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Nine Pieces of Free Software I Use Every Day

I spend hours each day at one of my two computers - either my desktop Mac (a Mac Mini - the most cost-effective type of Mac) or my Linux laptop. As a result, finding a core set of software to use for the things that I do every day is vital. Also important to me is that this software is cross-platform - I’d like to be able to run many of the same things on my Mac and on my laptop.

Eric Steuer: Creative Commons

Eric Steuer, the creative director of Creative Commons may rival a Kindergarten classroom when it comes to talking about sharing. But, lucky for us, he also reminds us why we were drilled on the concept so early on. Sharing isn’t infantile; it’s essential.

Secrets to Happiness: Prayer and Wii Mario Kart.

I just finished reading Kevin Roose’s memoir, The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University. As a 19-year-old college student at Brown, Kevin decided to spend a semester “undercover” as a student at Liberty University, the largest Christian fundamentalist university in the U.S., founded by Jerry Falwell.

Mind Your Own Business

Begin Unrelated Story: I was talking with an employee who works for Mind Your Own Business–a company that makes small business accounting software.  She was relating a time she had been pulled over by a policeman who asked her the standard questions, “where are you going?”, “where do you work?”.  When asked where she worked, she replied “Mind Your Own Business

Seven benefits of uncluttering

Today, we welcome Gregory Go. He is one of the personal finance and frugal living bloggers at Wise Bread, and a contributor to the new book 1,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget (available this May).

Buying Fresh, Buying Cheap

Rick writes in: You talk all the time about buying fresh foods, but they’re always more expensive than the canned versions and other foods I buy. What am I missing? Much of the time, Rick is right. If you just walk into a grocery store, pick a fresh vegetable at random, and compare it to the canned version, the canned version is usually cheaper.

10 Applications for Keeping Client Contact Data Organized

Recently, Martha Retallick posted on the topic of building your contact list. As can be expected with such an important part of any business, there are a plethora of applications available for managing contacts and customers.

Investing 101: An Introduction to Asset Allocation

This is a guest post from ABCs of Investing, a new site for novice investors. ABCs of Investing offers two short and simple investing posts each week.

Liatorp-Billy fusion book cases

Erik previously gave us a discreet computer cabinet. He does it again with this handsome all black set-up. And what's a flavasoft? He says, "Ikea is one of my favorite places, being a Swede, it's one of the few places to grab a flavasoft for a decent price. I needed an inexpensive way to hopefully make my office look nice, clean and a little bit stylish.

The deep drawer problem

One drawer in our kitchen (pictured) is a real problem area for us. It is an incredibly deep drawer that is the depository for most of our food preparation tools. It contains everything from a whisk to a rolling pin. The depth of the drawer makes it prone to disorganization.

Thirty-one tips for reducing your impact while saving money

I was reading through comments here on the blog last night and I found this great list of tips by reader Millie Barnes, who writes a blog about health and gardening called Optimum Nutrition. Her tips were just too comprehensive to let them languish in the comments. So here they are (I don't even mind including the plug for her products). Thanks Millie!

Life’s What Happens When You’re Busy Making Tweets

There’s a classic John Lennon line that goes… Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

How to Find Your First Apartment

Editor’s Note: One of the features of the new Art of Manliness Community is the ability to post blog posts. If we find one of these posts particularly interesting or helpful, we’ll be posting it up here on the main site. Kicking off this new tradition, we have a post by Shane Belin.

How to Go From Fat To Fit For Good

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Andrew of Go Healthy Go Fit.

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 4: Couples and Finances

I know this is late going up, but I’ve been running errands all morning (many of which were money-related). In just a few minutes, you can join us for the fourth episode of The Personal Finance Hour, a BlogTalkRadio program all about personal finance. I’ll be co-hosting the show with Jim from Bargaineering at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern).