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World War II re-imagined on Facebook (via @jasonfried and...

World War II re-imagined on Facebook (via @jasonfried and coudal.com)

Just Hit my Fourth Anniversary -- Now Off for a Few Days!

I just hit my fourth anniversary of blogging, and perhaps appropriately, to keep my resolutions to Make a break from my routine and Take a vacation, I’m not going to be posting here for a few days. We’re going on a family vacation.

Learning new tricks

One of my second quarter resolutions for 2010 is to go rock climbing. Since I have never been rock climbing, I signed up for lessons and took my first course on Sunday. Up until my class began, I was under the impression that I would do a lot of climbing as part of my rock climbing class. I did make it up a small wall during the class, so there was some climbing.

Personal Finance and the Path of Least Resistance

One of my mentors once told me, quite insightfully, that most people make almost all of their decisions based on whatever is easiest in their life.

MyFinancialAdvice.com Helps the Average Person Find a Financial Advisor

Many companies send me press releases and e-mail trying to get my attention. Some of these companies suck. Others are fine, but I don’t have the time to look at them. Every once in a while, though, I find what seems like a true gem, something I think would be of real use for Get Rich Slowly readers. Last week, I spent an hour chatting with the folks from MyFinancialAdvice.com.

Valuable Activities

Did you know that a single two-second distraction can cost you 15 minutes of your day? When your concentration is interrupted, it takes up to 15 minutes to get your focus back. Our ambient sounds help reduce the amount of noise distractions in your workplace.

Low Calorie Food and Long Term Costs

Over the past few weeks, I’ve read dozens of articles that repeat the same refrain: healthy, low calorie meals cost more than high calorie meals. Fresh, healthy foods with a low caloric density are more strongly affected by inflation and carry a higher cost per ounce than processed foods with a high caloric density.

The 7 Most Motivational Quotes Ever Spoken

Today I want to talk about the seven most motivational quotes ever spoken (or written). Why? Because motivation is the key to success! I like what Zig Ziglar said about motivation, he said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”Motivation is something you need everyday.

Renegade Health Care Reform

Stores: Stop selling stuff like this Mortals: Stop eating stuff like this Savings: $1,000,000,000,000 Politicians: Next!

Incredibly obvious tips to save you time

I don’t watch the television show Celebrity Apprentice, but I recently saw an advertisement for it that stunned me. In the commercial, show contestant and former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is sitting at a computer attempting to type.

How’s Your Follow-Through?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the old adage that it takes ten times as much effort to convince a stranger to buy as it takes to convince a devoted customer of yours to do the same.

Asker hanging liquor bar

Here's one from a contributor who rather not be credited. He says, "I used Ikeahacker for ideas a lot when I moved, and thought I ought to at least contribute what I came up with." Thank you! :) Constrained for space and renting (so not wanting to make big holes in the wall) I decided to hang everything I could in the kitchen.

Roth IRA Conversions Made Easy

This is a guest post from Steve Juetten, a fee-only certified financial planner in Bellevue, Washington, and long-time Get Rich Slowly reader. He has written a book for consumers on the topic of 2010 Roth IRA conversions.

At the intersection of environmentalism and KY Jelly

I know. You were not expecting to see a picture of KY Jelly on my blog. Me either! But the thing is, I have this eco-celeb friend named Stephanie Soechtig. She made the excellent film called Tapped, about bottled water.

Truth and Secrets in Memoir Writing

When you’re nine years old, Aunt Jessie presses her powdered face to yours and whispers, “Now don’t you ever tell anyone what you saw. Your mother would just die.” This is a scary thing to a child—to be entrusted with a secret that has so much power if could kill someone. Aunt Jessie probably didn’t mean to scare you like that, but words have power.