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Dumb Little Man

By Jay White

High-Tech Baby Monitor

Materials: Vika Oleby Table Leg Description: We're about to welcome triplets into the house, and I wanted to set up video baby monitors in each crib. I couldn't find a way to mount webcams so they were far enough above the crib to capture the full view and out of the way enough that they wouldn't impair our ability to get the babies in and out.

8 Personal Finance Lessons from Benjamin Franklin

This series is brought to you by TurboTax Federal Free Edition. What’s this? Benjamin Franklin rose from 17-year-old runaway to successful printer, newspaperman, author, inventor, diplomat, and statesman.

Freelance Photography: Digital vs. Film Case Study

Last week, the British Journal of Photography helped spread the news that Kodak will stop producing digital products as part of their ongoing strategic review? What is Kodak going to do? Refocus on good, old fashioned film. At first, this sounded like brand suicide to me.

Hacker Help: How do I hack a table like this (part 2)?

Materials: Unsure, please help! Description: In the same vein as a previous post, I found an incredible desk/table on Boing Boing (I'm sure many Ikeahackers readers are also fans of Boing Boing), and I'm sure the fine people of Ikea Hackers can figure out a way to recreate it (and I'll be trying it myself anyway, but why not get a little brainstorming going?).

Unitasker Wednesday: Pancake problems that aren’t problems

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! In my opinion, the best part of the breakfast pancake is the syrup. Without syrup, a pancake tastes like hay. With syrup, a pancake tastes like candy. The more syrup on a pancake, the more it tastes like candy, and the better it is.

BRODER Bike Rack #2

Materials: Broder post, Extension post and Bracket center 22 3/4 " Description: This hack is much like the other BRODER system bike rack hack, however this uses a different and better system to mount the bikes. Click to read the rest of the post >>

A year ago on Unclutterer

2010 George Washington: Simplicity seeker George Washington’s biography is a nice reminder that the problems and aggravations we face currently, and our desire for a more simple life, are often very similar to those experienced by the people who lived before us. 2008 Unitasker Wednesday: The pancake puff Do you like pancakes?

Boost Email Productivity with Boomerang

True confession: I recently went on an e-mail killing spree. The objects of my ire were all of those not-so-crucial e-mails that I’d saved under my Gmail account. And I took a certain pleasure in squashing many of them with my Delete key. Ahhh. Nothing like a leaner, meaner Gmail account. Unfortunately, you can only get so far by killing superfluous e-mails.

5 Little Secrets for Turning Fear into Your Loyal Servant

Fear is misunderstood.We learn that fear is bad, and happiness is good. We run away from fear and toward happiness. But what is fear, if not a few sensations in the body coupled with a few thoughts?We are the creators of our own fear, yet we believe we are the fear. We put up filters that we see the world through, and we get these filters from our experiences in life.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Politics Edition

You would think, with the Iowa caucus ending a month and a half ago, that the automated political calls would stop for our family. You’d be wrong. I’m still getting calls from candidates I don’t support asking me to donate to them.

Paying for College: A High School Student’s Quest to Stay Debt-Free

This is a guest post from Chase Miller, a high school student from Orange County, California. He loves to surf, travel, Tweet, and catalog life through photography.

6 Tips for Designing a Promotion Worthy Business Card

You might not always know when an opportunity for networking or the chance to expand your client base will present itself.

SNIGLAR - Crib co sleeper

Materials: crib SNIGLAR (39 €), 4 wheels (0.85 € c / u) and a hinge (2.60 €) Description: After 2 years of living with our son Ivan who is a candidate to win the prize for the child on the planet with least sleep, it was clear that with the new one is coming to us, we are not to play, and although Mr.

The 10 Traits of Outstanding Leadership

This article is for parents, teachers, counselors, small business owners, managers, or anyone else who interacts with others and has some influence over them. If this is you – then you are a leader. Having influence over people isn’t just about being in a formal position of authority.

Something Old, Something New: A Shortcut To Your Best Work

Producing great, new creative work on command is tough. The next time you're stuck, consider taking a trip down memory lane.