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By Brett McKay

Finding Creativity in Unexpected Places

In Janet Martin’s August 4 FreelanceSwitch article on creative activities, we read about the importance of building new creative muscles. The end of this article included a list of five suggestions for expanding one’s creativity: Try photography Make something by sewing it or employing another craft Learn stop-motion animation Take a writing class Take a drawing class These are very

How Do You Measure Delight?

Last week, I bought a jar of almond butter at Trader Joe’s for about $5. Then, my sister came over and when I told her about it, she said she’d been paying $15 a jar for a different brand. “Really,” I said.

Workspace of the Week: Organized office closet

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Bettnet’s better basecamp – Before: After: I love a good closet organizing project, and Bettnet certainly doesn’t disappoint with his office closet makeover. I like what he wrote about the “after” photograph: Now everything is neat and organized.

Functional black Gorm workstation

Materials: (4) 19"x20" Gorm Shelves, (2) 19"x12" Gorm Shelves; (2) 30"x12" Gorm Shelves; (4) 68.5" Gorm Posts, (10) Ekby Valtar brackets in black, (3) 8'x8"x1" boards, (2) 10'x12"x1" boards, (2) 4'x8"x1" boards; black paint; cherry wood stain; polyurethane; L brackets; Kasset Black boxes Description: My husband and I needed a good workstation for the both of us.

Ask the Readers: What Are Your Favorite Finance Books?

Well, Book Week has come to a close at Get Rich Slowly, and while it was an interesting experiment, it’s not likely to happen again any time soon. For one thing, I learned that doing book reviews takes more work than doing regular posts. To do a review, you have to read the book (sometimes twice), decide how it’s relevant to readers, and then write a normal article.

Two Wheels to Freedom-Part I: Thoughts on Bike-Touring

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Bryan Schatz. I glanced back and there was my long-haired friend Dan just behind me, pedaling like a madman up yet another endless hill.

10 Ways to Lose Weight and Improve Your Self Esteem

It is true that a lot of people want to lose weight for health reasons, but it is also true that one of the primary reasons that makes people think of their weight is because they want to look good. This is certainly acceptable because what we look outside greatly affects how we feel about ourselves inside.

The Skinny on Real-Estate Investing

Book Week at Get Rich Slowly comes to a close today — well, I guess tomorrow’s Ask the Readers is about books, but this is the final review. I’ve saved the best for last. Over the past year, I’ve had a chance to read several titles in the “Skinny On” book series. And although I’ve only mentioned them in passing here at GRS, I love these books.

Sometimes a Little Boost Is All You Need

Every day, I receive dozens of emails from readers describing their financial situation and asking, very simply, what I think about it. A lot of those letters come from people in very difficult situations where it’s clear that some major life changes are in order.

What Professional Associations Have You Joined?

There are a number of professional organizations available offline to help you meet new associates, new suppliers, and ideally, new customers.  From formal and well established associations like the Chamber of Commerce, to newer social media and offline networking Tweetups. Some freelancers are more comfortable with the anonymity that cold calling and cold emailing provides, while others find th

When saving the world threatens to overwhelm you

This piece comes from my Zen school's newsletter and I just thought it was perfect in the face of all we're dealing with in environment. It's a gift for all of you who are working to save the world for the rest of us. The first part is a letter from a student to Zen Master Seung Sahn, who founded the Kwan Um School.

White chopping block

Materials: Ivar shelves (4) 33"x20" and (2) 17"x20"; (3) Ivar Side units, cut to correct height; (1) Lagan countertop 50"x26"; (2) Byholma baskets; (1) Gorm height extension post; (1) 39" Observator crossbrace; string and white paint Description: We had very little countertops at our new home. We had a lot of Ivar shelves (from the shelving unit in the office).

Music and wine always go together!

Materials: BENNO DVD tower Description: We cut down an Ikea DVD tower and used it as a filler for wine display in our kitchen! The kitchen is also Ikea but when we had an odd space left at the end the DVD tower fit perfectly! My husband cut down the sides and back to the required size then assembled the pieces as per the instructions. Too easy! ~ Stephanie, Canada

Yesterday Influences Your Performance Today in Surprising Ways

The exception vs. the rule - to boost performance (and confidence), recall GROUPS of successes, not just one example.

Is Apple Making Us Japanese?

The cult of Apple encourages people to have relationships with machines.