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8 Counter-Intuitive Ways to Improve Your Well-Being & Creativity

Can getting angry make you more creative? Can office pets improve collaboration? New research and tips to boost your creativity and happiness.  

On the Future of Books: A Discussion with Seth Godin

Post written by Leo Babauta. The industry of publishing ideas has been undergoing a revolution for more than a decade, and where it’s headed is still an open question. As a writer, I’m excited by the possibilities.

The Smartest Way to Store Your iPad for €4,99

Materials: Ikea Flort Description: 1. Buy a Flort 2. Fold the Flort with the remote control pockets on the inside 3. Sew the folded flaps on both sides 4. Here you are! See more of the FLort iPad storage. ~ Roel de Lange, The Netherlands

Some Thoughts on Delayed Gratification

Over the past few years, I’ve come to believe that learning to appreciate delayed gratification is one of the best things a person can learn in terms of their psyche and their finances. Here are a few stories illustrating what I mean. Watching your garden grow This past year, I really got into our garden.

Ikea Mix'n' Match Studio

Materials: Expedit, Effektiv, Tag Handles, Galant, Grundtal Description: My husband and I just relocated to Denver. I needed to make an office space out of half of our living room without it being an eye sore. I do alot of sewing so I needed something to hold all my craft supplies. I got two Expedit bookcases, 1x5 cubes, to put on either side of my Galant desk.

Frosta bedside table for Mandal bed

Materials: Frosta stool Description: Couldn't open the storage drawers under a Mandal bed with the Frosta stool being used as a bedside table.... So relocated two of the Frosta's legs and the drawers can now fully open. A 5 minute job, take 2 adjacent legs off and remove the inner 2 screws of the remaining 2 legs. Rotate those legs parallel and screw into place.

When to let chaos reign

Danielle LaPorte is in the midst of finishing work on her next book and recently tweeted the following: Danielle’s perspective is wonderful. I know her home and work spaces are usually well organized, clutter free, and inspiring. While she is in crunch time with her book, though, she has let many of her minor responsibilities go for a few days as she focuses on what matters most to her.

LED powered Lack shelf

Materials: Ledberg, Lack Shelve Description: Simple LED lights behind the Lack, it slides all the way to the wall. But I find it's missing a next LED on top. ~ Georgyboy, Rotterdam, Holland

Reader Mailbag: Juggling Act

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Closing a credit card 2. Estate planning and shared accounts 3. Personal finance percentages 4. “Nerdy” hobby 5. FHA loan question 6. Umbrella insurance 7. Caucus season 8.

How to Keep Your Thanksgiving Budget Thankfully Low

This post is from staff writer Sarah Gilbert. We’re all skilled in the ways of the holiday budget; most of us start thinking about it in the fall, with most attention paid to Christmas gifts, feasting, and New Years’ celebrations. And if we’re traveling to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving, that budgeting has already occurred.

Freelance Toolkit: How to Get Started Video Blogging

It was just a few years ago when the major bottleneck for websites was producing content — you had to be an expert in web design AND a good writer to put content on the web. Video production was even more difficult with bandwidth issues, dozens of formats to consider, and that doesn’t even include the cost of shooting, editing, and post-production. Today is completely different.

Personalized Grundtal tins

Materials: Grundtal tins, Paper Description: I have developed free downloads to personalize the Grundtal tins. Just print the pdfs (two different alphabets, one bold, one normal) and place them in the Grundtal lid. Free download at my non commercial personal blog (no ads whatsoever!) In the "Link to this hack" option I filled in the post where I describe everything (in German).

11 Simple Ways to Become Confident Like a Rap Star

When I was younger, I was a very shy guy. I often wondered how it would feel to be confident like a rap star. I mean, does Snoop Dogg ever feel insecure? Could you picture a shy rap star? How would you feel if you just didnít care about what other people thought? How awesome would it be to feel comfortable in every situation? Itís just a stupid dream, right?

Spare Change: Reader Submissions Edition

When I returned from Peru, my inbox had nearly 1000 messages to be processed. That actually wasn’t so bad — I was expecting more. Still, as you might imagine, it takes days to answer 1000 messages, and I’ll be working on e-mail until Thanksgiving, I’m sure.

From Idea to Reality: A One-Year Case Study on Launching a Successful Business

September 15, 2010 From: Matt To: Colin, Charlie Here’s a thought… we all have a reasonable amount of disposable income to invest.  I say we push this talk into a seriously productive conversation and put our money where our mouth is.  Let’s START A BUSINESS. _____________________________________________________ This was taken from an actual email that I sent out to my friends, a