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Awake at the Wheel

By Jonathan Fields

On A Journey To Build A Dream School Together In Austria

I am a Community Manager and, as part of the job, I talk to our users a lot. They tell me all sorts of stories, from what they enjoy the most about our product to how they recently traveled to Greece for a 10-day vacation.

9 New Products in the AoM Store! Zippo Lighter, Pint Glass, New Tees, and More

We’ve recently added some great new products to the Art of Manliness Store that we’d like to introduce you to. Check ’em out below. Every purchase you make helps support the work we do here at the Art of Manliness, and there are even more great items coming in the next few months, so stay tuned! “Carry the Fire” Zippo Lighter We’re going to be okay, arent we Papa?Yes.


Três minutos é o tempo que leva para cozinhar esse bolo de caneca! Para fazer o cabelo, te ensino a preparar um “chantininho” e a usar o bico de confeitar chamado “chuveirinho”! O rostinho é desenhado com caneta marcadora permanente e sai com álcool!

Cure Your Skin Today: The Best Adult Acne Home Remedies

When your face is breaking out, you just want to crawl into bed and not come out all day long. And as you feel embarrassed, you can’t help but wonder: Wasn’t acne supposed to be left behind in your teenage years? Adult acne is frustrating, embarrassing and difficult to deal with once it develops.

How To Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable Even If The Thought Scares You

It’s extremely uncomfortable for anyone to open up to others. Every time the people around you talk about their true feelings, there is a sense of dread and wishing it would be over. So, you push them away.

Social Briefing #8: How to Have Better Conversations By Asking More Open-Ended Questions

Social Briefings are short bi-monthly dispatches that offer practical tips to improve your social skills.

Hector Elizondo: Caregiver – The Toughest Role I’ve Ever Had To Play

During my 50+ years as an actor, I’ve played the head of a hospital in Chicago Hope, a wise hotel manager in Pretty Woman, head of security in The Princess Diaries and a fierce boss in ABC’s Last Man Standing. But, the toughest and most rewarding role I ever had to play was that of being a caregiver for my parents. It was my mother who first needed care.

Amazon Echo and Google Home: Best thing ever or just clutter?

I’m a member of a Yahoo group that discusses digital management and lifestyle tools, including paperless management approaches. Lately there has been a lot of discussion about voice-activated home assistants such as the Amazon Echo (powered by Alexa) and Google Home (powered by Google Assistant). Both of these have a lot of fans.

Bamboo IKEA cutting board into Floating Nightstand

Lluís trims the APTITLIG bamboo chopping board into an elegant floating nightstand. A minimalist shelf, without legs and barely visible brackets beneath. It is not meant to hold a lot of weight but it’s perfectly functional for your nightcap and next-to-bed essentials. Here’s how: 1. Using a table saw, cut a bevel edge for all 4 sides of the chopping board. 2.

How to Treat a Venomous Snakebite

Out of the 3,000 or so snake species in the world, less than 10% are venomous in a truly dangerous way. But that still leaves a few hundred varieties you need to keep an eye out for the next time you’re tromping through the wilderness. As always, the best way to treat a snakebite is to prevent it.

Transcript: Dr Rhonda Patrick on Exploring Smart Drugs, Fasting, and Fat Loss

When Dr. Rhonda Patrick returned to the podcast for a Q&A episode, I figured it would be popular. But I didn’t realize it would quickly become one of the most downloaded episodes of all-time. As a result, many of you asked for the transcript of our conversation, so here it is.

The Profound Effects Of Meditation On The Mind

Life can feel like it’s moving at a VERY fast pace. Sometimes, it can be exciting and all-encompassing, like you’re riding an energetic wave of creativity and excitement. At other times, it can feel overwhelming and frantic. Which side of the coin are you currently on? Do you feel stressed and burnt out trying to keep up?

“It’s Important that I Carve Out Time in My Day, Every Day, to Think for Myself.”

Interview: Mike Erwin. I got to know Mike Erwin a few years ago, when he invited me to speak to his class at West Point. He gave me a fascinating tour and explanation of what it’s like to attend West Point. These days, Mike is the CEO of the Character & Leadership Center, whose mission is to produce better leaders through a deeper understanding of character.

How to Add Slicers to Pivot Tables in Excel in 60 Seconds

Slicers make it easy to change your views inside of a pivot table with a clickable menu. In this tutorial, learn how to quickly add slicers to pivot tables in Excel to better control your unique spreadsheet views.How to Add Slicers to Excel Pivot Tables (Quickly) Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow these quick steps that compliment this video:1.

Slowly Let Go Of These 5 Things When Your Child Becomes A Teen

Are you a helicopter dad? Used originally by Dr. Haim Ginott, helicopter parenting is a term used to describe parents who hover over their kids’ lives like a helicopter. It has been added to the dictionary in 2011 and has since become common lingo among parenting experts. Helicopter parenting can take many forms.