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By Brett McKay

Reader Story: The Bonus of Bi-Weekly Pay

This guest post from Corinne is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. These stories feature folks with all levels of financial maturity and income. Want submit your own reader story? Here’s how. At my previous job, I was paid on a monthly basis.

Restoring Your Inner Balance – How to Stop the Aging Process in its Tracks

Unhealthy lifestyle is our greatest epidemic. When we are younger, we have a natural biological resiliency that allows us to keep going strong no matter how poor our personal habits might be. But poor diet, inadequate exercise, chronic stress, insomnia, lousy posture, and lack of mental stimulation... Read more at PickTheBrain.com

Manvotional: The Cardinal Virtues — Justice

From The Cardinal Virtues, 1902 By William De Witt Hyde JUSTICE If man dwelt alone in a world of things, wisdom to subordinate things to his ends would be the principal virtue. The form of the perfect character would be a circle, with self as the center. The fact that we live in a social world, where other persons must be recognized, is the ground of justice, the second cardinal virtue.

Small-room bath vanity/sink (16 inches)

Materials: Lillangen sink, Grundtal faucet, Besta base units Description: The vanity is comprised of Besta units which come in different widths and heights. Their depths match the depth of the sink (16 inches) so you can configure to your own needs. I added one draw and three doors with shelves. Use any single hole faucet and use any handles or none at all. Legs are also Ikea.

One Week Left in the 2012 GRS Video Contest!

It’s a sunny Saturday here in Portland, our first really spring-like day all year. Everyone’s out enjoying the sun. But not me. I’m inside looking at the submissions for this year’s Get Rich Slowly video contest. I’m pleased with the ones I’ve seen so far. You guys are awesome! For instance, this submission from Cori Rubio is outstanding.

Use Household Items You Already Have to Remove Stains (97/365)

There are a lot of products out there that are marketed to make you believe that you need these items to remove stains in your carpet or your clothing. The truth is that you can achieve almost identical effects by using things you already have in your home.

Ikea door TV stand

Materials: Ikea cupboard doors, Capita legs, stainless steel tube, threaded rod Description: [ Feel free to make up a good name for this. I didn't notice the name of the doors when before starting (and because they are discount stuff, there's no name in the receipt either). ] We needed a place for the entertainment center and didn't want to pay hundreds of euros for a decent looking stand.

Lerberg receiver stand

Materials: Lerberg, Hacksaw, Drill Description: I'd this idea of a new receiver stand in my head, paralleled legs in a slight angle with different shelves. So I browsed a little on Ikea and find the Lerberg-shelf. I shortened and bent the legs. Drilled new holes for the shelves. It turned out pretty good.

Highchair "wings" from LJUDA placemats

Materials: LJUDA placemats, HERMAN chair (optional) Description: Problem: 6-month-old frequently drops food over the side of her high chair, leading to much food waste and floor cleaning. Solution: Add "wings" to her chair. Food (well, most of it) falls on the placemats, allowing me to put it back on her tray instead of throwing it out. Also saves on floor mopping!

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #68

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. I spent significant time this week finding quotes on the value of work for a presentation I may be giving in a few weeks.

Video Pick: Best Tips to Work Better, Not Harder

View engaging conference lectures, interesting how to discussions, and high quality freelance advice via video here on FreelanceSwitch. This week we look at Best Tips to Work Better, Not Harder by Lifehacker.

Pax closet doors, no bottom rail

Materials: Pax Lyngdal sliding doors, screws, washers, plastic caps, sweat and tears Description: When I purchased my house it was in dire need of renovation. We repainted, put down hardwood floors (not easy on top of concrete), installed new windows... the whole shebang. When it came time to pay some attention to the master bedroom, I was unhappy with the closet doors.

Funny IKEA Australia

Materials: - Description: Not a hack, but very funny!! (posted on facebook by ikea.ch) ~ Conchita, Switzerland

5 Surprising Ways Dogs Improve Human Health

We all know that a dog is man's (and woman's) best friend, but numerous scientific studies have also proven that dogs can improve human health. There’s no surprise here. Humans and dogs have been working together for thousands of years, and some scientists even believe the two species have evolved... Read more at PickTheBrain.com

Work bench made from Trofast toy storage units

Materials: Two Trofast storage units, Trofast storage boxes, Numerar countertop Description: About 12 years ago, when my child was young, we bought two Trofast storage units to hold all the toddler toys. Time passed, and the toys got put away in the attic -- but what to do with the Trofasts? They were super sturdy -- we could see their potential for other uses.