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Art of Manliness

By Brett McKay

Learn Basic Sewing Skills (96/365)

You lose a button off of your favorite shirt. What do you do? Your son receives a pair of pants where the length and fit is perfect but the waist is just too loose. What do you do? You accidentally rip the hem out of a really nice shirt, leaving it looking raggy.

Find a "Comfort Food" for Your Mind.

One common happiness question is: How do you give yourself a boost? If you're feeling anxious, blue, angry, scared, what can you do to soothe yourself? A few days ago, I posted 5 myths for fighting the blues. Okay, those don't work very well. So what does? One suggestion: find a "comfort food" for your mind.

Increasing Your Productivity: The Big Picture AND the Little Picture

Everyone wants to boost their productivity, whether it’s at your day job or your personal development goals. Why does it seem so difficult?One of the reasons many people fail to see results when attempting to increase productivity is because they don’t realize there are two very different levels to which attention must be paid.

Tradig Metal Chandelier

Materials: Tradig red bowl, spray paint, mini pendant light, light bulb Description: You will first want to spray the bowl in the color of your choice. I did a few coats of black in a satin finish allowing several hours to dry.


Materials: Grundtal mirror, 6 round strips of wood, wood glue, spray paint Description: Inspired by this expensive catalogue mirror I set out to create my own. It was a simple matter of cutting the wood, gluing it together, making all the pieces fit together (notching), gluing some more, removing excess glue and than spray painting it and attaching the wood pieces with double sided tape...

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Materials: Sten (old) shelves - use GORM Description: We have 4 cats and live on a busy street. The cats go outside but I did not want to let them run free. We took two old STEN shelving unit from the garage and made a cat enclosure. 1. We purchased a cat door from the local hardware store. A friend created an insert for our dining room window with a piece of MDF wood.

Are You a Journalist?

I remember sitting in a grad school course in journalism school listening to a twenty-something talk about how important blogging was going to become and how it’s changing the essence of journalism. I was so in disbelief as to what I was hearing that my chin was basically resting on my collarbone. THIS was the future of JOURNALISM? That was almost 10 years ago.

How We Plan for a Summer Vacation

A few days ago, I mentioned that my family and I are going on a summer vacation to South Dakota and eastern Wyoming, where we intend to see Badlands National Park, Black Hills National Forest, Devil’s Tower, Mount Rushmore, and several other things in the area. Several people wrote to me after that post asking for details on our trip planning.

New Branding: The FreelanceSwitch Facebook Page Facelift

The FreelanceSwitch Facebook Page has almost 12,000 Likes and an active following. This is where we post links to our published material, as well as to freelance related posts from across the web. If you’d like to follow what impacts freelancers daily, our Facebook page is a great way to do that. Today, we have some quick FreelanceSwitch reader news about our Facebook Page.

3 Content Marketing Tips for Building Your Client Prospect List

It’s no secret that freelancers face real challenges balancing self-promotion and client demands. That’s why it’s important for you to optimize your time and make smart decisions that produce real results.

Expedit Amon Desk

Materials: Expedit Desk, Vika Amon, Ekby Lerberg, Lack wall shelf Description: 1. Lay 4x2 Expedit Desk on its side. 2. OPTIONAL: Remove desired shelves. (Cut/sand pegs) 3. Mark screw locations for Ekby Lerberg Bracket 4. Attach screw to Expedit. (Test bracket wobble) 5. Attach Screws to Vika Amon. (Test bracket wobble) 6. Place Ekby bracket on Expedit. 7.

Ask the Readers: How to Save Money While Making Minimum Wage?

It can be tough to get out of debt and build savings even if your income is above average. If it’s average (or less), the challenge becomes even greater. And what if you’re earning only minimum wage (or something a little over)? In cases like this, is saving even possible?

How To Breathe – Literally

Most people have never stopped to think, “Am I breathing well?” because it seems like a patently ridiculous question. Sure, you’re breathing - but breathing well will unlock some valuable reserves your that body had long ago, probably as far back as your childhood. Your ability to relax, for... Read more at PickTheBrain.com

A History of the American Bachelor: Part I – Colonial and Revolutionary America

Many of you who read the Art of Manliness are bachelors. And if you’re married, well, you were a bachelor once, too.

Rod & Bolt Entertainment Unit

Materials: Billy Bookcase, metal rods, bolts, lock washers and washers. Tools: drill and wrenches. Description: I took an old Billy bookcase and repurposed it as an entertainment unit. The two sides were placed horizontally and all the shelves were used.