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Art of Manliness

By Brett McKay

Mobile standing desk from Lerberg shelf

Materials: Lerberg shelf black 10035 I was looking without success for an affordable yet minimalist standing desk (I live in an apartment and I frequently work from home).

Outfitted & Equipped: Splitting Wood

  This post is brought to you by Steam Horse Dry Goods. Check out their line of durable,long-lasting workwear inspired by vintage patterns. All Steam Horse Dry Goods clothing is sewn in the USA. How does Outfitted & Equipped work?

Embroidered Laundry Basket

Materials: FYLLEN Laundry baskets It is practical to have several different laundry baskets for different type of laundry. We have two different for warm (40°C) and hot (60°C) laundry. I tried to mark the baskets with taping paper signs on them but the tape didn’t stick and the signs fell of. Instead I decided to embroidered them with cross stitch.

IKEA “KOPPLA” Hack – get your cables of the floor

I got tired of getting tangled in the cables under my working desk. Every accessory has there own power cable and the power strip outlets are to few, or as for me always removing the laptop charger to bring with me.

Uncluttering the scents in our homes

You may have considered uncluttering the sounds in your life, but what about uncluttering the smells? Have you been given scented items as gifts — candles, soaps, after-shave, etc. — where you just don’t like the smell? Now would be a good time to give them away. Have you purchased items that wound up having a scent you dislike?

Ten Red Flags of Financial Infidelity and What to Do About It

Financial infidelity is one of the most dangerous things that can happen in a marriage.

Suspended mirror!

To create this hanging mirror, I needed the IKEA PS 2014 tray, a mirror cut in a DIY store, a special mirror glue, small nails, an old leather belt. I made some small holes on the side of the tray to nail the cut belt then I glued the mirror inside the tray. Actually very easy! More images here. ~ Elsa

Year-by-Year College Financial Checklist

Here’s a semester-by-semester glance at money moves to make and milestones not to miss. Photo: Francisco Osorio While there are steps you can take to ease your student loan debt at any age, you may actually have the most control over it while you’re still in school.

How to curate your social media presence when job-hunting

This post is by staff writer Honey Smith. Recently, I’ve been posting on job-related topics like networking strategies and job tenure. Because my current position entails working with college students, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to talk to various undergraduate groups about getting into graduate school. In fact, I’m giving one such presentation next week.

The 5 Practices That Bring Us Closer to Our True Selves

Somewhere along my journey, I’ve realized that certain things I do bring me closer to my authentic, true self and others do the opposite. There are specific practices that I have realized bring us closer to who we are before others told us who we should be. And perhaps these are the practices that also bring us closer together. 1.

Do You Agree with These 7 Quotations about Habits?

Every Wednesday is List Day, or Tip Day, or Quiz Day. This Wednesday: Do you agree with these 7 quotations about habits? Whenever I read a book, I love to copy my favorite lines and passages into my giant trove of quotations.

Help for the Shy Guy — Step 1: Understand the Nature of Your Shyness

There’s a girl in your political science class that you’re attracted to. You’d like to get to know her better, but the thought of even saying hello makes you sick to your stomach. You’re at the grocery store and you see a colleague from work pushing a cart with his kids.

Develop a Habit, Create a Lifestyle

I was completely gassed.  I hadn't worked out in about two weeks, and decided it was time to get back at it.  Half a mile into my run, I could immediately sense that I was completely out of shape, and every ounce of me wanted to head back and get comfortable on the couch.

How to Declutter Your Home in a Weekend Without Spending a Dime

Got clutter? Follow these steps to reclaim your home this weekend. Photo: distelfliege When your home is a cluttered wreck, it can be hard to summon the motivation to tackle the chores you’ve been putting off and to toss or organize your scattered possessions.

From bed slats to coffee table to bookcase

I love the pine wood slat from IKEA … it is very naturally beautiful. I got a new bed, so, I decided to transform the old IKEA bed with beautiful slat to something useful. Well, here we are – from slat to coffee table to bookcase. 1. Cut the strings attached to each slat 2. Stack each of the slat to get some ideas 3. Ideas confirm.