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By Trent Hamm

A Long Weekend Retreat

Rhonda writes in with a great idea for how she’s going to spend her Labor Day weekend: I’m planning on using my 3-day Labor Day weekend as an at-home retreat (I live alone) to do some short- and long-term planning. I’m about 10 years away from retirement and want to review ‘Your money or your life’ and ‘What color is your paracute?

Built-in bookcase and Home Theater Unit

Materials: 3 x 15" Billy Bookcases, 2x Billy height extenders, 2 x Billy doors, 2 x Benno DVD Rack, 1 x Hemnes Storage Bench, 1"x2" moulding, crown moulding and baseboard to fit your perimeter, Brad Nailer and nails, Liquid Nails adhesive, level, saw, 1' particleboard screws, caulk and paint Description: We have an extremely small, 100-year old downtown house that has a teeny tiny living/great

Advice from the Winners of The Money Book

During our recent review of The Money Book, we asked for your very best money-saving tips. The huge number of comments and savvy advice we received shows that our readership definitely knows a thing or two about saving pennies! After careful consideration, Joseph and Denise, the authors of The Money Book, helped us pick the top money-saving tips from our readers.

How to Keep Your Cool: 12 Tips for Staying Calm Under Pressure

When I was just a little younger, I had great big goals and objectives and aspirations for every day of my life. These days, my biggest ambition is to get through each day with grace and peace of mind - to be unflappable and to move peacefully from one task to another with focused attention and a quiet, calm energy.Simple right? Ok maybe not.

You snooze, you lose

Can you be successful and barely sleep? Judah Friedlander, Martha Stewart, and more get 4 or less hours a night.

How to apologize

The components of a "scientifically perfect" apology (via The Morning News).

Useful Links

Here are a few things I’ve run across that I thought might be worth sharing.  If you find these types of things useful, you might want to subscribe to my personal blog at http://blog.markwshead.com. These are some of the types of things I usually post over there that may or may not eventually make it to Productivity501.

Reader Mailbag: Shortcut Fixing

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Higher salary or better benefits? 2. Cheap land lines 3. Moving in with parents 4. Prepaying student loans in forbearance 5. The Hindenburg Omen 6. Post-graduation financial independence 7.

14 Resources for Free Fonts and Premium Fonts

You can’t deny that typography is important in design. You could have the most beautiful illustrations in the world, but if you use a font like Jokerman, your entire design will look iffy. Now if you really want to blow your client away with an awesome design, you have to find a font that works.

The science of buying: Women are at the wheel

The website She-Conomy (a site that focuses on the business of marketing to women) recently published the article “Men, Women Lead 4 Out of 5 Stages of the Buying Process.” This interesting article discusses Marti Barletta’s research in the book Marketing to Women and how when “men and women buy as partners, women control at least four out of five stages of the purchasing p

Piecemeal kitchen island

Materials: Bekvam kitchen cart (or similar item), Lagan countertop, Vika Byske Table Leg, drawer slider, wooden slats, cutlery tray Description: I've had an IKEA kitchen island since sophomore year of college when I moved into a dorm room with a kitchen. It's been the perfect fix for the common lack of counter space in every apartment I've lived in since then.

Why I Buy Local

Kris and I live in a small, quiet neighborhood south of Portland. When the trolley line ran through here — between 1893 and 1959 — Oak Grove was actually thriving community, with shops and stores and more. (It’s true!

5 Ways Timers Can Help You Be More Productive

Do you feel as though your work, studying or chores always end up taking too long? Do you feel as though you could be more effective if only you could stay on task? Maybe you’re convinced it’s a question of will power, or organization, or motivation.

"Feel What You Feel, Even If It's Not What You'd Like To Be Feeling."

Happiness interview: Stephanie Dolgoff. I e-knew Stephanie Dolgoff a bit from the internet, because I'd read her blog, Formerly Hot -- "a humorous blog about body image, beauty, aging, and pop culture." We crossed paths at a recent blogger conference, but never met.

The importance of enjoying the habit

What's the one thing that makes habit forming successful? Not discipline or willpower, but enjoying the habit.