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Smile! Cell Phones Tracking Your Happiness

Using tone and GPS, it was estimated where people are most happy. Guess where? Home.

It's the 16th Ed. of the Chicago Manual of Style

The latest edition of the Chicago Style manual reflects digital world.

Review: Essential Travel Jacket by Scottevest

Ever since airlines started adding extra surcharges for checked baggage, I’ve been working to perfect the art of jamming everything I’ll need when traveling into my carry-on bags.

INREDA bookend as a table attached to a BILLY bookcase in an otherwise not usable space

Materials: 1 INREDA bookend, metal cut tools (optional), 1 screw, 1 drill, 1 screwdriver Description: I am of the opinion that in a small apartment no place is to be wasted and I had no space at all next to my BILY bookcase to put a table for my phone and mobile phone.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Timing Belt Edition

Recently, I had to replace the timing belt on our Honda Pilot. I tried to figure out how to do it myself, but the intricacy of it was just too far over my head, so I took it to a shop instead. This is exactly why it’s good to have an emergency fund.

The McKee-Fields Story Sessions Part 2

This is part 2 of the 6 part interview series with story-master, Robert McKee.In this session we pick up with a question about what drives McKee, opening with the money-quote,“bad writing really pisses me off,” …and whirling along from there.We dive deeper into his journey from story-crafter to story-teacher and explore whether he satisfies his performance Jones from presenting h

Put the “Buy Local” Movement to Work for Your Business

With summer drawing to an end and farmer’s markets bursting with produce, it’s easy to remember to buy local.  But the local movement can apply to much more than supporting local farmers.   Why not give your freelance career a ‘local’ push? Sure, one great part of freelancing is the ability to do work with any client, anywhere.

Bargain Shopping Gone Berserk!

This is a guest post from Gail Vaz-Oxlade, the host of the popular Til Debt Do U$ Part on CNBC (Saturday nights at 10 and 10:30). Gail is a columnist for Yahoo Canada, Chatelaine, and Zoomer Magazine and blogs daily at her website, where she also offers terrific tools people can use to dig themselves out of the hole. Gail’s latest book is Debt-Free Forever. Who doesn’t love a good sale?

Kitty Food and Bar

Materials: OMAR shelves, wine rack, basket Description: We need a raised feeding station for our younger cat's food to be separated from the older cat's food. With little extra space in the kitchen, I thought that it would be nice to have the furniture serve more than one purpose. That's when I got the idea to stack the OMAR wine shelves over a set of plain shelves.

The Best of the Business Blogs, September 2010

At the start of each month, we round up the best posts from the business network of blogs and directing you to them. Here’s the best of business in September, with articles from FreelanceSwitch and WorkAwesome. WorkAwesome How to Find the Work You Love WorkAwesome’s goal is to help its readers work and live better. In fact, the credo sits next to our title at the top of the site.

You Already Have the Life You Want

Here’s an idea: you already have the life you’ve always wanted. In fact, you’ve always had it. Confusing, I know. Most people don’t distinguish between the life that they actually want and the one they think they want. See what I mean?

Surviving in the Wild: 19 Common Edible Plants

So you’re stranded in the wilderness. You consumed the last nub of your Clif Bar two days ago, and now you’re feeling famished. Civilization is still several days away, and you need to keep up your strength. The greenery all around you is looking more and more appetizing. But what to nibble on?

Experience Trumps Theory: Reviving the Apprenticeship Model

Once upon a time, we learned only by doing. A quality education meant finding an expert to take you under his or her wing. Whether you wanted to be a blacksmith or a shoemaker, the ultimate break was ultimately a relationship. In exchange, your capacity would be stretched. You would learn in real-time, soaking up the knowledge through trial and error.

Zen, Tea, and the Art of Life Management

This is a Zen-focused panel featuring Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, Susan O’Connell of San Francisco Zen Center, and yours truly. The content starts at tea, moves to daily rituals, and spans many topics related to good living and productive living, which are not always the same thing. It also answers the question: is Tim Ferriss really as organized as you think he is?

Experience Trumps Theory: Reviving the Apprenticeship Model

What's the best way to learn? To study what others have done? Or to plunge right in yourself? We think it's time to bring back the apprenticeship model.