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By Glen Stansberry

Laundry folding station out of a dishwasher cabinet

Materials: Varde dishwasher cabinet & Pragel countertop Description: I needed a countertop for my kitchen and found it on a Varde dishwasher cabinet. I decided to repurpose the remainder of the cabinet to use as a laundry folding station. I assembled per the instructions minus the countertop and the wood piece in front. I then put it in place and screwed on a Pragel countertop.

LifeRemix Announcements

Productivity501 is a member of LifeRemix–a network of bloggers who are all focused on enriching people’s lives in one way or another. Everyone has been pretty busy writing books, starting podcasts, and creating courses.

Unitasker Wednesday: The brie baker

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! Kitchen gadgets are such easy targets for unitasker selections that I almost feel like I’m cheating when I choose one to feature. This week’s selection was so outrageous, though, that I had to run it.

The AP is Changing the Way Their Reporters Use Twitter

The Associated Press has recently forbade its writers from expressing their opinions on Twitter, including implied opinions in retweeting posts by others. This has caused a bit of an uproar. Many journalists and other media-industry observers on Twitter responded to the AP’s edict with scorn and derision, as detailed in a Storify roundup of some reactions.

Built-in with Bench

Materials: Hemnes Wardrobe and Hemnes TV Unit Description: I put together the wardrobes and TV unit and then attached the wardrobes to wall studs. I used a mix of 1x6 & 1x8 pine boards over the top of the TV unit to fill in the gaps between it and the wardrobes and create a bench. Click to read more>>

The Flinch and The Future of Publishing

Earlier this year, New York Times bestselling author, Julien Smith, and I had an interesting moment.It happened during a skype interview about swearing on blogs and in business. The whole conversation was fantastic and generated a lot of conversation and just a wee bit of controversy.

How to Get More Clients Faster With Templates

No matter how well you plan, there will be times when you’ll need more clients. During the “famine” periods of your feast and famine cycle, the best thing you can do is cut this time as short as possible. To do this, you need a system for contacting leads, qualifying them, and converting them into paying clients as fast as possible.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Struggling to Write Edition

Whenever there’s a challenge going on in my life, I find it much harder to write. I find my thoughts drifting away from the words and onto other things. For me, the best solution is to simply spend some time reflecting on that challenge.

Review: iJobo Freelance Activity Journal

With so many different types of programs and apps on helping you and your team keep track of hours spent on projects, it can be confusing. Most focus on what I call “self-reporting”– which relies on the person wanting to keep track and having to actually click a button to start recording time. But how do we even know this is accurate?

Elk MALM Dresser

Materials: MALM Dresser, peel able wall vinyl Description: I have had a MALM dresser for years now and wanted to spruce it up for my new house. I found a wall paper mural printer just outside of town so I designed a simple mural to adhere to the drawer faces. End result, pretty cool! ~ Rob, Madison, WI

Why Financial Literacy Fails (and What to Do About It)

One of my resolutions since returning from Peru is that I’m going to be more responsive to requests from reporters. I’ve generally tried to weasel out of interviews in the past because they always made me uncomfortable. I’ve done enough of them now, though, that I’m able to answer questions without having a panic attack. Most interviews are pretty formulaic, really.

7 Ways to Bounce Back From Life’s Challenges

In life, stuff happens. People get sick.  The IRS calls. Then, just when you think it can’t get any worse, the dog throws up on your shoes. And that’s before you’ve left for work. What do you do when you don’t know what to do anymore? Here are ten ways for you to develop your resiliency – your ability to bounce back from the challenges in life. 1. Acceptance Ugh.

The Painless Path to Endurance (Plus: Breville Winner and More)

“Victor” running an ultramarathon. Pavel Tsatsouline is a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, currently a subject matter expert to the US Navy SEALs and the US Secret Service.

Mountain & Sackett 2011 Holiday Tie Giveaway

What line-up of holiday giveaways would be complete without one for Mountain & Sackett ties? So our perennial Mountain & Sackett tie giveaway is here once again! What can I say? I love featuring Mountain & Sackett on the site. They’re a family-owned business that’s been making ties right here in the U.S. of A since 1957. And the quality of their ties can’t be beat.

The Life Marathon: What Creatives Can Learn From Elite Runners

Could marathon training be an apt metaphor for the slow build to creative excellence? What we can learn from runners about developing expertise.