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By Tony Clark

50 Simple Marketing Ideas All Freelancers Can Use

As a freelancer, you have a wide variety of marketing options available to you. Just which ones will bring you the clients you prefer to work with depends — it’s important to make sure that the methods you use allow you to reach the places prospective clients will be. It’s worth considering a wide variety of options. For that, it’s useful to have a list of options to consult:

Workspace of the Week: Magnificent music

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Sephtakular’s recording studio:

The zen of laptop desks

I'm loving what Siew Lian did to the Babord shoe rack. Perfect for sitting cross legged while sipping green tea. She says, "My husband recently began working a lot at home, displacing me from the desk and PC. Forced to use the laptop for longer periods, I started to look for a laptop desk.

The Only Way You Should Ever Repeat Your Mistakes

Do you ever make mistakes?

Growing your own food, Japanese-style

As you may know, Japan has lower per capita carbon emissions than any Western European country. For that reason, I asked my friend, Sean Saskamoto, who recently moved to Japan and who blogs at I'd Rather Be In Japan, to check in with us every so often.

Best of Personal Finance: Swine Flu Free Zone

By Andrea Dickson Nouriel Roubini on what to do now that we are experiencing our Great Recession in a series of videos at Consumer Reports. And since we're on the topic of the recession, why not learn how to barter at Recession Wire, since your money will be worthless in a few months anyway. Go Frugal Blog provides you with the right time of year to buy 45 items that you're going to buy anyway.

Are These Three Words Ruining Your Life?

Article by Zen Habits contributor Jonathan Mead; follow him on twitter. Have you ever been annoyed by a successful person, because you thought you were more intelligent than them? Maybe it was a boss. Maybe it was a political figure or a leader.

Five Frugal Lessons from My Parents

Over the last few weeks (since the passing of my grandmother), I’ve spent a ton of time with my parents, who live about four hours away. Because of these regular visits, I’ve been able to see lots of little details about how they’ve come to live their life since my father has retired.

Life, the Musical: Strangers in a Train Station Sing and Dance.

My mother-in-law has never before emailed me a link to YouTube -- that's not at all her style -- but when I watched this clip, I understood why she sent this one. She loves musicals, and this scene from the Central Station in Antwerp is a musical erupting in everyday life. I’ll say no more; don’t want to be a spoiler – but this video made me very happy. Or click here. *

Getting the Most Out of Magazines

I subscribe to a number of magazines and newspapers.  Here are some of the strategies I use to get the most out of them while keeping the time commitment to a reasonable level. Skim - I’m not looking to fully read every article.  Much of the time, the first few paragraphs and a quick glance over any charts will tell me what I need to know.

Six tips to help you make a change

According to the article “Stress and the Decision to Change Oneself” in a 1994 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly, there are six factors that significantly improve a person’s chances of making a change in his life:

6 Ways that Regular Writing Can Help All Freelancers

Many freelancers think that posts on writing are for the benefit of freelance journalists and copywriters alone. You can’t really blame them — if your trade is based on the excellent design you deliver or your skill as a programmer, then it might seem that the ability to piece words together in a pleasing and practical way isn’t necessary for you to master.

Help! I Owe More On My Car Than It’s Worth!

“Michael” writes in with a common question: What do you do when you find your car is worth less than you owe on it?

The Secrets of Financial Freedom: An Interview with the Millionaire Next Door

Today is the last day of Financial Literacy Month. To tie everything together, I thought it would be fun to share an interview my real millionaire next door, a man we’ll call John. He used the basic tenets of money management to build wealth and to retire early. Here’s how I described John when I first wrote about him last year: