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Revamp your HEMNES Chest of drawers

Photo courtesy of IKEA Materials: HEMNES and IKEA Fabric Description: I have a white HEMNES Chest of drawers that I was bored with. I bought some Ikea fabric, some Spray Mount Glue, AND I GOT NEW FURNITURE! The fabrics I chose were ANNAMOA blue, ANNAMOA green and LILLIVI. About 28cm of each. It is very easy, clean the surface. Spray the glue on the drawer and stick the fabric on it.

Reader Story: Finding Financial Balance

This guest post from George is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes. Back in 2007, I was in a financial funk.

How To Overcome Your Inferiority Complex

We all fall in the trap of comparison wherein we inevitably compare ourselves with others.  This comparison does more harm to us than good. This does not mean we stop looking up to others. But there is a difference between learning from others and simply comparing yourself with them and then feeling, ‘Oh! Wish I was like her!’ This comparison is the main cause of inferiority complex.

Manvotional: The Bull’s-Eye Lantern

In coming across Robert Louis Stevenson’s essay, “The Lantern-Bearers,” a few months ago, I discovered an image that has stuck with me like few things I have ever read.

Ikea Lack bench extension with Lack table

Materials: 1 Lack bench + 1 Lack table Description: I was wondering about how to get extra space on my lack bench for my big Marantz amp. The solution was to cut two legs from a Lack small table (cut about 35cm so it will remain 5cm of legs) and nest this table on your Lack tv bench. This mod can upgrade your bench from 150cm to 200cm! ~ Fishbone2K, France

Wrapping Paper Alternatives

One common theme in the emails I get this time of year is the cost of wrapping paper. Many people find it difficult to swallow that they’re investing $15 to $20 into paper that’s simply there to cover a box and will be torn to shreds on Christmas morning – and, frankly, I don’t blame them.

Salad bowl light

Materials: BLANDA BLANK, HEMMA cord set black, sparsam Description: 1 - Make a hole in the bowl with a hole saw. 2 - Unscrew the cord set and use the drilled bowl as a shade ~ Gaelle Le Dez, France

Lace on Blanken

Materials: Blanken shower caddy, lace oilcloth, scissors, glue Description: I thought that Blanken caddy shower wasn't very cute and didn't match with the other stuff in my bathroom, such as Skurar plant pot hanger, so I had the idea to add some fake lace oilcoth. ~ Myla, Italia

Awesome EXPEDIT Drinks Bar

Materials: EXPEDIT, CAPITA, DIODER Description: Step 1: Two Expedit units, one 2x2 and one 2x4 in an L-shaped formation. Step 2: In the 2x2 Unit put expedit drawers facing into the bartender area and two Expedit cabinets opening outwards to give the side of the bar a solid look. Click to read the rest of the post >>

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #50

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. Sarah and I spent a lot of time assembling Christmas gifts this week, so our mind was on the spirit of the season. 1. ifttt Have you ever taken pictures with your camera and wished they would automatically show up on Flickr and Facebook?

Al Seckel: Our Brains are Mis-wired, Video

View engaging conference lectures, interesting how to discussions, and high quality freelance advice via video here on FreelanceSwitch. This week we look at Our Brains are Mis-wired by Al Seckel. In this talk, Al Seckel, a cognitive neuroscientist, explores the perceptual illusions that fool our brains.

Dalfred stool with Brooks saddle

Materials: Dalfred stool, Brooks B135 triple-rail bicycle saddle Description: We replaced the nondescript seat of the Dalfred stool with a beautiful, broad, bouncy Brooks B135 leather bicycle saddle. This required grinding away some plastic at the top of the mounting post to expose metal of the right diameter to fix the saddle to.

Back To The Summit by Senator Omer Rains

I recently returned from a very moving trip to Asia in connection with the discharge of my responsibilities as Board Chair of READ Global. What I experienced on this remarkable trip enriched me greatly as is always the case when I am engaged in humanitarian work.

Have Fun That's Actually Fun—For You.

One of my favorite Secrets of Adulthood is "Just because something is fun for other people doesn't mean it's fun for me, and vice versa." This sounds simple, but it actually was a huge breakthrough for me. So many things that other people consider “fun” are not fun for me, and it took me an astonishingly long time to realize that.

Lack LEGO table

Materials: Lack side table, trofast box and lid Description: My godson is 5 and has an insane amount of Legos with Santa bringing a load more in a couple of weeks. To help with his mom's sanity I've put together a cheap simple lego table for him to keep his current projects in one place.