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By Trent Hamm

Don’t Wash Clothes That Aren’t Dirty (95/365)

At the end of the day, when I’m changing clothes and getting ready for bed, one thing that I always do is examine the shirt and pants I’ve just removed. I look them over for obvious signs of dirt or stains or other indications that a cleaning is in order.

Winners of the AoM Collection Boxed Set & An Update on Your Amazon Order

Last week we announced the launch of the Art of Manliness Collection Boxed Set. It’s our two books in a cigar box along with six manly coasters. 1,700 of you entered to win this box-o-manliness, but there could only be one winner.

Hacker help: Can we fix the Samtid socket?

Materials: Samtid floor lamp Description: The socket of our Samtid floor lamp broke after just six months of use - the switch no longer functions. We only used it with a 20 watt bulb (also bought at Ikea) so I know we didn't burn it out that way.

Simple stress reduction to improve your productivity, focus, and sanity

Last night officially marked the start of the Major League Baseball season. To celebrate, I drove around town running errands with the windows down, the Cardinals-Marlins game playing on the AM radio, and a ridiculously silly smile across my face. As I went from location to location, I was blissfully content and stress free.

Galant Stand-Up Desk and Rationell Variera monitor stands

Materials: Already owned Galant right-corner desk (currently $160.00) Galant right-corner desk frame ($40.00) Hardware - ~$14.00 8 8" 5/16 hex head bolts 8 5/16 hex nuts 16 5/16 washers 1 length of 1" PVC (Home Depot only sells this in 10' lengths) Lumber - ~$14.00 2 Rationell Variera monitor stands - $20 Description: I had bought a Galant desk about 6 years ago because it had adjustable l

How to Beat the Exhaustiveness of Stressful Work

Post written by Leo Babauta. I’ll confess: I recently let stress beat me. I know, some of you think I’m perfect and never get stressed out, ever, especially as I’ve written about slowing down and simplifying for five years or so now. But I do get stressed out, and I do sometimes overwork myself. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but it does happen.

Expedit Desk to Dining

Materials: Expedit Desk Add-On Description: What I love about this hack is that it doesn't damage the original desk at all except for a couple extra holes on the underside of the desk surface! I rarely use my dining room for eating, and was short on desk space, so I thought, why not put a desk in my dining area? That way, if I'm on the phone, I have a surface to work on, and eat as well!

Reader Mailbag: That Old Familiar Song

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. SAHM finding work again 2. Spouse’s collection habits 3. Prenup concerns 4. Prenup concerns, part two 5. Anger management? 6. Thinking about value of money 7. Paying down a credit card 8.

6 Freelancing Tips from Han Solo

Unlike some couples, my husband actually reads some of the blog posts I write for FreelanceSwitch. Which makes me really happy considering my own parents hardly read the articles I write for the regional magazine I work for. Heck, Shane even reposts some of my blog posts on his Facebook page!

"I Used to Think That Cheery, Regularly Happy People Were Too 'Lite'..."

Happiness interview: Danielle LaPorte. I heard about Danielle LaPorte several years ago, when I read a Domino magazine article about her work. I found her ideas so interesting that I got in touch with her, and over the years, I've gotten to know her better and better. There's tremendous buzz around her latest book, which hits the shelves next week.

Happiness...at the United Nations.

*** Aargh! I just realized that I forgot to post this. Well, here it is, a few days late. *** I spent part of my day over at the United Nations, at a conference on "Wellbeing and Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm" hosted by Bhutan, the country which has championed the idea of using "Gross National Happiness" in place of "Gross National Product" to measure national progress.

Are You Afraid to Earn More?

This is a guest post from Rya Hristova. Rya had her reader story featured at Get Rich Slowly last year. She writes a Bulgarian personal-finance blog called kadebg.com. Did you grow up in a modest family? Walking to school or taking the bus instead of having your own car? Wearing clothes your siblings have grown out of, instead of getting designer clothes?

Is Part-Time Freelancing a Good Deal?

It’s incredibly common to freelance on the side: if you’re working a day job, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across someone who wants you to exercise your skills off the clock. Some folks take it farther: actively seeking out freelance projects to do after they get off from their day job.

ON,NAB-H or MMMMCC - Oh no, not another Bekvam-Hack or Mobile Mac Mini Media Center Cart

Materials: Bekvam Kitchen Cart, Multiplex-Board Birch, Besta-Caster (2x), screw-in threads (4x) Description: Hence I threw away my TV-Set in 1999 I still wanted to take part in the Online-Life (Skype, Streaming) - without putting up a fixed media installation in my living room.

The 3 Lessons and 3 Responses that Strengthen Self Confidence

SELF-CONFIDENCE TAKES PLACE IN OUR MIND by LIVING THROUGH EXPERIENCES and LEARNING FROM them. It is our ability to KNOW with CERTAINTY, that we can COPE with life circumstances and ADAPT relatively effectively, while at the same time ENJOYING our life’s progress. It is important to always remember... Read more at PickTheBrain.com