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What's the silver lining in this recession? Share your answer to win $10

By Greg Go All we hear these days are doom and gloom news about layoffs, bankruptcies and stock market dips.  But it can't be all bad out there.  So we're asking you: Where's the silver lining of this recession? There's no right or wrong answer.

Belts and Suspenders: Backing Up Your Data

Last year, I was in the middle of a project with a graphic designer. She came to a meeting with the client and I completely distraught - she looked as if someone had died. She cried as she explained that her computer had died over the weekend, taking with it her work on this project and six years worth of other projects.

Impress Your Clients, Boss and Colleagues: How To Improve Your Business Writing

Before I switched into freelance writing, I worked for a small IT company and had the lofty job title of “Head of Documentation”. This meant I was the person who got landed with writing the software user guides, helping out on company reports, and proof-reading promotional leaflets. I can definitely say that writing for DLM is more exciting!

Status Update

The long-threatened site maintenance should actually occur this evening, which means things may look bizarre around here. (If they do, refresh your browser.) It may also mean that existing posts and comments disappear for a bit. (If they do, please be patient.) My elves and I are working to get things right. And if you have comments on any of the new features, please wait to share.

Some Thoughts on Haggling

A very kind reader recently sent me a link to a fascinating article at Salon.com entitled How I Learned to Haggle. The article outlines a woman’s experience with haggling, culminating with the author actually requesting a discount at a dollar store:

How to Live Well on Less in Retirement

Though I’m not close to retirement myself, one GRS reader recently sent me a link to an article from the monthly newsletter from AARP (the American Association of Retired Persons). In the April 2009 issue of AARP Bulletin, Elizabeth Pope wrote about how to live well on less money.

Quiz: Do you make other people happy?

Every Wednesday is Tip Day -- or Quiz Day. This Wednesday: Quiz -- Do you make other people happy? As put forth by the Second Splendid Truth: One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; One of the best ways to make other people is to be happy yourself.

Adobe ConnectNow

Alve drawer with cable box top

Elie modifies an Alve Drawer unit modified to accommodate her cable box. She says, "We needed a place to keep files and were limited in terms of space. Alve fit the bill but not our style. I sanded and painted in a high gloss black and had my contractor, Geronimo, build me cover and make a drop down door to conceal the cable box." The Korrekt handles were added to complete the look.

Paperless Signing and Faxing

When it comes to dealing with faxes my two biggest timesavers are using a scanned signature and the ability to sign documents from Acrobat.  These two things make a huge difference in my ability to work from anywhere I have an internet connection.

Recommended Book

I just finished a fascinating book about how the longitude problem was solved.  It is amazing how much effort went into solving the problem.  I highly recommend the book. ---Related Articles at Productivity501:Tuesday’s Tip: Asking Yourself QuestionsContest: The Effective Executive BookThe Promise of Sleep — BookDealing with DifficultiesBooksFollow Productivity501 on Twitter.

Are You Asking the Wrong Questions?

When I was down in Austin for SXSW back in March, I had the privilege of being interviewed for a very cool indy film called Life In Perpetual Beta, produced and directed by blogger, mom and all-around cool person, Melissa Pierce.

Start-up Strategy: To Change the Game, Change the Economics of How It’s Played

(photo: laffy4k) Several weeks ago, I found myself in the passenger seat of a car going nowhere fast. My friend, Peter Sims, who had earlier introduced me to the Stanford D.School, was leading the charge into the unknown, hurtling us (hopefully) towards dinner in exotic Burlingame, where people from SF and Palo Alto compromise to break bread.

Unitasker Wednesday: Drywalkers

Sitting down and taking off your wet or muddy shoes is such an awful chore. First you have to sit, and then you have to take off your shoes. Exhausting! Well, stop wasting all of that energy and start using Drywalkers!