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Get Rich Slowly

By J.D. Roth

Trust the spark within and find your own path

Since the release of the No Impact Man book and film I have been privileged to be in conversation with many groups. And always, someone asks me with great earnestness, "What can I do?" Many times, in other words, people ask me for how-to-save-the-planet directions."Just start," I say. And then I pause while they wait expectantly for more guidance.

13 Things a Man Should Keep in His Car

When I was growing up, I noticed that my dad kept the trunk of his car well-stocked with supplies.

The Zen Habits List of Perfect Books for Perfect Gifts

Post written by Leo Babauta.

Guest Post: Living off Capital

By Philip Brewer I have a guest post up on The Simple Dollar that talks about Living Off Capital. People who come from wealthy families learn how to live off capital. The rules are taught along with all the other things they learn from their parents–how to dress, how to eat, how deal with bankers and trust officers.

Living off Capital

Philip Brewer is perhaps my favorite personal finance blogger. I thoroughly enjoy his writings and I’ve told him so in the past. A few months ago, I offered him a very rare guest post slot here at The Simple Dollar so I could share his writing more directly with you all. This is the article that Philip contributed.

Overcoming Procrastination – 7 Tips to Get Yourself Going

Image Courtesy of Tom Podolec Figuring out why people procrastinate is simple, it’s figuring out how to get over it that’s difficult. Overcoming procrastination is at the top of many people’s lists for bettering themselves. If you keep procrastination to a minimum you’ll lead a productive and efficient and likely happy life.

I'm Extremely Happy Because...

I'm extremely happy because my sister had her baby last night! A boy. Here she is, a week ago, courtesy of Sarah Fain Has Starfish Envy, talking about the upcoming event. My sister lives in Los Angeles, a long way from New York, but fortunately I'll be out there very soon for my book tour, and because of the schedule, I get to stay in L.A. for three days.

50 Ways to Winterize Your Home

As we enter the cold part of the year in the Northern hemisphere, here are 50 tips for helping winterize your home.  If you have a suggestion that isn’t in the list be sure to add it in the comments. Replace any old or inefficient windows.

Sort, scan, and file your stacks of papers

As the year winds down, my husband and I are embarking on The Great Paperwork Filing Project of 2009. It’s such an undertaking it feels appropriate we give it an official name with capital letters.

Wake Up! Five Ridiculous Alarm Clocks

For tons of people, the hardest part of the day is getting up in the morning. This causes a natural and passionate hatred to alarm clocks. Personally, I really can't stand these things because they rip me out of the most awesome, adventurous dreams and frankly, I am in a much better mood when I wake naturally.In the old days most alarm clocks were hideous.

Investing without Goals Is Like Golfing without a Putter…

… you might make some general progress, but when you finally come close to the target, it will be very difficult for you to hit that shot. Time and time again, people write to me and ask questions about how they should be investing their money.

Stolmen post room divider

Very clever use of the Stolmen poles to create a room divider. Kudos, Andrew! "An Ikea hack I just completed in order to create a partition in my studio apartment in Greenwich Village.   I used two Stolmen posts as the spine for this partition composed of 8 bowed spars I designed and built across which will be stretched over by a large canvas drop-cloth.

Gadgets of the decade that helped unclutter our lives

Paste Magazine dedicated their November issue to the “bests” of the 2000-2009 decade. They made lists of their favorite albums, movies, books, etc. of the past 10 years.

The Best Books for Freelance Graphic Designers

While there are great resources out there for anyone interested in freelancing, working as a graphic designer can have a few twists that makes it worth your while to take a look at books that specifically offer information geared towards freelance graphic designers.

Ask the Readers: Do You Buy Christmas Gifts For Your Spouse?

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker recently listed the Top 10 Money Movies of the Decade. At this point, I hope you’ve done most of your Christmas shopping (and/or making). Only the brave or the foolish have yet to form a holiday shopping plan of attack.