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Ask FreelanceSwitch #16: Workload Management, Freelance Video Jobs

In this issue of Ask FreelanceSwitch, Travis King and Thursday Bram look at the drain of working two jobs and how to grab the eye of a video agency. Ask FreelanceSwitch is a regular column here that allows us to help beginners get a grip on freelancing.

Hidden music desk

Materials: Besta parts, drill, saw Description: My wife and I live in a studio apartment in NYC and I was looking for a solution where I could have all of my music gear readily available, while not also having it on display.

Why Entrepreneurs Need Community

Today’s weekly guest contributor is my friend and go-to tech-genius, Glen Stansberry. Glen is the co-founder of the LifeRemix blog network (which I am incredibly grateful to be a part of), he writes about helping creative people create at LifeDev and Tweets regularly.

Ask the Readers: What Can I Do About My Student Loans?

I do my best to cover a variety of topics here at Get Rich Slowly. Personal finance is a v-a-s-t topic, and there’s a lot of specialized knowledge. But there’s no question I have blind spots. Because Kris and I have no kids, I don’t write much about children and money.

Tips for Tipping in Every Food Scenario

We’ve all been there. I order my small black coffee, hand the barista my debit card, grab the pen to sign off, and halt at the gratuity line. Am I supposed to add something here? Am I cheap if I don’t? Can I just pretend I already tossed some change in the tip jar?

Are You Waiting For Permission To Grow?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons Hi.  I’m Joey.  Nice to meet you.  Would you like me to write about the number one thing holding people back from growing their careers? An awkward way to start an article, yeah?  It’s awkward because I’m asking for permission to talk about what I’d like to talk about instead of just talking.  I’m waiting for permission to do what I’d like to do. 

So You Want My Job: Stuntman

Greg Tracy on the set of The Bourne Ultimatum. Once again we return to our So You Want My Job series, in which we interview men who are employed in desirable jobs and ask them about the reality of their work and for advice on how men can live their dream. It’s your typical summertime blockbuster film.

Ten Big Mistakes #9: Bad Influences

Along my financial journey in life, I made a great number of mistakes.

Save Money on Shipping with Free Boxes from USPS

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker previous featured an article on his own blog entitled “How I paid off $15,000 in 9 months by selling my Stuff on Ebay“. There I was, bustling around the kitchen making lunch for my daughter when our late morning routine was interrupted:Boom! Boom!

Rock band guitar hangers

Materials: BAREN Description: I was looking at an inexpensive way to store my rockband guitars with style and originality. I came across the hack (a hold up) that gave me the idea. I got my wish for a 10$ value ;-) ~ Denis, Laval, Quebec

What Are You Doing Today to Get Work for Tomorrow?

You’ve got a 5:00 deadline, 3 pages of copy to revise, 2 logos to vectorize  (or whatever magic you design folks use to make things pretty), and a status report to complete to wrap up another project.  It’s almost the perfect trifecta –your three current projects ending at the same time.  You’re smoking busy right now, but as N.C Winters points out – you might not have enough work to

Uncluttered collecting

Similar to Laura Wingfield in Tennessee Williams’ play The Glass Menagerie, I have a collection of animal figurines. Unlike Laura, however, most of mine are wax creatures made in Mold-A-Rama vending machines. Mold-A-Rama machines are located in tourist destinations across the U.S., so finding them is a lot like a scavenger hunt. Actually, it’s a very addictive scavenger hunt.

Losing a Job, Reclaiming a Life

“Life is 5% what happens and 95% how you react.“ -Kanye West I was Tokyo for a couple of weeks, working on my doctoral research and seeing family and friends between interviews and writing sessions. One night I enjoyed dinner with Brad, a longtime buddy who’s been in mobile communications for some ten years.

Want to Live Longer? Get Some Friends

A new study finds strong friendships can provide as many health benefits as quitting cigarettes.

Why Money Makes You Unhappy

Knowing that peak experiences are available undermines ability to enjoy small pleasures.