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By Tim Ferriss

Unitasker Wednesday: Asparagus Peeler

My friends Craig and Brittany have rascally senses of humor, which I greatly enjoy. This past weekend, they surprised me with a very special gift — a unitasker they found lurking unused at the back of their kitchen utensil drawer: The Orka Asparagus Peeler is for all those times you peel your asparagus, which, at least for the three of us, is never. I’ve never peeled my asparagus.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Unclutter Your Life in One Week: Your questions answeredAnswers to your most pressing questions. How stress can benefit your productivityStress can help you to be motivated and creative (Only two more hours to get this done, let’s get working!), but it also can make you freak out about small, irrelevant factors in your work (Who keeps putting the hole punch away?

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Netflix Streaming Edition

I just wanted to mention something that I think is a great value for those of you who own a Wii or a PlayStation 3 – you can now get a free Netflix streaming app from the app store on your console.

How to Make a Noguchi-Inspired Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Materials: VÄTE table lamp, wire, brass tube, wood spheres, spray paint Description: Isamu Noguchi's Akari lamps are among the classic, iconic pieces of mid-century design.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant: FreelanceSwitch Interviews a VA

Meet Jennifer Gallagher, a Virtual Assistant (VA) living her dream by working from home helping clients be incredibly successful. Since March of this year Jennifer has been working as a freelance VA through Contemporary-VA. Was becoming a virtual assistant what she planned on? No, but the benefits outweigh any obstacles she thought she had.

The McKee-Fields Story Sessions: Part 4 – Storylogue

In part 4 of the continuing interview series with story-master, Robert McKee, we come full-circle on McKee’s views on the relationship between talent and practice, something that generated a robust conversation in the comments on the last session.Actually, that comment-conversation is worthy of an entire discourse, so stay tuned for a bigger exploration in an upcoming post.We then expand the

Nurturing: Erin’s fourth quarter 2010 resolutions

My fourth and final set of 2010 resolutions started the first of October, but have been delayed a bit as I’ve been trying to wrap up my third quarter “Finish It!” goals.

Faktum wall cabinet turns into a Cupboard

Materials: Faktum wall cabinet, Duvbo door, Varde handle, hole in the wall, a handy andy Description: We wanted to use the space under the roof as storage. Clean, pratical and timeless. So we bought 2 Faktum cabinets, with 2 doors we liked, some handles and my sweet handy Andy did the job! He made 2 holes in the open wall, big enough to fit the cabinets. I putted the cabinets toghether.

Allowance: For Learning or Reward?

This is a guest post from Gail Vaz-Oxlade, the host of the popular Til Debt Do U$ Part on CNBC (Saturday nights at 10 and 10:30). Gail is a columnist for Yahoo Canada, Chatelaine, and Zoomer Magazine and blogs daily at her website, where she also offers terrific tools people can use to dig themselves out of the hole.

The Experimental Life: An Introduction to Michel de Montaigne

Que sais je? (Photo: BLT) This is a guest post by Ryan Holiday. At age 21, Ryan became Director of Marketing at American Apparel, the largest clothing manufacturer in the United States. He gets more done than five average people combined, and practical philosophies help to make it possible.

How to Wrestle an Alligator

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Ty Karnitz. Imagine this situation—you take a break from your exploration of cannibal-infested, uncharted jungle to set up camp along the river when your female traveling companion informs you she’s off to bathe in the river. She leaves you to set camp and start the fire.

21 Secrets To The Life You Want

By: Barrie Davenport Who is in the driver’s seat of your life? Your job? Your family? The changing wind of life’s circumstances? Ask yourself, “Is my life the way I want it to be?” If not, what is blocking you from jumping in the driver’s seat of your life? Sometimes, it feels impossible to take control when you are stuck in a job you dislike because it pays the bills.

Personal Finance 101: How Does an Annuity Work?

Sometimes, it’s really no surprise to me that so many people are uncomfortable when it comes to managing their finances.

Jerker treadmill desk

Materials: Jerker Desk, treadmill, LCD, Computer Description: When we were furnishing the new office for work I wanted to match some of our existing IKEA Jerker Desks. Sadly IKEA stopped making them a few years ago and by doing so got rid of one of the best items they ever sold. Since they were not made any more I went on a Craigslist quest to buy up a bunch of Jerker desks.

Winners of the Shoe Shine Saturday Photo Contest Sponsored by Kiwi

A few weeks ago we held a contest on the site called Shoe Shine Saturday. Readers submitted photos of their best shoe shine, and the pictures were judged by the quality of the shoe shine and the creativity of the photo. KIWI Shoe Care was kind enough to sponsor the contest by offering some awesome shoe shine kits to the winners.