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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #33: Interview with Dr. Roy Baumeister Part II

Welcome back to The Art of Manliness Podcast! In this week’s episode we continue our conversation with psychologist Dr. Roy Baumeister, author of the book, Is There Anything Good About Men? Make sure to listen to Part I of our interview with Dr.

Don’t Rely on Social Security

This is a message to all of those people under, say, forty out there. Don’t rely on Social Security for any part of your retirement. When you’re thinking about retirement, assume that you’re going to be paying your own way. That’s not a statement that a lot of people like to think about, but the data pretty much points to this as an inevitability.

Benno DVD Plant Headboard

Materials: Benno DVD Stand (x2), Billy Height Extension Unit (x2), wood screws, wood glue, screw plates and 90 degree brackets, jigsaw, white paint, sansevieria plants, plastic containers, decorations Description: I saw this hack and fell in love with it. I wanted a freestanding and unique head board, so I decided to improve upon it a bit.

Are You Annoyed by Excessively Cheery People? Or Extremely Gloomy People?

It’s hard to have a real, new insight. But I think I may have had one. I’m still thinking through and testing this hypothesis, and I’d appreciate hearing if this rings true to you. Here it is: Happiness has a surprisingly mixed reputation. Some people believe — wrongly — that happiness correlates with stupidity or self-absorption.

Bath Vanity from Appliance Cabinet

Materials: LACK bookshelf and AVSIKT roll front cabinet Description: I recently remodeled a former laundry room into a very narrow (41") bathroom.

Demonstrating strength

Risking the appearance of weakness takes strength.

Sit Down, Please, and Tell Me How Smart You Are

"I became a wrestling coach, and that totally changed me. That was my M.B.A."

Should you go to an Ivy League School?

Crunching the numbers shows that it’s worth it to go into debt for an Ivy League school.

Creating a mail center in your home

One of the easiest ways to keep paper clutter from overwhelming your space is to set up a mail processing center immediately inside the door by your mailbox. In a buffet, chest, armoire, or another piece of furniture that matches the decor of your home, install a recycling bin, shredder, and trash can.

Reader Mailbag: Public Cell Phone Use

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Rebuilding a life post-divorce 2. Freelancing baby steps 3. Power of attorney question 4. Emergency fund or invest? 5. Does prayer work? 6. Getting your spouse to participate 7. Splitting bills with roommate 8.

Lack + Mosvik Casters = Awesome Media Center

Materials: Lack Bookcase, Mosvik casters Description: Inspired by a classic hack, I went out and got a Lack Book Shelf. Wanted casters for practical reasons (for mobility, to raise the surface, to get extra space below the console), and I found some casters for the (now discontined) Mosvik bed.

Unemployed? Underemployed? Here’s How to Get Help

For a long time, GRS readers have been requesting a list of resources for low-income families struggling to get by. I haven’t put anything together because I don’t know much about the subject. Fortunately, I know somebody who does.

5 Productivity Myths That Need to Be Busted

When there is so much advice and information on productivity floating around, it is obvious that not all of that is worth paying heed to. There are certain popular beliefs on productivity that some consider useful, which in reality do nothing but to hamper their efficiency.This article talks about five productivity myths which the sooner you come to know about and understand, the better.

8 Must Read Success Lessons from Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel was a cartoonist and writer.  He’s most popular for his children’s books written under the pen names Dr. Seuss, Theo.