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By Tony Clark

Why You're Hooked on Email – And Five Ways to Stop

Email. We love it – for speedy, easy, free communication around the world. And we hate it – for eating up more and more of our time.If you've ever spent your whole workday dealing with emails, or come back from a vacation to find hundreds or even thousands of messages waiting, you'll know what a drag email can be.

No Impact Man now out in paperback--An interview with Colin Beavan

Hey folks, I'm excited to report that No Impact Man is out in paperback this week (borrow it from your library or share with friends a copy from your local bookseller, Amazon, or BN.com).

Finding Your Calling-Part II: The Myths and Realities of Vocation

When I started this series on vocation last week, I thought it would be just a two part series. However, the more I pondered the topic and dug into the research, the more fascinating the subject became and the more insights I felt impressed to share with you. Finding one’s calling encompasses so much of a man’s life, and can be a large source of anxiety for men.

P T Barnum on Success

P T Barnum was a Victorian businessman who is remembered for his traveling circus – the ‘greatest show on earth’ – and the weird and wonderful ‘exhibits’ it contained.

How to Sell Off a Media Collection

Back in 2006, when I hit financial bottom and realized I had to do something, one of the first things I did was clean out my closets and shelves and sell off a large portion of my media collection.

French Country Play Kitchen

Materials: STAT doors, random unknown shelves/cabinet doors, RATIONELL shelves Description: To make this kitchen I raided the "As-is" section at our IKEA. They always have an assortment of cabinet doors and single shelves in a variety of sizes; many for $1-$5 each. It took some patience and creativity, but eventually I found some to fit the sizes I needed.

Reader Mailbag: Decoration Day and Memorial Day

Memorial Day is pretty much just confusing to me. It’s theoretically a day to honor fallen soldiers, but most people just go on vacation or play in the yard. What happened to Decoration Day, which is May 30 of each year? That’s the original date created to honor those soldiers that have served our country in times of war, started after the Civil War.

Happy Memorial Day!

At Unclutterer, we’re taking the day off from work to honor those who have fallen in service to our country and those who have passed before us. We’ll see you back here tomorrow for regularly scheduled content!

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2009 Do you have a big ‘But …’?So what is your big “But …”? What is keeping you from letting go of your clutter? The next time you catch yourself making an excuse, think about what you’re saying.

Freelance Freedom: #158

Research: Porn Improves Test Scores. Geeks Delight!

Our brains are odd little creatures… If I told you, for example that thinking about love makes you dumb, but creative, while thinking about sex makes you smart, but small-minded, you’d probably think I’d lost one too many marbles. But, a recent study led by psychologist Jens Forster at the University of Amsterdam and reported in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, sh

Jewelry display tray

Materials: Ribba Frame, Polarvide blanket Description: My girlfriend keeps on leaving her jewelry on top of our new (and rather expensive :/ ) white lacked piece of furniture. It was time to build a solution to avoid scratches and display jewelry in style. My idea, her perfect execution!

“Accepting Oneself Does Not Preclude an Attempt To Become Better.”

“Accepting oneself does not preclude an attempt to become better.” -- Letters of Flannery O'Connor This reminds me of one of the paradoxes of my happiness project: I want to accept myself, but also expect more from myself. * A thoughtful reader sent me this link to a video showing an eight-month-old baby hearing his mother's voice after his cochlear implant is turned on. * I'm getting rea

Review: 48 Days to the Work You Love

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller keeps getting recommended to me over and over again by readers.

Is It Really Cheaper to Ride the Bus?

Aaron writes in: I love your cost breakdowns when you calculate the real truth behind some financial choice. I’ve got one for you. Is it really cheaper to ride public transportation to work? I have a bus stop about a block from my house. For about $2 each way, I can use public transportation to get to work, which is about fifteen miles away.