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By Tony Clark

Is There Ever a Graceful Way to Ask Clients About Their Budget?

Knowing exactly what your clients have to spend on a particular project comes in handy. Just being able to lay out the most bang they can get for their buck is one of the easiest ways to make a client happy, provided she has realistic expectations on what she can get for her money. But it’s often awkward to bring up the topic of budget.

Latt table equipped

Materials: Latt, Bygel rail and container Description: I used clear water based varnish to make the table and chair washable. Then I added the Bygel rail and containers on one side of the table. I also applied knobs made of wood for my handmade magazine rack made of blue polycarbonate. See more of the embellished Latt table. ~ Alessia, Italia ***  Happy 2012!

Mr. T: another iMac standing desk

Materials: EXPEDIT Shelving unit 4x4 (white), 2x LACK Wall shelf 30x26cm (white), 79x39x1.8cm beech work plate, 50x24x25.cm beech work plate, 2 CAPITA console stainless steel, some EXPEDIT gear Description: Recently I began to feel unhappy with my current home office environment. At work I am sitting all day in front of my iMac and when I get home I really didn't feel like sitting anymore.

Bracelet from IKEA Lillholmen Cotton pad holder

Materials: Lillholmen Cotton pad holder Description: A cotton pad holder can be made into bracelets. Draw a line across the cotton pad holder where you want to cut it. The best tool for this is a waterproof marker and a paper line with the width of the required bracelet, wrapped around the metal. Click to read the rest of the post >>

How I Switched to Long Term Thinking

Over the past five or six years since my financial turnaround started, the single most significant change that has happened to how I view the world is a switch to what I call “long term thinking.” Simply put, I evaluate most of my life choices primarily through a long-term lens. In other words, when I look at things like how I spend my money, how I spend my time, who I choose to inter

Open Your Home with Spare Doors

Materials: As Is Ikea Glass Front Doors Description: By gathering identical glass-front doors from Ikea's As-Is department, I've assembled two walls of framed posters. The first one uses identical rustic glass-front doors. I taped Broadway posters to the back and drilled a small hole to hang them on screws in the wall. I then hung seven of them on an angle across the entire wall.

Ribba jewelry display frame

Materials: Ribba frame, chicken wire, cork, carbon tube and hangers Description: As I have quite a lot of jewelry, I decided to display them in a picture frame. I bought 2 Ribba frames from the as-is-section (4€) and used only the frame itself.

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #53

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1.

Rob Forbes on Ways of Seeing, Video

View engaging conference lectures, interesting how to discussions, and high quality freelance advice via video here on FreelanceSwitch. This week we look at Ways of Seeing by Rob Forbes. This weekend we’re sharing an interesting talk by, Rob Forbes, who shares a gallery of snapshots that inform his way of seeing the world. Charming juxtapositions, found art, urban patterns.

LUPIN X-mas tree

Materials: LUPIN Venetian blind, carriage bolt with nut Description: I took the thick slat from the bottom of the LUPIN blind and 16 thin slats, put a hole at the top of the slats (all at the same place) and bound them together with a carriage bolt and nut. Then I hung it up, spread the slats out like a fan, and pinned christmas decoration on it. - Done ~ Sabine, Basel, Switzerland

"Everything Gains In Grandeur Every Day."

“The more I work, the more I see things differently, that is, everything gains in grandeur every day, becomes more and more unknown, more and more beautiful. The closer I come, the grander it is, the more remote it is.” -- Alberto Giacometti, Giacometti: A Biography * I think I'm at the beginning of a new obsession, this time with color. Color!

3 Unconventional Ways to Change Your Life this Year

Everyone wakes up on January 1 with a gut full of ambition and good intentions. The idea of a clean slate is invigorating! By the middle of the month, however, most people have already started the slide back to their regular existence, overcome by trying to reach lofty, unclear goals with the same mindset from the previous year.

Strawberry RAST Play Kitchen

Materials: Rast Bedside table, RAM frames, RIBBA frame, SORLI mirrors, even IKEA packaging Description: Mandate: Create a play kitchen for my daughter for Christmas. Needs to fit space where a kitchen base cabinet is missing. Labour: Building took 10 hours over 3 days. Countless hours on design/getting stuff.

Pax Closet Palace from Komplement Interior Chest

Materials: Komplement chest of drawers, Solveig panel, Lack shelf, Pax corner add-on Description: I moved into a basement apartment that didn't have any closet space or space to apply makeup etc. Being a fairly girly girl I wanted to have a closet *palace* not just a closet.

2012 Resolution #4 – Create a Lasting Item for My Children and My Wife

For the rest of this week, I’m going to discuss the goals I’m setting for 2012 and the plans I have for achieving them. When I think back to some of the people in my life that have passed away that I greatly miss, one of the things that really bothers me is that I don’t have some memento of their life that lets me have at least a sense of the person that they were.