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By Tony Clark

Workspace of the Week: Transparent office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Louish’s glass and not-glass office: Okay, okay, I’ll admit — I chose this office strictly because of the monitor background images. I think they’re amazing! What surprises me most is how they disguise the monitors.

Ask the Readers: Should We Move to a More Expensive Part of the Country?

The Friday “Ask the Readers” column generally follows a set format: I introduce the topic, share a reader e-mail, give my best advice, and then ask for your feedback. Today’s column is a little different. Jennifer sent me a 1000-word question, and rather than write any sort of response, I’m just going to let her have the entire space.

5 Ways To Win An Argument

Screw you! You Fu*k**g idiot. Did you forget to pay your brain bill? I don’t know why I waste my time with your stupid a**. With the destructive force of an enraged carnivorous animal that has tasted blood we use our tongues as uncontrollable weapons of mass destruction.

Man to Man Episode #5: Will Having a Beard Hurt Me Professionally?

After a two month hiatus taking care of a newborn and writing a book, I’m back with another episode of Man to Man. This week’s question comes from Cornel. He writes: Does facial hair impact whether or not you have success in business? I am a 26 year old African-American male and I notice that successful business men are mostly all clean shaven.


By Denise Benatar Forgiveness is a difficult topic. On one hand, we feel that we have learned to forgive. On the other hand, we find ourselves resisting when we actually try to forgive someone.  Implementing forgiveness into our lives is a process. Sometimes, things work in mysterious ways. Almost a year ago, I took a workshop on forgiveness.

The Simplest Diet for Lean Fitness

Post written by Leo Babauta. I’m in the best shape in my life. I’m incredibly happy to say that. For years (as many of you know) I was in terrible health — I was overweight and sedentary and addicted to junk food and a smoker and overworked. Today after more than five years of living healthy I am about 65 pounds lighter.

Doreen Lorenzo: Clients Don’t Deserve Surprises

Is it possible to over-communicate with your clients? Not according to Frog Design's Doreen Lorenzo. Read on for essential insights on client management…

Planning Summer Travel

This seems rather strange, perhaps, but Sarah and I have our summer plans more or less penciled in through 2015. That’s right, 2015 This summer, we’re going to Seattle. The following summer is a trip to New Orleans with my family. The summer after that will feature a trip to Boston, with the summer after that featuring some extensive national park camping. The summer after that?

The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites – 2011 Update

Every freelancer needs a source for clients. We rely on clients, nurture our relationships with them, and provide a quality of service that keeps then coming back. And we can never have enough of them! The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites has one purpose: to massively increase your source of potential clients and potential jobs. This list, like Isaac Newton, stands on the shoulders of giants.

Pottery Barn inspired desk transformation

Materials: Effective Desk and wood file cabinets Description: I was inspired by a desk set at Pottery Barn that I couldn't afford. I used my old (red/brown) Effective Desk and bought two solid oak file cabinets off craigslist for $75.

Jonathan Mead on his 2010 Review; Accomplishments & Lessons Learned

Systems give you power. This was a hard pill for me to swallow. Luckily I have a great support network around me and my friend and strategic partner Charlie nudged me into overcoming my limiting perspective around this. For the longest time, I’ve viewed systems (established processes in business) as something stifling and cold.

Klimt Lack

Materials: Lack side table Description: My Lack table was too green for my room,so I decided to add it a little color- painted the top and the sides white in two layers, put a Klimt picture from an old calendar,and secured it with a 4 mm glass. The best thing is that the picture is not glued,so i can change it any time I want. ~ Pera Peric, Kragujevac,Serbia

Reader Mailbag: Sources of Information

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Buying the next house 2. Starting over from scratch 3. Loan disqualification 4. Starting a business 5. Taking care of Mom 6. Building credit with business cards 7. Stocking my HSA 8. New side business and taxes 9.

8 Portfolio Phrases That Send the Wrong Message

Like corporate website, which use phrases like “innovative strategies” and “leading-edge solutions” ad naseum, many freelancers’ online portfolios tend to use some of the same tired phrases again and again.

Are you sabotaging your uncluttering and organizing efforts?

In 1994, when the Beastie Boys released the album Ill Communication, I’m certain I listened to the song “Sabotage” continuously for weeks. The title of the song is fun to say (sab-o-tage), and the guitar and bass lines are rhythmically addictive.