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By Tim Ferriss

Internet may phase out printed Oxford Dictionary

The 130 pound O.E.D. may soon slim down to almost nothing with a move to digital.

Why FAILFaire?

Interesting concept: The FAILFaire, a place where it’s ok to talk about what didn’t work.

What Should I Do to My Work Laptop Before I Leave My Job?

How to leave your work computer sparkling clean to preserve privacy.

Finding the Rhythm

One of the biggest things that’s changed in my life since my financial turnaround and subsequent career changes is that I’m constantly involved in a lot more self-evaluation than I used to be.

Why Does the Fire Have to Die?

Earlier this year I had a great idea for a web application. I mapped out potential site features, sketched out a design, and started researching how to put the thing together. I was completely immersed in the flow of creating. The idea was fresh, new, and exciting, and I loved every minute I had working on it. But then after a few months, the idea hit a stage where it turned into a grind.

Video: Start a Collection. It's Fun!

2010 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2010 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2010 a happier year – and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- this month's focus is Fun, and last week’s resolution was to Abandon a fun project. Did you try to follow that resolution? Did it help to boost your happiness?

What My Law Career Taught Me about Freelance Writing

When I was a practicing corporate lawyer and dreamed of getting into freelance writing, I didn’t think that the two worlds had much in common. Sure, I knew that both jobs required a good deal of reading, researching and writing.

Lack Lego table

Materials: Lack side table, 4 Lego 10x10 bases and adhesive putty. Description: My son plays with his Lego almost daily but I got tired of them all over my coffee table. Some of his creations he didn't want take apart and put away and he likes to sit at the table. I wanted something that wasn't too terribly big and that wasn't made out of plastic as most premade Lego tables are.

Insurance Basics: How to Save on Insurance

This is the second part in a short series about insurance basics. Last week, I explained how insurance works. Next week (or possibly the week after), I’ll offer some tips on car insurance.

Why People Pleasers Get Hit By Trains

In the hit film Inception Leonardo DiCaprio plays a man who can enter peoples’ dreams to steal corporate secrets.

Man Knowledge: Lost Cities Every Man Should Know

Once again we step into the realm of Man Knowledge, where we seek to broaden your understanding of various manly topics so that when the subject comes up in conversation, you’re ready to contribute.

Does "Relationship Talk" Boost Happiness? For Women, Yes; For Men, No.

I've noticed that many people are fascinated by the happiness differences between men and women. For the most part, in my research and reflection, I don’t focus overmuch on this, because I think it obscures the differences among individuals. In particular, when I focus on the way “men” generally behave, I start to lump my husband along with half of humanity.

Customized kitchen pantry

Materials: Akurum high cabinet, Pax Komplement drawers Description: When we renovated the kitchen, we chose this high cabinet from Ikea because it's wide enough for the microwave but for storage it is terrible. It is too deep and has two big drawers which are again too deep. If you put a can in a drawer you can only see the top of the can!

What’s Necessary? What’s Not Necessary?

Naomi is trying to get a good picture of her actual spending and is using a very good process to get there. She’s run into a bit of a snag, though. I have reached a month of collecting receipts and preparing to organise it all in an Excel spreadsheet.

Contemporary concealed entertainment center

Materials: Ikea Besta frames, Ikea Framsta doors Description: We wanted to replace our dated TV stand and open faced media towers with a new contemporary, sleek entertainment cabinet. Had to be modern yet functional. Key attributes were to be low to the ground, minimalist, big enough to hold the 56" HDTV, conceal all the components and speakers.