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By Colin Beavan

What Frugality REALLY Means: It's Not About Being Cheap

Frugality. It's not exactly an alluring word, is it? Most of us worry that being frugal means living a bleak, depressing life, missing out on "normal" society.The truth is, frugality simply means applying a bit of thought to how you spend your money.

How to Love the Life You Already Have

You’ve probably heard the old saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Perhaps you feel like it’s true. You look at other people’s lives, and you envy them. They seem to be doing so much better than you. They’ve got a great job. Lots of money. A happy home life. They seem to have it all.

Video: Self-knowledge -- Ask Youself, "Whom Do I Envy?" "What Do I Lie About?"

2011 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2011 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2011 a happier year -- and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- welcome! This month’s theme is Self-knowledge. Last week’s resolution was to Imitate a spiritual master. Did you try that resolution? Did it boost your happiness?

The Time Value of Money (or Why 25 Years of Cable TV Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think)

This guest post is from Stephen Popick, a government economist and founder of Coffeecents.org, a personal finance program for young adults. Popick is the long-time administrator of the Get Rich Slowly discussion forums.

How I Found Love (Again)

Photo by aeschleah By Cat Li Stevenson “It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.” ~ Sally Field Recently, my husband and I had several arguments—one after another, each fueled by the prior.

It’s Harder to Get Started Today

Over the past weekend, I had a long conversation with a man in our community who was nearing retirement age. He felt comfortable about his own coming retirement, but he seemed very pessimistic that his children would ever be ready to retire.

Hey, got a Second? How to Stop Being an Interruption Magnet

If you feel like interruptions are constantly holding you back at work then it may be time to admit you have a problem. You're an interruption magnet.Yes, distractions aren't always your fault.

Hamster-Villa above TV

Materials: Bonde Description: In my Bonde-furniture now lives our little Hamster "Hämpfelina". I took out the shelves and everything else. Then I fixed windows of plexi-glass and installed everything for a playful hamster-life! We have now a lot of fun to see the hamster run around! ~ Carola, Switzerland

In case of death …

No one likes to think about his or her death. However, not thinking about it doesn’t mean it won’t one day happen. Not thinking about it also can put an undue burden on those you leave behind.

Plastic Bag Trash Receptacle

Materials: Rationell, hacksaw, epoxy (optional) Description: This little hack turns a Rationell trash receptacle into an interior cabinet trash holder that can reuse plastic grocery bags. I used a hacksaw blade to cut at the red lines. Originally, I tried a utility knife but found the plastic was too brittle and had a tendency to suddenly split.

Inspiring Others to Financial Responsibility Without Being Preachy

Quite often, in our day to day lives, we interact with people who spend with reckless abandon and don’t think for a moment about the long-term financial implications of what they’re doing – or, when they do think about it, they simply believe that someone or something will take care of it for them in the future. For those of us who really understand the tremendous value of gettin

Torked-out Multi-Ribba Technicolour Backlit Feature Frame

Materials: Materials:- 3x Large 50x23cm Ribba Frames, 1x Multi-Colour Dioder set, 1 Bundle of Torka, Kitchen Foil, Sticky Tape, Black Marker Pen, Wood Screws, Electrical Connector Blocks, Paint (optional), Pull Switch (optional).

Confessions of a Spendaholic: How to Curb Compulsive Spending

My name is J.D., and I’m a spendaholic. Now admittedly, I mostly have my spending under control. I’m no longer in debt, and I force myself to make conscious decisions about what I purchase. (Conscious spending is one of the keys to overcoming emotional spending.) Having said that, however, I know that if I relax for even a moment, I’ll be right back in my old habits.

Cold Calling: Separate Yourself from the Bad Guys

credit: ~*Gillian*~ on Flikr When people tell me that their freelancing business has been slow, I suggest that they pick up the phone and start making calls. Reason: Since cold calls have worked well for me, I encourage others to try them as well. Talk about kicking the proverbial hornet’s nest.

Craft the Life You Want: Setting Up Shop or The Importance of Where You Live

Welcome back to our three-part series on crafting a remarkable life. In this series we’ll be drawing parallels from the different aspects of a traditional craftsman’s vocation–his blueprint, shop, and tools–to the task of crafting one’s own life. Last week we outlined how to draw up a blueprint for your life. Today we will discuss the importance of setting up shop.