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Mirror bedside table feat. Malm/Minde

Materials: Malm chest (2 drawer), Minde wall mirror, Selly's liquid nails, Dioder lighting strips Description: I wanted to share my hack which is a mirrored bedside table. I recently bought a new bed and of course, decided that I needed some new bedsides to go with it. I fell in love with some mirrored bedside tables, but quickly fell out of love when I saw the price (>$600 AUD each).

Ask the Readers: How to Help a Homeless Friend?

As the U.S. economy enters its fourth year of turmoil, average folks continue to struggle. At GRS, we’ve shared questions and stories about people who can’t make ends meet, who are losing their homes, and who find themselves out of work. But we’ve never tackled the homeless before. Today, though, Evan wrote with a tough situation.

Hacker help: Double Window Sills

Description: I need some help on what to do with this space in my kitchen. It is two window sills in a corner. One is 5 ft wide and the other is 6ft wide, both are 2 ft in depth. I can't take the bench out, because the windows stick out of the house. It is in the corner of my kitchen. Maybe someone can help me out with what to do here. Maybe a built in table? Shelves?

Letter From a Child: Don’t Be Realistic!

Imagine you received this letter from a child: “Hello, I will become a president. I know … I know. You’re thinking I’m a naive kid. You won’t believe in me or in my ability to reach that lofty goal. You’re laughing at me and thinking I’m like all kids who say things they don’t really mean. But I want you to know one little thing. I’m proud of my childish way of thinking. And

Productivity Tie-Breaker: How Will You Feel Afterwards?

Should you push a major creative project forward, or answer that nagging email? Psychological tricks for making better decisions about your work priorities.

Spare Change: Building a Tower Edition

For me, the past few months have been transformative. There have been some monumental changes in my mindset, which have begun to be reflected in my everyday life. Some of these changes are public — I’m doing more interviews, I’m preparing to tackle my next book project — and some of the changes are private.

Laundry Monster Basket

Materials: FYLLEN Laundry basket + cardboard Description: Inspired by laziness, funniness and the star war monster Sarlacc, this stuff helps you to get undress in the dark and keep your room tidy See more of the Laundry Monster Basket. ~ pierre, La Rochelle, FR

A mom and dad who should be proud

Dear Mr and Mrs Borah, I am writing to tell you that you should be so incredibly proud of your amazing daughter.

Book Binding Loom

Materials: Ekby Lerberg, Ekby Trygge, Satta Description: For 15 euros a cheap bock binding loom in 5 steps. ~ cristina, Milan, Italy

Planning a Group Vacation

Two summers ago, my wife, my children, my parents and I all traveled to Texas together, in part to visit relatives but also to enjoy the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Because we took some time to plan the trip in advance and involved everyone going on the trip in the planning, we ended up finding quite a few free and frugal things to do on the trip.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming soon so I thought I’d do a few posts with gift ideas based on things I’ve used this year and found to be exceptionally useful and or fun. Here is the first post and I’ll try to do a few more as I think of ideas and have time to write about them. If you have suggestions, please add them in the comments.

International Clientele Can Throw a Wrench in Your Holiday Plans

Are you planning on taking some time off this holiday season?

How to Dress for a Job Interview: Your 60 Second Visual Guide

Got a job interview coming up and are wondering how to dress?

Lack TV Hack

Materials: Lack TV Bench, Lack End Table Description: I had been looking to build a new TV bench that would fit all of my A/V equipment plus my HTPC. I wanted something that looked great and would look slick in my living room, but unfortunately everything I looked at was very expensive. I came to the site and saw this hack...

2011 Unclutterer Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Organizing products

Giving organizing products as gifts can be tricky. If not done in a polite manner, you can end up hurting someone’s feelings.