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By Tony Clark

90 iPhone and iPad Apps for Freelancers

When you think of iOS apps for freelancing you probably think of Time Tracking and Invoicing right? That’s what I think of, and while there are a lot of great apps for doing precisely those two chores, there are in fact a lot of apps to help you do a lot of other things too. Like what? How about an app for scanning in business cards for filing?

Handling the “Estate Meeting”

Sometime during this week, I’m planning on sitting down with my siblings and my parents and hashing out the specific details of their estate – who will be the executor, how it will be split up, and so on. My parents don’t have a large estate, but they do have a number of personal items that different individuals are going to want. Some of these items have significant value.

Day 31: Why You Need To Stop Spanking This Starting Today

No matter who you are, there’s one person who never cuts you any slack, who is with you 24/7, who believes you can always do better, and somehow finds a way to make you feel bad about yourself – no matter how hard you try. It’s no wonder your confidence is so low, with the daily butt spanking and beat down you endure minute by minute by this uncaring, demanding, perfection driven person

Lack gone oriental

Materials: Lack table, decoupage paper, thin metal plate, decoupage glue, decoupage lacquer, pencil, all-purpose glue Description: We had this Lack table for ages and wanted something fresh without investing a lot of money or having to throw out something that is still good. So I decided to spice up our Lack table to match our colorful living room. Step by step: 1.

2010 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Pampered grooming gifts for him

There aren’t many gifts more practical than grooming items. All of these items are utilitarian and functional, but are luxurious enough that they’re likely not something a man in your life will routinely buy for himself.

How to Start a Cozy Fireplace Fire

script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://thirdparty.fmpub.net/placement/363117?fleur_de_sel=[timestamp]“>This post is brought to you by Goodyear. Click here to learn more about Winter Reactive Technology from Goodyear. What's this? One of my favorite things about winter is spending time next to a warm and cozy fireplace fire.

IKEA Play Supermarket

Materials: Babord Shoe Racks, IKEA fabric Description: The original idea was to purchase a play kitchen/supermarket for my daughter's birthday. We looked around in stores, but everything we saw, was either too small, too expensive or too plasticky.

Making It All Work – Getting Perspective at Thirty Thousand Feet: Goals and Objectives

This is the fifteenth entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings through December 10. “What do I want to achieve?” Allen opens the chapter with this question and it really underlines everything that this chapter is about.

Client Presentation Tips for Designers

credit: Spence Photo/flickr Presenting designs to clients is a tricky part of the project cycle. You need to convince the client that your vision is worth following, and there’s a lot at stake. On one side of the outcome spectrum lies helpful feedback and renewed motivation; on the other side there are endless design iterations and versioning nightmares.

Review: Five Books

Over drinks the other night, my friend looked over both of her shoulders, giggled nervously, and then very quietly confessed to me that she doesn’t read fiction. I patted my friend on the shoulder, told her it would be okay, and then shared with her one of my favorite new sites for discovering non-fiction works.

Wine on a Budget: How to Get Good Deals on Wine

The holiday season is upon us, the time of year for family, friends, food — and wine. Yes, it’s true, I associate the holidays with alcohol.

How to Turn Exercise Into Something You Love

Exercise. Not the most alluring word in the world, is it? (I think "chocolate" is a lot more enticing, myself...)Perhaps you know you should be doing some exercise – all those hours sitting at a desk are taking their toll on your health – but it's really hard to get motivated.

How to Come Up With Great Ideas – All the Time

Whatever your career, and whatever your goals in life, ideas are going to matter to you. One great idea could give you that million-dollar business you’ve dreamt of. One great idea could raise thousands of dollars for a charity that you support One great idea could be the perfect present for someone you love. One great idea could change your life. The thing is, you probably don’t have

You’re Playing the Blame Game And Everyone Knows It – Here’s 5 Easy Ways To Stop Forever

According to Harvard Business Review: “Playing the blame game never works. A deep set of research shows that people who blame others for their mistakes lose status, learn less, and perform worse relative to those who own up to their mistakes. Blaming is contagious.” The bottom line is simple.

Minimizing the Cost of Holiday Car Travel

Like a lot of people this week, our family is traveling by car to a number of Thanksgiving dinners. As I taught the children to sing recently, “On the interstate and across the bridge, to Grandma’s house we go!” Of course, when you’re traveling during the holiday season, you’re opening the door to some potential challenges.