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Get Rich Slowly

By J.D. Roth

As-is goldmine, part 1: built-in bar cabinet

Materials: table saw, nail gun Description: Taking our regular route into IKEA (in through the out door, heading right to the As-Is room) my handyman and I were on a mission to include a built-in cabinet into our unfinished dining room, so we could take advantage of the open walls and frame job we (read: he) just completed.

Tiffany Hacked

Materials: Tiffany Canvas Frame, Wall Decals, battery, wires, switch. Description: I bought the Breakfast at Tiffanys canvas frame A LONG TIME AGO which means there are probably millions of them out there. I wanted mine to be different and unique so I put a red LED light to the end of her cigarette which can be lit with an on/off switch attached to the side of the frame.

Your Top 10 Clutter Questions, Answered

Post written by Leo Babauta. Decluttering is a skill that you learn with practice, just like any skill.

Unitasker Wednesday: English Muffin Splitter

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! This week’s unitasker selection is so absurd that I fear anything I write about it won’t be as funny as the actual object. I’ll simply introduce you to the object and then you can have a good chuckle without my interference.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2011 January 2011 resolutions and a plan of action I am ready for a year of 100 percent success, and monthly resolutions with daily schedules will be my plan of action to make that happen. Unitasker Wednesday: Snap Jack Pancake Cutter Are you against owning any knives? Do you really like pancakes? If you answered both questions affirmatively, well then I have the perfect product for you!

Standing Workplace - Triple Lack side-table - Rolling - Dirt cheap

Materials: Ikea Lack Side table (3x), Ikea scrap wood, wood glue, 80mm wood screws (16x), drill, 4 wheels Description: I needed a platform to put my laptop on, while photographing in the studio. Stacking 2 Lack side tables, was just not high enough, so I decided to shorten the legs on a third table and put wheels under the shortened legs for practical reasons in the studio.

The Secrets to Connecting on LinkedIn

I’m fairly new to the whole LinkedIn thing. I’m on it, but I haven’t really been using it to my advantage. I get updates from my Alma Mater’s LinkedIn page each week, but I usually throw that email right in the trash. Is LinkedIn just another social network I have to pay attention to? I decided to take a closer look. Recently I have been logging in more to my LinkedIn page.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Election Returns Edition

Whenever there’s a significant vote or election, I find myself tuning into the results the evening after the vote. I’ll visit tons of websites, looking for the latest results and different perspectives on what they mean. The funny thing is that it’s usually impossible to really say what the impact of a vote really is until a long while after the vote. So, why do I tune in?

My beautiful bedside table

Materials: Hemnes (chest of 3 drawers), saw, brass handles. Description: I simply cut off the feet of the dresser and replaced the handles with other nicer. Now I have a bigger table and more graceful. ~ Paola Andreoni, Italy

Don’t Forget Regret — Use It Instead

This is a post from staff writer Tim Sullivan. Right after we graduated from college, my best friend wanted to buy a real bed.

The 5-Step Approach to Gathering and Using Client Testimonials

We all know that as freelancers, we should get testimonials for our work – yet most of us are hesitant about doing so. In a previous post, James Chartrand pointed out the importance of social proof in the form of reviews or testimonials. According to Chartrand, they can help lower the perceived risk for your potential clients, and help them feel safer buying from you.

How To Start Conversations And Make Friends

If you’ve been reading a lot of articles on how to make friends that tell you to start conversations, be more outgoing, and be yourself, and you’re not getting the results you want, I’m writing this because I found myself in the same situation seven years ago, and I had no idea how to make friends, or how to build relationships and take things from the “acquaintances” stage, and I’d l

Sometimes All

Sometimes All You Need Is 20 Seconds Of Insane Courage… Hi, my name is Lori R Taylor… As a partner of PickTheBrain, the #1 ranked Self Confidence blog online, I co-created the 90 Days Ultimate Confidence Boost with my good friend Sean Platt. “I thought for sure getting an email every day would drive me crazy. But soon I looked forward to those small does of inspiration.

6 Forgotten Drugstore Colognes and Aftershaves

Every time I stroll down the men’s grooming aisle at my local drugstore to pick up some deodorant or Brylcreem, I can’t help but notice the shelves of colognes and aftershaves.

Starting Frugally

By Leo Babauta When I started Zen Habits, not only did I have zero money to invest in a small business, I was deep in debt. I couldn’t afford to hire a designer, pay for an expensive host, buy software, hire staff, pay for anything [...]