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By J.D. Roth

Forhoja storage cubes with a difference

Materials: Forhoja wall cabinet, wallpaper, wallpaper paste Description: 1. Cut chosen wallpaper to size of rear panel and use wallpaper paste to adhere. Pile books/magazines on top and let dry. 2. Finish assembling your storage cube and enjoy! Too easy! See more of the Forhoja cubes. ~ Lozza, Sydney

Workspace of the Week: The closer

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Arthelemis’ office in a spare bedroom closet: Closet offices are phenomenal uses of space if you have a closet to spare. Obviously, the best part about them are they allow you to close the door when you’re finished using the area. This office is for a student whose bedroom is in the basement of the house.

Silent Night! Holy Night!

Materials: 16 Hampen carpet 80x80, carpet from the building center 400x300, ca. 250 nails, ladder, sledge, flat nose plier, water bubble, carpet cutter, folding yardstick Description: Hi folks! After 2 days of really hard work, I want to show you my new "Hampen" wall. I love living in old buildings. Jugendstil, art nouveau, victorian, I don't care.

6 Freelance Lessons You Can Learn From Your Kids

This blog post by Amber Rice on PRDaily.com tickled my fancy. Maybe it’s because many of my friends have toddlers, or maybe it’s because I’m pregnant—but I think adults can learn a lot from little kids. Below are some of Rice’s suggestions, as well as some of my own. Be Curious and Ask Questions What’s this? Why? How come?

Snippets of Frugality

I get emails and comments and tweets from people all the time who seem almost disturbed by the idea that I incorporate frugality into my life. The implication behind those comments is that my life must be incredibly austere and boring in order to pull off all of these things. Here’s the truth: the things about my life that I write about on The Simple Dollar are snippets of reality.

Ask the Readers: Which Credit Cards Do You Use?

Though I steer clear of writing about credit cards at Get Rich Slowly, I use them all the time. I used to be an anti-credit card zealot.

Build Your Freelance Back-up Team

If there is one thing I miss about working in the corporate world, it is having teams of people working in the background that I can call on for any type of support my business may need. Have a legal question? Dial the extension to get someone in legal. Marketing? They are also at the touch of a button. HR question? Their extension was one number away from marketing. IT?

The perfect childseat

Materials: 2 step stools IKEA BEKVÄM Description: My granddaughter is 18 months and she needed a chair to sit when she comes to visit, but I didn't really feel like spending a lot of money for it.. What I did then was buying 2 step stools BEKVÄM. I built one according to the instructions to create the base of the chair.

How to Practice the Art of Acknowledgement

Welcome to the art of acknowledgment. Like much art in our society, this art is at high risk of not being taught, practiced, and valued in our criticize-’em-now culture. That has to change. Acknowledgment is one of the secret ingredients to motivating human behavior. I think its lack is one... Read more at PickTheBrain.com

A History of the American Bachelor: Part II — Post-Civil War America

Welcome back to our series on the history of the American bachelor. Last time we discussed the bachelor in colonial and Revolutionary War America where we learned about his origins as well as the laws and taxes levied specifically against single men.

GALANT chopping board storage unit

Materials: GALANT desktop Description: We don't have a lot of storage space in our kitchen and we were in need of a place to store all of our cutting/chopping boards. I took a GALANT desktop that I found in the "as is" section for 40 bucks and cut it into 5 pieces. Two side boards approx. 25x36 and 3 middle pieces approx 4x25. I connected the pieces with regular wood screws.

Have a Yard Sale (102/365)

You’ve gone through your clutter. You’ve sold off a lot of valuable individual items that you don’t want any more. You’ve also eliminated some of your collections by selling them off in bulk. But you’re still left with a giant pile of stuff.

Spotted: Ikea Santa

Materials: Frakta Description: I was in NYC around Christmas and I came across this great Ikea Frakta outfit! ~ Tyler, Baltimore

Pimped Haparanda stools

Materials: Ikea stools "Haparanda", Ikea fabrics and industrial wheels Description: The Ikea stools almost went in the trash after 15 years of basement storage, but with some new fabric (from IKEA's collaboration with design students at Beckmans school) and a few large industrial wheels - they immediately feel like 2012 ;-) ~ Pierre Ohlson, Stockholm/Avesta

The $15 Glass dry erase board!

Materials: PAX DRAMMEN, RIBBA, Mounting screws Description: While browsing the as-is section at Ikea, I found a few Pax Drammen frosted glass sliding doors and marked down drawer pulls. After seeing the Torsby table used as a dry erase board, I decided to do something similar with this.