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By Chanpory Rith

Managing Mom’s Money: An Update from Happy Acres

I’m sitting in the lobby of Happy Acres waiting for the business manager to return from lunch. I just spent half an hour talking with Mom, who’s doing much better than she was a month ago.

6 Things You Must Do Today to Stay Sane in an Insane World

Do you ever feel like curling up in a ball and trying to forget the problems around you?

How to Decorate a Man Room

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jayson Franklin and Morgan Gagne of Manly Vintage. There’s a good chance the first interior decorator was a guy, scratching pictures of a glorious hunt on the wall of his cave, trying to show off for his friends.  This was the first man cave, if you will.

Lose with Dignity. Celebrate with Grace. (Part I)

“I cannot describe it. I cannot give you any idea of the kindness, and generosity, and magnanimity of those men. When I think of it, it brings tears into my eyes.”  -Charles Marshall, Aide de Camp to General Robert E. Lee General Lee was wearing a new dress uniform, complete with a red sash and exquisite gold studded sword.

The 4-Hour Chef: The New Book with Amazon

I love exploring and try new things. Here: failing my Maid Cafe audition in Akihabara, Tokyo. (Photo: David West) Never before have I appeared on the cover of The New York Times, and never before have I seen such an incredible response to a single announcement involving me.

Emergencies and Irregular Expenses

Every once in a while, I’ll get an email from a reader that goes something like this… This month, my annual insurance bill came due and I couldn’t make ends meet. I cleaned out my emergency fund. Then, at the end of the month, my car broke down. What’s the point of having an emergency fund?

Kitchen cabinets in bedroom

Materials: Faktum, Nexus Description: Because we have sloping ceiling, we had problem finding cabinets that fitted by the wall for things like clothes, towels, bedlinen, christmas decorations and so on. I came up with the idea to use same kitchen cabinets that we use in kitchen and laundry. I put two skirtings lying down on the floor to make a distant for the cabinets, so we can open the d

As-is speaker stand / Ektorp mash-up

Materials: Ektorp couch, Stolmen hooks, candle stands, and Laxvik table Description: I wanted to put my speakers right behind my couch, but I didn't want to buy speaker stands, because I didn't want another set of objects that I had to shuffle around while vacuuming my apartment.

Including instructions for handling your online identity in your “In case of …” file

One of my former students died a few years ago, yet her Facebook page remains. Her page has turned into a shrine, and her friends come and leave messages every once in awhile, whenever they miss her. I’m not sure if her parents left the page up on purpose, or if they didn’t know it existed.

In Defense of Mastery

There’s been a lot of talk, especially in the blogosphere, about having the freedom to put together a basket of interests, to pursue a wide variety of things simultaneously and figure out how to do do them in a way and on a level that allows you to mold together a decent living.Freedom to pursue multiple interests, it’s claimed, is the end-all, be-all.

Reader Mailbag: Looking Forward

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Keeping whole life insurance 2. Life choices and student loans 3. Adding spouse to property title 4. Should mom file for bankruptcy? 5. Student loan worries 6. Career balancing money and passions 7.

Should Freelancers Worry About Bad Reviews?

Credit: Lifeonwhite on Photodune A bad review, whether it’s posted on a portfolio site, or just shared by word of mouth, can ruin your whole day. It’s easy to dwell on it, turning everything over and over again in your mind.


Materials: Tall Billy, short Billy, Olsbo doors, two bits of wood, screws Description: This is simple, but did the trick. I wanted a deep cabinet for some old stereo components (turntable, CD changer) with book storage above.

Is Unlimited Air Travel a Good Deal?

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and raising children at Childwild.com. Air travel is rarely anyone’s idea of a good time.

Why Winning is Overrated

The letter F. Think about it and two words come to the picture. One of them causes anticipation while the other leads to exasperation. I am going to talk about the latter. The word ‘Failure’! ‘Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing’.