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Letter From The Editor: We’re Still Beautiful on the Inside…

…but thanks to you, we’re now a little prettier on the outside, too. Wanted to thank you again for all of the notes and comments on our 2 design choices a couple of weeks back and hope you like the final product! Coming up we will still have all the great content you’ve come to expect from us along with a new newsletter program and more… So stay tuned…

A Modest Proposal For Publishers and Authors

The publishing world is in mass-flux. I don’t know where it’ll end up. Nobody does. But, I do know, as I sit and write this, that the other side of upheaval is opportunity.

Resources for fall

It’s starting to get chilly, and I can’t stop thinking about fall. As the cooler weather moves in, here are a handful of resources to keep you organized as you say farewell to the warmer months. My Fall Cleaning Guides for RealSimple.com: Systems and Room-by-room. Suffer from fall allergies?

The myth of preparation

Seth Godin: "Being a novice is way overrated."

John Waters, Role Models

I should never have gone to school after 5th grade." Great interview with John Waters on life & his new memoir.

De-Cluttering Your Organization

Why is it so hard for people and organizations to throw things out?

Pablo Picasso Paints Fakes? -- A Koan about Creativity.

Over the weekend, I was reading Arthur Koestler's book, The Act of Creation, and I was struck by the koan-like quality of the following story, which Koestler says is true: An art dealer (this story is authentic) bought a canvas signed "Picasso" and travelled all the way to Cannes to discover whether it was genuine. Picasso was working in his studio.

Reader Mailbag: Long Hair, Short Hair

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Single mom, crazy life 2. Debt payoff or Roth IRA? 3. Pay cash for car? 4. 401(k) or IRA rollover? 5. Cut Roth contributions to travel? 6. Switch to HSA? 7. Watching sports without cable/satellite 8.

Make your Mondays (a little) more remarkable

It’s Monday, and a week’s worth of possibilities are in front of you.

The Moment You Speak To The World, You Speak to No One

Why would you target a microcosm, when the world is your market? Oy, I’ve heard this so many times from small-business owners and bloggers.

The War on Work

I write a lot at Get Rich Slowly about Financial Independence, by which I essentially mean early retirement (or semi-retirement). That is, accumulating enough money that I know longer have to work. To me, escape from work has always seemed like the ultimate goal. This is probably because my father held out retirement as a sort of Promised Land.

5 Ways to Keep Learning (And Why You Want To)

It’s easy to assume that learning ends when you’re in your early twenties. You finish university, and go into the “real world” of work. No more term papers, no more exams.

Richard Meier & Partners Architects: Limitations Are An Opportunity

“We try really hard not to spin our wheels on ideas that don’t work,” says Chief of Operations N. Scott Johnson as he tours me through the open-plan office of Richard Meier & Partners Architects. But how do you find out what works and doesn’t work?

3 Archetypes of American Manliness- Part III: The Self-Made Man

Today we will cover the last of three archetypes of American manliness proposed by Michael Kimmel in his book, Manhood in America. As we discussed in previous posts, both the Genteel Patriarch and Heroic Artisan were ideals of manliness imported from Europe to the American colonies in the 18th century.