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By Jay White

The Ten Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Money and Life Since Starting The Simple Dollar

Over the past three years, I’ve had countless opportunities to reflect not only on my own personal finance and life journey, but that of thousands of readers who have contacted me over the years with questions and stories. Along the way, quite a few principles for personal and financial success began to appear.

A Fundamental Secret to Happiness? Get Enough Sleep.

I’m working on my Happiness Project, and you could have one, too! Everyone’s project will look different, but it’s the rare person who can’t benefit. Join in -- no need to catch up, just jump in right now.

How to Hold Your Breath Like David Blaine, World Record Holder (and Now, Me)

Last night, world-famous magician and endurance artist David Blaine taught me — along with about 10 other TEDMED attendees — how to hold my breath. David holds the Guinness world record for holding his breath: 17 minutes and 4.4 seconds. I was born premature and, unlike David, I couldn’t remember the last time I held my breath for more than one minute.

One for the coop

Susan, a mother and chicken owner from Northern Ireland, uses the Ikea Antonius range as a new bug-free chicken nest box and storage unit. The drawers were cut with a sharp knife to create the nest boxes. Chickens love their new home! See more of Susan's chicken nest box instructions and more photos on Flickr. Related hack: - Ikea home for chicks

The Beginner’s Guide To Minimalist Travel

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Karol Gajda of Ridiculously Extraordinary. “Is that all your stuff?” While embarking on my current 100+ day sojourn I’ve been asked that question almost daily.

Ask Unclutterer: CD storage

Reader Christy submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I use iTunes and have burned all my CDs to iTunes.

Three Years of The Simple Dollar: My 25 Favorite Articles of the Past Year

Three years ago today, I officially launched The Simple Dollar. It’s been a crazy ride. Each year, on the anniversary of the launch, I’ve highlighted my 25 favorite articles from the previous twelve months of entries. These aren’t necessarily the best articles, just the ones I enjoyed writing the most.

Workspace of the Week: Organized and adjustable

This week’s Workspace of the Week is |Andrea|’s versatile office: I am a fan of this space for a number of reasons. First, I like the use of the Metro Shelving units that allow |Andrea| to configure the space in a multitude of ways.

How I Avoid Consultation Casualties

The first few years of my career as a freelancer, I figured that an in-person meeting was logical in order to get jobs.

The Art of Improvising: Alternatives to Buying New

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. When you have a need or a problem, there’s usually a solution that can be bought. Buying a solution is often the easiest and fastest way to solve a problem — but it also can be the most expensive.

Built-in Besta entertainment center

George is quite the hacker and has started his own blog documenting his personal Ikea hacks. "I've done two kitchen remodels over the past few years where I hacked/modified Ikea cabinets, however I never documented the hacks.

How to stop being a workaholic

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. Reader Carolyn recently asked, “How can an achievement-motivated workaholic learn to back off, relax, de-stress, and feel good about doing it? I am too driven!” This is a common problem, and one that has several parts we should look at separately: 1. Being achievement-motivated. 2. Being a workaholic. 3.

Stop Your Search Engines

An interesting parallel between the internet, with its lure of unending information, and Ulysses' attempt to avoid the song of the Sirens.

Twyla Tharp: Dancer and Choreographer Strives for Innovation

"I don't think that scheduling is uncreative. I think that structure is required for creativity."

How to go No Impact

You may have heard that over 4,700 people went No Impact via the NoImpactProject.org's No Impact Week, hosted last week on the Huffington Post. Missed it? No worries. The NRDC's website Simple Steps is getting ready to host our week one more time, starting November 15, as period of non-consumptive mindfulness in the run up to the holidays.