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Art of Manliness

By Brett McKay

The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #36: The Decline of Males with Dr. Lionel Tiger

Welcome back to another edition of the Art of Manliness podcast. In this week’s episode, we talk to Dr. Lionel Tiger, author of the book, The Decline of Males: The First Look at an Unexpected New World for Men and Women. Dr. Tiger is the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University.

The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination

‘Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.’ ~William James Post written by Leo Babauta. I’m thrilled to share with you my new ebook: The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination. It’s something many people have been asking for — procrastination is a problem we all struggle with, and something I only began to overcome in the last few years. An

"I'm a Person Who Has Always Relished Time Alone...the Years of Parenting Toddlers and Pre-schoolers Was Difficult for Me."

Interview: Katy Wolk-Stanley. I spend a great deal of timing mulling over the relationship between happiness and money, which I think is one of the most complicated and emotionally charged topics within the larger subject of happiness.

Pax with yesterday's news

Materials: Pax Description: I decided to decorate the back of my Pax Tonnes with newapaper from the 60s and 80s. It took a weekend to cover all 200x236 cm. ~ Samuele Orsini, Italy

SimpliFried roundup

In the last few weeks on our sister website Simplifried, we’ve tackled many yummy and useful cooking topics.

Reader Mailbag: Personal Trainer

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Mint and privacy 2. 401(k) distribution issues 3. Small emergency fund? 4. College student planning for future 5. Helping people in need 6. Old debts 7. Finding new ideas 8. Mid-20s career crossroads 9.

Save Money, Enhance Your Freelance Business with Stock

Credit: chrisdlugosz on Flickr Yep, I’m going there. I’m going in front of a crowd of freelance professionals and suggesting the use of stock, and I’m not just talking about photos. I’ve been a freelancer, and have been among freelancers long enough to know exactly what follows the mere mention of the word stock.

Moving: The art of unpacking

If there is a stage of the moving process I dislike the least, it is probably unpacking. I’m not suggesting I enjoy it, because I certainly do not — I garner about as much enjoyment from unpacking a house as I do from getting a cavity filled at the dentist.

STOLMEN in the kitchen

Materials: STOLMEN, MUDDUS table Description: This is not a real hack, just a new use to an IKEA item, but since I have not seen STOLMEN used in the kitchen, I thought I'd show it to you. When a whole cupboard full of plates fell from the wall, we knew we had to find another kind of shelf, that is not fixed to the wall.

Becoming a Groupon Groupie

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and raising children at Childwild.com. I have a pretty idyllic Friday evening planned: I’m going to yoga class, and then taking my husband out for dinner. These are both fairly spendy activities for me, but I got a great deal.

Suffering Comes From YOUR Perception (Yep, it’s your fault!)

Which one of these statements do you believe in? “And eye for an eye” or “Live and let live”? No matter how you answered, your response was based on your belief system.

How To Be Patient

Patience is the companion of wisdom. -Saint Augustine Some people never really master the art of being patient, and at times, all of us struggle with being patient. Sometimes a certain situation or a certain person just pushes our buttons, making it much more difficult for us to remain patient. Once you lose your patience, things tend to go badly.

The Basic Blocks of a Good Life

By John Hollandsworth Seeing a young child at play always makes me smile. Haven’t you looked at a young giggling face and felt joy, and maybe even a little envy? Wouldn’t it be great to recapture some of that childlike wonder and love of life again? The truth is, the good life is closer than we think, and much can be learned through watching a child play.

How Mundane Routines Produce Creative Magic

Can creativity be triggered? Find out how to heighten your ability to produce great work by tapping into the power of the daily routine.

How to Prove that You Are Worthy of a Raise

Getting a raise is one of the quickest ways to improve upon your financial picture.. A few minutes of conversation can lead to a pay increase that you will enjoy year after year.Most of us think that getting a raise is about asking at the right time or framing the question in a certain way.