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The Secret to Waking Up Early

Having troubles waking up early in the morning? Always snoozing until the last minute? Often late to work? Well, then you should learn the secret of waking up early. It’s all about the motivation. It is always easier to make an effort when you are really motivated.

Dave's Low/High Rider (laptop table hack)

Materials: Ikea Dave, 1/4" wood insert, furniture tabs, Induru tripod, Manfrotto Joystick Tripod Mount Description: I immediately enjoyed the use of Dave once assembled. However, after some use I discovered it was not as stable as I would have liked. Meaning, it was not meant for leaning or piling extra accessories on. Then, my kids had their fun with it and put it to its test.

Buy the Cheap Gas (33/365)

I’ve turned the regular fluctuation of gas prices at the gas station fairly near our home (the one mentioned yesterday) into a game of sorts with my oldest son. Simply put, we’ve started tracking the data. We watch for the price of gas on that sign each time we drive by it, then we mention whether it has gone up or down recently.

A Secret To More Happiness And Energy? Give Yourself A Bedtime.

As a result of my happiness project, I've become a sleep zealot. It's just so obvious to me—from reading the research and from personal experience—that getting enough sleep is a key to a happier life. I've noticed something, however.

Farmhouse-Style Bench

Materials: Lack coffee table, antique brass decorative upholstery nails, twin size foam mattress topper, 2 1/2 yards of burlap, 2 1/2 yards of non-bleached muslin. Description: I recently finished building a larger coffee table and I had the standby Ikea Lack one sitting in a corner, useless and ugly.

Building a computers rack with Besta shelf unit

Materials: 1 x BESTA 801.340.48, 4 x wheels from IKEA furnitures, sliding structure for BESTA Description: 1) Buy a Besta shelf 192x60x40 2) Fit the shelves to fit your needs, in my case, computers, UPS, printer, monitor, speakers and network communication devices. 3) Install the sliding structure, buy a table which fits in the platform to keep the keyboard in.

5 Myths Haunting Your Healthy Foods

These days, eating healthy has become a curiously difficult task. Despite the fact that the canons of healthy eating have not changed in centuries, the proliferation of health food products has continued unabated for years.

Billy Wall Shelf Built In

Materials: Four Billy wall shelves, paint stirrers, 12 soup cans, board Description: For this hack, My husband and I purchased four Ikea Billy Wall Shelves to create a "built in" look in our small breakfast area. We live in a very small house without a formal dining area and we happen to love books, so it seems as if everything has to play double duty.

Workspace of the Week: Stylishly simple

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Sean’s mid-century modern table desk: I really enjoy looking at this week’s workspace selection because it’s utilitarian, but not absent of style. The surfaces are uncluttered and free of distracting items to pull one away from actual work.

Five Tips for Running a Successful Home Office

There are a lot of stories written about home-based businesses—trust me, I just did a Google search. Working from home has changed drastically over the years, thanks to technology. If you think back not even 20 years about home-based businesses, you might envision a low-tech service business such as a daycare or landscaping company.

Figuring Out What’s Really Important (As a Foundation for Your Decisions)

Whenever I spend time thinking about my life, I get caught up in a lot of ideals. I think about writing a great novel. I think about some volunteer projects I’d like to work on. I think about the house I’d like to build and the great travel I’d love to do in the next ten or fifteen years.

Ask Freelance Switch: Building an Agency and Freelancing Internationally

In this issue of Ask FreelanceSwitch, we look at growing into an agency and freelancing internationally. Ask FreelanceSwitch is a regular column here that allows us to help beginners get a grip on freelancing.

Musician's Keyboard Drawer

Materials: Fredrik Desk, 2 Ekby Jarpen Shelves, drawer hardware and brackets (from Home Depot) Description: Assemble the desk according to the instructions except the desktop is put in place after the keyboard drawer is attached. This is kinda tricky. Using a circular saw and one of the shelves, cut the two drawer end pieces.

Q&A: My Current Financial State

Fridays are typically “Ask the Readers” days at Get Rich Slowly, but today I’m doing something a little different. I’ve made a couple of big revelations lately, and those have generated a lot of questions.

3 Ways To Prepare For Adversity

When the going gets tough, we tend to seek out those people—and things—that give us the strength to be our best self. We yearn for the feeling that we’ve turned our lives around and are headed for better days. Looking for the upside takes our mind off the down times.