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No Impact Man

By Colin Beavan

Plant pot coffee table

Materials: 4 plant pots "BJURÖN", 4 legs of an older IKEA-couchtable (with screws etc.) and minimum 8 screws and nuts and driller for wood Description: I bought this plant pots (20x20x17cm), because I liked them, but I had no idea, what to use it for. After a few months I had it: I needed a little, easily moveable table for my laptop, with some practical storage for some computer-stuff.

Searching for inspiration for a multipurpose guest room

Our new house has a guest room, which is something completely alien to us. Not really knowing what to do with the space, my husband and I bought a bed and nightstand, hung some artwork, and then closed the door to keep out the cat. (The image at right is the catalog staging of the bed and nightstand we have.

Wall Mushroom Lamps

Materials: 3x Hemma + Shades, cork coaster, screws, electrical tape, Description: I've seen these lamps, three in a row, at a friend's desk, and I liked it so much that I wanted to have them in my apartment. However, I did not need a desk light, but new lights at the corner of the sofa. So I crafted the following: 1) Remove the small rubber things under the bases.

My Standing Desk Experiment

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Corbett Barr of CorbettBarr.com and ThinkTraffic.net. For the past three weeks I’ve been standing while I work, instead of my usual sitting.

Sean Hodge Takes Over as Editor of FreelanceSwitch

Advertise here with BSA For those of you in the know, you’ve probably noticed that Amanda Hackwith has moved to the Rockable Press side of our business following the release of her successful book Freelance Confidential: The Whole Truth on Freelancing. She’s still a full-time Editor at Envato, but is now putting her skills to use creating books and other Premium educational content.

Deciding your Destiny: Taking the Right Road Over the Easy One

Today’s guest contributor is Farnoosh Brock. Farnoosh writes about smart habits for rich living with focus on smart communications, smart travel, smart living and smart entrepreneurship. She can be found at Prolific Living.+++You do not learn your own true tolerance for risk and your real appetite for courage until you put them to test.I put mine to test on April 15th.

Reader Mailbag: Working Ahead

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Recovering from a big loss 2. A disastrous turn of events 3. Feeling scared all the time 4. Dodgy seminar? 5. Basic budgeting for young adult 6. Credit card strategies 7. SAHM transitioning to career 8.

Patrull Skateboard Grip-Tape

Materials: PATRULL Anti-slip strip Description: One 5m roll was just enough to cover this skateboard. Decided to do a pattern on it, but one could obviously just lay the strips down and not cut them up. ~ Aaron, Toronto

A Small Splurge: $8.25 Worth Of Fun

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and raising children at Childwild.com. The other day I went to a vintage clothing shop with a friend. I needed some simple summer staples: tank tops, skirts, shorts.

Why it’s Great to Be a Freelancer in the Summer

Advertise here with BSACredit: elenathewise on Photodune When you started out in freelancing, you probably daydreamed about the perks of the lifestyle: make your own hours, choose your own clients, do things your way. Then business picked up and you daydreamed less often.

21 Simple Ways to Live an Exceptional Life

Everyone wants to live an exceptional life. The problem arises when it comes time to define what that means to you.

If You Want to Make Art and/or Money, Read This:

This post is for anyone who is trying to do artistic work (writing, painting, computer programming, sculpting, music composition and recording, whatever) – or trying to make money (entrepreneur, salaried, investor, whatever). People that desire to create and enterprise do a lot to build the world, but it’s often a lonely and frustrating path. And due to the nature of

Some Thoughts on Wearing Things Out

What you see above is one of my sandals that’s beginning to (finally) fall apart. I’ve been wearing this same pair of sandals during the summer since 2003. They’ve went on vacations with me. I’ve worn them on walks through parks, strolls around the block, and countless other activities.

Malm Coffee table

Materials: Malm storage unit Description: It is a coffee table made from 3 Malm storage units and capita legs. Assemble 3 Malm according to the IKEA instuctions Put them upside down and attach them to each other using perforated metal plates along with the connecting sides. Use alot of screws Put Capita legs in each corner... Easy to hide magazines and papers.

How to Remember a Person’s Name (And What to Do When You Can’t)

You’re at a business convention chatting with a colleague, when up walks a man, the head of some major department, a guy you know you’ve met before. “Hey there, Sam!” he says as he shakes your hand. Then he waits for you to introduce him to your colleague. The only problem? You cannot for the life of you remember his name. Awkwardness ensues.