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By Colin Beavan

The Economics of Seinfeld

A group of economics professors have pooled their collective brainpower to come up with a new way to teach their students — and the general public — about economic principles. They’ve created a site called The Economics of Seinfeld that uses the hit TV series from the 1990s to explain basic financial concepts.

5 Foods That Make Nutrition Easy On The Go

Getting the most out of our diet seems to be getting trickier and trickier. There are so many quick and easy meals available to us that it is easy to forget one of my cardinal rules, "The more you cook, the better you look."The great part about this short list is that the foods are very easy to prepare quickly.

Giant drum shade pendant for 13 bucks

Materials: Two 12" Lobbo lamp shades, wire wreath frame, existing three-light chandelier Description: I was looking for a modern upgrade to the three-light chandelier over our kitchen table but didn't have the budget for the one in the pretty furniture catalog. I also preferred not to mess with electrical wiring.

EXPEDIT board in IKEA sale corner to a nice coffee table in my home

Materials: 1PC - EXPEDIT Board AUS$19, 2 Pack of EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket 9, 2 Pack of $15.00/2 pack, 8 Pcs screw nuts that suit the thickness of the board (Not included with bracket), 4 Pcs of metal nuts from EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket Description: 1. Turn the board upside down. 2. Attach EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket with the screws in to each corner of the board (flat chrome side face out). 3.

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: November 20, 2010

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, two years ago this week, and three years ago this week.

How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Communicators

As mentioned before, I like to focus on receptive and expressive intelligence, which I call CQ. Passive Aggressive Communicators (whom I call the PACs) have a low dose of CQ and can often trigger your own CQ to plummet as well.

How to Have Enriching Relationships

Imagine your life without friends, family, or loved-ones. What would life be like? What would you do? Who would you be?It’s certainly hard to imagine because a major part of peoples’ identity and lifestyle revolves around the people they care about and spend time with. We’re all social creatures, and relationships provide us support, joy, and an opportunity to grow and learn.

6 Cool Laptop Bags

I was cleaning out our spare room the other day and I found an old IBM laptop bag.  It was like finding an old pair of pants – still lots of wear in them, but hopelessly out of date.  This bag is six inches wide when collapsed – and expands to about three times the size.  I remember having two laptops in it at one time, and still room to hold the rest of my paperwork.  The good news, I don

If You Want More or Less of Something in Your Life, Measure It.

You know how when you become interested in an idea, it seems as though everything in the world relates to that idea? For example, for a long time, I kept remarking, in every possible context, "The days are long, but the years are short.” Everything reminded me of that idea. A good friend of mine had a preoccupation of her own.

GRONO/JUTIS Floorstand Lamp

Materials: GRONO Table Lamp, JUTIS Speaker Stand Description: I just wanted to have a modern, unique floorstanding lamp. So I decided to modify my old pair of Jutis Speaker Stands (Its design is very modern in my opinion.) I bought 2 GRONO Table Lamps at Ikea, pulled the wires out of them. Next, I pulled the wires through the tiny pipes of the stands.

Homemade Gift Series #10: Homemade Cookies and Gift Bundle

In the coming week, we’re going to be giving a few early small seasonal gifts to people, so with that in mind, we put the final finishing touches on our first gift basket, utilizing some of the items we already made. One component of many of our baskets this year is going to be cookies. Sarah is a spectacular cookie maker and she delightfully packages them up for people as well.

Great stamp collection on the Rast

Materials: Ikea chest Rast Description: I had great collection of stamps from all over the world, but it was only lying around and nobody ever took a look at it. I glued a compilation of the most interesting stamps on top of the IKEA Rast chest. A nightmare for every serious stamp collector, because I will never be able to take it off again and some of the stamps are really rare.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Materials: Florera Fin 4-inch candles, Palitig Vase, Onska Ribbon, autumn leaves, and a hot glue gun Description: This Thanksgiving, decorate your holiday table with a simple centerpiece made from IKEA products and leaves from your backyard! 1. Take 1 Palitig vase and wrap a length of beige Onska ribbon around it twice. Hot glue the ribbon onto the the vase just below where it widens.

Video Update + Overcoming Anxiety

Very exciting news! I’ve made it as one of the top 20 finalists through to phase 2 of the Good Mood Blogger competition, and you can now see my 90 second video entry below (or click here). Voting starts today. Please help me with a quick 2 sec vote everyday until December 10th, 2010. If you need a quick reminder, sign up here and I’ll shoot you an email each morning.

Ask Unclutterer: Is texting clutter?

Reader Allen submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I recently received my T-Mobile bill for this month and my text message sent count was 14,657. I mean, thank god for unlimited texting, but it seems like texting might be cluttering my life, or cluttering my mind too much?