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When Ikea doesn't make a small enough cabinet

Materials: cover panel, plywoods or cabinet material, IKEA hinges, drawer track and handles Description: The problem with this space was it was too small for a regular sized IKEA lower cabinet. She really wanted the space for baking sheets and bag storage.

Top Freelance Jobs from Job Board – Week 3, February

Looking for a new client? The FreelanceSwitch job board is a great resource of freelance gigs and opportunities. These opportunities are in various fields, from development to writing to design, and come from a wide range of potential clients.

Candleholder vs. towelholder

Materials: LILLHOLMEN Description: Although we don't have too long story about our idea, it is very easy, put onto the bathroom's (or any other place's) wall that LILLHOLMEN towelholder. I mean place it upside down and you get a kind, old school candle holder. ~ moszijo, budapest, hungary

Build a Rietveld-inspired chair with NUMERAR countertop

Materials: NUMERAR + plywood + paint (red, blue, black, yellow) Description: Rietveld designed this red-blue chair in 1923, inspired by Mondrian. 1. I had some spare NUMERAR countertop (28mm thick) 2. The chair is made from 28mmx28mm sticks that you prepare, following instructions downloadable here. 3. Paint them in black (see picture above) 4.

Reader Mailbag: Vitamin B and Iron

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Older parents with money problems 2. Mother-in-law crisis 3. Reverse mortgage question 4. Is a graduate degree worthwhile? 5. Getting started with debt recovery 6. Late life choices 7.

"Everything Turns Out To Be Valuable That One Does For One's Self Without Thought of Profit."

“Everything turns out to be valuable that one does for one’s self without thought of profit.” --Marguerite Yourcenar * There's a lot of interesting conversation about happiness on the Facebook Page. Join in.

This Business of Love

Today’s guest post is by Hiro Boga, a friend and longtime member of our community (you’ve seen her avatar and words of wisdom a lot in the comments).She’s awriter, teacher and intuitive business strategist who blends transformative energy technologies, the magic of story, and grounded spiritual practice with pragmatic entrepreneurial principles.

A presidential schedule

In honor of Presidents’ Day in the U.S., I thought it might interest our readers to see what a typical day can be like for a president. The schedule full of meetings, appointments, conferences, and responsibilities is extensive. For example, on Friday, June 20, 1947, President Harry Truman had 13 meetings and spoke to more than 100 people.

Calling the Shots: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life

This is a guest post from Flexo, creator of Consumerism Commentary, one of the first independent blogs to focus on personal finance. During the 1990s, my financial life was like a Caribbean cruise ship during hurricane season: I was in a cabin at the center of the ship, unaware of the storms approaching from the horizon.

The Little Guide to Getting Unstuck

As I look out the window, I see white snow-covered roads and buildings and I wonder if I will ever feel better. This feeling of stuckness comes and goes. I feel trapped. It feels like I’m in a jail-cell without bars.

Do You Overlook This Important Success Strategy?

Suppose you set your sights on a certain position at your place of work. You try more than once to get hired for that position, but the organization’s structure seems completely inflexible and adverse to internal moves and changes. What do you do? Most people tend to complain, blame, lose hope, and then suffer their disappointment in silence.

Brainstorming 2.0: Making Ideas That Really Happen

Brainstorming shouldn't stop when the new ideas rain down. To truly make ideas happen, we have to articulate an idea execution plan and then ask hard questions.

What Tips Do You Want To See On 99%?

Your turn! Tell us the tips and topics you'd like us to cover on 99%, and vote up others' suggestions.

Literature on the Frontlines: The History of Armed Services Edition Books

“Soldiering is 99% boredom, 1% sheer terror,” a Civil War soldier wrote to his wife. And since that time, the composition of war has largely remained the same—a whole lot of hurry up and wait. What to do in those periods between action, especially for the men on the frontlines, those far from any kind of creature comforts or entertainment, has long been a problem.