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Solving the mug clutter problem

In my grandmother’s farmhouse, at the center of the kitchen table, stood a mug tree. From the branches of the mug tree hung four coffee cups in varying shapes and sizes.

Reader Mailbag: You Vote With Your Dollar

If you like a particular film and want to see more like it, see that movie in the theatre or buy the DVD or at least check it out from the library or watch it on a streaming service like Netflix.

Morning Walk

Hazy and cool as we walked to school. Her little hand wrapped around my pinky, arm swaying to the beat of each step. Chatting about all things important, and not so. This IS perfection.

What’s On Your “Not-Do” List?

Freelancers are great list makers, and it is little wonder. Running your own business, handling multiple clients and projects, leaves you with lots of things to manage and remember. I know that I start every week, and every day, with “to-do” lists. I consider what needs to get done, what I want to achieve in a given time span.

Career Renegade Allan Bacon Goes Location Independent

Ever wonder what it would be like to pick up your entire family and swap houses with someone in a different country for a while without having to skip a beat at work?

Rusty room divider

Materials: Expedit 2x4, Expedit 4x4 Description: It all started with placing two Expedit units on top of each other; I ended up with something very colourful. There are way too many stages in this project to explain it all in 5 pictures. If you'd like to see more, go here. 1.

Social Capital: More Valuable Than Money?

I’m back! After ten days boating through southeast Alaska (and two days of recovery), I’m ready to think about personal finance once again. Actually, it’ll probably come as no surprise that I never stopped thinking about personal finance. Even while we were skirting among ice floes, pulling up prawns, and admiring whales, my mind never strayed far from the topic of money.

How to Find the Energy for More Than Just Your Day Job

So you’ve got something you’re really passionate about. Perhaps it’s a hobby which you think you could turn into a business. Or a community project, or a novel you’re writing, or a diet or exercise routine which you’re really taking seriously this time. The problem is, you’ve got a day job.

How to Never Find Your Passion

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Are you finally waking up to the fact that you’ve been distracting yourself with the unnecessary?Working a 9-to-5 job just to scrape together a living is not a very fulfilling way to live.

Paul Dano: Let Your Experiences Surprise You

As far as being "Hollywood" goes, actor Paul Dano doesn't indulge the stereotype for a second. Relaxed, generally unconcerned, and a self-proclaimed homebody, he's able maintain a healthy diet of three or four films a year, and find ample time to hang out in his Brooklyn neighborhood. How? He just doesn't worry too much about it all.

Vocation: The Necessity of Dead Work

Editor’s note: In conjunction with the two-part series we’re doing on vocation and calling, we will be publishing excerpts from Self-Culture Through the Vocation by Edward Howard Griggs (1914). Dead Work There is no honest vocation that cannot be made to some extent a fine art.

So You Want My Job: Coffee Buyer

Once again we return to our So You Want My Job series, in which we interview men who are employed in desirable jobs and ask them about the reality of their work and for advice on how men can live their dream. Behind every great cup of joe, is a great green coffee buyer like Mark Inman. Mr.

Pretty Kitty Potty

Materials: Lack and Anno Stra screens Description: I was looking for a way to provide kitty potty privacy and also take away from the "look, this is where my cat poops" decor of the living room of our condo. So, I took two Lack tables, and one roll of Anno Stra window screens, as well as some sticky backed velcro.

Pulling the Trigger

One of the biggest challenges of saving money for a big goal is when exactly to go forward with that purchase. Three examples: For almost three years, I saved money for a replacement for my truck. For almost a full year, we shopped for a replacement while continuing to save and, during that year, we passed over several potential replacements before finally settling on a 2004 Honda Pilot.

Skills and Interests

A young writer's bittersweet quarter-life reflection. "I sometimes worry that writing has gone the way of the pony."