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Use Your Mind to Get You Moving: 6 Energizing Exercise Motivation Techniques

“I’ll go for a run just as soon as I finish this article. … Right, should return that call from Roger. … Well, now I’m hungry and I can’t run on an empty stomach. … Now I’m feeling too full. … Rain clouds?! Better wait and see if it clears up. … Great. It’s getting dark now. … What a shame; I really was going to have that run.

Unitasker Wednesday: Mini Cupcake Maker

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! Cupcakes are certainly the hip sweet treat these days. Walking through many cities across the U.S., you’re likely to find as many coffee shops as cupcake spots. But, you don’t have to wander in and buy these desserts — make them at home!

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Preserving digitized photographsWhat to do after you have your print photographs digitized. Positives from downsizing our homeWe have saved about fifty percent on home energy costs. Wireless kitchenPowermat wants to put an end to power cords in the kitchen. An efficiency becomes efficientArchitect Gary Chang’s Hong Kong apartment is the gold standard in space-saving solutions. Advertis

Rats chill at the Kullen

Hot on the heels of our winning Hamster Haven is a Rat Palace! Check out this Rat enclosure from Yvonne. "I bought my Ikea Kullen closet and turned it into a rat cage. Most standard cages are too small, rats like to run, climb and explore. I put in 4 levels and connected the bigger part of the closet with the small part on the right.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Comment Bug Edition

Earlier this week, I found an issue with the software I was using to manage comments for The Simple Dollar. I deleted a single character in a single line of code, breathed in deep, refreshed the page… … and 7,000 (!) comments appeared in the moderation queue. The bug was a simple one.

How Will the Obama Middle Class Tax Credits Benefit You?

By Xin Lu President Obama is announcing several tax credits for the middle class in his State of the Union speech. Here are some of the details on what the proposals are, and how those who qualify can get the most out of the credits. The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit will increase from 20% to 35% of qualifying expenses for families making under $85,000 a year.

The Small Suggestion that Yielded Big Results

In my previous post, I talked about pitfalls that await someone who leaves a crummy job for an ill-fated business venture.For me, the crummy job was in the publications and publicity office of a fundraising organization. This organization lavished all sorts of loving kindness on its donors, but couldn’t extend the same courtesy to its staff.

Free yourself from distractions with Concentrate

If you’re a Mac user and often find yourself tempted to goof off when you should be working, I want to introduce you to Concentrate. Here’s how Concentrate works: Name an activity you complete at your computer that requires focus. This activity might be something like creating presentations, reading PDFs for class, or laying out a newsletter.

Does Renting Make Sense?

Writing Your Money: The Missing Manual has been intense. I’ve spent a ton of time researching personal finance topics ranging from buying a car to funding a 401(k) to the relationship between money and happiness. My research has reinforced some of my convictions (index funds are the best investment for 99% of personal investors, for instance) but has toppled others.

How to Work When You're Tired

We all have days when we just don’t feel with it. Maybe we were up late the night before, maybe we slept badly, or maybe we’re simply tired for no clear reason. But when you’ve got work to do – whether in your day job, on your small business or around the house – then you can’t just go back to bed.

One thing I can always do

People ask me all the time what they can do to help. I have a list of things that you can find here. But there are times when it seems like nothing I can possibly do on that list or any thing else help the world.

The Burpee: The One Exercise to Rule Them All

When I played football in high school, my offensive line coach had an exercise he liked to use on us for punishment.

The Reason You’re Stuck (and the one best way to avoid the six ways that will keep you stuck)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from best-selling author and top blogger Seth Godin, author of the new book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?. Why is it so difficult to ship? Ship as in get it out the door. Ship as in make a difference at work. Ship as in contribute your art and vision and expertise and passion to the project you’re working on.

Whose Blog Would You Pay to Read?

Around the same time I shared my thoughts on the New York Times’ decision to put up a paywall last week, Fred Wilson shared his thoughts: I like the subscription model the FT (Financial Times) has been using for some time now. I may get the exact details wrong but its the idea that’s important anyway. You can visit the ft.com domain something like nine times per month for free.

How You Spend Your Time, How You Spend Your Money

Try this experiment. For the next month, keep a time diary for yourself. Keep a pocket notebook and, throughout the day, take notes on how you’ve been spending your time. Don’t try to be “perfect” about how you spend your time – just be normal about it.