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By Jonathan Fields

How to Pick Up a Stranger (or Produce Brilliant Work)

Today’s guest contributor is writer, coach, violinist, filmmaker, law school graduate, and web designer, Emilie Wapnick, who works with multipotentialites to help them build lives and businesses around ALL their interests.

Anders ABSTRAKT splash guard

Materials: ABSTRAKT Glossy door, Saw, Glue, Silicone Description: When remodeling my studio apartment I wanted to make the kitchen part integrate with the rest of the room. Since I used the ABSTRAKT doors on all cabinets and wardrobes in the apartment I figured I could put one horizontally on the wall over the countertop as a splash guard. 1.

Flort turned into Car Organizer for Kids

Materials: Flort Description: Not much of a hack but Elisabeth shares this great idea for the Flort Remote Control. It works just as well as a car organizer for kids. Stuff it with art supplies, tissues, toys, books, paper, etc. And the best part - it doubles as a seat protector for those messy little buggers. Click to read the rest of the post >>

5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

I love articles and blog posts telling me what NOT to do. I always read them with a little trepidation, hoping I’m not making the mistakes the writers are warning me about. But it’s also a good way to learn. I’d much rather learn from someone else’s mistakes than my own! There was a recent blog post on FastCompany about five social media mistakes we should all avoid.

Unitasker Wednesday: Karate Lettuce Chopper

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! This is one of the more amusing unitaskers we’ve featured, and I’d like to thank reader Rosanna for sending it to us.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Springing Forth Edition

On Sunday, we had a snowstorm that deposited several inches on the ground and left me shoveling the driveway. On Tuesday, the temperature reached 70 F and I went on a long walk in short sleeves. Spring springs suddenly. Marginal Tax Rate VS Effective Tax Rate – What are They and How do They Affect You? I see mistakes made all the time when people publicly discuss income tax rates.

Stairway handrail to heaven!

Materials: Kvartal ceiling fitting Description: I wanted to improve safety of stairways leading to the basement in my house by adding an handrail. However, there were 2 issues... 1- This is a very narrow place so I don't have room to install a "regular" handrail 2- Usual handrails are ugly and no fun!

How to Be a Freelance Failure in 7 Easy Steps

You need practical advice on what to do, if you’ve decided to make the switch to freelancing. But let’s first explore what not to do (with a little humor added in). 1. Be a Nobody You don’t need credibility.

My Financial Decisions as an Undergrad

This post is from staff writer Tim Sullivan. Prom dresses have started to appear in the windows of downtown department stores, signaling that in the next few months, another crop of seniors will be heading off to college.

The 3 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

aka:  Build Your “Front of the Room” Confidence “Front of the Room” confidence is important for managers, teachers, civic leaders, and others whose work requires speaking to groups.  It can even be one of the keys to being perceived as a leader by others.   One’s credibility is enhanced and one’s career can be advanced by being good and looking good in front of the room. This conf

Willy Franzen: How The Internet Has Changed The Job Hunt

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we search for jobs. We talk to the founder of OneDayOneJob.com about a 21st-century approach to finding work.    

"How Do I Avoid Be Dragged Down By Difficult People?"

2012 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2012 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2012 a happier year—and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge—welcome! Each week, I post a video about some Pigeon of Discontent raised by a reader.

How Retailers Manipulate Consumers

In the past, I’ve written several times about the insidious power of marketing. In 2007, I shared a guest post from Malcolm Gladwell on the same subject. My thesis is this: A lot of people like to believe they’re immune to advertising and marketing; a lot of people are wrong.

Make Your Own Baby Wipes (65/365)

Over the years, Sarah and I have used two different approaches to cut down on the cost of baby wipes. Both of them save significant money over buying wipes at the store. Our first approach involved doing almost exactly what’s depicted in the picture above.

BRÄDA laptop grip hack

Materials: BRÄDA laptop support, rubber sheeting, superglue & cutting tool Description: Simple hack that allows you to sit with your knees up in bed without your laptop sliding down the slippery BRÄDA plastic surface. Place the rubber over the BRÄDA and mark the outline of the BRÄDA along it with your knife. Click to read the rest of the post >>