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By Glen Stansberry

Stain retraining

Materials: LEKSVIK dining table, INGOLF chairs (my chair style is no longer available), FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart, water based polyurethane, foam brushes, 3 cans spray primer, 5 cans spray paint, craft paper, painters tape, orbital sander, 30 grit & 120 grit sandpaper, 320 grit sanding block Description: I have had my kitchen table and chairs for about 6 years and they were starting to show the

Review: Your Credit Score

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance or other book of interest.

Expedit advent calendar

Materials: Expedit bookcase Description: This Expedit bookcase is perfect for making an Advent calendar. Since the bookcase is divided into 25 rooms, I have put small gifts in each square. A small gift for each day leading up to Christmas Eve.

Pällbo 022

Materials: Materials: SOLSTA PÄLLBO, mdf, scrap wood. Description: In our small living room, we could use extra storage space. We also needed spare chairs, for the occasional extended family dinner, at our extendable table.

"The Greatest Of All Human Delusions Is That There Is A Tangible Goal..."

“The greatest of all human delusions is that there is a tangible goal, and not just direction towards an ideal aim. The idea that a goal can be attained perpetually frustrates human beings, who are disappointed at never getting there, never being able to stop.” -- Stephen Spender, World Within World * Want to get my free monthly newsletter?

Charity and Your Tax Bill

Monica writes in: Last year, I took the advice of my older brother and made several charitable donations during December to help out my taxes for the year. When I filed them, I did get a return, but it wasn’t nearly as big as I expected.

Three bikes on a Stolmen

Materials: 2 Stolmen telescoping posts, 2 Stolmen clothes rails, 10 Stolmen end fixtures, and 6 Stolmen hooks Description: Well, I got the idea from this IKEA Hackers post awhile back. I live in New York City and have three bikes, e.g. the top and bottom one are mine and the middle bike belongs to my lovely girlfriend.

Reader Story: Recovering from Divorce

This guest post from Gina is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes. Back in 2007, I found myself experiencing an unexpected divorce.

5 Common Characteristics of Ineffective People

I don’t know about yourself, but I’ve lived most of my life being oblivious to the fact that if you want to get the same results as somebody else then all have to do is do the same things that they did. In other words, people who get similar results have similar habits.

FAKTUM kitty loo

Materials: FAKTUM Wall cabinet, Applåd white door, BESTÅ Push opener, litter box, cat flap, self adhesive vinyl roll. Description: My husband and I recently moved to a new house and the living area is the only place where we could fit the litter box. Obviousy, we wanted to disguise the litterbox as much as possible, especially because it's just opposite the main entrance.

Beginning Frugality with the End in Mind

One of the most empowering things I do on a regular basis is to create a detailed sketch of what I want my life to be like in five years or so, and then I repeat this exercise with periods further down the road (ten years and twenty years and then when I’m about 70).

Individual Stove for your modular Kitchen

Materials: Udden Working Bench, Udden Cabinet Base Description: So Ikea sells a stove in their Udden-Series which I found kinda "meh". For about 300€, you only get the most basic functions like a grill, but not even a hot air function or a pizza mode.

Billy to entry Bench/locker

Materials: Billy Bookcase, 2 packs of pine bead board, stain, 2 inch foam, staples, fabric, hooks Description: Buy a Billy Bookcase (Article Number: 836.882.10 on Ikea site) and assemble without any shelves or the back board. Cut the Pine to the exact same size as the back board provided. Stain to your preference and assemble onto the Billy in the exact same spot as the back board should go.

Cattikeawampus Telestand

Materials: Expedit bookshelf side plank (15-3/8x54-3/4), (2) misc Ikea wood planks (15-3/8x54-3/4). Thickness of 3 planks varies from 3/4-2" and color is black/brown. Various misc. Ikea wood squares which vary in thickness from 5/8"-1". color: 80% black/brown, 20% medium brown. 2" coarse thread drywall screws.

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #51

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Sounds of the Winter by Walt Whitman I love to get all bundled up and go on a walk in the winter.