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No Impact Man

By Colin Beavan

Cheap Things You Never Use Are No Bargain

A couple of months ago, I shared some of the things I choose to spend my money on now that I’ve paid off my debts, saved for emergencies, and am funding my retirement.

Help Me Spread Happiness?

By Tina Su “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller So, I did something last night that totally scared me. I applied for the Sam-E Good Mood Blogger job – where the winning Blogger will be paid to blog everyday for 6 months, on being happy. I need your help. The competition is in two phases.

Starting College

With school in full swing again it seemed like a good time to do a post geared toward helping people who are experiencing college for the first time.  If you aren’t in college, but know someone who is, please consider passing these tips on to them.Learn outside the classroomWhat you learn in the classroom will only be a very small part of your college education.

On the Forums: How much clothing, minimal kitchens, and Hoarders

Some great discussions are currently underway on the Unclutterer Forums: How much clothing should I own? What’s in a minimal kitchen? Hoarders recent episodes Be sure to check it out and add your thoughts to the mix.

FreelanceSwitch Photo Contest Winners Announced!

The response to our recent competition for photos submitted to our FreelanceSwitch photo pool on Flickr was huge–we received over 1,500 submissions! Due to the high number of fantastic photos, I called in FreelanceSwitch’s resident forums moderators, Eliffio and Amber, to help pick the winners. Check out all the submissions in the gallery.

Making a Change Feel Normal

A long time ago, I wrote about the idea of a money free weekend – two days spent doing stuff that’s free or extremely close to it.

This is The Best Way To Lose That Lethargic Feeling Once and For All!

My three-year-old seems to have an endless supply of energy. He is ready to go the minute the sun peeks over the horizon. And by ready to go, I mean, he’s ready to play, dance, and run laps around the house … in the morning. As adults, we tend to burn the candle at both ends, thinking we’re three years old, with an endless supply of energy.

Turn your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom with PAX - Part 2

You asked for it! thedesignguy has shared more photos and I've posted them below the original post. Click to get the whole shebang on turning your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom with a Pax room divider.

Quick Besta hack with Inreda magazine shelf

Materials: Besta structure, Besta shelves, Inreda magazine shelf Description: I changed recently my kitchen cupboard opting for Besta. I had jars/boxes I wanted to show but there were a lot of them. During my 54 412 555th visit my Ikea store, I saw the Inreda magazine shelf (which exist in aluminium or plastic) and this made a bell ring in my brain.

Reader Mailbag: Monday Morning

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Making good credit better 2. Dealing with hostile coworker 3. Roth switch after job move 4. Capturing and bipolarity 5. Waiting for a pension 6. Top five personal finance books 7. Deciding between goals 8.

Encouraging young children to clean up their toys

A common topic of discussion among the parents in my son’s playgroup is: How do we teach our children to put away their toys? Our children are only one year old, which means we don’t yet have much of a problem, but we’re eager to ensure we don’t have problems later.

"Happy People Make People Happy -- But You Can't MAKE Someone Happy."

For the past few weeks, I've been thinking and writing a lot about how people of pronounced positivity and people of pronounced negativity affect each other. (a/k/a Tiggers vs.

Should YOU Stop Blogging, Too?

Last week, well-known blogger, video-marketing expert, author and speaker, Jim Kukral, announced that after 9 years, he was bailing on his blog.Why?Because he believes his business-building energies would be much better allocated to creating a single, substantial piece of content to share each month, likely in the format of an ebook, than to blogging.As proof, Jim points to the year he took of of

Your Health is Your Most Important Asset

When Kris and I traveled to England and Ireland with her parents in 2007, I came home with a financial epiphany. Actually, the trip highlighted a concept that I’d only vaguely understood before: I was a slave to the tyranny of Stuff. I had accumulated way too many things in my life, and this was causing me a lot of mental and physical stress.