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By Glen Stansberry

Developing Creative Kids

Photo by Kevin Murphy. Post by Carrie Lee As toddlers begin to have some mastery over their environment, they discover the joy of creating. From the first time they draw a crayon over a piece of paper, or stack one block on top of another, they bring their unique perspective to what they create. If creativity is in our genes, then creative people bear creative children, right?

Daily Links: Taxes and Gold Edition

Part of the fun of Get Rich Slowly is writing about a variety of topics, basic and advanced. Though I’m an advocate of financial literacy, I’m not certain that I want to devote the entire month of April to it in the future. Instead, I’ll focus on financial literacy week perhaps, as well as sharing general information on the subject throughout the year.

Dressing for the Kentucky Derby

Introduction This article is co-written by guest writer, The Houndstooth Kid, and our Style regular Antonio Centeno.  If you enjoy it, please visit the Houndtooth Kid’s blog for information and musings on vintage menswear. Southern Style

The Secret Ingredient for a Better Marriage

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Corey Allan of Simple Marriage. As you progress through a marriage, or any committed relationship, routine is bound to dictate a lot of what happens. As the glitz and glamour of romance subside, daily schedules, obligations, kids, and chores take over.

A Graduation Gift That Matters

When I graduated from high school - and again when I graduated from college - I received quite a few gifts from friends and family members. Most of them fell into two categories: money inserted into graduation cards, or items intended to help with my life in the near future (like a gas card or a laundry bag or a shower kit or a microwave oven).

14 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance

This is a guest post from Ray at Financial Highway. Earlier today, Ray shared the basics of life insurance.

Happiness: Go to Sleep by 9:00; Don't Fret about Missed Opportunities.

One thing that has made me happy over the past year has been the chance to write a blog for RealSimple.com’s Simply Stated. It has been a lot of fun, given me a way to connect with a different set of readers, and introduced me to a lot of great people.

How to Expand Your Skillset by Teaching Others

A freelancer’s career path is rarely a straight line. Many people begin freelancing almost by mistake — maybe they were asked to write an article for a trade journal, or just placed a bid on an Elance project to make some extra money. Other freelancers get frustrated with their jobs and want to try something different. They end up loving the experience enough to stick with it.

Uncluttered aphorisms

At Unclutterer, we abide by the motto “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” In addition to this motto, we also have a number of uncluttered sayings that work their way into many of our posts: The less you own, the less you have to clean. This applies to quantity of objects as well as square footage in your home.

Tip: Five Ways To Market Yourself During A Recession

Rather than suffer through a slow economy, creative professionals should seize the opportunity to market themselves!

Do Personal Goals Have a Dangerous Side?

A recent Boston Globe article entitled “Ready, Aim… Fail” discusses the failure of setting a major goal at GM:

An Introduction to Life Insurance

Many of you have asked for life insurance information, so Ray from Financial Highway offered to provide this guest post on the subject. This is new info for me, too.

Disaster uncluttering: Looking back

Today we welcome back Unclutterer programmer, Gary DuVall. In the In the first, second, and third posts in this series, he discussed how to prepare yourself and your home in case of a disaster and what to do if it unfortunately happens. This is his final post in the series. He is writing for us based on his personal experience of losing everything he owned in a fire.

Urban gardening time is here!

During the No Impact project, I helped my friend Mayer Vishner with his vegetable plot in the Laguardia Community Gardens here in New York.