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Vinyl lovers storage unit and DJ console

Materials: Expedit and Molger legs Description: Simple ! I took a 5 x 1 Expedit, put it on its side and installed some 10 inch Molger cabinet legs (they go beyond the back a few inches). The key to this hack is reinforcement. When I use an Expedit I always put it together with wood glue. Makes a huge difference.

Review of Firepole Marketing’s Online Marketing Course

Firepole Marketing Course Online courses make me nervous. There, I’ve said it.

Workspace of the Week: Gracefully organized

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Gayle’s armoire office: There are so many wonderful things about Grace’s office. The most amazing thing about it is that the entire office can fold up and completely disappear. Second, everything is contained, nothing is out cluttering up the workspace. Third, everything is well labeled.

Roses in the Light - double hack

Materials: Skurar plant pot and Orgel floor lamp Description: I had a 9 year old Orgel floor lamp - our wedding present :-) - so it was a bit old and yellow and used look. And also it was quite boring, after so many years. I found the simply nice Skurar pots, and I bought seven of them (both hanging and standing types).

Decision Fatigue: Why Willpower Isn’t Always Enough

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and raising children at Childwild.com. A Snickers bar can save you money. Not just a little money either. Used correctly, it could potentially spare you thousands of dollars. That’s the gist of new research on a phenomenon called “decision fatigue”.

Become Unbreakable: 10 Tips to Create More Personal Resilience

How much better would your life be if you were unbreakable? If you knew that no matter what happened that you would survive and persevere — and that maybe you’d even come out a little better? We cannot escape pain, difficulty, failure, tragedy, and heartache. Sooner or later it will find us despite our best efforts to protect ourselves.

N-Dimensional Thinking: How To Get More Out Of Your Daily To-Dos

Is it possible to tackle your to-do list in 3-D? We explain how to expand dull, repetitive tasks into an opportunity for growth and learning.

Steve Jobs, thank you for being a source of inspiration

Dear Steve,This morning when browsing some tweets on my iPad the first thing that hit me was that you resigned from Apple. My first thought was, OMG I hope your health isn't getting worse. I hope you are getting better and this is a decision made base on your trust in the apple team and not because you have to. Once again I hope you get better soon.

Making Plans for a Muddy Future

Ellen writes in: I’ve been reading The Simple Dollar for a long time. It’s pretty hard not to notice a few central themes in what you write about. Spend less than you earn and plan for the future and so on. However, two of the things you talk about seem to flat-out contradict themselves.

3 clear reasons to change careers

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jennifer Gresham at Everyday Bright. I sat in my hospital room, anxiously twirling the strings that were not securing the gown behind me, waiting for the nurses to wheel me into surgery.

Spare Change: Non-Political Edition

As expected, this morning’s article caused a lively discussion here at Get Rich Slowly. It also sparked a lot of complaints. Many folks — both those who agreed with the piece and those who disagreed — pointed out that they come here specifically because GRS tends to steer clear of political debates. Just to make it clear: Get Rich Slowly is apolitial.

Castle Bed

Materials: KURA bed, MDF Description: Inspired by an idea I saw on this blog, in addition to my own ideas, I came up with this exciting bed for my son who's into knights and castles. We bought the KURA bed and cut out sections of MDF to create a facade that would be mounted onto the KURA frame. My dad and I used a sabre saw to cut battlements and a window on one side.

How to Risk Genius When You’re Down And Out

Last week, I wrote about an experience I had with Bob Taylor that reminded me of the importance of diving in and making more bad stuff in the name of figuring out how to make good stuff faster.A lot of heads nodded along in the comments, then TomC chimed in with a comment that you could just tell was driven by a lot of pain and spoke to a very real dilemma.

How to Make Your Own Canoe Paddle

"I bet your other beaus never made you a canoe paddle, did they Fanny?" This post is part of a series brought to you by RAM. For more information about RAM Series trucks visit us at: http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/guts_and_glory/. What’s this? Making something with your hands is a rewarding experience no matter how you do it.

Safely store guitars and other stringed instruments with a Guitar-Stor

We have a number of musical instruments in our house. Due to humidity concerns, we like to keep them stored in their cases year-round. What then, to do with the big, clunky cases? Rather than hiding them under a bed, which would be inconvenient since we actually play the instruments regularly, we keep them rested on a Guitar-Stor rack where they are easily within reach.