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Donkey, Mule and Garden Hoses

 A MULETEER set forth on a journey, driving before him an Donkey and a Mule, both well laden.  The Donkey, as long as he traveled along the plain, carried his load with ease, but when he began to ascend the steep path of the mountain, felt his load to be more than he could bear.

How To Make Friends – or At Least Think About It More Clearly.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day, or Quiz Day, or List Day. This Wednesday: Two lists about making new friends.

The Purpose of Adversity

It’s all over the news. You can’t avoid it. No matter how much we try to deny it… The world is coming to an end. (Play eerie music here) Just this year alone we have had a prediction about the end of the world or rapture. The U.S. Government has been downgraded by S&P. Greece and Spain are in utter disarray.

App Inventor

If you want to make applications for your android phone, but don’t know how to code, checkout App Inventor. It is kind of like Apple Automator, but for Android devices. It is getting a lot of use in education, but looks like it could be useful for anyone who wants to be able to do something automatically on their phone. Business minded?

Custom computer desk for whining husband

Materials: Expedit bookcase 2X2, Micke desks Description: My loving husband was annoying me to get a bookcase to place his precious books in our office, nothing a quick trip to our local IKEA can't solve! We already had the MICKE double desk, so i bought a second one but the small one, and only assembled the top and left side (no drawer).

Five Years of Envato

It’s kinda crazy to think, but our little internet startup, Envato, has been on the air now for five years. We started back in 2006 as four very enthusiastic and totally green entrepreneurs with a shoestring budget and a love of the web.

Conversation with Pro Photographer Chase Jarvis: Creating a Life of Creativity, Income, and Sweaty Palms

I first met Chase Jarvis at a Summit Series dinner in Washington, DC. It was sensory overload from the beginning: Olivia Munn was seated on my left, Mark Cuban was across the table, and everyone was drinking too much wine.

Fix Broken Meetings With Better Invites

Are you ready to banish mediocre meetings? Start by telling your participants what's at stake, and why you need their unique skills.

"Few Things Have So Much Effect On the Feeling Inside a Room as the Sun Shining Into It."

“The fact is that very few things have so much effect on the feeling inside a room as the sun shining into it.” -- Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language I've said it many times, and I'll say it again, I love A Pattern Language. * Someone once told me, "It's pretty rare to find a blogger who isn't what you'd expect from reading his or her blog," and I've found that to be true in most ca


About twelve years ago, I had a job as a computer lab monitor at the college I attended. The job was easy. All I had to do was go to that room during designated hours, sit at a particular desk, and answer user questions, along with a few other minor tasks such as reloading printer paper and changing print cartridges.

Skirt Steak: 5 Different Ways

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to dine with friends at one of NYC’s hipper steakhouses.  For those who’ve spent time reading my work, it shouldn’t surprise you that I typically don’t like to frequent places that are considered both trendy and expensive.  Nevertheless, I was in the company of a few investment banker friends, so I shut my mouth, ordered, and graciously accepted th

Google Plus

I’ve started playing around with Google Plus. It has some interesting potential. If you are on G+, please consider following (or should I call it circling) my profile.

Video Vacation Continues. Back in September.

I so appreciate the attentiveness of everyone who has noticed that I've stopped posting videos for some reason. (I appreciate it, but I'd also sort of hoped that no one would notice. Busted.) Fear not, the hiatus is only temporary. Because of my vacation schedule, I decided to skip making videos for the last half of August. I'll be back in September, with the theme of...Self-control.

Uncertainty Pre-Order Bundle: Something Different

Maybe I’m old school, but in a world of digital books, there’s something so viscerally yummy about holding a real, live physical book in my hands.And, there’s also something deeply-gratifying about giving someone I care about a book that I’ve hand-chosen for them to explore. I buy books for myself all the time, but it’s just not the same as when someone says, “

POANG IKEA powered GT5 racing cockpit

Materials: POANG chair, VIKA OLEBY, as-is Table top, wheels ,shelf tops and good idea :) Description: 1. Mark all spots on table top (floor) basically use dimension from your car. 2. Invert Poang chair legs and cut off top as needed 3. Screw down all parts on the floor piece 4. Make shifting panel from piece of cut off wood 5. Eureka!