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By John Wesley

Ultra-small living in downtown Tokyo

Fuyuhito Moriya purchased a parking space in Tokyo, and then had an ultra-small three-story home built on the 30 square meter lot (about 323 square feet) for approximately $500,000, according to the CNN article “Ultra-small is beautiful for Japanese homeowner.” Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video that accompanies the article, so I strongly suggest you go to see the video on C

Minimalist fitness: use your kids as a gym

Post written by Leo Babauta. I’m a big subscriber to using whatever you can find to work out: pullups on trees, throw big boulders, flip logs or big tires, jump over things, sprint up hills (see Minimalist Fitness, part 1 & part 2). As a parent and a minimalist, I’d like to share my ultimate minimalist workout secret: my kids are my gym. Fellow parents, if you’re not doing th

The Pursuit of More Ideas

With a rebel yell, he cried “more, more, more!” In Jim Collins’ book How the Mighty Fall (affiliate link), Collins gives the five steps that most companies go through on their way from success to failure.

5 Ways to Make Your Money Work For You

You probably already know how to work to bring in money, but you only have half the equation unless you’re taking these steps to make your money work for you. You don’t have to be a Wall Street wiz kid – all it takes is being mindful of when you spend your money, why you’re spending it, and what your true goals really are. 1. Have specific, tangible goals for your money.

Making It All Work – Getting Perspective at Ten Thousand Feet: Projects

This is the thirteenth entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen.

9 Ways to Winterize Your Car

This post is brought to you by Goodyear. Click here to learn more about Winter Reactive Technology from Goodyear. What’s this? Last week we discussed winterizing your home. This week we’re giving our cars the same treatment.

Opportunites in Ghostwriting Services

Tell people you are a “ghostwriter” and they will conjure up enticing visions of you rubbing elbows with major entertainment celebrities, top athletes, and business icons.

Identifying non-physical clutter

Physical clutter is easy to identify in our lives because you can touch it, take a picture of it, and point to it during an argument with your roommate/co-worker/child/spouse. “That thing, right there, should not be there!” Other forms of clutter are more nebulous. If you are worried all the time, you can’t pack that anxiety up and sell it on Craigslist.

Ikea Avsikt now soft closes!

Materials: AVSIKT - BLUM hinges Description: When I began updating my kitchen with IKEA cabinetry, I was disappointed to find that my cabinet door choice AVSIKT did not have the soft close feature that is ubiquitous to other IKEA cabinets and drawers.

Six Ways to Trick Yourself into Working Harder

I suspect that, like me, you've had times when you've thought if only I could work a bit harder...Maybe you're worried that your only claim to fame is going to be "World's Greatest Procrastinator" or "Biggest Farmville Addict". You've got some great dreams and ambitions – but you secretly doubt whether you can work hard enough to achieve them.I've got good news for you.

Back to Basics

“You know, you’ve been spending a lot of money lately,” Kris told me the other day. I’d just returned from yet another shopping trip to REI. “I have?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. “Can’t you tell?” Actually, I guess I can.

The Pillars of a Solid Friendship

In ages past, a friendship was supposed to be a sacred bond between two people.  Despite the interconnectedness of our age, many people lack friendships that have depth and true understanding.  Many people experience the pangs of loneliness without anyone to turn to.  Yet a friendship that is true and strong is not a bygone myth.  It is possible to have a deep and lasting friendship if there

VIKA desk goes glam

Description: My bedroom has various wood finishes represented and I wanted a desk that would look modern and incorporate multiple finishes. I also wanted it to look expensive...and of course I had only a small amount to spend. When researching /browsing IKEA hacker, I came across the rustic stool seen here.

How to Get Ready for a Camping Trip Like an Old School Boy Scout

Editor’s Note: Today’s post from Hutch on the 10 Essentials of Outdoor Adventures reminded me of a great passage I recently came across in The American Boys’ Handybook of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft from 1920. It offers a fun look  at how Boys Scouts were taught to get ready for camping trips almost a century ago.

The 10 Essentials for Outdoor Adventures

Every man has a different idea of what constitutes a “necessity” when venturing out into the wilderness.  For one man, a fire source and a good blade may be all that is required, while for the next, GPS and a full outdoor kitchen setup might be considered indispensable.  While experienced hikers, climbers, and other adventurous sorts most likely have their packing list down to a science, th