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By Leo Babauta

Improve your User Experience - Hire a Professional

Besides setting up my own business, more on that later, I freelance an make my experience available for others. This mainly is with software companies that are seeking the next phase in their product development, this might be technology oriented, but quite often is also user oriented.

Ikea Rast turned into industrial dresser

Materials: Ikea Rast 3 drawer dresser, jig saw, sander, annie sloan chalk paint, minwax grey water based stain, stencils Description: 1. Assemble Rast dresser Click to read the rest of the post >>

Ask the Readers: How Much Do You Spend on Health Insurance?

Behind the scenes, the GRS elves and I have been working to streamline the process for submitting reader stories, guest posts, and financial questions. As part of this, I’ve been reading through every question submitted over the past year. I’ve noticed some patterns. One topic I’m seeing over and over again is health insurance.

Feeling Stuck? 7 Ways To Make More Space in Your Life and Get Moving Again

Has it ever crossed your mind that you have no more room in your life? I mean, for anything – the good, the bad…nothing. Stick a fork in you.

Aqua Kristaller

Materials: Kristaller Chandelier, paints, Aqua prisms - beads and French cuts Description: The Ikea Kristaller is not extremely good-looking, and can be steely cold. I stripped off all the glass prisms, sprayed a layer of primer and painted over it with Folk Art 'Coastal Blue' acrylic paint. Click to read the rest of the post >>

How to Lose Weight... By Snacking

Many people make this mistake of thinking that they can't snack at all if they're trying to eat healthily or lose weight. But it's not only okay to snack – it's beneficial.Snacking keeps the cravings down. You don't get over-hungry – so you don't eat as much at mealtimes.

Ikea X-Mas Tree

Materials: Stranne table lamp and ornaments. Description: This is a really easy hack. You buy small ornaments and bend the arms of the lamp to hold them. It is very festive and best of all it saves energy! The lights are LED. Merry Christmas! See more of the easy Christmas tree. ~ Juliet Rizek, Chicago, IL!

An Announcement about the Future of The Simple Dollar

Over the past few days, I entered into an agreement to join forces with Cut Media to ensure the long-term future of The Simple Dollar. What Does This Mean For Readers? To me, this is the most important question to be asked about this arrangement. I have signed a long-term agreement with Cut Media with regards to this site.

Warning: Blatant Self-Promotion. (I'm Warning You!)

Have I suggested that The Happiness Project might make a good holiday gift? I have?

Dressing for the Occasion: Your 60 Second Visual Guide

This illustrated guide made possible by Life Khaki by Haggar – Talking Men’s style. What’s this? We’ve been talking a lot about hosting a holiday party lately, but what if you’re invited to one as a guest? It can be confusing trying to decipher the stated dress code. “Black tie” is easy: wear a tux. But what about those other categories?

Gigantic Expedit-Bookcase

Materials: 6 * 4x4-Expedits, 1 * 4x2-Expedits, 6 * Perfekt cover panels Description: We live in a 19th century Prussian residential house in the historic city center of Erfurt, a 1270 year old town in central Germany. Our apartment has a ceiling height of 3.5 meters (11.5 feet), and we decided that the library/home office would be perfect for a large bookcase.

10 Reasons Why Working at the Library is Better than the Coffee Shop

If you are a typical freelancer, your office may range from your home to your car to the local coffee shop. While I used to inhabit my local coffee shop—to the tune of having my drink waiting for me at the counter before I even got there—I am now a convert of working at my local library. Here’s Why Free high-speed WiFi.

2011 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: The Six O’Clock Scramble deal for Unclutterer readers

In our kitchen-themed post of our 2011 Gift Giving Guide, I alluded to the fact that we would be offering a special deal for The Six O’Clock Scramble in mid-December. The time has arrived, and I am eager to share the details with you. If you’re unfamiliar with The Six O’Clock Scramble, it is a service started eight years ago by the magnificent Aviva Goldfarb.

Living Room Rationell/Akurum bookshelves

Materials: Rationell/Akurum wall cabinet frame & coloured or glass doors Description: See the pictures... how I built up my 4m high bookshelf with Akurum wall cabinet frames. It was very funny and i get some questions from the IKEA staff when I first bought just 25 empty wall frames ;-) ~ Olaf, Germany

The Making of Tiny Buddha

A few years back, Lori Deschene started posting snippets of Buddhist thought on twitter under the name Tiny Buddha. And it didn’t take long for people to notice.