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By Mark Shead

Lessons in Fuel-Efficient Driving

One of the interesting features of our Prius is that it keeps a running tab on your current gas mileage. You can see both the mileage at any given moment or the average over your trip. Having such easy access to this information while you’re driving subtly teaches you how to drive more efficiently. Here are a few things we’ve learned.

Happiness: Reading in the Tub, Escaping from Cubicles.

By far the best part of the SXSW conference was meeting other bloggers whom I’ve read but never seen face-to-face – such as Pamela Slim, who has a terrific blog, Escape From Cubicle Nation (one of the top career blogs), and whose book Escape from Cubicle Nation is just about to hit the shelves.

Setting Goals

I attended a very small school where most coursework was done at your own pace.  To make sure you could graduate on time, the yearly work was broken down into 4 quarters of 9 weeks each.  The quarters were broken down into weeks and what you needed to accomplish each week was divided into each day.  Each student had a “goal card” in front of their work area showing their planned pro

Debit Or Credit? Which One Should You Choose At The Checkout?

By Paul Michael It’s a question I’m asked at least a few times a day when I use my check card, usually by one of those little card-reading machines (although sometimes, an actual living person asks, too). Being someone who hates the word “credit” I have always opted for “debit” and proceeded to enter my PIN number. But have I been doing it all wrong?

Defining simplicity

When I was starting my transformation process from a clutterbug into an unclutterer, I wanted a checklist to tell me what I needed to do to live simply. I wanted there to be a clear line that told me if I did X, Y, and Z then all of my stress and anxieties would instantly be relieved. I wanted there to be zero ambiguity and I wanted someone else to make the hard decisions for me.

Is Your Local Warehouse Store Worth Your While? Here’s How to Find Out

My wife and I have been members at Sam’s Club for years. We use it to buy tons of items in bulk - but over time, we’ve realized that some items simply aren’t cheaper there. While visiting, I’ve noticed the same trend with Costco as well - it’s got spectacular prices on some staples, but poor prices on other things.

FreelancerPro Interview: Being Content Rich

Interviewing other creatives is always interesting; I like to see where they draw inspiration from, how they built their business and what keeps them ticking.

Investing 101: How Bonds Work

This is a guest post from Joe Light, a staff writer for Money Magazine. Light also shares daily insight at his blog, Invest Wisdom. You probably know how to find and buy stocks. It’s so easy, E*Trade says, a baby can do it, right?

It's a girl thing

Adora salvages a broken picture frame and turns it into a display for her jewelery.

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In a short period of time, our @FreelanceSw Twitter account has gone from 0 updates and 0 friends to almost 7,500 followers and 715 updates. In the capable hands of Roger Byrne, the FreelanceSwitch Twitter account has become more than just a link feed — it’s a freelance resource of its own and a way for our readers to interact with us on a daily basis.

Open Discussion: "You are here to be happy." True or false?

Obviously I've been in the mood for introspection these last couple of days. And I think that introspection is important in the environmental realm, because we must prioritize the use of resources. We must decide what our limited resources are best used for.

The Simplest Way to Clear Out Your Email Inbox

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. In a sentence: Don’t reply or even read most of your emails. Your inbox can be cleared in minutes with that method. Here’s how I suggest you do it: Select all junk mail, newsletters, routine notifications, auto-replies, joke emails, chain mail, ads, anything else not super important. Delete em.

Time, Frugality, and Values

A few days ago, I wrote about the dilemma of whether it’s worth spending twenty minutes arguing to earn $10, a post that I hoped would generate some good discussion (and it certainly did). For me, I wouldn’t engage in the argument - it’s not worth it to me to spend twenty minutes engaged in confrontation for $10.

The Basics of Bonds

Tomorrow morning, Get Rich Slowly will feature a guest post about how bonds work. Bonds don’t get a lot of press. They’re not as sexy as stocks, and many beginning investors simply ignore them. (I know that has certainly been true in my case.) Before tomorrow’s story, though, I wanted to take some time to review the basics of bonds.

Happiness Fix: Watching Susan Boyle's Performance on YouTube.

I was at dinner on Saturday night, and three people – very different from each other – told me that the minute I got home, I had to watch the clip showing contestant Susan Boyle’s appearance on Britain's Got Talent (the British version of American Idol). “I got tears in my eyes.” “I watched it five times.” “I emailed all my friends to tell them to watch.”