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The 4-Hour Chef – Cheat Day Sample: Tequila Hot Chocolate

For those of you waiting on the iOS version of the free 4-Hour Chef teaser app, and for anyone who’d like a cheat day experiment this weekend, I offer the following: Tobacco-infused Tequila Hot Chocolate. It’s absurd, decadent, and more delicious than you can imagine.

Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative

Are you over-worked and under-energized? Energy expert Tony Schwartz breaks down our productivity myths and shows us how to get back on track.

Contemporary Laptop Counter

Materials: Dave laptop workstation, Vika Kaj adjustable leg, Dioder LEDs Description: I work for a small start-up company in high-tech medical equipment. We participate regularly at exhibitions during conventions. I used to rent a counter from the congress organizers. Renting such a counter for 3 days costs between 200 and 350 €.

Stolmen bike stack

Materials: Stolmen Description: Ikea Stolmen system used as a bike rack. Not really the cheapest solution, but at least no more black stripes from the wheels on my walls. And as a spin-off, the floor is much easier to clean. Also nice as a "showroom". See more of the IKEA Stolmen bike rack. ~ Rainer, Berlin

Finding Things to Do That Don’t Involve Continually Spending Money

A reader writes in: “It seems like so many people who write in are caught up in our consumer-driven society, and I think we all struggle sometimes with having “nothing better to do” than shop. Besides contributing to rampant debt, shopping is like an addiction that satisfies boredom, and leads to fake fulfilment and non-productivity.

Raucously fun holiday No Impact fund-raiser--Please Come!!!

Hi Friend--Please consider this your invitation (on December 14, see below) to what promises to be a wicked fun time. The cost will benefit our charitable effort  the No Impact Project and help get thousands of citizens to begin taking charge of the destiny of this habitat we all share and depend on.

Skatedeck wardrobe

Materials: Stolmen Hooks Description: I simply used Stolmen Hooks linked to a skatedeck as a wardrobe. Hope you like it. See more of the skatedeck hanger. ~ Rainer, Berlin

2011 Unclutterer Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Light and power

Warning: The suggestions in this post might be so overwhelmingly practical you can’t imagine giving them to anyone on your list. Fair enough. However, if you really want to help someone save a little money over the course of the next decade, these gifts may make it to the top of your shopping list. In July, my husband started visiting LED light bulbs at the hardware store.

The Secret Rule of Changing Anything

Post written by Leo Babauta. I’ve learned a lot about changing habits over the years, and have taught thousands of people how to do it. The hardest habits to change, by far, are the ones people can’t seem to control.

Loft bed upgrade

Materials: Morrum or Robin Loft Bed, towel and kitchen rails, utensil holders Description: My daughter shares a room with her little brother. The aim of this project was to give her as much storage up in her loft bed as possible, and to keep all her toys/books/clothes within the confines of the loft bed.

How to Plan an Awesome Holiday Party–Part I: Choosing a Party Theme

This post is part of a series brought to you by Heineken. What’s this? While throwing parties is often seen as the responsibility of our female counterparts, men—particularly bachelors–have a long history of throwing memorable shindigs.

"What a Difference a Few Small, Consistent Changes Can Make."

Happiness interview: Crystal Paine. One of the most complicated and emotionally charged topics within the larger subject of happiness is the relationship between money and happiness.

Why Judgment Matters

Exposure to judgment and uncertainty aren’t going away. Nor, as a creator, do you want them to. Judgment, delivered constructively, provides the information needed to create at higher and higher levels.

Reader Mailbag: Winter Hands

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Splitting up retirement contributions 2. Surveys at retail shops 3. Investment or debt? 4. Gum as impulse buy 5. Outsized medical bill 6. Breadmaking tip 7. Avoiding Christmas 8. Savings bonds and student loans 9.

Why Most of Us Won’t Change Banks

This post is from staff writer Sarah Gilbert. Did you ever look at a bank’s website and think to yourself, “Why would they give you free bill pay when they charge for everything else?” Even with the super-restrictive accounts that limit ATM deposits and withdrawals; put holds on most of your checks; and demand monthly fees or regular savings transfers; bill pay is usually offered