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By Jay White

Six Things I Learned While Recording the Audiobook for Better Than Before

This week, I’ve been recording the audiob0ok for Better Than Before. I did this once before, for The Happiness Project, and once again, it was an interesting, unsettling process. Here’s what I learned about myself and my book: 1. I can’t stand the sound of my own voice. Whenever they replayed aloud something I’d read, I had to leave the room. 2.

What The Most Successful People Know About Networking

Author Tim Ferriss once said, “in person is the least crowded channel.” Getting off the couch, attending an event and meeting new people remains one of the best ways to expand your network. Unlike social network websites, going to a live event requires more effort.

Drab to Fab INGOLF bar stools

Materials: INGOLF bar stool I liked the INGOLF counter height stool, but too hard. I tried the tie on cushions and they moved too much. So I decided to buy foam and faux leather. Since the chair was already apart in the box, we assembled everything but the seat.

Student Loan Consolidation: Pros and Cons

Combining all of your student loans into one may not taste as good as one-pot chili, but it could make your monthly payment easier to swallow.

MÖLNDAL in black

Materials: MÖLNDAL, SKURAR I like the white color, but this time … First I tried on SKURAR. Managed well, then also tried on Mölndal. The main idea carefully taping the holes and slowly apply the color. I think the colors should be on the outside, inside is better left white. Good luck in experiments! ~ Uldze from Latvia

Uncluttering for the holidays

For many, this time of year is associated with gift giving. And gift giving is usually associated with gift receiving, which can mean new things coming into your home. Therefore, this is a great time of year to do some uncluttering. Donating or giving away items that are no longer useful to you might make someone else’s holidays brighter.

KALLAX Workstation Extraordinaire

Items Used: 2 – Vika Amon / Tornliden table top 2 – Kallax 4 cube 2 – Kallax drawer unit 8 – 3″ locking casters / wheels 1 – 6′ zinc brace I choose to stand at work because it makes me feel infinitely more productive. Our department recently moved into a new building and we had the opportunity to design our own spaces.

How to Maximize Your Meal Planning Dollars with Bulk Buying

Sammi writes in: I really loved your article about meal planning for busy families. My husband and I have adopted this strategy and have been using it for about two months and our food costs have gone down a lot! The only challenge we have is how to incorporate bulk buying into it.

3 Questions to Unlock The Past (And Future Happiness)

As Jon-Kabat-Zinn’s book title reads “Wherever you go, there you are”. There is something in us that attracts the experiences we have in our lives and we need the help of emotions to drill down to the truth of the lesson we need to learn.

Over bathtub changing table for small spaces

Want a changing table that sits on your bathtub yet leave you enough space to take a comfortable bath? Here you are! I hack a cheap SNIGLAR using just a little saw, a drill and lot of patience. First, I cut the rear legs… In this way the lower table lay on the bath supporting all the structure.

The Unregulated World of Identity Theft ‘Insurance’

Many companies will sell you identity theft protection, but the industry is largely unregulated and rife with deceptive marketing practices. Photo: Eric McGregor It’s all over the news: celebrity photo hacking scandals, digital security breaches at major retailers, and banks that have misplaced unencrypted backups of confidential customer data. More than 13 million consumers suffered fr

What is your investment strategy?

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. Get Rich Slowly conducted an online survey of about 2,000 randomly selected individuals on the subject of investing recently, and I found the insights from the results quite interesting. Some of the highlights of the findings of the survey are: 1. Over 40 percent of all respondents do not invest at all at the present moment. 2.

The 15 Best Quotes to Inspire You to Never Stop Learning

I used to think that school was the place to get an education. But I was wrong. School is just part of your education. We live in an Information Age where we can learn about almost anything in the world --- as long as we have the willpower to.

The Churchill School of Adulthood: A Prerequisite Class on Becoming the Author of Your Own Life

On Monday, we kicked off the Winston Churchill School of Adulthood with a general discussion of the way in which the master key in growing up well is learning how to combine the seemingly contradictory energies/ideas/interests of both youth and maturity.

5 Questions to Simplify Your Life During the Holidays

By Leo Babauta For many people, the holiday season is the busiest, most complicated, most stressful time of year. Holiday parties, gift shopping and wrapping, decorating, travel plans, end-of-the-year projects, planning for the new year … these are all added on top of your regular business. And life before the holidays was already pretty busy. So what can we do to simplify?