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By Leo Babauta

Bookniture: A clever furniture solution for small-space living

We don’t often point out crowd-funded projects like those you find on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but when I saw the Bookniture project, I thought I must tell Unclutterer readers about this. This product by designer Mike Mak is a clever, flexible, piece of furniture that folds away like a hardcover book when not in use. In fact, it even looks like a book when on a shelf or a table.

Hemnes Shoe Cabinet Hack for tall baseboards

Materials: HEMNES shoe cabinet, door stoppers The Shoe Cabinet was the perfect solution for our entryway to hide our collection of running shoes.

How to Embrace Losing and Find Out What Really Matters

What’s wrong with being a loser? And aren’t we all? After all, everything is temporary outside of us and eventually we’ll lose it. Losing is basically having less, but you actually gain more freedom. The more you let go, the freer and happier you become.

Wedding savings accounts: How I saved for my wedding

This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. When my husband proposed to me on July 10th, 2005, I was ecstatic. In fact, I’m pretty sure I screeched “Yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss” before he could even pull the ring out of his pocket.

14 Facts About Life to Keep in Mind When Feeling Hopeless

Life can get rough every now and then, and it’s no wonder that we lose hope, get discouraged and can’t figure out why we do what we do. In moments like these, we need to remind ourselves of the great stuff around us. Because it’s there, all the time.

How to Avoid Giving a Backhanded Compliment

A friend of mine told me about a compliment she received the other day from a co-worker. “Bridget,” he said to her, “you look like you’ve lost a lot of weight! You’ve still got a ways to go, but keep it up!” The colleague clearly intended for the comment to come off as praise, but it instead had the very opposite effect.

Intro to Barbell Training With Mark Rippetoe [VIDEO]

At Art of Manliness, we believe every man should be strong. Mark Rippetoe has been helping men (and women) get stronger with barbell training for over 30 years.

Matt Mullenweg on Polyphasic Sleep, Tequila, and Building Billion-Dollar Companies

Matt Mullenweg has been named one of PC World’s Top 50 People on the Web, Inc.com’s 30 under 30, and Business Week’s 25 Most Influential People on the Web. In this episode, I attempt to get him drunk on tequila and make him curse. Matt is most associated with a tool that powers more than 22% of the entire web: WordPress.

Do You Feel a Pull Toward Work, or a Pull Toward Leisure?

One of my most important happiness commandments — okay, my most important happiness commandment — is to “Be Gretchen.” I’m always trying to understand myself, and how I’m alike or different from other people.  (For instance, I ask myself these questions.) I’ve started to think about a new distinction I think I may have discovered…not sure what to ca

3 Ways to Heal Yourself – What’s In the Way IS the Way

What would it be like if you understood that the deepest of challenges in your life are for you?  They are not here because you have done something wrong or God fell asleep on the job.  Challenges are a part of life and they will keep on coming: too many things to do, miscommunication in relationships, health issues, financial difficulties, a stress-filled job, anything that causes you upset

Standing Desk Keyboard Riser Shelf

Materials: 12″x32″ black-brown shelf (Hemnes?), Capita 8-1/4″ leg As simple as can be! I needed a keyboard riser to convert my desk to a standing desk. So, I grabbed a 4 pack of Capita 8-1/4″ legs for $16 and a nice black-brown shelf from the Handyman area for $3 and put them together. Perfect height!

10 Frugal Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

Break out the pen and paper: A simple love note, letter, or poem can mean much more than anything you buy at the store.

What You Can Say Instead of “I Don’t Feel Like It”

By Leo Babauta Too often we let ourselves be ruled by our moods — which leads to procrastination, a lack of exercise, eating poorly, constant online distractions, and more. Mood is a poor indicator of whether you should do something. Consider the following examples: You want to write a book, and you commit to writing every morning.

Left-handed organizing

Tools are extensions of your hands. When you use proper tools, you decrease the possibility of injury, pain, and fatigue because they require less continuous force and can be used without awkward postures. The correct tool also reduce clutter because you have the best tool for a job and aren’t constantly purchasing the same item repeatedly in search of the ideal tool for you.

Mondrian at home

This “Mondrianization” was done to Expedit units but can also be done to the new Kallax or to almost any piece of furniture. In the living room we have two Expedit units to which we added doors.