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By Glen Stansberry

A Few Brief Thoughts on 9/11

Ten years ago today, I arrived at work without knowing anything of what was going on in New York and Washington.

Hutten for no wine drinker

Materials: Hutten wine rack, screws, Grundtal s-hanger, Description: I'm an sober alcoholic and have nothing to do with wine, but in our holiday apartment we have lots of slanted walls and not enough space to store kitchen things. So I found out, we can handle the problem with hanging... Just make sure, that the Grundtal s-hangers can slip behind the rods and move easily. Tadaaaa!

Reader Story: Lay-Off Resistant Family Finances

This guest post from Sam is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes.

Linkswitch #85, Strategic Synergy, Dark Art, Creative Potential

Spark Your Freelance Business with Strategic Synergy Are you trapped selling buckets of time? Bouncing from one freelance project to the next? There is a better way – develop a synergistic approach to your freelance business. At times we all need to take the work that comes before us to generate income, yet we should develop a personal strategy to minimize this.

Manvotional: In an Age of Fops and Toys

In an Age of Fops and Toys By: Ralph Waldo Emerson In an age of fops and toys, Wanting wisdom, void of right, Who shall nerve heroic boys To hazard all in Freedom’s fight,— Break sharply off their jolly games, Forsake their comrades gay And quit proud homes and youthful dames For famine, toil and fray? Yet on the nimble air benign Speed nimbler messages, That waft the breath of grace divin

Linda Rottenberg: For Entrepreneurs, "Crazy" Is A Compliment

If no one is calling you "crazy," you're probably not thinking big enough. Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg shares unorthodox advice for startups.

"Happiness, Like Goodness, Is Almost Impossible to Describe..."

"The difficulty for a writer...is that it seems to be a law of language that happiness, like goodness, is almost impossible to describe, while conflict, like evil, is all too easy to depict." -- W. H. Auden, "Deborah" from Forewords and Afterwords * Want to launch or join a group for people doing Happiness Projects together?

Money Is Something We Choose To Trade Our Life Energy For

The title of this post is a sentence that appears in bold on page 51 of Your Money or Your Life. In fact, it appears twice in bold on that page. Money is something we choose to trade our life energy for. This applies to virtually every financial transaction we make. When we work, we trade our life energy for the money we make.

5 Points on How the Art of Persuasion Brings About Peace of Mind

The act of persuasion is among the most important skills of any successful businessperson. A great idea is nothing if it can’t be sold. A great product is nothing if it isn’t used. We convince people of things every day – or they convince you. The person whose ideas are best is not the leader, but the person with the best ideas who gets their ideas adopted.

BENNO & BILLY build a spice rack with doors

Materials: BENNO, BILLY, NEXUS Description: Our spice rack (VÄRDE) is placed directly above the stove so all spices became oily and sticky – the time has come to change this. The problem was we didn't find a nice rack (with doors) which is not too deep to fit above our stove.

Colorful LATT makeover

Materials: 1 LATT children's table and chair set, 1 roll gift wrapping paper, scotch tape, 1 roll clear adhesive contact (shelf liner) paper, 2 cans spray paint Description: 1) My husband spray painted all pieces of the table and chair frames with red spray paint (he did the first layer with a combined primer/paint and went over it with the paint of the same color). Let dry overnight.

Ride the Butterflies

The ability not only to endure but to invite, amplify, and exalt uncertainty, then reframe it as fuel is paramount to your ability to succeed as a creator.

6 Ways to Tackle Boring or Irritating Tasks

I’m an athlete (triathlete and running marathons) and I have a pretty regular schedule of workouts I do on a weekly basis. However, certain exercises are more irritating than others.On Tuesdays, I have my hardest exercise of the week – 1km (0.6 mile) sprint runs.

Expedit Bar table

Materials: Expedit 2 by 4, Vika Amon table top, short legs from Ikea Description: I needed a very narrow table that would accommodate up to 10 people.

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #36

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1.