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By Tim Clark and Mark Cunningham

31 Podcasts That Keep Freelancers in the Loop

The last thing you want to do as a freelancer is get out of the loop. You want to stay up to date with your skills and the best way to run your business as a freelancer. And that’s why you’re here at FreelanceSwitch. Reading is a great way to stay in touch, and that’s the purpose of most of the articles here.

6 Smart Gmail Tricks To Help You Get The Most Out Of It

I'm sure most of you would agree that Gmail has revolutionized the way we communicate and manage information via email. If you doubt it then it means that you are yet to exploit the extraordinary features of this email app to the fullest.This article explores some of the outstanding Gmail features and tricks which make this tool a must have for anyone using email to communicate.

Infographic: Darwin's Ideas in Action

A fascinating and beautiful infographic representing the evolution of Charles Darwin's ideas in 'On the Origins of Species.'

Daily Links: Bringing the Bling Edition

An Australian credit card site has compiled a list of the top 25 most badass personal finance bloggers. What does it take to be a badass personal finance blogger? I have no idea. “Badass” is not a term I would ever use to describe myself, but I’m there — and so is new GRS staff writer Adam Baker.

How to Be a Hobo

Source: Life Am I the only boy who secretly dreamed of  becoming a hobo?

Renegade TV: Peter Shankman Takes Over the World

Learn more about Peter and HARO at: HelpAReporterOut.com

12 Clever Substitutions That Save Money (Nearly) Effortlessly

One of my favorite ways to trim money from my spending is to find simple little substitutes for my regular expenses. If I can trim a few bucks from the cost of household supplies, routine purchases, and other things like that, over the long run, that can add up to a lot of money with virtually no change in my life.

We Should All Listen to Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs: "I'm very happy to be here today with you all. As some of you know about 5 months ago I had a liver transplant, so I now have the liver of a mid-20's person who died in a car crash. I wouldn't be here without such generosity. I hope all of us can be as generous and become organ donors." If you support organ donation, be sure to let people know.

Living Enlightenment – A Personal Report

Photo by Vanessa Paxton By: Tina Su After 76 days of living in an ashram in a tiny village town East of Bangalore in India, I am home at last. I still have not found a proper one-liner that concisely answers the common question, “How was it?” A cliché “Good!” seemed appropriate to satisfy the questioner, but it is not the right answer.

Vanquishing the Getting Started Monster

We want to welcome guest author Alex Fayle, the writer and professional organizer behind the helpful anti-procrastination website Someday Syndrome. This is his first post of three in a series on fighting procrastination. Has this ever happened to you? You decide to get your bedroom, kitchen, garage, or whatever organized. You get a book and read about it.

Helicopter Parenting, Baby Boomers, and Financial Dependence

A few days ago, the AFL-CIO released the results of a surprising survey of workers under 35.

Debt-Free Living IS Attainable: If You Want It, You Can Have It

By Adam Baker This is part two of my Getting Out of Debt: The Essentials series. Before we start plowing into the specifics of paying off debt, we've got to build a durable mental foundation. This is so important that I've devoted the first two of seven parts of this series to cultivating this mindset.

The 1-2-3 Money Plan

For years, people who know me well have been encouraging me to read Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. “You’ll love it,” they’d tell me. “A lot of it is about comic books.” My friends were right: I’m the target audience for this book.

WorkAwesome.com: For Those Who Want to Be Awesome at Work

In the last few weeks we’ve been working on a brand new Envato site called WorkAwesome, and we’re proud to say it has finally been launched. WorkAwesome is a blog for people who want to be awesome at work. It’s also a blog for people who want to find work, or simply quit work.

The state of self-storage in the U.S.

The New York Times ran an incredibly well-researched and informative article this weekend on the current state of the self-storage industry. The article gives insight into how the downturn in the economy is affecting storage units in terms of capacity and purpose of use.