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By Jay White

The Forgetful Mind

I’ve written many, many times about how relevatory keeping a “thought notebook” in my pocket has been for me. Whenever I have a stray thought that might be useful at all to remember later, I jot it down in the notebook and then review it later, usually a couple of reviews a day. Figuring this out has truly been world-changing to me.

Phishing Scams Continue to Plague Social Media Sites

By Adam Baker Social Media is going through an unprecedented explosion in popularity right now. Don't believe me? See for yourself. There are no signs this trend is going to slow anytime soon. But this huge surge in popularity also makes the various social media networks a prime target for scams.

Is Hard Work Overrated?

A co-founder of Flickr argues that hard work often doesn't amount to much--and neuroscience offers some backing for the claim.

Are Freelancers a Commodity or a Profession?

Lately, I’ve been exploring various “commodity” freelance job boards where one bids for projects.

Crush It! and The Best Books on Boosting Your Income

Yesterday, I argued that the most effective path to financial success is to boost your income. Frugality is an important part of personal finance, and you will eventually meet your goals if you simply cut your spending, but it might take you a very long time. Maybe even decades.


A fascinating podcast that explores why we blink, extrapolating that the action allows us to conclude action and "punctuate thinking."

Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #4: Man Stories with Dan Kern

Welcome back to another edition of the Art of Manliness podcast. In this week’s episode, we return to our “Man Stories” series where we interview a different man every other week and ask him what manliness means to him. This week our guest is Dan Kern. Dan hails from Winnipeg, Canada and he works as a voice actor.

The Challenge – and the Advantage – of Going Minimal

A few days ago, an article about minimalist money appeared at Get Rich Slowly, in which the guest author (Leo) advocated going strongly minimal with your spending – opting out of consumerism as much as humanly possible, cutting every optional service, and essentially starting again from a blank slate. Some of the readers unsurprisingly reacted negatively to this idea.

Happiness Is...A Good Discussion About Happiness.

I’m a huge fan of book groups, and I’m in three, myself. In two of my book groups, we read children’s literature – the first group got so large that we had to close it, so I started another one. I’m also in a group where we read adult fiction or non-fiction.

Five Ways to Find Time to Live Healthily

Whether it's because we're unorganized, unmotivated, or simply over-tasked, we’re all too busy. If I were to ask you to dedicate an extra hour each day for something, you'd laugh and call me crazy. However, what if I asked for a fraction of that? What if I wanted 30 minutes of your day and promised that the time investment would actually increase your productivity each day?

What Is Your Current Work Zone?

If you are really focused on expanding your capabilities, your salary is probably a secondary motivation when it comes to employment. Your major motivation is going to be your learning and growth opportunities.

5 Insider Secrets For Writing With Confidence

I’m a professional writer. I work for blogs and the occasional magazine, and in the past I’ve written for clients who wanted website copy. My fiction has also been published, including a couple of competition prizes.

Cool it with this media unit

Matt supercools the his new media storage unit made from Efektiv office wall cabinets. "I recently moved into a new efficiency apartment and I though I would try to contain the mess of wires that go along with an entertainment center. I noticed this hacked TV stand so I did the same thing but added on a little.

Celebrity decluttering: Barbra Streisand

Singer-actress extraordinaire Barbra Streisand will be auctioning off more than 500 of her belongings October 17-18 and the proceeds of the auction will be going to charity. CNN reporter Kareen Wynter asked Barbra why she chose to purge her things: Barbra Streisand: We really never possess anything — I mean, not forever.

Reader Mailbag #84

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. You might also enjoy the archive of earlier reader mailbags. How do you minimize distractions while you’re working?