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By John Wesley

Besta Floating Media Center

Materials: Besta Cabinets Description: To be honest, I set out to copy the "another winning stolmen media unit" that is posted on here, but once my wife and I set foot in Ikea, we decided that we did not like the Stolmen line for our purposes and instead found the Besta range.

Solvinden Light-chain into ambient bicycle frame lighting

Materials: Solvinden solar-powered light chain Description: I wanted to give my bike something fresh and new for the upcoming springtime. I spotted the solar powered light chain and thought that it could bring some ambient light to my bike.

When Your Clients are MIA

One of the most difficult things to deal with when working with a client is when they’re unengaged, absent, missing, and seemingly disinterested in the work you’re doing. Developers and designers people crave recognition. We love hearing “this is wonderful”, whether it’s from a peer, client, or anonymous blog comment.

How to Make Money at the Farmers Market

This is a guest post from Lee Doppelt and originally appeared on The Dollar Stretcher. You enjoy sauntering around your community’s farmers market each Saturday morning. Besides purchasing fresh produce, baked goods, and homemade crafts for gifts, you feel good about supporting local growers and producers.

Kilby upgrade

Materials: Kilby Bookcase Description: I just love Kilbys because they're so cheap and only 24 cm deep. Well I love it, except the grey board behind the shelves, what were they thinking? Anyway I bought 4 Kilbys for my living room and figured I can do something about the boring grey. At first I wanted to paint it, but then decided on wall paper.

Why You Need to Delegate More

Do you live by the motto, “If you want a job done well, do it yourself?” And do you feel stressed out, rushed, or anxious a lot of the time?Perhaps you’re worried about forgetting one of the many tasks on your mental list (you’ve not had time to sit down and commit it to paper).

10 Reasons YOU CAN Achieve Your Dreams

Instead of realizing their dreams, too many people never get started, too busy, instead listing all the reasons why they cannot achieve their dreams. Things like: I do not have enough money. I’m not talented. Read more at PickTheBrain.com

Why Entrepreneurial Thinking Is For Everyone Now

Entrepreneurs make their own luck, and so should we, according to the new, break-out bestseller The Start Up of You.

Lilleby bench

Materials: Lilleby trestle, 2x6, drill Description: My wife and I added an Utby bar underframe and put a slate slab on top to make an island in our kitchen. I decided to build some benches so we can also use the island as a breakfast table.

A Young Man’s Guide to Prom

It’s prom season here in the United States. Millions of high school students will be taking part in this springtime ritual that got its start in the 1890s in the Northeast. Since then, every April young people have been donning tuxedos and dresses to eat, dance, and have a good time.

Rotate Clothes Seasonally (92/365)

Rotating clothes seasonally? This is something many of us already do anyway. After all, heavy winter shirts don’t fly in the summer, and I’d freeze to death in some of my thinner warm weather shirts if I wore them in the heart of winter. If you’re doing this already, congratulations.

Faktum/Rubrik kitchen mobile isle

Materials: Faktum, Rubrik, epoxy resin table top, industrial wheel Description: This kitchen isle is obtained with two IKEA Faktum kitchen Base cabinet with 3 drawers for each, coated with Rubrik stainless steel fronts and 6 Tyda stainless steel handles.

Branding Your Freelance Business

If you are a solopreneur, branding yourself is key. You want to make a statement and interest people while being true to who you are as a person and a professional. No matter your niche, creating a brand for yourself is important! But how do you do that as a freelancer and not be, well, boring?

Mother Hubbard's Expedit Cupboards

Materials: Expedit Bookshelf (5X5 Cube) 1 1/2 sheets MDF Knobs from Lowes Description: After seeing the $35/each price tag on the Expedit cupboard inserts at Ikea, we decided to DIY a version out of 5/8" thick MDF. I wanted to fill the bottom two rows with cupboards, so we (my husband) cut out 10 squares that fit perfectly in the cubes.

New storage products for the home

As I mentioned last week, I recently attended the National Association of Professional Organizers’ 24th annual conference in Baltimore. One of my favorite parts of the conference is the exposition hall, which is filled with manufacturers, retailers, and service providers who work closely with the professional organizing industry.