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Dumb Little Man

By Jay White

Fancied Up Helmer

Materials: Helmer, Six Drawer Pulls, Fine Tip Black Marker, Hammer, Awl, Philips Head Screwdriver, Safety Goggles, Gloves, Shoes, Drill, Soft Cloth Description: I love the Helmer but didn't know what to do with the label slots. My handwriting is not that good and there's really just random stuff in the drawers anyway. I tried fancy paper but didn't like it.

Practice Good Gas Conservation Habits (37/365)

One of the fun things about my wife’s car is that it has a constant readout of the miles per gallon on the dashboard. It lets you know what your miles per gallon over the last five minutes is, the mpg of your entire trip, as well as your estimated miles per gallon right at that moment. The data it produces is really accurate.

Good Life Project Goes Live: This. Changes. Everything.

For nearly a decade, I’ve had a vision to build a single venture devoted to equipping a new generation of entrepreneurs and world-changers with the knowledge, tools, mindset and support needed to do amazing things in business and life. Today, that vision becomes reality with the launch of Good Life Project™ (GLP) and GoodLifeProject.com. So, what is it? GLP is a movement.

Expedits to the ceiling

Materials: Four Expedit 4x4, some inserts, and a father-in-law Description: In our new house we wanted a big bookcase up to the ceiling. We figured we could fit 7 Expedit-size compartments (height). My father-in-law (Bas) was confident he could knock out 1 row of compartments to build our custom wall of Expedits. And so he did.

Headboard secret hole

Materials: BRIMNES headboard, hinges, saw, screwdriver Description: We had a little bedroom, with no space for nightstands. So we chose to buy a BRIMNES headboard to put the lamps and other stuff. The problem was that we put the headboard next to the wall, so we lost the lateral storage of one side. We cut the top part and joined it with hinges, so there was access to the shelf space.

My best BESTA-bookshelf

Materials: BESTA shelves, TOMBO doors, INREDA extra inserts, aluminium angles, screws, screwdriver, drill, pencil, ruler, spirit level, black paint, brush, wallpaper, wallpaper paste, roller, knife, something for roughening (sharp knife) Description: We used: 1 BESTA shelf unit 120/40/192, 1 BESTA shelf unit 120/40/38, 1 BESTA shelf unit 60/40/128, 3 TOMBO glass doors 60/64, 3 INREDA extra inse

Build a Better Tweet

A new study from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science called “Who Gives a Tweet: Evaluating Microblogging Content Value” has unveiled what we like to read, and what we don’t like to read, on Twitter.

Following the Time Trail and Downgrading Subscriptions

In the past few months, we’ve ended our subscription to GameFly, reduced our subscription to Netflix to streaming-only, stopped receiving four magazines, and given away or sold a bunch of items around our household. At first glance, one might think we were going through some sort of economic crisis.

8 Questions to Help You Save More

This is a guest post by Fiona Lippey. Fiona is the author of the bestselling book The $21 Challenge and founder of Australia’s largest frugal website, SimpleSavings.net. If you want to save money, and I mean really save money, then you’re going to have to stop buying Stuff. You have reduce the amount you consume.

5 Ways to Earn More from Current Clients

It takes a lot of work to get a new client. Unless you have a regular stream of referrals coming your way, you may need to do all the legwork yourself by approaching potential clients, contacting them, and testing if they’d be interested in your services.

5 Self Help Books That Might Just Change Your Life

Self-Help: the act of helping or improving yourself without relying on anyone else. Luckily for us, there is a large selection of self-help literature written by truly remarkable authors. These authors share personal experiences from their own successful careers or interview others who have unlocked secrets of happiness and achievement.

How To Jumpstart Your Creative Career in a Bad Economy

When times are tough, it's not enough to play the waiting game. A shortlist of resources to help you take action and get your career into gear.

How To Jumpstart Your Creative Career in a Bad Economy

When times are tough, it's not enough to play the waiting game. A shortlist of resources to help you take action and get your career into gear.

How to Back Up a Trailer…Like a Man!

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Colin Braun. So, you borrowed your father-in-law’s boat for your weekend at the cabin, or you bought a RV to take the family camping for this year’s vacation. You got to where you were going and realized you now had to back up to get that trailer where you needed it.

Lack coffeetable drawing

Materials: Lack, black marker, Glitsa Description: We have a Lack coffee table that has been used for six years, and unfortunately there were some small damages on the tabletop. I first found it a too big and too white surface to put in our new living room, but I did want to use the table because it's a very practical one.