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Happiness Project

By Gretchen Rubin


My wife and I moved to Mexico for a few months in 2006. I’ve been struck by how different people perceive the US Southern border. To some it is a definite line, something you don’t cross without much fear and trembling.

Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 20+ Amazing Fitness Blogs to Inspire You

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup.

Affirmations: A More Effective Way To Kick Off The New Year

According to those who follow the cycle of the moon, the solar eclipse that took place on January 15 is actually the day we should all be making New Year resolutions.  Whether it be January 1st or the 15th, we all tend to feel pressure to ‘resolve’ ourselves to do something when January rolls around: lose weight, workout, spend less, make amends.  Ultimately, when we revisit New Year’s Ev

Reader Mailbag #98

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance topics and many other things. Got a question? Ask it in the comments.

Five Tips to Sell Any Home Fast

By Stacy Johnson I've been investing in real estate of various types for nearly 30 years, and I've never seen anything like it. I'm talking about this housing market. Granted, all real estate is local, and I live in South Florida, one of the epicenters of our nation's current housing crisis.

Power Tools: Are You One?

I’m not exactly proud of this story… In fact, looking back, I’m a bit sickened by my behavior. We all do stupid things when we’re young. Thankfully, with reflection and considerate action, most of us evolve. But, I need to share what happened, because I still see a version of it unfolding in people’s lives every day.

Ice Box Art

It isn’t often that I get Christmas gifts that reduce clutter, but this year my mom gave my family a gift that will help keep our kids’ artwork under control, and since I’d read some questions in the forums on the topic, I wanted to share the idea with you. The first part of the gift is a simple acrylic sign holder with magnetic tape on the back.

Freelance Freedom #139

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Success

This is a guest post from Flexo of Consumerism Commentary. Flexo is embarking on a ten-day, ten-blog tour. Previously at Get Rich Slowly, he’s shared how to be CFO of your own life. Humans are wired to seek comfort, and as a result much of daily life is focused around familiar patterns and habits. When something threatens to break those habits, we feel uncomfortable and nervous.

The James Bond Shower: A Shot of Cold Water for Health and Vitality

As a kid, I was a big James Bond fan. Saw all the movies and read all the books. One thing I noticed about the book version of James Bond was that every time he took a shower, he would start off with the water nice and hot, and then turn it down to cold for the last few minutes.

Digital Signatures

Over the past few days, the most popular post on this site has been our explanation of how Digital Signatures & Encryption works. Understanding this is key for our society to get past the point of using dead dinosaurs (gasoline) to ship around dead trees (paper). Please take a few minutes to read it and pass it on.

Review: The Collaborative Habit

Every other Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a book of interest that’s not directly related to personal finance, but can provide deep insights into the elements of personal success. One of my favorite books I’ve ever reviewed for The Simple Dollar is Twyla Tharp’s excellent The Creative Habit.

Random Episode 8 – 2010 Resolutions with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

This new, long overdue Random episode covers our personal resolutions–personal, business, physical, and otherwise–as well as favorite recent gifts (both given and received). The video is recorded on two cameras, including Glenn’s new experimental HD delight.

On the Forums: favorite organizational items, old university notes, and make-up bags

Some great discussions are currently underway on the Unclutterer Forums: Organizational Item You LOVE Old University Notes How Is Your Make-Up Bag Looking? Be sure to check it out and add your thoughts to the mix.

Book Review: Complicit - How Greed and Collusion Made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable

By Xin Lu This week a government committee is investigating the cause of the financial crisis by interrogating bank titans what exactly went wrong. Complicit: How Greed and Collusion Made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable by Mark Gilbert is exactly what these government officials need to read to learn what went on in the last few years to cause the debacle.