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By Gretchen Rubin

Financial Literacy Month 2011

Though April is no longer officially recognized as National Financial Literacy Month in the U.S., many states and organizations still treat it as such.

Silver leaf Ikea Rast Dresser Hack

Materials: Rast dresser, silver leaf, paint, crystal knobs Description: Painted the Rast dresser with black paint, then applied silver leaf glue adhesive to fronts of drawers. Next was to lay silver leaf on the fronts. Seal the dresser with wipe-on poly and add some bling in the form of crystal knobs! See more silver leaf rast dresser. ~ barbara@hodge:podge, Vancouver, Canada

Coworking: The Good and the Bad

One of the great problems of being a freelancer is the solitude. It’s difficult at times to sit in front of your keyboard and do what you’ve got to do without any human interaction. There’s no water cooler to talk around, no office gossip to catch up on and no one else to fill you in on what happened on last night’s episode of The Family Guy.

Ask Unclutterer: What to do with sentimental t-shirts?

Reader Dawn submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: My son has played sports since he was 5 yrs old and between me, my husband and him, we are overrun with “spirit” shirts with his name & number. Of course, he’s switched teams over the years, and has grown, so although a cute memento, I only need to keep 1 per team for the memory box. So, what do I do with the rest?

Sale of Zen Habits is Off

Post written by Leo Babauta. It is with some sadness, and a little excitement, that I now announce that Zen Habits hasn’t been sold. Apparently the guys at AOL.com are a bunch of pranksters, because they have informed me that our sale talks were an April Fool’s joke. Then they laughed a lot and said, “$25 million for a site with almost nothing on it?

Zen Habits Sold

Post written by Leo Babauta. I’m excited, and a bit sad, to announce the sale of Zen Habits to AOL.com. Excited, because this is a new phase in the life of Zen Habits. With the financial backing of this media giant, we will finally be able to compete on a level playing ground with TechCrunch, Gizmodo and CNN.com.

Rast Turned Sideboard

Materials: Rast Dressers, paint, wood stain, wood filler, drawer handles, drill Description: -Two Ikea Rast dressers -Wood measured to build two shelves -Two 6"x1"x12' pieces of wood - the surface piece cut in half and stained -Wood filler to fill in the drawer knob holes -A quart of hi-gloss Martha Stewart paint in Seal (used two coats) -Six new drawer handles from Home Depot (you will

4 Cures For Overcoming The Onset Of Mental Rigor Mortis

'By having an open mind, you will ward off the onset of mental rigor mortis or vision arthritis.' The number of years denoted by the calendar and your birth date are no reflection of how old you really are, or how healthy you are in your spirit, soul and body.

Workspace of the Week: Restricted colors create calm

This week’s Workspace of the Week is La Femme’s Mac-beautiful home office: The sense of calm I feel looking at this desk is immense. The way the desk fits so perfectly in the nook is also very pleasing. The wireless keyboard and mouse help to keep cables to a minimum, and the restricted white and black color palate reduce visual clutter.

Dinner With My Family #12: Slow Cooker Jamaican Red Bean Stew

Each week, I’ll present a low-cost meal (or a meal that demonstrates a lot of options for cutting costs) that my family eats for dinner and enjoys.

Routinely Missing Personal Goals

Amy writes in: I have no problem setting goals for myself. I follow the steps you suggest: make them realistic, make them numerical so I can keep track of them, write them down, and so on. The problem is that when I come up with a plan to reach them, that plan completely falls apart within a week, every single time.

Bringing Back the Codpiece

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Ty Karnitz. Men today have been bringing back many classic things from the past: the hat, old cocktails, shaving with a safety razor…and now it’s time to revive another quintessential piece of manliness: the codpiece. What’s a Codpiece? In the 1500s, men wore hose to cover their legs.

Need Fresh Inspiration? Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Credit: Rodrigo Comisarenco on sxc.hu Most freelancers maintain their success by moving forward: meeting a new client, landing your next big assignment, embracing the latest technology. But sometimes, the best way to gain momentum is to pause and look at what you’ve already accomplished. Next time you’re faced with a slow day or need fresh inspiration, take a break to see what you can learn

Modern flower pot

Materials: Ceiling lamp Description: I bought this ceiling lamp at the AS IS section of Ikea. When I saw it I thought it would be the perfect modern flower pot that is so hard to find for an affordable price. It already has an opening in the bottom where the wire would normally go. Instead the water can make an exit through there now. ~ Heloisa Fiasco, Raleigh, NC

Ask the Readers: A Fool and His Money…

It’s April Fool’s Day, one of my favorite days of the year at Get Rich Slowly. It’s the day I get to share the story of some foolish thing I’ve done with money in the past. This year, though, April Fool’s Day falls on a Friday, which is when I traditionally field reader questions. So, I thought it would be fun to mix things up.