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Dumb Little Man

By Jay White

Heaven Knows

My friend Sean occasionally writes for the blog. For a long time, he has been searching for a way to live that makes him truly happy. He doesn't believe in the rat race. He wants to find a way to live that doesn't rely on stuff and corporations but on people and community.

How to Create Your Own Real-World MBA

(Photo: DavidDMuir) It’s fun to think about getting an MBA. They’re attractive for many reasons: developing new business skills, developing a better business network, or — most often — taking what is effectively a two-year vacation that looks good on a resume. In 2001, and again in 2004, I wanted to do all three things. This post is the first of two that will share my expe

How To Get Out Of The House In The Morning: 8 Tips

Wake Up Your Mornings We would all like to prolong the time in our beds and linger longer in the shower, but at a certain point, you have to get out the door and on your way to get that paycheck. Here are some ways to make it a little less painful to start another day.

Find Peace in a Busy Life

Photo by Vadim Pacev By Scott Dinsmore “Life is just a quick succession of busy nothings.”~ Jane Austen Do you remember the last time you asked someone how work was? How about life in general? What was their response? What did you say the last time you were asked those questions? I bet I know.

Announcing 3 New AoM T-Shirt Designs+Giving Away 3 AoM T-Shirts!

The awesome guys over at Tankfarm Clothing have done it again, whipping up 3 brand new, super cool Art of Manliness t-shirt designs. The first two are based on old World War II posters: The third is inspired by our popular post about the importance of hustle: Art of Manliness T-Shirt Giveaway In conjunction with the launch of these three manly new tees, we’re giving away three Art of Manl

What Is "Opportunity Cost"? Does It Matter For Happiness? --Yes.

One of the things I love about studying a new subject is learning the particularized vocabulary. New words describing new concepts allow me to understand the world in a deeper way. For example, in law school, after I learned the concept of “acting in reliance,” I suddenly saw people acting in reliance all over the place.

Decluttering and Your Money

Connie writes in: You write a lot about how there’s a deep connection between less clutter and financial success.  I don’t get it at all.  I think the opposite is true because when you clear out a bunch of stuff you would just have the space for a lot more. This is an issue I’ve discussed to a certain extent in both of my books.

Top 5 self-promotion links around the web

Self-promotion is something a freelancer needs, to get a gig, land a client and to be successfull. Sometimes this requires a whole lot of promotion, but is there an easy way and a hard way? According to me, the hard way is to let the time take it’s course. Something important a freelancer needs to consider for promoting himself, is to always be carefull on how you promote.

A heightened headboard

Materials: Ikea Malm Bedframe, plywood, batting, fabric, staple gun, L brackets, screws Description: I owned the Ikea Malm bedframe and wanted to add height to my headboard. With a quick trip to a local hardware and fabric store, I came home with plywood, L- brackets, screws, a staple gun, batting, and fabric. In a couple hours I completely transformed my bed from blah to BAM!

Four tips to unclutter your family finances

Today’s guest post is from reader Alban who writes in Australia for a personal finance and credit card advice site. Families come in many shapes and sizes, but most of them have one thing in common — they want financial security.

Cabinet to hide the boiler and fuse box

Materials: Pax Wardrobe Description: I had an ugly, 1970's cabinet that hid our boiler and our fusebox. I wanted the cabinet to match the kitchen just a few feet away. before The challenge was that there's lots of pipes and electrical wires that can't be moved. I purchased one 100cm wide and two 50cm wide Pax wardrobe cabinets with doors that matched my ikea kitchen.

Reader Mailbag: Impromptu Travel

What’s inside? Here are five word summaries of the questions answered inside this mailbag. Click on the number to skip straight to that question. 1. Co-signing with bad credit father 2. How many people read TSD? 3. Removing stains from cloth diapers 4. Percentage for emergency fund 5. Personal loan for adoption 6. Gloom, doom, and e-funds 7. Difficult job search 8.

Features and Benefits Are So 2009. Sell To Driving Emotion

A famous marketer once said said, “sell the hole, not the drill.” Translation—for the most part, people don’t care a whole lot about the vehicle that gets them the benefit they want…they’re simply looking for the faster, easier, most enjoyable way to their desired end. So, if you were selling drills, you could focus in on the features of the drill or you could focus

Ditch Performance Reviews? How About Learn to do Them Well?

"Yes, performance reviews can be dysfunctional, but they need not be."

The best vacation ever

How should you spend your time off? Believe it or not, science has some answers.