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The Simple Dollar

By Trent Hamm

Cheap and Easy Coloring Table for your Kid!

Materials: MALA roll of paper, tension rod, dining room table Description: I wanted to make a coloring table for my son without purchasing another table and without paying the hefty price. So I used our dining room table. I attached a roll of paper using a tension rod and created the same look and function for $5! Click to read the rest of the post >>

Ask the Readers: How Can I Talk to My Parents about Money?

In many families, money is a taboo subject. It’s not something that’s discussed openly. But this weekend, as people gather to celebrate Christmas, there will be lots of opportunities to bring up the topic with parents — and other loved ones. But how do you do it?

3 Things to Do RIGHT NOW Toward Your New Year’s Resolutions

In the thick of the holiday season, it’s easy to make promises to yourself about the New Year.

Christmas Deals from Start-ups

(Photo: Kevin Dooley) Just for fun, I asked my start-ups (and a few friends) if they’d like to offer y’all a little something special from the holidays. Here’s an incomplete list. Many are working on top-secret stuff and couldn’t jump in, but a few were game on last-minute notice, so here you go!

20 Ways to Be Grateful

Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution by Daniel Wong I work as an engineer, and I recently returned to the office after a one-week break. I checked my e-mail inbox: 100 unread e-mails. A sense of dread washed over me. “There goes the next four hours of my life responding to e-mails,” I thought. Reading those 100 e-mails made me sad.

A Man’s Guide to Cold Weather Dressing

To pay my way through college, I worked as a tower hand for a tower services company in Cedar Rapids.

Hacked IKEA bookshelf

Materials: EXPEDIT Door Hacks Description: We added some nice raw wood doors to our EXPEDIT bookshelves which we stained to match our furniture, allowing us to display/hide books and objects as we wish. We also hacked a smaller EXPEDIT for a vinyl listening station. ~ Karla Jean Davis & James Abercrombie, Stone Mountain, GA

'Lumiere' Table lamp

Materials: Ikea wooden candlestick holder Description: I bought a drill bit (3/18"), that was long enough to go through the candlestick holder and drilled a hole. I bought some candlestick holders from Ikea and Michaels. The wooden candlestick holder from Michaels, has a metal piece that needs to be removed first, but that is easy to do. Then started drilling.

Five Cheap Shirts or One Good One?

As many of you know, I sometimes buy shirts and other items of clothing at Goodwill, thrift stores, and consignment shops.

Zorb Light

Materials: Regolit Pendant Description: Previously we had coffee filters on a Melodi lamp shade. Now, here is one on the paper shade, Regolit, by Jane from Modern Jane. Love the giant orb. Even better when illuminated. See more of the coffee filter pendant. ~ Jules

25+ Resources for Starting a Freelance Photography Business

“Photographer” is one of those professional titles that many people want. And why not? Taking pictures is fun and exciting. However, reality isn’t so glamorous. According to a report prepared by the U.S.

The Importance of Showing Year-Round Gratitude

It’s easy to think about doing good deeds during the holiday season, as giving (thanks and gifts) is pretty much society’s mantra from Thanksgiving to Christmas. But what about the rest of the year?

Goblet Snow Globe

Materials: IKEA wine goblet and brandy glass, artificial snow, bottlebrush trees, cardboard, origami paper & glue gun. Description: Trace mouth of IKEA goblet onto cardboard and cut out. Glue bottlebrush trees to cardboard. Add a few tablespoons of artificial snow to glass and glue cardboard to mouth of glass.

Don’t Treat Your Best Customers Like Morons and Marks

I recently cancelled an online service. It was a monthly subscription model. A solid service. It’s just that my needs had changed and I no longer needed it.

6 Ways to Start Your Day Off on a High Note

I’m an early riser and I have been most of my life. It’s a habit my parents instilled in me ever since I was a kid, and nowadays I actually look forward to the morning. But for the first part of my life, my mornings used to be a bit chaotic.I recall the daily scrambling to eat breakfast, get my things together, and get out the door. As a result, my life was a reflection of this chaos.