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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

Eames-inspired storage unit

Materials: 2x APA, 1x HYLLIS, screws, scrap 1/4" MDF w/birch veneer Description: The Ikea APA toy boxes are inexpensive and reasonably attractive (with their white laminate side-panels), but I have never found them to be particularly useful for storage as intended.


Here’s a question for you. It’s more of a thought experiment – I’m not actually suggesting that you go out and do this. Would you be comfortable showing your best friend your entire financial picture? Or, what about your spouse? What about your parents?

5 Simple Ways to Double Your Productivity

Doubling your productivity is simple, but not easy. Changing your habits requires a bit of self-discipline, but it can be done. You can double your productivity by incorporating any of the five simple steps below into your life.For the longest time, I refused to try any of the techniques that are associated with productivity.

Navigating the Pitfals of a Client-Friend Relationship

Credit: Mike Johnson on sxc.hu Last week I had a meeting with a new prospective client that got seriously off-track. She burst into the café where we were meeting, flopped down and launched into a story about this crazy thing that had just happened to her. She had me giggling so hard that I had to dab tears from my eyes. Turns out, I had a similar story, so, of course, I had to share mine.

Workspace of the Week: Stunning studio

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Little Luck Tree’s breathtaking creative workspace: Not only is this space well organized, but it’s inspirational. I can imagine creating truly beautiful things in this office. There is dedicated space for storage, designing, painting, and sewing — and all of it is done in a way to encourage items be returned when they’re finished.

RIBBA Dataport

Materials: RIBBA, Pine boards, black paper Description: Take a slightly thicker frame type RIBBA, a few bars and construct a box: The add a back to the frame with black paper and screw on the electronics. Then, the front passepartout with it and end up with a cardboard tube from wrapping paper serves as a cable channel. See more of the Ribba Dataport. ~ Andreas K., Germany

Five Years of Get Rich Slowly

Five years ago today, I started a new blog. Inspired by the success of a popular post at my personal site, I sat down to create what I thought would be the first personal-finance blog on the internet. I was wrong, of course; there were plenty of similar blogs before mine. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In the Beginning… In April 2006, I was still deep in debt.

Why You’re Only Getting Better with Age

We’ve all heard it. Someone says something along the lines of, “To be young -well, don’t get too used to it because it’s all down hill from here.” We safely heed this warning, but as the years pass and we don’t see the ultra-rapid decline we expect, we begin to ask ourselves if there’s any truth to the belief that we peak when we’re young.

Spare Change: Contest Deadline Extended Edition

You know, sometimes I’m an idiot. When I scheduled this year’s Get Rich Slowly video contest, I basically just copied all of the parameters from last year. That makes sense, right?

Who’s to Blame for My Failures?

This morning, I sat at the keyboard in our basement, practicing a certain part of a song on the piano that I’d been working on for a while. I had attempted to play it during my last piano lesson, but my attempt at it had completely fallen flat and I was disappointed in myself.

Video: The Power of Language + News

Hello. I’m trying something new. Sharing “big ideas” on video — ideas I’ve found helpful, inspiring or empowering. Check it out: Click here to watch it on YouTube, One of the many things I admire about my husband is that he is very prone to taking action. He doesn’t stay stranded for long talking in circles about what he wants.

Lack raised to the third

Materials: Lack TV bench Description: We are baby-proofing our living room, and the baby gates are high enough that they block the line of sight to our television, which was on a plain Lack TV bench. I loved the Lack-On-Lack TV benches, but we needed something at least 30 inches tall. I bought 2 additional Lack TV benches.

How to Bowl a Strike

Bowling has a long and thoroughly manly history. But if you’re like me, then your contribution to this legacy of manliness hasn’t been anything to write home about. Which is to say, for much of my life I was a pretty sorry bowler.

Re-Purposed BRATTBY Kitchen Cart

Materials: BRATTBY Kitchen Cart, Primer and Paint in One, Drawer Knob Description: We removed all the shelves except the bottom one (for support) from the BRATTBY kitchen cart, then removed the back wheels and cut the front legs of the cart to make all four legs even.

"Get Outside of the House. Literally Get Out and Smell the Roses."

Interview: Anne Kreamer. I met Anne Kreamer because I was a big fan of her book, Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters.