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My Komplementing Pax hack

Materials: 4 Pax wardrobe 50 cm 2 Komplement clothes rails 100 cm 1 pair of curtains Anita 2 Antonius frames + baskets 4 Pax shelves Description: This is not an advanced hack, we just needed a cheep storage solution for our clothes when we moved to our new apartment and this is how we solved it.

This biker says three cheers for the NYPD!!!

And also for the organizations that partnered with New York's finest to make this happen, like Transportation Alternatives (of which I am a proud board member). Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Biking, where we can do it, is better for the planet and better for the people. Images via Transportation Rules BikingRules.Org website:

Sisal Rope Side Table

Materials: Ikea Lack Side Table, Sisal Rope, Hot glue gun, E600 Description: I have an Ikea Lack side table that the Mr. and I bought years ago when we were just starting out and had no furniture. It was headed for the dumpster, when I thought it would be perfect if it was covered in sisal rope.

Reader Mailbag: Rain

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Capital One and ING Direct 2. Increased used car prices 3. Freelancing for a college student 4. Advance baby planning 5. The optimal mortgage size 6. Eating what you believe 7. Roth 401(k)? 8.

Rustic Klubbo

Materials: Klubbo coffee table (the frame) Screwdrivers/Drill MC HAMMER Sandpaper Some 2x4s Wood stain of your choosing Home Depot employee to cut your wood Metal straps/something to attach all strips of wood Patience Upper body strength, or someone with it Description: Ikea klubbo coffee table. You're cute, but can do better. First step... get wood. Har har.

Best Sources for Summer Produce

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and raising children at Childwild.com. The summer harvest season has finally begun here in Boston. Near my house, Farmers’ markets are popping up, brimming with fresh greens, ripe strawberries, and luscious radishes. Our first CSA share delivery of the season arrived last week.

Barter Exchange: A Surprising Option for Freelancers

Advertise here with BSA As a freelancer, there will be times in your career where time is a lot easier to come by than cash. That means that trading some of your working time for something you need directly — rather than taking the long way around and trying to earn the money first — can make sense. Bartering some of your work for what you need can be a useful way to get it.

Get a Free Copy of SmashingMagazine’s Freelancer eBook

Advertise here with BSAWith our Freelance Mac App bundle past 1000 copies sold, I wanted to take a quick moment to highlight the fact that as part of the promotion we have partnered with SmashingMagazine to give away completely free copies of their eBook: “Successful Freelancing”.

Your Winter- Cycles of Growth Require Rest as Much as Action

Even as we approach the vibrant summer months, and the days grow long and bright here in California, I’ve been thinking about winter. I grew up in France which has long, gray, snowy months sometimes starting as early as October.

On Keeping It Simple

You can't have productivity without simplicity. Tips on reducing brain clutter so you can focus on the work that really matters.

Spare Change: Contrary Farmer Edition

Long, long ago — before Get Rich Slowly was even a gleam in my eye — I was a fan of Wendell Berry and folks like him, including Gene Logsdon, “the contrary farmer”. In fact, I have a copy of Logsdon’s The Contrary Farmer here on the shelf beside me. It survived my recent purge of financial books (about which more next week).

Want To Feel Happier by the End of the Day? Your Menu of Options.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: How to feel happier by the end of the day: your menu of options. Do you need a happiness boost—right now? If so, take a look at this menu of options and make your choices.

Secrets of Money and Life Success

Here are some little thoughts and things that have improved my finances, improved my career, and made my life better over the past decade. Don’t throw away your childhood dreams. Find a way to still do them in the spare moments and hours of your life. You can never judge a person by their appearance.

Leksvik Becomes Kitty Potty

Materials: Leksvik Media Cabinet Description: Ikea Hackers has some great ideas for hiding a litter box, and that is where I got the idea to create our own stealth kitty potty. I used a Leksvik media cabinet that I no longer needed. It's a large cabinet which is what I needed since we use an XL litter box with a cover.

Grilling Basics: Building a Better Burger

Armed with a spatula in one hand and a cold beer in the other, there’s no better way to celebrate summer than by hosting a cookout with friends.  Whether on a beach in sunny California or at a backyard BBQ in North Carolina, I love entertaining around a fully loaded grill.  There’s just something primal and manly about watching raw meat roasting over an open flame. Of course, a cookout is n