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A Man’s Guide to Pregnancy: Getting Ready for the Baby Bomb

A baby will drop into your life like a bomb released from a B-52. All you can do is batten down the hatches and prepare for his or her arrival the best you can.

Business is Doing Smart Things

Marketing isn’t really all that complicated.  If you have a decent product, you simply have to let people know what you are selling and some of them will buy right?  Obviously you can be more efficient by focusing your efforts on people who are likely to buy your product.

It Sounds Easy, So Why Is This Particular Element of Happiness So Hard?

I love the novels of J.P. Marquand, and over the weekend, I re-read The Late George Apley. (I love to re-read.) I thought I remembered that it touched on the issue of happiness, and it does. The novel is terrific -- funny, poignant, and very thought-provoking. The first, and most important, of my Twelve Personal Commandments is to Be Gretchen. Why is it so hard to know myself?

A BALMY entertainment center?

Materials: MALM chest of drawers, BILLY bookcase Description: My girlfriend wanted an entertainment center where she couldn't see any of the DVD's. Also, more space for pictures. The center is an as-is MALM 6-drawer chest of drawers. For the side units, we combined a MALM 3-drawer chest of drawers and a BILLY book case.

The People Who Do Matter

One of the biggest themes of The Simple Dollar is how you should stop caring what other people think. This is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done in my life.

Everyone Wants Better. No One Wants Change

I turn on the radio and everyone’s talking about how they want change.People want a better economy, but nobody’s willing to share in the financial hit it’ll take to get us back on track.People want better schools, but nobody wants to rock the system, the unions, the teachers, the role of parents.People want lower health care costs, but nobody wants to endure the changes to medici

How Much Sacrifice Does it Take to Start a Business

Like many people I know, back in 2007 my employer was badly affected by the banking crisis and subsequent economic climate. Given that I was working at a bank, you can imagine things got a little more precarious than usual.Despite all that and a wobbly business climate, in 2008 I still decided to leave my job and start my own business.

Living With Chaos

‘In chaos, there is fertility.’ ~Anaïs Nin Post written by Leo Babauta. Recently I wrote about the illusion of control, and living with no goals. What I’m still figuring out is what you do if you let go of the illusion of control, and plan as little as possible. What’s life like without goals or plans?

A little country for Kilippan

Materials: Klippan footstool, wood sofa legs, metal mounting plates Description: The tube metal legs have always been my least favorite part of my Klippan loveseat and footstools.

Top Freelance Jobs from Job Board – Week 3, June

Advertise here with BSA Looking for a new client? The FreelanceSwitch job board is a great resource of freelance gigs and opportunities. These opportunities are in various fields, from development to writing to design, and come from a wide range of potential clients.

Reader Mailbag: The Little Things

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Car leasing question 2. Separate savings accounts 3. Handling reduced income 4. Relationships and honesty 5. Why savings accounts? 6. Planning for debt freedom 7. Upgrading credit card 8.

The Keystone Demise

Does this ever happen to you: Your home is functioning at its best and chores are getting done when they need to be done. Then, the light bulb burns out in the laundry room (or something similar which is seemingly minor, like you run out of dish detergent or you throw your coat over the back of a chair instead of hanging it up in the closet).

Trofast - Rast Toy Storage

Materials: 2X Trofast Shelves and 2X Rast bedside tables Description: I wanted to have a cool place to store the kids toys but I thought buying four Trofast sets would look a bit intense. I had two Rast bedside tables which were no longer in use so I decided to put them to good work. 1.

Freelance Freedom #212: Printing Issues

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Big House, Little House

I am constantly changing. While many people are much the same today as they were yesterday (or last week or twenty years ago), I’m always evolving. This isn’t necessarily good or bad — it’s just who I am. Some of my friends think I’m fickle. I get that. (Kris tells me that I go through “phases”.) I prefer to view this constant change as growth.