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By Tim Ferriss

Ask FreelanceSwitch #11

In this issue of Ask FreelanceSwitch, Travis King and Thursday Bram look at what to do when one client wants all your time and how to ask the boss for time off to freelance. Ask FreelanceSwitch is a regular column here that allows us to help beginners get a grip on freelancing.

Ask the Readers: Should I Take Out a Loan to Buy a Car?

If smart money management were just about math, this stuff would be easy. But it’s not just about the math. There are a variety of complex factors that come into play when we have to make financial decisions. For example, Alyssa wrote recently to ask for advice. She needs to buy a car at the end of the summer, but she doesn’t know whether to take out a loan or pay cash.

Workspace of the Week: Green creativity

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Greg.Newman’s studio: I chose this office because of its well-lit drafting table, minimalist computer desk, ample and appropriate storage, wall-mounted guitar, and inviting green walls. I think most anyone could work in this organized space.

Everything You Need To Know About Happiness

“Happiness” courtesy of Zhong Bioa The truth about affirmations: With all of these books around touting the benefits of affirmations, Psychologists became curious to know whether they actually worked. They brought together many different subjects, having various degrees of self confidence and told them to repeat positive statements about their self confidence such as “I am confiden

Coming Soon from Rockable Press: Rockstar Presentations

The next release from Rockable Press is approaching, and we’re pretty excited about it! We wanted to let you know before it hits and make sure you’re prepared.

How to Build Your Wardrobe: Part II-Men’s Clothing Specifics

Share In How to Build your Wardrobe Part I we discussed why a man’s clothing is important, broke men up into four groups, and then listed the clothing they would need.  In How to Build your Wardrobe Part II we will give you 5 general wardrobe building guidelines and expand on the clothing checklists by discussing in detail many of the items we listed in Part I.  Did we miss something?

Can You Actually Make Money Chasing Rates?

One common tactic I see on personal finance blogs is what I like to call “rate chasing.” This tactic usually involves carefully watching the yield rates on savings accounts over at Bankrate.com (or a similar service), always signing up for one of the top accounts, and transferring their savings to that highest-yield bank. For me, at least, I don’t find this tactic of much use at

Does Your Business Referral Engine Need Tuning?

When you’re trying to launch and grow a small business, referrals are pretty damn close to manna from heaven… So, when I heard John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame was coming out with a new book called The Referral Engine that lays out a step-by-step referral-generating process, I had to learn more. I read it. It rocked.

Springpad Review

Did you know that a single two-second distraction can cost you 15 minutes of your day? When your concentration is interrupted, it takes up to 15 minutes to get your focus back. Our ambient sounds help reduce the amount of noise distractions in your workplace. Take advantage of the current SALE.Advertise HereBookmarks, sticky notes, grocery lists, tasks . .

How to Get Perspective on Your Life

Do you ever feel that you’re so caught up in the day to day and hour to hour routines of life that you never get a chance to step back and see the bigger picture? Do you get lots done, but without a real sense of accomplishment? Have you ever reached the end of a busy week and wondered what the point was? I expect we all feel like that from time to time – but for some people, it’s t

4x4 Expedit into 2x4 and 1x4

Materials: 4x4 Expedit, saw, power drill, glue, screws Description: After months of hemming and hawing we decide on a look for our addition. We had a used Expedit 4x4 that was serving as book storage. Since we were looking to create under window ledges and book space we decide to modify the 4x4 into a 2x4 and 1x4 book case. 1. For the 1x4: Keep two long middle shelves and 5 short shelves.

The half-full glass

I receive a steady stream of e-mails from people who feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and overpowered by their clutter.

"Write Drunk, Edit Sober; Drink Coffee While Reading the Paper; Watch the Cat."

Happiness interview: Larry Smith. When I was at the SXSW Interactive conference a few months ago, I met Larry Smith. He's the editor of SMITH Magazine -- "Everyone has a story. What's yours?" It's the home of the crazy brilliant Six-Word Memoir project -- and a place for passionate, personal storytelling of all kinds.

Roulette Russian

Profile of Chatroulette inventor: Ternovskiy has an online persona far more developed than his real one.

Dropbox Startup Lessons Learned

A great slideshare from Drew Houston, cofounder and CEO of Dropbox.