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2010 Unitasker Wednesday: The mushroom brushOh, mushroom brush, you have confused me for years.

This week in April '07

Angelique's pretty storage chests: Ferns don't only look good outdoors, they are pretty good on plain pine chests too. Super simple Expedit rails: Unless you are the type who likes to live near the edge, a railing for the upstairs is what you need. And it doesn't have to cost a small fortune. Hack a sectional sleeper: Guests staying the night? No problem.

Deliberate Practice: Improving Your Finances, Career, and Life

I’ve mentioned deliberate practice in the past, but after several experiences in recent days, I felt like it was a vital topic worth revisiting. What’s deliberate practice? I first learned about the topic from Stephen Dubner at the New York Times, who was writing about how Alex Rodriguez built his baseball skills.

Linkswitch #62, Home Office, Facebook Branding, Project Management

Creating an Awesome Home Office Plan Good home office plans can influence how successful you are while working from home. This means having the resources to get the job done, minimizing distractions and being comfortable. Designing For The Future Web Designing for the future Web. That’s a big subject.

Reader Story: Saving the American Way…and the Bulgarian Way

This guest post from Rya is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes. Rya writes a Bulgarian personal-finance blog called kadebg.com. My name is Rya.

Convincing Yourself That a Want Is Really a Need – and How to Stop It

For my work purposes, I have a desktop computer and a laptop computer. The desktop computer is the central machine, with a big external hard drive attached to it to back up my files. My laptop is the machine I use when I’m not able to be in my office, and it just syncs all of the files I need with my desktop computer. Both of these computers are PCs.

The Best of Get Rich Slowly: March 2011

Whew! For the first time in three months, I’m not feeling stressed about work. I’m caught up on blog posts, my articles for other sites are written, and I don’t have any other pressing tasks. I love being able to take long vacations to other continents, but the preparation and clean-up for these trips is a bear! And I can’t rest too long.

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #13

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. A big sister comes into her own Our daughter has been struggling with the role of being a big sister to her baby brother. She had been the baby of the family for years, then suddenly there was a new little one around.

How to Find Time For Yourself

Today our lives are busier than ever before. Our time is pressed by career, family, friends and sometimes even the things we took on as being “for me” become a chore that saps our precious time. I mean, while your iphone addiction may be considered 'a break', is it really relaxing and does it really do anything to recharge your batteries?

7 Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Gym Workouts

When you are going to the gym on a regular basis, it can be hard to be able to motive yourself when it comes to doing certain exercises to the intensity that is needed to really feel the strain in your muscles. Here is a list of 7 ways that you can use to motive yourself to be able to get the best out of your time in the gym: 1.    Alter your standard workout routines When you

Reminder: Shoe Shine Saturday Is Tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder that our Shoe Shine Saturday Photo Contest sponsored by KIWI Shoe Care ends tomorrow. Up for grabs is the Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit from KIWI and a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes of your choice, valued up to $350. I have to say, I’m jealous of the man who wins. I’ve been wanting a pair of Allen Edmonds for a long time.

Financial Literacy Month 2011

Though April is no longer officially recognized as National Financial Literacy Month in the U.S., many states and organizations still treat it as such.

Silver leaf Ikea Rast Dresser Hack

Materials: Rast dresser, silver leaf, paint, crystal knobs Description: Painted the Rast dresser with black paint, then applied silver leaf glue adhesive to fronts of drawers. Next was to lay silver leaf on the fronts. Seal the dresser with wipe-on poly and add some bling in the form of crystal knobs! See more silver leaf rast dresser. ~ barbara@hodge:podge, Vancouver, Canada

Coworking: The Good and the Bad

One of the great problems of being a freelancer is the solitude. It’s difficult at times to sit in front of your keyboard and do what you’ve got to do without any human interaction. There’s no water cooler to talk around, no office gossip to catch up on and no one else to fill you in on what happened on last night’s episode of The Family Guy.

Ask Unclutterer: What to do with sentimental t-shirts?

Reader Dawn submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: My son has played sports since he was 5 yrs old and between me, my husband and him, we are overrun with “spirit” shirts with his name & number. Of course, he’s switched teams over the years, and has grown, so although a cute memento, I only need to keep 1 per team for the memory box. So, what do I do with the rest?