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The Importance of Community – Part I

Justin Knechtel lives in between the cities of Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, on Mercer Island.

7 Sins of Website Copywriting That Send Prospects Fleeing

Credit: Jeancliclac on Photodune Watch out, copywriting mistakes can loose you potential clients, effect your reputation. As a website copywriter, I quite often notice mistakes in the websites of other freelancers. Let’s look at seven major blunders that appear on the freelancer’s sites on a regular basis.

Boring Birch Ikea Chest of Drawers Makeover: From Drab to Fab

Materials: Aneboda chest, Screw Driver, Spray Paint, Fine Sanding Blocks or Sand Paper Description: 1. Remove/unscrew original block handles. 2. Since the dressers are laminate {like all things Ikea}, I had to hand-sand them to add a bit of texture so my paint would adhere. 3.

Preparing for an Emergency

This post is from staff writer April Dykman, who recently wrote about ceviche and how to peel shrimp like a Hawaiian. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how hot it was in the Lone Star State. The update is that we’re literally on fire. Wildfires have destroyed hundreds of homes in central Texas, and they’re breaking out all over the state (more than 60 fires so far).

How to Stop Reading and Start Doing

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of money on books, ebooks and course materials over the years. Maybe you’re keen to learn something new – computer programming or website design. Maybe you want to accomplish a big goal – losing weight or getting your finances sorted out. You probably get a little surge of excitement whenever you pick up a new book or sign up

Removal of Browning .22 hack

I've removed the Browning .22 hack. Not because I don't think it is a valid Ikea hack but because it has generated a great amount of negativity and ill-will on the blog, which is not the purpose and mood of this blog. If this hack has offended you, I apologise for my poor judgement in this instance. ~ Jules

Auto Troubleshooting: What’s Leaking from My Car?

It’s happened to all of us. You walk into the garage to get into your car and see a puddle of something sitting under it. “Hmmm, what’s that?” you wonder. “Is it something serious?


You would have much greater personal wealth if only they would get things in order in Washington. You would have received raises and promotions if only they would see your value at work. You would have a job if only they would actually read your incredible resume. You would be able to save money if only they didn’t manipulate you into buying stuff. No matter what is going on in your life, yo

Toss Productivity Out

Post written by Leo Babauta. For at least a couple of years, Zen Habits was one of the top productivity blogs, dispensing productivity crack for a nominal fee (your reading time). I’d like to think I helped people move closer to their dreams, but today I have different advice: Toss productivity advice out the window. Most of it is well-meaning, but the advice is wrong for a simple reason: it

LATT Chalkboard Play Table

Materials: LATT Table and chair set Description: The LATT table set is a perfect height for my 2 year old plus at a great price ($25 in Canada), I couldn't beat it. I decided to convert it into a little chalkboard table! Here's how I did it: Note: before assembly of product: 1. I spray painted each wooden piece with an Aqua blue colour (satin finish). I let it dry a few hours. 2.

Coming back to work after vacation without chaos and stress

Returning to work after a vacation or long weekend rarely goes smoothly. If you’re oblivious to the chaos because you’re still in a vacation haze on your first day back, the mayhem will settle in on day two or three.

2011 Happiness Challenge:

2011 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2011 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2011 a happier year -- and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- welcome! Last month's theme was neighborhood, and last week’s resolution was to Call up past memories. Did you try that resolution? Did it boost your happiness? This month’s theme is Self-control.

6 Steps to Focus Your Blog Content to Your Target Audience

Credit: PriamLimited on Photodune Maybe you are about to launch a blog or possibly considering how to focus your content to draw a specific customer. Content consumers – your customers – are looking for something when they come to your blog. Do you deliver? How do you know? In this article we discuss techniques so you can gear your blog content to your target audience.

Avoiding Impulse Buying Online

Time for a confession here. The single biggest challenge I have when it comes to avoiding unnecessary purchases is avoiding them online. I think there are a few reasons for this. First, I don’t have a chance to talk myself out of a purchase. In a store, I typically have several minutes between when I pick up the item and when I’m actually at the checkout purchasing the item.

Spark Your Freelance Business with Strategic Synergy

Credit: Solarseven on Photodune Are you trapped selling buckets of time? Bouncing from one freelance project to the next? There is a better way – develop a synergistic approach to your freelance business. At times we all need to take the work that comes before us to generate income, yet we should develop a personal strategy to minimize this.