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Get Rich Slowly

By J.D. Roth

A Zen Inspired Wall Hanging Hides the Ugly

Materials: Ikea ANNO AMORF and Ikea ANNO STRA Description: We moved into an amazing work/live loft a few months ago, and we just about love everything about this place. Except one thing. The ugly white internet box smack dab in the middle of our living space with conduit going all the way up to the ceiling. Being renters, we couldn't do anything to move it.

Paper Pendant Lights

Materials: Orgel Pendant Lamp Shade Description: Purchased track lighting rail from Lowe's and made a custom electrical splice in box that connects cord to 110V rail. I dropped the Hemma cord down and used twist tie to adjust length to create a custom lighting set over dining room table. Used with dimmer switch, the lights dim down to create a intimate dinner setting.

Use a Simple Method to Choose Investment Options (58/365)

When people sit down with their retirement advisor to sign up for their 401(k) or other retirement plan, they often think it’s just a matter of signing a few documents and deciding how much to have held out of their check each pay period. Then, when the advisor shows them a plethora of investment options, they lock down.

Sofa Fleece Blanket Bin and Magazine Storage

Materials: VIKA ANNEFORS x2, White Emulsion Paint, Glue (Double-sided Adhesive Tape or Instant Grab Adhesive) Description: We needed somewhere to store our sofa's fleece blankets and my wife's collection of magazines and newspapers. We already had a white BESTA JAGRA TV Bench so I wanted a similar looking piece of furniture to put behind the sofa.

The Top Myths About Working From Home

I found an article on startupsmart that I couldn’t resist reading and sharing with you. The story is about the top home-based business myths and I know you freelancers out there will be able to connect with at least one of these. The Hours are Easy PLEASE! If anything, the hours are harder than working for someone else at their office.

"How Do I Stop TV From Sucking Away My Time?"

2012 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2012 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2012 a happier year -- and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- welcome! Each week, I post a video about some Pigeon of Discontent raised by a reader.

Organizing your workspace based on function zones

Whether you’re moving into a new office or simply uncluttering and organizing your current space, one of the easiest ways to get your desk in order is to focus on organizing zones according to purpose. When you deal with the items on your desk based on similar function, you can keep the most important items as the focus of your space and put the least important items out of the way.

Macbook Air Desktop Stand

Materials: IKEA FANTASTISK napkin holder Description: When at work and at home I use my Macbook air with an external monitor mouse and keyboard. What I really wanted was a BookArc from Twelve South but I would need to get two of them and at $39 a piece I figured I could come up with something. Click to read the rest of the post >>

25+ Professional Resources for Getting Started as a Freelance Editor

Launching into a career as a freelance editor is relatively easy. Unlike our web and graphic design colleagues, editors can start working on their own without too much investment in expensive software or equipment. There are the usual prerequisites of course: You need a staunch command of language and a natural grace with rational and creative discourse.

Career Stereotypes and Their Costs

An email I received from a reader recently left me thinking. Be aware, this person describes some stereotypes that may be painful, and I’m going to talk about them below: When I was growing up, the adults I knew made fun of lots of different career paths. My dad was a lawyer and my mom was a corporate vice president.

Stepping off the Foodie-Go-Round

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a daily frugality blog for MSN Money and writes about frugality and intentional living at Surviving And Thriving. The marvelous Elayne Boosler once joked that she planned to open a restaurant designed for single folks.

The Ghostwriter, The Sculptor, and The Diplomat

If you can write in someone else’s voice, writing for voice –e.g., scripting or outlining speeches and presentations for corporate executives, small business owners, and public officials — can be a lucrative niche.

Photography Light Box

Materials: SKUBB laundry hampers x 2 Description: 2 white laundry hampers were used to create a large photo light box. Place the hampers together so that the lids will be facing towards each other. The hamper nearest you will be the front hamper. Click to read the rest of the post >>

The Real Way to Lose Weight Fast – With Pen and Paper

I'm sure you've seen plenty of weight-loss ads. They pop up in newspapers, on television, and all over the internet. Typically, they'll promise amazingly fast weight loss for very little work.Feeling skeptical?

7 Powerful Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

Whatever goals you’re working towards in life, whatever dreams you have, you’ll want to give yourself the best possible chance of success. You might be trying to lose weight, start your own business, write a book, redecorate the house … these tips apply to almost any sizeable project. #1: Get Help and Support Having a bit of help from family, friends or colleagues – or simply some fri