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Zen Habits

By Leo Babauta

A year ago on Unclutterer

2013 Organizing military memorabilia November 11 is the time when we pause and remember the service men and women who serve their country.

When Resistance Smacks You in the Face

By Leo Babauta As a writer, one of the most frightening sights I face is the blank page. It fills me with doubt, uncertainty, dread, sometimes a bit of panic, and creates an urge to run for any distraction. And I face this terror every day. Whether I’m writing an article or a book chapter, creating something new is not easy.

The Pajama Principle

Most of the time, when I’m sitting in my home office writing something, I’m either wearing pajamas – usually an old tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants – or an old tee shirt and ragged, comfortable blue jeans. I’m not worried about appearances. I’m not worried about anything, honestly, other than personal comfort.

The First Step To Change

I would forgive you for reading a few personal development blog posts and coming away from the experience more troubled than relieved. After all, *Why don’t you own a business? *Isn’t it about time you traveled the world? Those things will happen, of course — right after you sign up for the email list. Phew. Thank God all I have to do to solve my problems is click a button.

Hyllis all the way

I wanted a Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn-ish industrial looking shelves for the living room. By taking four units of Hyllis, turning them upside down and making some cuts, we had the basis for our shelves. We then treated the wood, made some cuts to make sure it fit and la voila. These are the results!   See more of the HYLLIS industrial-look bookcase.

Around the World With Travel Insurance

Travel insurance often seems unnecessary, but missing your vacation in favor of an extended airport stay can make you reconsider its value. Photo: Oakley Originals Whether it’s for business or pleasure, by land, air, or sea, travel is fraught with perils.

How I use negative feelings about finances to my advantage

This article is by staff writer Kristin Wong. I have never had much patience for dwelling. Time is a limited resource and I want to use it in the best possible way. Dwelling is a waste. I also have little patience for sweeping things under the rug and pretending to be happy when I’m not. Ignoring a problem is a great way to ensure it will come back to haunt you later.

10 Things Guys Need To Learn Now To Be Real Men

This is a post for weak guys out there who want to be better.  This post is for guys that know they're not living up to their full potential. This is a post for guys who want to be real men. I won't go deep into the idea of manliness.

Help for the Shy Guy — Step 2: Identify the Faulty Thinking That Leads to Your Social Awkwardness

Last week we began a three-part series on how to overcome shyness — a feeling of social anxiety and discomfort that can hold us back from forming warm relationships, reaching our goals, and just enjoying life in general. In the last post, we explored the nature of shyness including its roots and symptoms.

Automatic kitchen trash can

Materials: FILUR trash can 25 Liter, UTRUSTA drawer for trash can I made this kitchen trash can that automatically opens with the cabinet’s door. I used UTRUSTA drawer that is originally for VARIERA trash can. Instead of VARIERA, I used FILUR 25L trash can. The FILUR didn’t fit inside the drawer so I heated it and compressed it to fit inside the drawer. Then I tied the lid to the b

How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Discipline is required in everything we do. Whether it may be our diet, our discipline to stick to a schedule, our discipline to exercise but what I have found is the most difficult to control is the discipline to have the right thoughts.

Fado with Neopixel-like LED Stripe and Arduino Pro mini

Last weekend I hacked my FADO. I took some PVC Tubing, some LED-Stripe from lokal ALDI-Store and a Arduino Pro Mini. This is the shopping-List: Arduino Pro Mini (7#) PVC-Tubing 10cm (<1#) Aldi LED-Stripe (49 # but i needed only 1,2 m from 5m) 12V Power supply (6#) Solder Soldering iron some wire The Code and the Library I took from this site (german).

Mini kitchen makeover: paint-dipped IKEA chairs

Our rental home has a large but highly impractical kitchen layout. The area under this window was completely bare so I installed a cost effective kitchen nook which we use for family meals and a kids homework/activity area using an IKEA beech LAGAN worktop (this may now be known as the HAMMARP) and four IKEA BOSSE barstools, all of which I already had.

Digital organizing and productivity tools

I’ve been working with a few tech tools lately to improve my organization and productivity. Some are proving themselves to be quite useful, while I’m on the fence with others. Here’s a look at what I’m using lately, both the good and the could-be-good. Photo management I’m still years into my search for the perfect digital photo management solution.

Video: One Easy Way to Fight a Bad Habit? Make It Inconvenient.

I’m doing a video series in which I discuss the various strategies that we can use for habit-formation. Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life, and a significant element of happiness.