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By Jonathan Fields

9 Steps to Starting a Small Part-time Business

Image courtesy of W. Kozak Starting your own small business can seem like a daunting task at first. This is why many people never attempt it. However, if you break up your duties into smaller tasks, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

How to Enjoy Solitude

Photo by Vadim Pacev By Scott Young “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast, or a god.”~ Francis Bacon Francis Bacon may have exaggerated, but his point was clear: most people despise being alone. People will surround themselves in harmful relationships to avoid solitude. They will change their clothes, hobbies or even their religious beliefs just to fit in.

Introducing the Art of Manliness Trunk

The internet is a big place. A man can waste a lot of time searching for the manliest stuff the web has to offer. Let us do the searching for you. Today we’re rolling out the Art of Manliness Trunk. The AoM Trunk is a collection of cool stuff that we find while wandering the vast deserts of the world wide web.

Getting Things Done: A New Practice for a New Reality

This is the first entry in a fourteen part series discussing the time management classic Getting Things Done by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings through July 16. The first question a lot of people are going to ask is why am I writing a fourteen part series on a time management book on a personal finance website.

Money Hack: When You Save Money, Actually Put It in Savings

As part of the publicity push for Your Money: The Missing Manual, I’ve been a guest on a couple dozen radio shows around the country.

Video: Don't Get Organized.

2010 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2010 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2010 a happier year – and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- last month’s focus was Mindfulness. Last week’s resolution was to Keep a food diary. Did you try to follow that resolution? Did it help to boost your happiness?

After a breakup: Handling sentimental clutter

My friend and professional organizer D. Allison Lee sent me an amazing unitasker that I’ve been laughing about ever since: The Wedding Ring Coffin.

BITIG clock into information board

Materials: BITIG clock, paper, pictures Description: My son (3) kept asking every morning whether it was a "kindergarten"-day or not. He seemed to be keen on keeping track of the days - weekdays or weekends. He also wanted to know what would happen each day. We went to IKEA together and bought a BITIG clock. The orange dots are removable round magnets.

A Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” ~Robert Frost Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Matthew Frazier of No Meat Athlete. Why does the popularity of trail running in the United States surge every time there’s a national crisis or period of epidemic uncertainty? Simple answe

Some Thoughts on Hiring People

About once a day, I hear from someone who lists off a bunch of their investments, says that they don’t think their financial advisor is doing a good job with their money, and asks me what they should do. My first advice to them is usually to dump their advisor and handle their investing themselves.

The Wealthy Freelancer: Book Review

When a copy of The Wealthy Freelancer showed up at my door, the wife was quick to open the package and start perusing the contents. Now, I won’t get into how I feel about other people opening my packages, but what she said next caught my attention. “You’re going to like this,” she said. I asked her why, but she kept replying, “Just read it.

The Truth About Article Marketing

What if there was a way to leverage “off blog” content to get a ton of links, push you to the front page of google, then drive a landslide of search-engine traffic for life? Sounds like a fantasy, right? Well, that’s the promise that’s been made by many who operate in the internet marketing waters known as article marketing.

Transforming furniture

We’ve featured some transforming wall beds on the site before, and now we want to show you more of them in action. The New York company Resource Furniture has made a demonstration video of all of their amazing space-saving furniture: Actually, they’ve made two videos, but the second one is produced in a way that kind of makes me motion sick.

Stacked nightstands

Materials: 2 Aneboda nightstands Description: After moving a pair of Billy bookcases into our Aneboda-stocked guest room, we realized the nightstands suddenly had no home. There wasn't enough floorspace to keep them both around, given that we already have a narrow 5-drawer and standard sized 3-drawer dresser in there.

The 50-Percent Solution

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. When I started getting serious about frugal living, my husband dredged up one piece of juicy financial advice he recalled from his grad school days: Use half of what you normally would. He was talking about consumable goods like shampoo and dish soap.