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Linkswitch #29: Upselling, Report Writing, Meeting Deadlines

How to Balance Your Internet Life with Your Real Life Hi, I’m Carl, and I’m a blogger. I really started blogging back in 1997 when I created an e-mail newsletter for the newspaper. I would start each daily e-mail with some personal insights then list the day’s headlines. I didn’t know it but it was blogging. I thought I could quit whenever I wanted. But I kept posting updates.

The Top 5 Qualities of Productive Creatives (And How to Identify Them!)

Normal 0 0 1 883 5036 41 10 6184 11.773 0 0 0 A recent BusinessWeek article reported that, “According to a new survey of 1,500 chief executives conducted by IBM's Institute for Business Value (IBM), CEOs identify ‘creativity’ as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future.” While the stu

The Top 5 Qualities of Productive Creatives (And How to Identify Them!)

Want to make ideas happen? Or hire someone who can? We shortlist the key traits for putting ideas into action, and tell you how to identify them.

The Top 5 Qualities of Productive Creatives (And How to Identify Them!)

Want to make ideas happen? Or hire someone who can? We shortlist the key traits for putting ideas into action, and tell you how to identify them.

How To Make A Dream Reality: Fear vs. Courage

Photo Credit: Robert Campbell Photography Part 1: Fear is an illusive giant. What is it? What color is it? How is it shaped? Where can it be found? Fear is everywhere and no where at the same time. It has no shape, color, sound, form, or solid visibility. We can see and feel only its effects. What to do when fear is stalking? Stop. Turn around. Look at it square in the face, And what?

Escaping the Mundane

Charlie writes in (this is an excerpt, because the full story is quite long): What I finally realized is that I usually buy stuff because it makes me feel like this is all worth it for a while, that all the work I’m doing isn’t just going to feed Uncle Sam and to keep a roof over my head and cheap food on the table. But then I get the bills and I feel even worse than I did before.

How to Help Your Kids Build $25,000 Stock Portfolios

Mary and her husband set out to build a stock portfolio worth $25,000 as a college graduation present for each of their children. That’s a lofty goal. How did they do it?

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: July 31, 2010

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, two years ago this week, and three years ago this week. I call it … the Time Machine. One Year Ago (July 25 – July 31, 2009) Does Earning More Trump Frugality?

You Know You’re a Freelancer When . . .

Here’s a celebration of all the ways we are uniquely freelancers… set apart from our cubicle counterparts, yet aware that we are perhaps still not so different. Or are we?

Uncluttered baby: The EZ Bundle

This is an item I really wish would have existed a year ago when we were outfitting our home with baby gear: The EZ Bundle 4-in-1 Baby System from Fisher-Price is an infant swing, high chair, newborn seat, and toddler seat all in one unit. You don’t need to buy four different items, just the one that transforms into the four different uses. Brilliant.

Expedit random shelving hack

Materials: Expedit Description: When my wife and I walked into a swanky expensive design shop here in Lund, Sweden there was a shelving unit that had random heights for each shelf. Very cool but way out of the reach of our budget.

Summer Meal Series #9: Tuna Melts!?

This summer, I’m going to be posting a series of fifteen low-cost, tasty, and easy-to-prepare meals that are literally straight from my own kitchen. After returning home from two weeks of vacation, my wife and I planned out a very nice summery meal that would have made a great post for the Summer Meal Series.

STIKZ Room Divider

Materials: 2x4 Expedit, SMYCKA (bundle of sticks) Description: I needed a room divider for my studio apartment; the piece that I created served to set off my "living room" from my "boudoir". I purchased a black/brown EXPEDIT and the SMYCKA decorative bundle of sticks from IKEA and four pieces of thin wood.

Support Your Supporters

Who is the person in your life that helps you be the best freelancer in your world? Is it a loving spouse that goes to work every day, providing your family with the extra income you need to make sure the mortgage is paid, food is on the table, and your kids are not dirty urchins picking the pockets of the fine folks on the streets of London? Maybe you’ve got a good friend that promotes you to h

Ask Unclutterer: I’m organized but my workplace isn’t

Reader Anonymous submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I’ve started to notice how disorganized my office is … not my personal office, but the office as a whole. Some examples: Office supplies are disorganized, so no one knows where to find anything, which leads to ordering more of things we usually already have. Our shared computer folders are a mess — everyone has their o