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Soul Shelter

By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

New Higher Envato Marketplace Rates!

For four years the Envato Marketplaces have helped authors around the world earn an income selling their digital wares. Along the way we’ve grown from one marketplace to seven, with more on the way. We’ve gone from hundreds of members to hundreds of thousands. Items from our marketplaces have appeared in projects for companies big and small, all around the world.

9 Ways to Never Be Late Again

There are three things that remind me of my father’s car: the Beach Boys, ChapStick, and a clock that is intentionally ten minutes fast. My father is one of those people who lives in his own time zone: Jeff Standard Time, sandwiched somewhere between Greenwich Mean and Mountain.I used to tease my father for setting his clocks fast to try (and rarely succeed) at fooling himself into punctuality.

The Number 1 Reason Why Your Life is a Failure

Do you think your life is a failure? Why? Is it because you haven’t accomplished any of your goals? Or because you aren’t financially stable? Don’t have a beautiful home? People can be very dramatic.

Get the Perfect Haircut: How to Talk to Your Barber

This series is supported by Gillette. Learn more about Gillette and its products at Gillette.com. Think back to your last haircut. How’d you feel about it when you walked out of the shop? Disappointed?  While your disappointing haircut might have been due to poor barbering, it’s often the case that your poor communication with the barber was at least partly to blame.

Overcoming Fear

By Nadia Ballas-Ruta Overcoming fear doesn’t happen instantly or automatically. It is the result of deliberate intention, and conscious action towards doing things that scares you. As a result of overcoming your fears, you grow as a person, and expand the possibilities that surround your life. Do you recall the last time you wanted to do something so intensely but fear got in your way?

The "A rose by any other name is a Malma" mirror

Materials: Malma Mirror, clay, paint, varnish, glue Description: Using a self-hardening clay (no kiln needed), form your roses, then once dried, paint and varnish them. Glue them to the Malma mirror with bathroom-tile glue, to which you can add paint, so that it will blend in with your color of roses. ~ Eileen, Lisbon, Portugal

Why Are Interest Rates So Low Right Now? (and Where Should You Put Your Money?)

I’ve been plowing through my e-mail lately in my never-ending quest to reach inbox zero. As a result, I’ve been answering tons of reader questions.

Frugality and Organization

Save everything. Buy in bulk. Find second uses for everything. These are all powerful frugal tactics and they’ll all save you money. I’ll give you five examples. 1. Got an old t-shirt that’s worn out? Toss it into a “scrap cloth” bin and save it for times when you just need a big piece of cloth to clean up a mess or protect something else from getting too messy. 2.

10-Minute Cheese Grater Lamp

Materials: HEMMA light cord/light bulb set, IDEALISK cheese grater, electrical tape Description: I was inspired to make myself a new desk lamp by the lighting design of a trendy Mexican food restaurant in Berlin.

Freelance Podcasts

As you all know, the Freelance Radio podcast has come to an end.  If you didn’t get to listen to them all, you can find the archive on iTunes here. To fill the void left by the team, I’ve found a few options that can’t replace Freelance Radio, but they will probably give you some decent tips and tricks to help you become the best freelancer you can be. The Freelance Life – Good informatio

How to Make the Most of a Small Workspace

Don't cop-out on your workspace design just because it can't accommodate as much as you'd like.

Creativity Matters

 John Maeda responds to Po Bronson's Newsweek article on the "Creativity Crisis."

Finish up the last of your summer to-do items

For those in the northern hemisphere, just 28 days of summer linger on the calendar. Before the cool days of fall and winter set in, now is the time to finish up warm-weather uncluttering projects that remain on your to-do list. Your garage.

Above Average

Are you average or above average? By definition, you are probably average although I like to assume that most readers of Productivity501 are above average. But for the moment, lets assume you are average.  How can you become above average? Time is the great equalizer. Everyone has the same amount of time–whether you are average, below average or above average.

How Personal Finance Changes as You Begin to See Success

Five years ago, when I was working at a very stressful job and buried under piles of debt, I felt as though this is what life was going to be for me as an adult – an endless path of making payments to others, keeping my head just above water, and buying stuff I couldn’t afford because it took the sting of it away for a while. Today, I feel completely different about my relationship wit