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Workspace for two

Materials: expedit, vika amon table top,helmer, wood lath Description: The top plate and secure it with wood glue. Screw the wood lath to the wall at the appropriate height and the affix tabletops with wood glue. Helmer rolling cabinets are placed a respective workplace. To increase stability, I've pushed a stable 5cm high pvc pipe between the Helmer and the desk top.

Don’t Invest. Give.

I was having a chat with my fiancé one night recently, and burst into tears. I was bitter, sad, and angry. Why doesn’t anyone help me in return, I asked. Why is it when I am good to people and it feels like the kindness and generosity isn’t reciprocated?

Weekend DIY Project: How to Make a Wooden Sword for Your Kid

Crom is pleased with Gus the Barbarian's epic sword. Thulsa Poopy Diapers will be vanquished! Last year, I went to the Craftsman Experience shop in Chicago for a blogger summit. I played with tools and learned how to make several easy projects, such as a sawhorse.

Clean Out Your Dryer Lint (17/365)

This seems like such a simple thing. Most of us do this as a matter of course whenever we dry a load of laundry in our dryer. Forgetting to do it, however, adds up to a significant cost.

Inexpensive wall decorations

Materials: HEAT trivets, IKEA-fabric, staples, fishing lineDescription: I purchased a lot of HEAT trivets and fabric from IKEA, and pretty much just stapled fabric onto the trivet. I connected the trivets together using fishing line, so that it kind of looks like the trivets are "floating" on the wall. Easy and fun :)~ Tina, Oslo

Alternative hatrack

Materials: FISKEVIK pictureholderDescription: As a student, I have limited room and had to think outside the box to fit my winter hats and mittens. Long story short: The FISKEVIK picture holder does the job! ~ Tina, Oslo

A colorful makeover for a work station

Materials: MICKE work station, ELISABET fabric, teachers tapeDescription: I love my MICKE work station with a magnetic board, but I wanted more color so that it could brighten up a little more. I simply cut out the wanted amount of an IKEA-fabric i liked, and taped it to the magnetic board using teachers tape.

Unitasker Wednesday: Sküüzi

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2011 Creating a home paper management systemReader Steve sent us a great solution for keeping mail off his family’s kitchen counter tops and dining table. 2010 Uncluttered and inexpensive storage designs from CB2Since it’s probably safe to assume that you don’t eventually want to end up watching the buildings around you burn while Frank Black sings “Where Is My Mind?R

Tips on Crafting The Perfect Press Release

The magazine I run is holding a contest, and we’ve been working hard with our PR consultant on creating the best press releases possible to advertise our event. It’s not as easy as one might think to craft a good press release—even if you are a professional writer.

An Incomplete List Of Things To Do Daily, To Be Happy and Healthy.

Every Wednesday is List Day or Tip Day. I've just started trying to come up with a list of the bare minimum of things we should do every day to be happy and healthy. This list doesn't include major challenges, like "Quit smoking." Obviously, quitting smoking is very important for health, but it's not easy to add to a to-do list.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Warm Blanket Edition

During the day, when my kids are at school and my wife is out of the house at work, I turn the furnace off and the house gets rather cool. When that happens, I often just wrap myself up in a warm blanket as I work.

6 Tips to Avoid IRS Audits for Freelancers

No one actually knows for sure what the logic behind the IRS audit red flag is. Over the years, accountants have seen commonalities within their client base and have noticed trends in businesses that seem to be audited more often than others. This article isn’t meant to scare you; it’s meant to encourage you to keep solid books. Bookkeeping isn’t hard.

Stealth Savings: Sneaky Ways to Fatten Your Account

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a personal finance column for MSN Money, and writes about frugality and intentional living at Surviving And Thriving. Have trouble saving money? Time for some mind games. Hide cash via direct withdrawals. Get free money from banks. Name an account for a goal.

Super Secret Toekick Drawer for Kitchen Cabinet

Materials: Ikea Rationell drawer kit, Strecket pullDescription: I'm about as puffed up as a peacock at my recent Ikea hack. A broken oven the week before Christmas snowballed into a complete kitchen remodel, and we considered Ikea kitchen cabinets. We ultimately went with another vendor, but I couldn't get those Ikea drawers out of my mind. So nice and sturdy. Such a lovely soft close.