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By Jay White

How Obama could permanently strengthen our well being

Thanks to @denadu8pbb for tweeting this old post of mine. When I reread it I thought it bears reposting. One thing about a single-payer health care system. People say that it will cause an unhealthy relationship between people and the government.

A Man’s Guide to Dry Cleaning

Image from Millie Motts Why should a man care about dry cleaning? When your expensive clothing is damaged or lost, what can you do?

Which Websites and Blogs Boost Your Happiness?

On the Inspiration Board of the Happiness Project Toolbox, people have posted a staggeringly interesting array of happiness-related quotations, images, book suggestions, and website recommendations. It seems like a good idea to create a place here where people can shine a spotlight on happiness-boosting blogs and websites. Voila, here's a chart. To suggest one, list your favorite here!

A Reflection of Your Closest Friends

It’s often said that people are reflections of their five closest friends in many ways: behaviors, income levels, values, and so on. Five years ago, almost all of my closest friends spent money like it was water.

Learning to Stay Current

Imagine that your memory was only good for two years. Anything that you learned over two years ago was forgotten. The only education you had at your disposal was the things you had learned in the past 24 months. This should be a pretty terrifying prospect for anyone. However, some people would find themselves unable to function at all, while others would find themselves merely handicapped.

Vink CD rack

I like how Jim hacks a rack for his Vink CD holders. It's a great space saver and adds some style to the $2.99 cheapo CD holder. "This is a simple rack to hold a bunch of Vink CD holders.

How to Become Great

If you have plans on becoming great, you’ll want to read this brief article. They say success leaves clues; this implies, “if we look at people who are great, we’d find a common denominator, a golden thread tying them all together.” Here’s what I think we’d find: We’d find people who discovered their talent and then showcased that talent to the world in a &

Let go of the past from your wardrobe

Yesterday, I finally got up the nerve to say farewell to what was left of my corporate wardrobe. No longer taking up space in my closet are suits, long-sleeve collared shirts, or “business casual” sportswear.

LINK: 11 Rules for Moguls in Training | Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields, Career Renegade Extraordinaire, posted a little gem the other day. He literally saves you from reading thousands of books.

24 Ways to Save Money Today

A big part of successful frugality is the routine with which you live your day-to-day life. Here are twenty four little things that you can incorporate into your daily routines that just trim a little money away from your spending – and puts it into something more important to you. 1. Brush your teeth. An unclean mouth is a perfect place for unwanted bacteria and germs to take root.

David Skokna: There’s No Such Thing as a B-Team

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Leveraging Your Blog to Promote Your Services

If you’re like many creative freelancers, you have a blog. And being the diligent type that you are, it’s updated at least once a week. But here’s the bad news: There are a lot of other blogs out there. Which means that you’ll have to work hard to make yours stand out. Oh, no.

Knocking Out the Beliefs That Hold You Back

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. A college professor once told my journalism class that freelance writing is something you should do on the side. It’s not anything you could make a living at full-time.  I graduated and worked at an office job until I decided I wanted to become self-employed and do something that would give me more free time to write.

Video tour of Jay Shafer’s 96-square-foot house

We’ve written before about Jay Shafer’s 96-square-foot house. We recently came across the following new YouTube video of him giving a tour and we’re particularly impressed by the amount of storage space: If you would like to see more pictures of very small dwellings, check out Jay Shafer’s book.

How to Become More Intelligent

Intelligence is your capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding and mastery. It’s your aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts and meanings.Knowing a great deal is not the same as being intelligent; intelligence is not information “alone,” but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used. -Dr.