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Can Art Drive Us Crazy?

A look into Stendhal Syndrome, which is believed to cause violent reactions to art.

How to Get a Job Without Experience

"Whether you're launching your career or trying to change its direction, you can get around this Catch-22 with some creativity and humility."

Old School Workout: Daily Exercises for Young Men From 1883

In 1883, physical culture enthusiast William Blaikie wrote a book entitled “How to Get Strong, and How to Stay So.” In it, he gives a primer on strength training. One of my favorite sections is a sample physical fitness routine for young men. What I like about the routine Blaikie proposes is it’s simplicity. The only thing needed is a set of dumbbells.

A Call from Capital One

I don’t often post follow-ups to previous articles, especially after just a few days. But following Tuesday’s post on two-cycle billing, a couple of things happened that deserve mention. Understanding Grace Periods Several readers suggested that what I experienced was not two-cycle billing but the lack of a grace period.

Beyond Budgeting: Pocketsmith Helps You Forecast

By Lynn Truong note: PocketSmith is giving 5 Wise Bread readers a yearly Premium account. Read on for details. There are many financial tools and services that help you track your spending and stick to your budgets. But I'm one of those fortunate ones with very few expenses and have learned over the years how to curb my appetite for spending. So I never found use for tools like Mint and Wesabe.

The Personal Finance Toolbox

I like to think of one’s personal finance state as something like a toolbox. In order to accomplish a major task, one must use more than one tool from their toolbox to make it happen. Let me explain with a bit more detail. The Tools There are many, many different personal finance tools in one’s toolbox.

Exercise, Weight Loss, and Happiness.

I was very interested to read John Cloud’s recent Time cover story about exercise and weight loss, Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.

The Right Things

Last night I made a late night run to the grocery store. As I got out of my car, I noticed a woman walking around the lot looking at the ground. She had her hand cupped as if she were holding something. By the time I exited the store, she had worked her way across the parking lot to the store entrance.

Storing small memory cards

I don’t know if I’ve ever publicly admitted this, but I’m a gamer. I play at least half an hour every day, and usually more than that. I have numerous electronic gaming systems and even a huge collection of board games for when I want to be away from a computer.

I’ll Do It Tomorrow

Tom left a great comment on the recent article about taking care of your things: How can you fight off “I’ll do it tomorrow”-ness? My lack of motivation makes me lazy, even though I see the benefits of not being like this. Procrastination is a big enemy of financial progress.

Do Old School Marketing Tools Still Work?

Many years ago, before the rise of the Internet and its latest be-all end-all, social media, business people used marketing and sales tools that we may not recognize. For example, a lot of consumer goods were sold door to door. Your older family members may have stories to tell about the Fuller Brush man. Yes, you read that right.

How to Find Time for Face Time and Personal Interaction

"Power down. Log off. Unplug. Have mercy on your thumbs. Browse the World Wide Something Else. Send some not-so-instant-messages. Undo. Hit cancel. Be together."This quote is from a Dentyne commercial and you know what, they might be on to something. Their message is trying to urge us to "make face time" in what has become a very online world.Our generation is as guilty of this as ever before.

What Got You to Get Better? Reasons for Change

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the advisor for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He contributes one new article to Get Rich Slowly every two weeks.

Inexpensive kitchen island from Ikea Akurum

Danielle fits in a kitchen island with some handy hacking. "When we bought our home 6 months ago the kitchen was a total mess without much storage or work space. I love to cook so this just wasn't going to work for us. The budget was tight so we obviously thought: Ikea!

Reducing unnecessary distractions from colleagues at work

Mark at Productivity501 has some great tips for keeping office distractions to a minimum in his post this week “People Who Come to Distract You.” I have found that his second point works extremely well: 2. Stand and come out from behind your desk — If you conduct your conversation standing, it will likely be much shorter.