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By Mark Shead

5 Ways to Strategically Price Your Freelance Rates

How you price your services makes a big difference in how your business is viewed by prospective clients. For freelancers, especially those just starting out, the tendency is to price work on the low end to generate client leads and interest.

Spoka Box

Materials: One Spoka light, one Magasin cutlery holder, one Arduino, one LCD, 2 speakers and some other electric stuff. Description: This is the Spoka Box ver 2.0. Turn your Spoka light into a useful butler. Programme it to wake up its master gently, turning on a soft light some minutes before the alarm time. It is also upgradable with much more usable functionalities in the near future.

How To Use Questions To Change Your Life

If you want a great life, ask great questions. Questions can be catalysts. They’re challenges, inspirations, road maps, and hints of something better. My first assignment as an FBI undercover agent was to identify a KGB officer who was a member of Russian delegation visiting a Silicon Valley company for six months. The company was involved in a joint venture with the Russian government.

Ribba Lego Minifigure Display

Materials: Ribba frame, lego and superglue Description: I cut some white card, carefully measured up the spacing and then superglued some LEGO blocks onto it. I then added some LEGO minifigures and put the whole thing in a Ribba frame. Simple, elegant and cheap! See more of the Ribba Lego minifigure display. ~ Colin Brown, Hove, England

Tax time: Three basic steps to get you closer to filing your taxes on time

If you’re good at procrastinating and do it often, putting off doing your 2011 tax returns would be a very simple thing to do. I know it’s even easier to procrastinate doing them when you suspect you owe the government money. There’s no need to let stress about completing your taxes take its toll on you, though.

Built-in Expedit Cabinet

Materials: Expedit, Lekman, wood Description: 1. Build a wooden frame on the ground, that fits perfectly 2. Fix the frame with small wooden wedges on the ground 3. Build a wooden frame to all other borders 4. Place the Expedit cabinets and fix them with screws to the frame Click to read the rest of the post >>

Make Sure the Bank’s Hours Match Yours (51/365)

The bank my parents use keeps some rather unusual hours. A few times recently, I’ve been visiting my parents and wished to accompany them to the bank to sign papers or other such things, only to discover that the bank is improbably closed at what seems like a completely reasonable hour. This is a common trait among smaller banks – and even a few bigger ones.

Freedom From…Freedom To

There are two kinds of freedom. Freedom from (negative freedom) and freedom to (positive freedom).

It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Habits

Post written by Leo Babauta. A (slightly) older reader wrote to me recently, wanting to know how to change her bad habits ingrained after so many many years of doing them. She wanted to know, “Is it too late to change?” And I can understand the feeling.

Learn to Say No

It used to be hard for me to say ‘no’ to people. I think the sheer confusion people have over what freelancers actually do all day makes us an easy target. But just because many of us work from home, doesn’t mean we aren’t working. On the contrary, I’d argue, we have to work even harder. Lately, I’ve been getting better at saying no.

"Why Am I Always Late?"

2012 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2012 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2012 a happier year -- and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- welcome! Each week, I post a video about some Pigeon of Discontent raised by a reader.

How to: ReuseTindra candle glass containers

Materials: Tindra Candles Description: I repurpose/reuse Tindra Candles into useful glasses. After burning, I put them in the freezer which makes it easier to remove the remaining wax residue. After a spin in the dishwasher I reuse them as ice cream dishes, wine tumblers, for fruit & yogurt and often for coffee since their thick heavy glass retains heat well.

When The Project Is Over – Getting Organized

When the project is over, it really isn’t. You might breathe a sigh of relief, but there’s still much to be done.

Upholstered Malm Console Table

Materials: Malm Console Table, staple gun, 4 yards of fabric, fabric glue, tack strip Description: Cut fabric in half length-wise (so it is half of the 54-inch wide fabric). 27-inches perfectly covers the top and sides of the Malm table. Click to read the rest of the post >>

Chores, Allowance, and “Above and Beyond” Tasks

I’m often asked about our allowance and chore policies for our children. Recently, some snow on our driveway made us carefully think about these policies and decide exactly how we wanted to handle them. About two weeks ago, we had a snowstorm that covered our driveway with about two inches of snow.