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By John Wesley

6 Money Lessons for My College-Aged Daughter

Post written by Leo Babauta. My daughter Chloe is starting out in college in the fall, and with her newfound independence will come the newfound responsibilities of dealing with money. Like many young people, she hates thinking about finances. I was one of them.

Ask Unclutterer: How can I disguise workout equipment?

Reader Cindi submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: My question for the day is how do people incorporate the big exercise equipment into their homes? I am thinking of a treadmill. I have thought of getting some decorative screens and walling it off when not is use. It is currently in the family room, which has multiple personalities — home office, tv room, and gym.


Materials: LACK-Table Description: I wanted an easy way to control audio and video in my apartment. The idea was to build up a screen in the table which also became the solution. See more of the screen in the Lack. ~ Jarolix, Swevast

Goals, Values, and Methods

In a few years, we hope to pay off our home mortgage. After that, we’re intending to save up for a parcel of mostly wooded land in the country, then we’re going to build a home on that land. We’re both using retirement savings vehicles with the intention of starting to use them the day we reach eligibility, around age 60.

Workspace of the Week: Sewing serenity

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Heather Peterson’s mom’s sewing room: My selection this week isn’t from our Flickr pool. I stumbled upon this truly amazing sewing room while looking for inspiration for our guest room.

Can Mastery and Innovation Coexist?

Mastery takes a dogged commitment to becoming extraordinary at a single task or pursuit.It means learning by someone else’s rules, then spending thousands of hours in deliberate practice, building neural circuits that allow you to reach a level of extraordinary ownership of a process or body of knowledge.

Cut an Expedit for a cutting table

Materials: Expedit bookshelf, Lagan countertop Description: Becky spotted this hack on Prudentbaby and sent it over. It's a lovely hack of an Expedit turned cutting table. The old Expedit which was taking up too much wall space and dominating the area was sized down, counter height. A new Lagan countertop was screwed on top of the Expedit and eyesore turned into a head turner.

Ask the Readers: How Can I Earn Extra Money?

The realm of personal finance blogs is large. It’s filled with general money blogs like Five Cent Nickel and The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly.

Enchantment – Book Review

Advertise here with BSA I realize this may sound a bit absurd, but I don’t know Guy Kawasaki from Adam. In fact, I think I know Adam a whole lot better. So when the girl who was looking after our house mentioned that a book had arrived for me, and it was written by some “Apple dude”, my curiosity was piqued. I’m happy to say that Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki is worth a read.

7 Stupid Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Follow Their Passion

There’s a lot of talk about finding and following ones passion these days, and for a good reason. More and more people are realizing that they don't want to spend a big chunk of their lives doing something they hate.However, there are a lot of stupid mistakes that people make when it comes to trying to follow their passion.

5 Life Transforming Truths For Doing Absolutely Nothing

I had a conversation with one of my daughters yesterday. She had recently moved from a conventional office setting to a home office environment and was feeling somewhat guilty for waiting to simply get up and leave that environment to at times do nothing. Her self worth is currently inextricably attached to the amount of work she perceives that she needs to do on a daily basis.

So You Want My Job: Brewmaster

Once again we return to our So You Want My Job series, in which we interview men who are employed in desirable jobs and ask them about the reality of their work and for advice on how men can live their dream. Beer. Many men enjoy it as a tasty beverage. But have you ever considered making a career out of your love for beer? Well, you can do just that by becoming a brewmaster.

Free $1,000 Travelocity Voucher and $10,000 Spots to Kimono

(Photo: Royce Bair) Hello lads and lasses. This post is intended as a morsel, a sugar high and respite. Life is serious enough, so this post will require zero calories of brain power.

Fooling Yourself

One of the first big financial lessons I’ve learned is that you can’t trust your own sense of how good your financial shape is. Almost always, if you’re reflecting on your financial state without evidence, you think that you’re in better financial shape than you really are. There are a lot of reasons for this. Optimism.

Unclutter your emotions and time by giving others the benefit of the doubt

A couple months ago, I was at the pharmacy picking up a medication for my son because he had a truly disgusting sinus infection.