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By John Wesley

Jennifer Egan: Gallery of a Writer’s Impulses

Jennifer Egan's unique, memory-spattered website.

The Acceleration of Addictiveness

We'll increasingly be defined by what we say no to.

Being Pragmatic About Buying Local

Yesterday, Get Rich Slowly posted an article entitled Why I Buy Local, in which J.D. makes the case for buying from local suppliers, even if the costs are a bit higher, because of the secondary benefits. J.D.’s support of local businesses goes quite a bit further than mine does.

3 Steps To A Killer Freelance Social Media Process

You began with a glorious hallucination of what social media was going to do for your business, social life, and even writing ability. You tweeted, facebooked, and smothered Linked-in contacts with glowing recommendations. You commented on all the top blogs in your niche and dutifully updated your own blog on-schedule.

Should What You Wear Reflect Who You Are In Business?

This week’s guest contributor is my friend, Alison Kramer, owner of Nummies and Mama to three beautiful little ones.

Workspace of the Week: High-end modern study

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Johannes Bosgra’s study: The first thing that caught our eye in this workspace was the chair. It’s the EA 119 “Executive” model from the Aluminum Group collection, which was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958.

Laptop/Book Stand

Materials: LANSA Handles and EKBY VALTER brackets Description: A few weeks ago I started a new job, and discovered that the desktop computer has become a thing of the past. In its place was a ThinkPad T400 with a screen size of 14" connected to an external Dell 2009W 20" monitor. My challenge: how to raise the laptop screen to be at eye level with the Dell monitor to make this work for me.

Ask the Readers: Financial Advice for an 18-Year-Old?

Last week, Isaac asked Get Rich Slowly readers for advice on how to handle life after grad school. He’s about to enter the workforce and needed tips on what to do until he gets his first paycheck. Isaac was very pleased with your helpful responses. This week, we’ve got a chance to help somebody even younger than Isaac. Nico is 18, a sophomore in college, and financially clueless.

5 Steps to a Happy Marriage

Today I thought I would take some time out and share some of the wisdom I have acquired after 4 happy years of marriage with my wife. After some careful consideration I realized that a blank page would not be an interesting post to read at all. It would be just too confusing.

Tall Tales, Truth and My Twitter Diet

On community, accountability: How the New York Times' TV writer used Twitter to lose weight.

A Guide to Dressing Sharp for Fathers

Six years ago my life completely changed; the birth of my son ushered in a sense of awesome responsibility that was greater than any I have ever experienced (the Marine Corps and marriage included).  I realized very quickly that my actions, at more than anytime in my life, would have a direct effect on the life of someone who would forever be connected to me.  Unlike any other relationship, thi

A Long Weekend Retreat

Rhonda writes in with a great idea for how she’s going to spend her Labor Day weekend: I’m planning on using my 3-day Labor Day weekend as an at-home retreat (I live alone) to do some short- and long-term planning. I’m about 10 years away from retirement and want to review ‘Your money or your life’ and ‘What color is your paracute?

Built-in bookcase and Home Theater Unit

Materials: 3 x 15" Billy Bookcases, 2x Billy height extenders, 2 x Billy doors, 2 x Benno DVD Rack, 1 x Hemnes Storage Bench, 1"x2" moulding, crown moulding and baseboard to fit your perimeter, Brad Nailer and nails, Liquid Nails adhesive, level, saw, 1' particleboard screws, caulk and paint Description: We have an extremely small, 100-year old downtown house that has a teeny tiny living/great

Advice from the Winners of The Money Book

During our recent review of The Money Book, we asked for your very best money-saving tips. The huge number of comments and savvy advice we received shows that our readership definitely knows a thing or two about saving pennies! After careful consideration, Joseph and Denise, the authors of The Money Book, helped us pick the top money-saving tips from our readers.

How to Keep Your Cool: 12 Tips for Staying Calm Under Pressure

When I was just a little younger, I had great big goals and objectives and aspirations for every day of my life. These days, my biggest ambition is to get through each day with grace and peace of mind - to be unflappable and to move peacefully from one task to another with focused attention and a quiet, calm energy.Simple right? Ok maybe not.