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Happiness Project

By Gretchen Rubin

Laser etched Malma frame

Materials: 1 Malma pine 10" square mirror + 1 laser etching machine Description: This hack is pretty simple and straight forward. I just laser-etched flower graphics onto the pine frame. See more of the laser etched Malma. ~ Manny Torres, Los Angeles

DYE and DIY British Flag Pillow

Materials: Aina cushion cover makeover Description: I used the Aina cushion cover and transformed it into a cushion cover with the British flag. First of all, I made my dye according to the instructions on the package. I printed off the British flag and had it enlarged. You may used the original size if you want it smaller. I cut out the flag and traced the design onto the pillow.

Finding solutions to disorder by identifying the causes of disorder

Sometimes the solution for solving a clutter problem is simply identifying the cause of the problem. It sounds obvious, but you may be surprised by how often the cause of the problem isn’t considered when looking for a solution. I hear complaints all the time that a spouse/partner/roommate/kid (someone else, never the person complaining) leaves items strewn about the house.

Steven Spielberg’s Brand of Visionary Thinking

Today’s guest contributor is former Wall Street Journal and Fortune writer, Erik Calonius.

Which Retirement Plan Is Right for Me? Traditional IRAs Versus Roth IRAs Versus 401(k)s and 403(b)s

Kelly writes in: I’m reading about retirement and I see terms like Traditional IRA and Roth IRA and 401(k) thrown around without really explaining what they are or what the differences between them are. Do you have a summary of these plans and how they work? There’s no better time than the present to offer up some great fundamental personal finance information like this.

How to Make Separate Finances Work: An Interview with J.D. and Kris

Every couple has its own way of managing money. Some folks share their finances completely. Some — like my wife and me — keep their finances completely separate. Most couples fall somewhere between these two extremes. Writing for the June issue of Redbook magazine, Virginia Sole-Smith highlighted what she calls the new money rules for couples.

20 Great Business Card Templates from GraphicRiver

Advertise here with BSAI recently returned from a two month stay in Japan, where along with a bit of networking, I made sure to hand out a few business cards. Just a few days ago I received my first potential client contact from one of the cards I handed out.

Microsoft you make it very hard to switch back

A while back I wrote about my Apple and Google lifestyle and I still do it that way, but since I quit my regular job I also miss having a Windows laptop. I like Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 and enjoyed the promise of Windows 8.

What I Learned From Being Fired

The day started just like any other day. I slowly dragged my tired body out of the bed, started complaining and began the process of getting ready for work. I had about 2 full hours of sleep due to the new born baby that was sharing a room with my wife and I in our one bedroom apartment.

Fun with a Pocket Knife: How to Play Mumbley Peg

Every man should carry a pocketknife. It’s handy for cutting open packages, severing twine, and, of course, eating an apple like a bad ass. But it can also be a source of instant, anywhere entertainment. Because it’s all you need to play the game of mumbley peg. Never heard of the game? Don’t worry.

Five Elements of a Successful Goal (From My Experience)

A little over five years ago, I set a tremendous goal for myself. I wanted to completely overhaul my financial life. I was in a pile of debt. I was working at a job that I enjoyed, but it often felt like it was pulling me both from my family and from my dream career.

Can You Learn about Happiness from Virginia Woolf? I Think So.

Assay: Yesterday, I posted a quotation from Virginia Woolf for my weekly quotation. I often quote from Woolf, because she’s one of my very favorite writers. And, as has happened before, I got a few comments from readers saying, in effect, “Why are you quoting Virginia Woolf about happiness?

Dragonfly lamp

Materials: HEMMA cord set and IDEALISK tea infuser Description: Pretty simple and self explanatory. I used the Hemma cord set, the Idealisk tea infuser, and thin white pantyhose wrapped around some wire. See more of the dragon fly lamp. ~ Anette Tysnes Ungar, Sandnes, Norway

Vika Amon/Glasholm Dining Table

Materials: Vika Amon, Vika Lags, Vika Glasholm, Gilbert Description: It's simply putting things together from Ikea to save money and get a modern look at the same time for a different application (dining table in this case). This isn't my idea either, I have seen this combination at a friend's house but I put a little different spin to it to make what fits my taste.

AT&T DSL Only Option

AT&T is offering DSL without requiring phone service. This is sometimes referred to as “dry dsl” or “naked dsl”.