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When One Client Becomes Your Job

Here’s the scenario: you give up your job to take up freelancing full time. First, you work in grinding drudgery for a while, until you land a sweet client who not only loves your work, but wants you to do more and more, until you find yourself dedicating 40 hours a week to just that one client.

Cool cold serving platform with multifunction

Materials: Spontan magnetic board, cooler packs (the more the colder, I used 6 thick pieces), felt pads (leg protectors) Description: I wanted to have a cold serving platform in order to keep foods cold during "buffets" with my family. While walking through Ikea, I saw just what I needed: Spontan magnetic board and a hack! Click to read the rest of the post >>

The Calculus of Convenience

For several years now, I’ve lived in a sort of financial sweet spot. After paying off my debt, I realized that Kris and I had everything we really wanted or needed, so we never had to buy much for the house (except when something broke). But now that I’m on my own, I’m finding all sorts of little things I need to buy again.

How to Build and Stick to Your Exercise Routine

Most of us need to exercise more. Being active isn’t just important when you’re trying to lose weight – exercising regularly also means you’ll have a decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and even some cancers.Perhaps you’ve tried getting into exercise in the past, but you always find yourself slipping back into your old habits.

How to Stay Productive in Troubled Times

Distressful situations are a fact of life- a human predicament that seems hell-bent on blocking our attempts towards personal nirvana and impairing our ability to function.

Anatomy of a Dopp Kit

See also: Building the Perfect Dopp Kit What do you pack in your Dopp kit? Related Photos

The Power of Rituals

Photo by Valerio Boncompagni Editor’s Note: This is a story by guest contributor Jordan Alam “The more I broaden my interpretation of what can be called a ritual, the more I find them, and find myself creating them in my life.” ~Lisa Weiner I was sitting with my therapist in the midst of college finals.

Pat Kiernan: On Curation Tactics, Getting Up Early & Calling It Done

How do you filter through the noise and craft your own story? NY1 morning anchor Pat Kiernan discusses his curation process & how he has so much energy at 5am.

NOT Expensive Glass Whiteboard

Materials: TORSBY + RIBBA + 1/2" Mirror Hardware Description: I wanted to outfit my home office with a Glass Whiteboard. After shopping around I was astounded at the cost of these... easily starts off at $500-$700 and goes up from there. Amazing!

Molger for Music

Materials: 2x Molger benches (birch), Parts Express speaker spikes, 4x 5/16" dowels, glue Description: I have been looking for a stereo rack for quite some time. It seems the size i was looking for is unusual. I was inspired by the recently featured Lack rack. Nice, but not quite what I was looking for.

Only Wash Full Loads of Dishes or Clothes (22/365)

This seems like common sense at first glance. If you run your dishwasher, your washing machine, or your dryer with only half a load of clothes or dishes, you’re losing out in terms of efficiency. Even if you run the machine with small load settings, the machine is still using most of the water and most of the energy of a full load. Let’s look at some actual numbers.

The Habits That Crush Us

‘Don’t panic.’ ~Douglas Adams Post written by Leo Babauta. Why is it that we cannot break the bad habits that stand in our way, crushing our desires to live a healthy life, be fit, simplify, be happier? How is it that our best intentions are nearly always beaten?

From Dish Rag Holder to Spray Bottle Caddy

Materials: IKEA wooden dish rag holder, 5/8'' spade bit, spray bottles Description: This is a simple hack that uses those $0.99 light wooden dish rag holders found in bins at our favorite materials store, Ikea (I can not, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, find the official Ikea name of these things, but we've all seen them at the big blue and yellow).

How Sites Like Contently Aim to Help Freelancers Find Work

I had never heard of the freelance-writing online marketplace Contently until I stumbled across this piece of info from the Wall Street Journal: Freelance-writing marketplace Contently has raised a $2 million Series A round led by Lightbank.

Novelty And Challenge Bring Happiness—Right?

It's very true that novelty and challenge bring happiness. It's also very true that novelty and challenge often bring feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, boredom, and insecurity. Learning to do new things, or to face new situations, isn't always fun.