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Create a Diffuser for the FOTO Ceiling Pendant Lamp

Materials: Foto lamp (20 inch), FNISS wastepaper basket clear, SPARSAM light bulb, drill, drill bit, utility knife (be careful!) Description: Remedy the annoying "light bulb in the eye" with a diffuser. All items are from Ikea (minus tools). 1. For the diffuser, use a FNISS plastic wastepaper basket. On the bottom, cut a hole about one and a half inch diameter in the middle.

How to Take Great Photos with Whatever Camera you Got – eBook Review

It seems to be the natural evolution of the freelancer that sooner or later we all try our hand at photography.

How to Finish

‘There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on.’ ~Robert Byrne Post written by Leo Babauta. The early draft of this post sat in my system for about a week.

Blue Jeans: An Introduction to Denim

This series is supported by Gillette. Learn more about Gillette and its products at Gillette.com.

Separating the Urgent and the Important

Someone calling you on the phone is urgent, but is it important? Giving your mom a long phone call is important, but is it urgent? Finding that “perfect” pair of pants in your closet is urgent, but is it important? Spending quality time with your daughter is important, but is it urgent? If you really look at that list above and ask yourself which things genuinely matter in your life, y

Keeping book clutter off the bookshelf

I’m possibly taking my April resolution for a Super Simple Month a bit too seriously. Instead of starting to read new books, I’m re-reading a few of my favorites — they’re books I love, books that entertain, as well as books that cause me to examine my view of the world.

7 Rules to Pitching a Glossy Magazine

Credit: FontShop on Flickr I was recently asked to be a part of a panel of magazine editors to talk about how I like to receive queries from freelancers. There were nine magazines represented on this panel that ranged from having a press run of 12,000 to over 100,000.

Setting Smart Financial Goals

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and raising children at Childwild.com This article is part of Financial Literacy Month at Get Rich Slowly. Goals are critical to financial success.

How a Simple Timer Can Magically Improve Your Productivity

I’ve got a timer ticking away as I write this.Why?

6 Ways to Make Writing Easier (And More Fun)

Do you enjoy writing – or dread it? I write for a living, and I also coach writers and would-be writers, so I know just how tough it can be to get up the motivation and the courage to write. But in almost every job, you’re going to have to do some writing.

Temple Bags Laptop Briefcase Giveaway

For a long time, if a man wanted to buy himself a handsome laptop bag, his choices were pretty limited. Boring, black nylon Dilbert-esque bags dominated the market.

“Live Like No One Else So You Can Live Like No One Else”

The title of this article is my favorite single thing that Dave Ramsey has ever written. The idea here is pretty simple: if you live in a challenging way right now, you’ll be able to enjoy incredible opportunities and advantages later.

The Power of Re-Framing, or, Would a Ranunculus By Another Name Be As Beautiful?

The other night, it was my turn to host my children's literature reading group -- I'm now in three of these groups!

Top Freelance Jobs from Job Board – Week 2, April

Looking for a new client? The FreelanceSwitch job board is a great resource of freelance gigs and opportunities. These opportunities are in various fields, from development to writing to design, and come from a wide range of potential clients.

What Lucky People Do Differently

Today’s guest contributor is former Wall Street Journal and Fortune writer, Erik Calonius.