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Celebrate Leap Day, Or Any Other Minor Holiday.

One of my resolutions is to Celebrate holiday breakfasts. However, I've realized, that resolution should actually be framed as a subset of more general resolution, something like Celebrate minor holidays or Find occasions for festivity. In any event, I followed this resolution on Leap Day this year.

Dim & Dash: Making the Grade

See Also-Dim in the Workplace: “Michigan State University surveyed more than 700 employers seeking to hire recent college graduates. Nearly one-third said parents had submitted resumes on their child’s behalf, some without even informing the child. One-quarter reported hearing from parents urging the employer to hire their son or daughter for a position.

If You Have an Unexpected Windfall, Put It in a CD (61/365)

When I wrote 365 Ways to Live Cheap in 2007, a person could easily find a bank CD that offered a 6% return. All you had to do was lock up your money at the bank for a year or so and they’d give you back six cents on every dollar. That’s a pretty good deal. In fact, if it were available today, I would have a lot of my money in such CDs.

EXPEDIT Built-in Bar shelving

Materials: EXPEDIT Bookcase Description: Used the Expedit Bookcase and placed on 2X4 supports. Then built a fake wall around it to make the unit look like a built in. Around the edges I used stained Quarter inch wood that matched the color exactly. This made the unit look as if it were an expensive built in.

Hacker Help: Corner Flat Screen TV stand with storage

Materials: Unknown.. any ideas? Description: We're looking to stash our 32 inch flat screen in a corner and have some storage underneath for both cable box, DVD player and so on, but also a bit of storage for kids toys if possible. We were looking at a stand from a furniture store, but it costs over $300 dollars, and I was hoping someone here could come up with something cheaper from Ikea.

Kura be Pretty

Materials: Paint, wrapping paper, mod podge, Krylon Clear Glaze spray Description: Our two little girls share a bedroom and it's not a very big room at that. We decided that a bunk bed would be wise, and Ikea's Kura was the perfect choice.

How to Build the Muscle of Change

Post written by Leo Babauta. When you try to make a change in your life, create a new habit, set a resolution … are you usually good at it, or does the change fail after 2-3 weeks? Some people are better at it than others because they’ve learned some simple strategies for changing, but also because they’ve built up their change muscle. What’s a change muscle?

Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount

Materials: Stolmen Description: I live in a small flat and wanted to try and use as little floor space as possible when fitting my plasma. I had already bought a wall bracket with my 50" plasma so fitted that to the two cross bars with "U" bolts from B & Q. The TV then fitted on the bracket as normal.

Health Care Help for Freelancers

Moving from a full-time job working for someone else to starting a freelance business is the dream of many. But before you make the switch there are a lot of things to think about: health insurance being one of them. If you were taking advantage of your employers health insurance benefits, be ready for sticker shock when looking at plans meant for independent workers such as freelancers.

Workspace of the Week: She’s crafty

This week’s Workspace of the Week is SpecialK08′s superb craft room: I am so incredibly envious of this week’s workspace selection that I’m now plotting to have a craft room somewhere in my home. This space is functional and impeccably well organized. It’s not matchy-matchy, and I appreciate that.

Rules Versus Facts

Personal finance articles often state “rules” of various kinds for people to follow when it comes to their money… You should be saving 10% (or 15%) of your pay for retirement. Don’t buy a home unless you have a 20% down payment. Don’t sell when the market is going down, and don’t buy when the market is going up. You get what you pay for. If you want to get a goo

10 Tips for Keeeping a Freelancer Covered

In the business world, CYA euphemistically refers to the actions you take to “cover your ass” at work (ie: taking actions to not get in trouble, get your company in trouble, or worse, get fired). In the freelance world, you still need to keep yourself covered, but in a slightly different way. Here are 10 tips on how to do that. 1. Get licensed.

Dining and Homework Center

Materials: NUMERÄR Countertop, AKURUM Wall, STÅT drawer and doors Description: Two shallow drawer cabinets were installed along the wall set the width of the counter apart. A larger counter top was purchased than needed and cut to the length and width needed for the space. The extra counter pieces leftover were cut to fit on top of the drawer cabinets.

Reader Story: How My Nosy Family Taught Me About Money

This guest post from GenQwerty is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes.

Need Some Great Advice? Ask Death

Death is a subject that few are comfortable with.  Yet, making death your best friend can enhance your life in ways you might not otherwise imagine. One of the most effective practices recommended by traditional Toltec teachers, is called, “Using death as an adviser”.