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By Glen Stansberry

New Data: The 10 Worst Airlines in the US

“I see you. I’ll get your water when I have a minute. Jesus Christ.” Um, did… that… really just happen? Strike three for Delta Airlines. More like strike 37. The bad service had reached the “Orbitz threshold”, where I would no longer purchase tickets from Delta, even if cheaper than the competition.

How Does The Simple Dollar Earn Money? Some Notes on Do-It-Yourself Self-Employment

After some positive response to yesterday’s comments about an article explaining how I earn an income from The Simple Dollar, I decided to follow up and give the process a thorough description. Enjoy! Quite often, when I tell people that I’m a full time writer, they’re surprised.

5 Ways to Live Better Without Spending More

By Philip Brewer The most simple-minded measure of your standard of living is how much money you spend: spending more equals living better. Reality is more complex.

To Share or Not to Share, That is the Question

Copyright is as old as printing and as new as today.


“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” — Aristotle For a long time, I was unhappy. I used to think that this was because of my overwhelming debt. I believed that if I were debt-free, happiness would come to me. It didn’t. After I paid off my consumer debt, I was still unhappy.

DJ turntable setup out Ikea media center

David salvages an old Ikea media unit and whips it into a DJ desk. "I was looking for a desk to house a pair of Technics 1200 turntables. They're fairly wide, so most desks don't accommodate them. DJ desks can come in at around $600, which is far more than I wanted to spend. I had this Ikea media center I bought in 2006 that almost fit, but not quite.

The Death of Multitasking and Rebirth of Unitasking

How many times have you heard someone say, "I get so much done because I am able to multitask"? Usually said with a smug little grin.

Michael Merzenich on Re-Wiring the Brain

In this TED talk, we are reminded that the brain is molded for change; our habits, skills, and abilities are completely flexible.

Working Less Means Working Better, Says Study

Allowing a team to take true "time off" after-hours encourages streamlining, and boosts productivity in the process.

Respecting commitment

So yeah, that's me at the end of Climate Ride in front of the capitol on the day that Senators Boxer and Kerry introduced the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act into the Senate in an attempt to mitigate climate change (I was physically able to do part but not all of it).But what I wanted to talk about is how it is people like the folks who rode 300 miles from New York City to Washington, D

Motivational Posters: Winston Churchill Edition (Part I)

As a writer, an historian, an officer in the British army, an artist, a consummate statesman, and a man who understood the pleasures of a fine cigar and a handsome suit, Winston Churchill was one of the world’s last true renaissance men. High on the list of his many notable talents was his gift for moving and eloquent oratory.

Never Eat Alone: The Art of Small Talk

This is the ninth of sixteen parts of a “book club” reading and discussion of Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz’s Never Eat Alone, where this book on building a lifelong community of colleagues, contacts, friends, and mentors is teased apart and looked at in detail.

Eighteen Tips that Aren't, It Turns Out, From a Churchyard.

I was over at a friend’s house – for a meeting of one of my two children’s literature reading groups, in fact – where I saw her framed copy of “Desiderata.” (“Desiderata” is a Latin word meaning “things to be desired.”) I’d seen it before, but I’d never read more than the first few lines, and I was struck by the soundness of the suggestions. I always thought Desiderata wa

Discount on Deck

Today I was getting ready to order material for a new deck.  The manufacturer was already giving me about 20% off the normal price.  I figured that the sales of high end decking materials might be down in this economy so I decided to ask for an additional $1,000 off.  The sales person said he would call me back.  Thirty minutes later I had reduced the price by $1,000 simply by asking for a di

Inteview: Biggest Productivity Challenge

What is your biggest challenge to productivity and how do you overcome it? (671)  That is the question we asked a number of bloggers and here are their answers. As a student, I was a master of procrastination, running down the clock as long as I could before beginning a project. What resulted was strong work and ridiculous levels of self-induced pressure.