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Get Rich Slowly

By J.D. Roth

Making Mondays — and your week — more productive

Mondays are opportunities to start new habits and the day to begin a productive path for the week. While others grumble about Mondays, I try to think of them like the first day of school or the first day of a new job.

ENJE makeover

Materials: ENJE roller blind, fabric, waterproof pva, metal ruler, scissors Description: I wanted a really striking blind for my newly finished bathroom, but couldn't afford a custom one. I started with a basic white ENJE roller blind, which luckily was exactly the width of the window (no trimming!), and some of my favourite fabric I had been hoarding for a special project.

The Savvy Blogging Summit

I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately, but for good reason. Over the weekend, I attended the Savvy Blogging Summit in Breckenridge, Colorado. This gathering of roughly 65 women (and three men) is a new event designed to help participants build better blogs.

How to Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself. ~TecumsehAdopting an attitude of appreciation towards the things in your life makes an enormous difference to your level of happiness.

Taking responsibility for preventing further oil spills

The New York Daily News asked me to write an OpEd about our individual responsibility for the oil spill. Unfortunately, they titled and subtitled the piece: "We are a nation of oiloholics: Instead of ranting at oil companies, pols, let's look in the mirror." I wish they had said "As well as ranting at oil companies...

Dance Like Zorba the Greek: Getting in Touch with Your Wild Man

We talk a lot about gentlemanly behavior and comportment on The Art of Manliness. I think it’s a trait we can all use more of and our culture finds in short supply.

What Eminem Knows About Being Confident That You Don’t

Photo credit: Celebrity Jigsaw It’s easy to hate Eminem. For some, it’s just as easy to love him. Eminem exploded into the mainstream with The Slim Shady LP in 1998.

Leslie Koch: Think Big and Act Small

About this presentation As the fearless leader of Governors Island, Leslie Koch put a forgotten little 172-acre island off the coast of Manhattan on the cultural map. In just a few years, she increased island visits from 8,000 people to over 275,000 and got New York City onboard with ambitious development plans, including a potential NYU satellite campus.

Review: The Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. Daniel Solin’s series of The Smartest X Book You’ll Ever Read have turned me off for their title alone, and thus, to this point, I’ve not read them.

Why We Should Contradict Ourselves

— Because the true self is never a fixed thing — There are successful entrepreneurs and there are what I call Entrepreneurial Thinkers, people who don’t necessarily start new enterprises, but who consistently pursue opportunity regardless of resources currently controlled (more on this in upcoming posts). Kuniyasu Sakai is both. Almost unknown outside Japan, the remarkable Mr.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Peter Walsh provides organizing tips for Microsoft Office usersPeter Walsh has created a 15 minute video for Microsoft talking about how he recommends using Microsoft Office to organize three specific areas of one’s life (family, finance, and health). Unitasker Wednesday: Lightning Reaction ExtremeAre you so bored that you can’t think of anything better to do than send an electri

Setting Goals with Your Partner

As I’ve said many times on here, my wife and I have a small handful of major goals that we share going forward in our lives. We both want to eventually live in the country with some wooded area and a small barn. We both want to focus on raising our children as well as we possibly can. We both want to achieve complete debt freedom (we currently just owe on our mortgage) to give us even more c

Linkswitch #26

The Evolution of The Logo Logo design has been a controversial subject in the design press lately. One branding professional recently claimed that logo design is not that hard to do and another said that logos are dead; some rebutted while others concurred.

Suspended Besta Bookshelf

Materials: Besta Shelf Unit, Besta Suspension Rail, Inreda Ladder, self-drilling heavy-duty Nylon wall anchors, multi-position extension ladder Description: Problem For the longest time I've been meaning to make use of the over head space in the stairwell of our home. With 1100 square foot of living area, space is at a premium.