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Awake at the Wheel

By Jonathan Fields

Blind Spots and Career Myths

How often are you thrown off by an inability to see what’s right in front of you?I recently had the chance to interview my friend and Money Magazine’s Online Career Expert of the Year, Alexandra Levit, about something she calls career blind spots and the book she just released on the topic by the same name.

Unitasker Wednesday: The Pumpkin Gutter

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! Halloween is less than a week away and gourds of all shapes and sizes are popping up in fields and on dining tables and adorning stoops and front porches.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Naptime Edition

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a half-hour long power nap in the middle of the day. It’s exactly as it sounds: I’m trying to sleep for a very short period during an energy lull in my day. What I’ve found is that some days it works like a charm and I’m ready to just tackle whatever comes my way.

The Crazy Success of, I Want To Draw a Cat For You

When I first saw this video I was confused. Sure, the jingle was catchy and the editing was swell, but, was this guy for real? Did people actually buy his terrible drawings? He doesn’t do this for a living…does he? I decided to put on my investigative journalism hat and see if I couldn’t get some answers about this crazy cat guy.

Calibrating and Circumventing the Cost of College

This article is from new staff writer Tim Sullivan. It’s a common refrain that today’s college graduates are entering into the worst job market and economy since Hoover was around. We’re told that an undergraduate degree means less than what a high school diploma once was, yet we’re investing more in school than ever before.

Saving and Investing for Freelancers

Credit: diego_cervo on Photodune Back in the 1980s, when self employment was rare and stigmatized, it was difficult to get a lot of things that we modern-day freelancers take for granted. Take credit cards, for example. When my father left his job in his industry and started a consulting practice, he couldn’t get a credit card on his own.

14 Tips for Tranquility

We all know that life can be difficult, but the recipe for peace and tranquillity is really at our fingertips. Here’s how: 1. Don’t worry about your self-image. We all have an image of ourselves, how we think we appear to others. It’s usually wrong because we just don’t know what other people think about us, and so it’s not worth worrying about.

Way back in 06'

Materials: Abstrakt 18" x 39" door (as is) $12.00; Vika Oleby (as is) 4 for $6.00; Non-Ikea items: Waddel top plate $2.00 x4, Screw, bolt, insert nuts & gorilla glue $12.00Description: I built this as my laptop desk back in 2006 or 07'. I can't remember exactly when.

With a spoon full of creativity

Materials: Cutlery (BONUS) just the spoons, screwsDescription: As I have already said before: the cheap and cheap-looking cutlery BONUS attracted me to define it again. With two sets of cutlery (24 pieces for 2.99 euro ) I made several hacks. The second hack only affects a supplement.

The Future of Self-Improvement, Part II: The Dilemma of Coaching Yourself

Outstanding achievements don't just fall from the sky, they come from the relentless cultivation of learning and expertise. But how do we go about it?

Fork or not a fork, that's the question

Materials: Cutlery (BONUS), peace of wood, screwsDescription: The cheap and cheap-looking cutlery BONUS attracted me to define it again. With two sets of cutlery (24 pieces for 2.99 euro each set) I made several hacks. Here comes the first: Carefully bend forks with pliers. Drill hole and screw to a piece of wood. Tadaaa! A unique piece for the kitchen or as a coat hook.

Breakfast Basics: How to Make Better Eggs

In my opinion, eggs are one of your best resources in the morning.  Full of quality protein, virtually carb-free, and packed with vitamins and minerals, they make the ultimate breakfast food.  Don’t be too swayed by the cholesterol scares of the 1980s; eating the whole egg–not just the whites–has actually been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and to improve good choleste

Hug More, Kiss More, Touch More.

2011 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2011 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2011 a happier year -- and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- welcome! This month’s theme is the Five Senses, and last week’s resolution was to Cultivate good smells. Did you try that resolution? Did it boost your happiness?

Playing the “What If?” Game

The “what if?” game is a scary game to play, but it’s an important one. What if I lose my job? What if I get seriously ill? What if I pass away suddenly? What if one of my children has a condition that requires constant care? What if my spouse suddenly passes away? There was a time not too long ago in my life where I dreaded the “what if?” game.

The Rules of Effortless Parenting

Post written by Leo Babauta. I often get asked how I can do so much while having six kids. My short answer, and all you really need to know, is my wife Eva is awesome. I couldn’t do half what I do without her. She is the reason Zen Habits is able to exist. And so if you want parenting advice, you’d be smart to ask her. She doesn’t, however, have a blog.