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By Jay White

Buy a Coke — or the Company

This is a post from staff writer Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service.

Boring Besta to skinny, floating kitchen cabinet

Materials: 2 x standard Besta open shelves, Faktum doors, wood panel Description: I needed a thin cabinet for one side of my very small kitchen. The 20cm wide Besta open shelves were exactly the right width. However, the wall would not support the weight of the shelves so I couldn't mount them on it and I loathe and despise visible feet on furniture.

7 Easy Ways to Improve a Bad Day

Some days, just don’t seem to go right. Maybe you get into an argument with your partner, or end up yelling at the kids. Or perhaps work goes badly — you make a silly mistake, or accidentally delete the file you were working on.

The Alva Emerging Fellowships, Empowering the Next Generation of Inventors

Our new Alva Emerging Fellowships, presented with GE, will give three young inventors a cash grant to put their ideas into action.

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Jewelry

I wear my wedding ring on my right hand. The reason? I married my wife in a Ukrainian Orthodox church and have never felt the need to move it even though we live in a country where 99.99% of people wear it on the left hand. My ring is a small silver metal band that maybe cost $20.  Nothing to brag about.

Papa Was a... Besta' Stone!

Description: I've been inspired by an IKEAhackers Post from Chris, who did a fantastic job on his Besta-based media center. But instead of going with the Framsta Panels, I decided to go for a realistic looking DIY cement stones wall with a couple of light spots on top, hidden in a Besta Burs rack. But let's start with the base.

Varde wall shelf cut down

Materials: VARDE Description: I like the VARDE wall shelf. Unfortunately the high one was too high. So I cut it off in the middle and assembled the two parts with one board in the middle. ~ Gudrun, Germany

Segment Their Allowance (79/365)

Each week, my children receive a small allowance. It’s not tied to any chores; instead, it’s mostly a tool to teach them about money management. We pay them in quarters, with each child receiving twice the number of quarters as their age.

The Way of the Peaceful Parent

‘… and she loved a boy very, very much– even more than she loved herself.’ ~Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree Post written by Leo Babauta. There is no such thing as stress-free parenting. A reader requested that I share my thoughts on stress-free parenting, as the father of six kids.

Size Queen

Materials: Ikea measuring tape/Ribba frame Description: Used coloured strips of measuring tape purchased at Ikea and an Ikea picture (Ribba) frame to make this piece of art work ~ Gareth, Northern Ireland

Spring is here and cleaning is in the air

Around 1:15 this morning, those of us in the northern hemisphere officially started spring. The local weathermen explained to me as I sipped my coffee that because this is a leap year, spring showed up on the calendar a day early.

Spinning with BRADA

Materials: BRADA laptop support, PVC pipe/tee, nuts/bolts, hacksaw, sand paper, drill Description: Recently purchased a indoor bike and wanted the ability to read at decent angle or use a tablet (really helps the time fly!). Had the BRADA laptop support lying around, but it didn't quite fit the bill (too low of an angle angle unstable). Click to read the rest of the post >>

The Moral Instinct and Your Money

I recently came across a fascinating article from the New York Times by Steven Pinker called The Moral Instinct.

A Discussion on Content Mills

Before I discuss writing for a content mill, it’s best to determine exactly what a content mill is. And, depending on who you ask, they will probably have a different definition. Content mills (or farms) have been around since the 90s.

Extendable Lack Bistro Table

Materials: Lack side tables, found/repurposed wood, velcro, scews Description: Using an unfinished headboard my father was no longer working on, I added trim to three sides leaving the fourth open to allow for an extension. The top is attached to the top of one Lack table, screwed to a 2'x2' piece of plywood underneath the top of the Lack table.