back, but I realized this morning that I needed to go over it again and remind myself of what I need to do keep things running smoothly.

Reclaimed wood desk

Materials: VIKA ANNEFORS, MICKE Storage unit, VIKA LERBERG Description: I really love some of those reclaimed wood desks but they are quite expensive, so I decided to buy these white and clean table legs (VIKA ANNEFORS, VIKA LERBERG) and start a quest for old and damaged wood pieces to create a contrasting look. 1- I found redwood beams/mantles and cleaned and dry them for about 2 days.

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2009 Keep it in rotationEvaluate your consumable inventory regularly. This means keeping on top of three primary areas: the refrigerator, the pantry and your toiletries stash. Your stuff isn’t youMore than half of the people looking at images of celebrities will fail to name the celebrity when their eyebrows are missing.

Unitasker Wednesday: Snazzy Napper

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! This week’s unitasker item falls into the bizarre and dangerous category.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Doctor Who Edition

The only television programming I have watched in the last three weeks is Doctor Who.

The Pen That Never Forgets

Introducing the "smart pen" that records audio while you take notes (ex - the teacher's lecture).

Down with fun

Do silly hats make people happier at work? The Cult of Fun expands.

Should Future Entrepreneurs Go to College?

If you plan on running your own business empire, should you even bother with higher education?