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The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Dealing With Stress Edition

How do I deal with stress? My best way of dealing with stress is to be active, not to be passive. I’ve found that every time I respond to stress in my life by just sitting around or doing nothing, it just makes the stress worse.

Assorted items for July 14, 2010

Some interesting things to share: I’m recording an interview about uncluttering for Renew You that should be available this Friday through next Tuesday. Renew You 2010 was a conference that occurred earlier this summer, and every few weeks the organizer of the conference sends out links to new interviews to conference attendees and people who register for the mailing list.

7 Social Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Cripple Your Reputation

Social media is an excellent way to market yourself as a freelancer. It can also be, in my opinion, entirely overrated and often misused. Every day I see professionals tweeting and updating Facebook with spammy posts and self-important chatter that makes my skin crawl.

Midcentury modern Expedit side table

Materials: EXPEDIT Insert with 2 drawers, (2) 2-packs of adjustable BESTA Legs, INREDA storage with 4 compartments, ¾" plywood, edgebanding for plywood; tools> panel saw at your friendly local wood supplier (thanks Owl Hardwood) or saw with high quality plywood cutting blade, biscuit joiner borrowed from your woodworking friend (thanks Woody), (you could glue and nail as well although it wil

How Do You Define Financial Freedom?

This post is from Kent Thune. Kent urges and guides readers to place meaning and purpose before money and planning at his blog, The Financial Philosopher. Can freedom be bought? Are there any (financially) poor people who are free? Are there any (financially) wealthy people who aren’t free?

How to Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

You’ve probably heard the saying “Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” It’s a reminder that we can never know what it’s like to be that person: perhaps they’re struggling with problems which we’ve never seen, or never guessed at.Other people’s behavior can be frustrating, irritating, and hard to understand.

Balding Gracefully: Tips and Hairstyles for Balding Men

You’re noticing more hair in your sink and in your shower. But for awhile you ignore it. Then one day you’re staring at your ugly mug in the mirror, and there’s simply no denying it anymore. You’re starting to go bald. No one’s ever referred to men’s hair as our “crowning glory” but hair loss can still be a big psychological blow to men.

The Best of Business in June: 10 Posts from FreelanceSwitch & WorkAwesome

Every month, we’ll be rounding up the previous month’s best posts from the business network of blogs and directing you to them. Here’s the best of business in June, including articles from WorkAwesome and FreelanceSwitch.

15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling

Photo Credit: Alaska Photo Path: Photos: Alaska Natives Photos: Smiling Native Indian Woman Everyone loves the quote “laughter is the best medicine,” and as a nurse, you have probably even experienced the benefits of smiling and laughter with your patients. In fact, smiling can boost your mood and even your immune system.

Action Method II: Keeping Projects Alive

Action Steps are the most important components of projects—the oxygen for keeping projects alive. No Action Steps, no action, no results. The actual outcome of any idea is dependent on the Actions Steps that are captured and then completed by you or delegated to someone else.

Anatomy of a Credit Card Statement

With the changes included in the Credit Card Act, credit card companies are now required to give users more info on their monthly statements.

Getting Things Done: The Power of Outcome Focusing

This is the thirteenth entry in a fourteen part series discussing the time management classic Getting Things Done by David Allen.

Video: Do Good, Feel Good. It Really Works.

2010 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2010 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2010 a happier year – and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- last week's resolution was to Cultivate gratitude. Did you try to follow that resolution? Did it help to boost your happiness? This week’s resolution is Do good, feel good.

Plant between the lines

Materials: Bladet trio from Ikea, puffy and fabric paint Description: 1. Choose colored puffy or fabric paint. 2. Draw directly on the planter with paint in patterned or random graphic designs. 3. Allow puffy or fabric paint to dry. ~ Erica, Michigan

Unstressed for Success: 5 Stress Relievers for Friction Free Work

I’ve been married long enough to have a spouse that is comfortable enough to notify me when my stress level is getting too high.  She says that she does this just before the feeling to “put me out of her misery” becomes more than just a fantasy.  Usually her notification isn’t initially well received, but after a few moments/hours/beers, I come around to her way of thinking and try and