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By Glen Stansberry

Renewed interest in Microsoft Windows

Like many of you I do follow the news dripping out of Microsoft BUILD in Anaheim. It's more interesting Microsoft news than it has been in a long time.

You Must Resist the Urge to Quit

Any worthwhile goal you set in your life will require time, blood, sweat, and tears. It will often be a thankless journey which is why so many people have a tendency to settle for less than what they really want or what they’re truly capable of. They can’t embrace the uncertainty.The journey can be an emotional roller coaster and as a result people give into their temptation to quit.

Workspace of the week: Clear capable

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Psleda’s warm tones workspace: The reason this week’s workspace instantly caught my attention is because the entire setup makes it possible to quickly and easily clear the desktop to provide a large work surface. The monitor is on an arm attached to the wall, so Psleda can adjust its location (and the monitor isn’t on the desk at all).

Using Mediation to Get the Money You’re Owed

Credit: Andresrphotos on Photodune It’s not unusual for a client to put a clause in your contract that, if there’s an issue, they want to go to mediation, rather than court.

Ask the Readers: How Much Do You Spend on Clothes?

The “Ask the Readers” feature is well-loved here at Get Rich Slowly, but by far the most popular question I’ve ever asked came at the end of July.

Upscale Wood Cubbies

Materials: Moppe or Fira Wooden Box Set Description: I base coated the cabinet and drawers with a spray paint. Then I taped all of the drawers together to treat them as one large surface, then stenciled and painted them. I finished off with some gilding to give it a more Oriental feel and upscale it a bit! See more of the Moppe upcycle.

Realizing Your Ultimate Aim

Have you ever wondered why you do all that you do? What is the aim of all the effort? Why get a job, why earn, why build a house, why get a car, why save for the future?

A New United States of the Arts

— Here’s an idea whose time has come  — In the Soul Shelter spirit of creative commitment and entrepreneurship, my new book project has carried me into the realm of “micro-philanthropy.” How did that happen?  Long story short, it started with … A Predicament (or: Necessity is the Mother of Invention) It’s widely known in the creative community that trends in art fundi

The Resistance Fighter Inside of You

Whenever we think about doing something different with our lives, a little resistance fighter starts preparing for battle inside of us. He tells us why we can’t do it. He comes up with lots of plausible excuses. He talks about things that would be a lot more fun to do. Often, he convinces us to do the wrong thing.

Open Thread: Are you getting clients on LinkedIn?

photo credit: smi23le on Flickr We’ve talked before on FreelanceSwitch about ways to find new clients. In last year’s Freelancer’s Survey, a growing portion of freelancers indicated they’re finding more clients using social media. There’s a lot of choices to choose from: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

How to Build a Quick and Easy Sawhorse

A few months ago, Craftsman  flew me up to Chicago to visit their Craftsman Experience shop for a blogger summit. (If you’re ever in Chicago, I definitely recommend stopping by the Craftsman Experience and checking it out. It’s free and open to the public.) I spent the day playing with tools and learning how to build various projects under the tutelage of several DIY bloggers.

Lack+Grönö+Hemma=Overhead 'swag' light

Materials: Lack side table - top 2 Grönö table lamp sets 4 Hemma cords Soldering iron/electrical soldier/electrical tape drill & screwdriver 2 packs ceiling drywall anchors Keyhole brackets/risers Description: I had a dilemma in the condo we just bought: the builder for whatever reason had designed the bedrooms without any overhead junction box to allow for an overhead light.

5 Shortcuts to Finding Your Passion

Post written by Leo Babauta. “Follow your passion.” It sounds so easy. So why do so many people struggle to find the career they’re excited to wake up to every morning? Join me and Jennifer Gresham, founder of the No Regrets Career Academy, today (Sept.

Hacker help: How to cut an Expedit?

I have an idea for a hack, however, I'm not too versed in cutting open a piece of IKEA "wood". Is there any place that you're aware of that I can find info on how to cut something in half such as the outer frame of an Expedit bookcase? Thank you for your help, Jason

Hacked Ikea kitchen timers shoot time lapses

Materials: Ikea Ordning timer Description: Make a cheap and easy Ikea Time Lapse Panning Unit with the Ikea Ordning for your next photo shoot. Here are samples of what it does. See more of the time lapse panning unit ~ Getawaymoments, Florida