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How We Can Help Alleviate World Poverty in Three Easy Steps

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen. Alleviate world poverty? Isn’t that impossible? There is so much grinding poverty in the world – how could just one of us possibly make a difference?

A Little-Known Occupational Hazard Affecting Writers.

There’s a very common occupational hazard that affects writers, but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it: the desire to write outside your main field. I know a journalist who took a sabbatical to write a novel, which turned into a short story. I know a science writer who is writing a play. I know a novelist who is writing a memoir.

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 28: Thanks. Giving.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s the least-commercialized major holiday, and the one whose message I most appreciate. On today’s episode of The Personal Finance Hour, I’ll join Jim from Bargaineering to discuss two aspects of this holiday season: the things we’re thankful for, and the importance of giving. This show will air live at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern).

How to Start a Meal Exchange

Recently, several couples in our community started a frozen meal exchange. It’s a really simple idea. On a certain day, everyone in the exchange meets for coffee and brings along a laundry basket full of frozen meals, one for each family, along with any needed instructions taped to the lid.

Behind The Leader: Former Starbucks Int’l Prez Howard Behar

I‘m so excited to be able to share the second interview in my new Behind the Leader series. Today’s guest is former Starbucks International President, Howard behar. Howard joined Starbucks when it was a small regional chain with 28 stores in the Pacific Northwest.

"A Non-Addictive Form of Vicodin, Non-Fattening Cheese Fries...or Writing."

From time to time, I post short interviews with interesting people about their insights on happiness. During my study of happiness, I’ve noticed that I often learn more from one person’s highly idiosyncratic experiences than I do from sources that detail universal principles or cite up-to-date studies.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer

A few years ago my grandfather died from prostate cancer. It was a very sad time in my life…it all happened so quickly.

TIP: Wake Up Right

Imagine waking up to your alarm clock. Now imagine gently waking up as the sunlight fills your room with light. Which one seems like a better recipe for having a wonderful, high performance day? Alarm clocks are designed to wake you up, so they make annoying and jarring sounds to jerk you right out of your peaceful sleep. You have to wonder if this is really a good way to start your day.

2009 Gift Giving Guide: All the small things

Today we kick off Unclutterer’s 2009 Holiday Gift Giving Guide. Over the next few weeks, you can expect to read posts in the Guide about giving gifts that hopefully won’t become clutter in their recipients’ homes. Some of these Guides are for experiences, charitable giving, kids’ items, consumables, utilitarian objects, and even a deal or two just for Unclutterer readers.

Expedit lockers

Robin left out some shelves and added some doors to the Expedit and now have lockers for the mudroom!

Lack shelves to mini step library

Paola bought Lack shelves, but took the wrong measure, so she turned them into a mini-library!

9 Secrets to Cooking the Perfect Turkey

It is that special time of year again, when we spend lots of time in our kitchens, and make fabulous feasts for our family and friends. Whether you are cooking for a crowd, or just having an intimate dinner with your significant other, it pays to incorporate some turkey cooking tips to help ensure a juicy and tasty bird.Roasting a turkey is much more difficult than many other types of poultry.

Reader Mailbag #90

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments.

Get Out of Debt First, Then Focus on Saving

By Debbie Dragon When you’re in debt, it’s nearly impossible to save money. To motivate yourself for the mission of getting out of debt, ask yourself these two questions: How much money am I paying towards my debt monthly? How else would I like to use my money? The money you save while paying off debt is not likely to earn as much interest as the interest you pay towards your debt.

Is ‘user-friendly’ and ‘intuitive’ software really simpler?

I recently came across this blog post from 2007 comparing the quality of documents typeset with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice.org Writer, and LaTeX. Although the post is long, it’s definitely worth reading in its entirety.