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By Mark Shead

How to Transform Your Garage Into a Barbershop

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Australian AoM reader, Aaron Round, who built a barbershop in his garage and shared the results with us. Thanks a lot Aaron–I tip my hat to your imagination and initiative! So you want to be a barber? But you don’t have enough scratch to pay for barbering school quite yet.

Starting the Journey Right

Me, at approximately age two, in the kitchen of the house I grew up in This past weekend, I was cleaning out a drawer in my office when I came across a stack of photos from my early childhood.

Workspace of the Week: Kitty approved

This week’s Workspace of the Week is DelightfullyHostile’s anything-but-hostile home office: The office is not in use to the same degree as last week’s featured workspace, but I like how a cat makes an appearance in this week’s selection. It’s a nice reminder that offices are designed and used daily by real people, and, in this case, an adorable kitty.

Lack tables to floating shelves

Materials: Lack tables, wooden battens, screws, plasterboard plugs, corner brackets, wallpaper leftovers, electric saw, drill, screwdriver Description: Let's start at the beginning, which is: what the doodah was I going to do with all my DVDs? I don't have nor want a TV and love my DVD collections.

Learning To Say No: 6 Simple Tips To Do It

A few months ago, I received a business pitch. It was from an acquaintance I was on good terms with, and the pitch was based on something we verbally discussed and agreed on in the past. However, sometime had passed since our last conversation, and things had changed.I was no longer keen on the opportunity, but didn't quite know how to put it across to him.

The Professional Photographer’s Bookshelf

Advertise here with BSACredit: Juhan Sonin on Flickr Photography is one of those “doing” fields. Meaning that you’d rather be doing photography than reading about it. Especially when the topic is the business of photography. Nothing wrong with wanting to be a doer, but there’s much to be said for the insights and reflection that are prompted by the reading of a good book.

Ask the Readers: I’m Getting Older — Should I Save or Should I Travel?

Long-time GRS reader Sheila (aka PawPrint) dropped a line earlier this year because she’s facing a financial dilemma. She and her husband want to be responsible — to save for retirement — but they’re afraid that doing so means they won’t be able to pursue other passions, such as travel. Sheila writes: My husband is nearly 60.

How To Be Persuasive

Not so long ago, influence was claimed as a matter of birthright. Now, even for the highborn, influence is a skill that is honed with dedicated practice, feedback and reflection. Here’s how to be more persuasive: Being right doesn’t equal winning Too often people get stuck in a trap of thinking that if I’m right I should win. You won’t.

The Truth About Retiring at 65

In 1935, when the Social Security Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Roosevelt, the new law established a national retirement age of 65.

Expedit Island

Materials: Expedit 2x4 bookcase, Vika Amon table top, casters from hardware store, screws, anchors, drill/driver with bits Description: 1) Construct the bookcase according to instructions. 2) Turn case horizontally and add casters to whichever side you want to be the bottom. We used 2.5-inch casters, and put two locking ones on the long side.

In Which I Get a Quick Shot of Happiness -- Thanks to Winston Churchill.

One of the great joys of my life was writing my biography of Winston Churchill. What a pleasure it was to write that book!

Play kitchen and market stall

Materials: Rast nightstand, Attest handles, Ribba picture ledge, plywood, screws, steamer bowls, faucet, paint, plexi, hinges and lots of small things Description: Present for my twins - that's why a simple kitchen was not enough I turned the Rast night stand around for both the play kitchen and the market stall.

A family of 3 in 320 square feet

Small living comes with many benefits, and Debra, Gary and their son explain how it works for them in this video of their 320 square foot home: Their home was made by Slab Town Custom Homes in Mountain View, Arkansas. Like this site? Buy Erin Rooney Doland's Unclutter Your Life in One Week from Amazon.com today.

Workstation Wallmount - Ikea + Mac Mini = Win

Materials: Besta Burs DVD Wall Unit Description: I moved recently and wanted to make a nice "workstation" for my Mac Mini. I use the computer like a TV; Netflix and other Internet media. I don't do much (any) work on it. I saw the Ikea Besta Burs wall-mounted drawer, and it got me thinking. The piece has a single fold down drawer, it's meant to hold DVDs.

How to Cook in the Great Outdoors: A Primer on Dutch and Reflector Ovens

This post is part of a series brought to you by RAM. For more information about RAM Series trucks visit us at: http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/guts_and_glory/. What’s this? Outdoor cooking is part of the curriculum for Manliness 101. Anyone can cook on a range top or oven in the comfort of a kitchen.