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By J.D. Roth

How to Write an Email That Will Actually Get a Response

How to write an email? What’s next? A post on how to tie your shoes? I know, I know. Email is such an ubiquitous part of our lives that you might think that people would naturally have it down pat. But having received thousands of emails over the past four years, I can say with certainty that frequency does not necessarily beget proficiency.

Venting Besta

Materials: Besta Shelf/Vassbo doors Description: I came home about a month ago and my wife had re-arranged our bedroom furniture after 7 years in the same spot. Of course, it made for a rather uncomfortable viewing angle for the television. She wanted me to mount something to the wall, to hide the cords (power and network), and she wanted glass doors.

Low Budget Table Top Shelf + Cable Solution

Materials: BESTA VARA Drawer Front, RATIONELL VARIERA Shelf Insert, BILLY Book-end Description: For an extremely low budget hack, after various different combination in mind, I've decided to go with these. PREPARATION: The reason I used BESTA VARA drawer front as a shelf was because the size was exactly what I wanted without sawing and stuff.

Why Email Marketing is Still King

You have Twitter followers, connections on LinkedIn, and people who like you on Facebook—but how engaged are these people with your brand? There’s at least one person out there who believes that it’s not these social media platforms, but email marketing, that makes the most sense when it comes to your business. Scott Stratten, a small business owner and author of Unmarketing: Stop Mark

Thank You! The Happiness Project Has Been a New York Times Bestseller for a Year.

Today is a big landmark for me: as of today, The Happiness Project has been on the New York Times bestseller list for a year. Yes. One solid year! Thrilling. I remember so clearly the moment when I had the idea to do a happiness project. I was on the 79th Street cross-town bus, and I looked out the window and thought, "What do I want from life anyway?

Reader Mailbag: Personal Projects Undone

Reader Mailbag: Personal Projects Undone What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Is more retirement savings necessary? 2. Netflix streaming series 3. Imminent financial disaster 4. Loan debt and house purchase 5. Paper books or e-books? 6.

A Month of Travel for Less than a Month at Home

This post is by staff writer Tim Sullivan. It was always my dream to be paid to travel. I thought I’d write guidebooks or be a tour guide. A few years ago, my wanderlust was acting up again, so I crunched some numbers, adding up the cost of living where I was (New York) versus traveling for month.

Time for a Raise – 5 Tips on How to Make it Happen Painlessly

When you started freelancing, you probably set your rates at what was competitive at the time. But you may not have even noticed the years rolling by, and suddenly your rates are below where they should be.

Fit a Faktum wine rack into kitchen cab gap

Materials: Old used Faktum cabinet and left overs of your oak kitchen counter Description: We installed our new Ikea Kitchen, but it was a little gap between the last cabinet and the wall. That was bothering me a lot. Ikea's solution was to place a cover, but my solution was to convert an old Faktum cabinet into a wine rack that could fit precisely into that gap.

12 Techniques to Help You Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life

It seems that everything comes in a list format nowadays. “Wash, Rinse, and Repeat” or “Open box, Remove Contents, Try and Assemble”. Maybe it is because when we see things in a list format our brain interprets them as a set of instructions - rules that must be followed.The proliferation of articles about happiness as of late has been astonishing.

The Mind/Body Connection and Self Confidence + GIVEAWAY!

Self confidence is one of the most elusive, yet important traits in the human condition. And achieving it is kind of like the holy grail in the self improvement space. It alone can define your success, your relationships, your health and your happiness. Perhaps that’s why it is such a complex issue.

“The Start-up’s Secret Weapon: Contests” or “How to Turn $100K into $12,000,000″

Tobi Lutke, CEO of Shopify. How did they turn a $100,000 prize into $12,000,000 in transactions? In the world of magazine articles, one of my all-time favorite headlines is “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Meta” from the MIT Technology Review, a feature about billionaire programmer, Charles Simonyi.

Laser Clock with salad bowl

Materials: 300.814.67 BLANDA BLANK Description: Clock with Arduino Laser Servo motors Blanda Blank Bowl Click to read the rest of the post >>

Dolly Lampshade Cover

Materials: Skimra Description: I crochet a lampshade cover for the SKIMRA I bought at Ikea many years ago. See how it brightens up a room after putting on a new dress? 1.Measure the Skimra lampshade's dimension. 2. Make a crochet swatch of 4" x 4" with the yarn or fabric strips of your choice. Count the numbers of stitches and rows of the swatch.

Contribute Regularly to That Retirement Account (59/365)

If you’ve been following the advice of the last few days, you should have a retirement plan in place. Now comes the hard part: contributing to that account. When it comes right down to it, retirement contributions are another bill. Contributions reduce the pool of money that you have with which to pay your bills and live your day-to-day life.