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5 Ways to Lose Your Stuff (Not Your Lover)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jennifer Gresham at Everyday Bright. You feel like you’ve tried everything. You set something outside with the garbage, but find it back inside the house because your spouse couldn’t bear parting with it.

When Procrastination is a Good Thing

Most of us think of procrastination as a bad thing–something we should avoid, but that isn’t always the case.

Wordpress Manual Plugin – Review

As a web developer or designer you know how valuable a content management system like WordPress can be in running a client’s website. But how many times have you run across a client that is comfortable right out of the gate using WordPress?

How to Get Ahead (And Never Fall Behind)

Imagine that you’re on vacation. This couple told you about an awesome little spot. While they give you a general idea of where it is, the directions are vague and you’re completely unfamiliar with the area.

And the three winners in our ScanSnap S1100 birthday giveaway are …

Thank you to EVERYONE (all 12,855 of you!) who are now following @Unclutterer on Twitter and who have participated in our Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 birthday giveaway. We have greatly enjoyed this giveaway and Fujitsu’s generosity! Now, let’s get on to the good stuff … At 10:00 a.m.

Uncluttered living isn’t boring

An uncluttered life is one where you choose to get rid of the distractions (the clutter) so you can focus on what matters most to you. You get rid of the messes and stresses to spend time pursuing the life you desire. For most of us, the life we desire and the things that matter most to us aren’t boring things. In fact, they’re usually quite the opposite.

You Don’t Need a New Computer

Every so often, I’ll hear from a friend or a reader who wants me to point them toward a great deal on a new computer.

Ask a Musician: Making the Best Use of Limited Practice Time

Credit: travispawlewski/Flickr Editor’s Note: Every Tuesday, we ask freelancers to talk about skills specific to their field, whether it be design, programming, or music. Today Marion Harrington shares how she breaks up her practice routine to stay a freelancing musician! How many roles do you assume in an average day?

Dump your old music cabinet

Materials: BESTA, LACK Description: Everything is getting smaller this days: no more vinyls, no more tape decks. But a good amp is still needed, so let's just get a smaller music cabinet for now. I created mine from a small Lack side table. I used 4 Besta wheels instead of the table legs. I got at my local hardware store 4 metric threaded insterts.

Creation Essentials

Leave me with these. I’ll be just fine…How about you?

Billy bookcase redux

Materials: Billy bookcase, wrapping paper, mod podge Description: I've posted all the instructions and step by step photos here. See more of Sharon's Billy bookcase ~ Sharon Pakir, Melbourne, Australia

Two Stories About Retirement Planning

I never know where the personal-finance lessons are going to come from. Today, I heard two stories about retirement from my own family. First, my wife told me that her retirement program at work might be cut. Next, I learned that my family’s box company has had a bizarre retirement crisis of its own. Don’t count your chickens Kris came home frustrated tonight.

Ten Ways to Make Sure You Fail to Hit Your Goals

Got any goals at the moment? Yep, me too. The problem is, a lot of big goals sound like pretty hard work – things like losing weight, getting fit, saving more money, quitting smoking ...Perhaps it's easier just to shoot yourself in the foot before you start. So here's ten great ways to make sure that you fail to hit your goals.

Goal Setting 101: Get to Where You Want to Be

How do you feel about setting goals? Maybe you’re not keen on the whole idea – it seems artificial to you, or you’re worried about failure. Or perhaps, like me, you’re really good at coming up with interesting goals – and less good at actually following through on them. Either way, just having a goal in mind isn’t going to get you far.

Miki Agrawal: What's Your Definition Of Success?

We talk with New York entrepreneur Miki Agrawal about reinventing her career and reinventing pizza.