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How Do You Censor Your Online Activity?

The internet doesn't forget. What do you do to protect yourself from the effects of "the internet's photographic memory?

Bill Murray Is Ready To See You Now

"Last time doesn't exist. It's only this time & everything is going to be different this time."

12 Ways To Build Your Business While Keeping Your Family First

Trying to raise a family the best way you know how is really hard work. It takes a lifetime of loving, understanding, forgiving, supporting, and caring; and there's no real guarantee of anything.Building a business is also incredibly hard work. It takes hours and hours of planning, stressing, working, reevaluating, fear squashing, and focus; (once again) there's no real guarantee of anything.

Ten Big Mistakes #5: Worrying About What Others Think

Along my financial journey in life, I made a great number of mistakes.

Freelance Business Recovery Planning: Breaking a Slump

Business slumps. Sometimes they come on suddenly. Like when your biggest client decides to stop using your services, and you’re left high and dry. Or they sneak up on you through a series of unfortunate events. For example, you just submitted a big proposal, but you didn’t get the job. Then there’s that project you were hoping to promote so you could gain more business.

Letting Go of Paper

I’ve been surprised at how difficult it is to let go of my paper. As I move more and more of my paper to a digital format I keep finding myself hesitating when I get ready to shred a document. We are trained so very well to keep our paper records. Has anyone else experienced this? I think part of the issue is that most people have suffered some type of data loss with their computer.

BESTÅ Bench Home Theater Hack

Materials: BESTÅ Bench, BESTÅ Tofta, Integral Hinge, Integral Damper, BESTÅ Legs Description: I recently won a new Panasonic 50" VT25 and Panasonic DMP-BD350 3D Blu-ray player through Panasonic. Well, with the newly added TV I decided to change my Ikea Benno Black/Brown stand and go with something cleaner and simpler to conceal my components.

Too Smart For Your Business?

This week’s guest contributor is my friend, Alexis Neely. On the outside, Alexis is a driven mom entrepreneur who has built two million dollar plus businesses, trains lawyers, and appears frequently on television.

Workspace of the Week: Basement beautiful

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Aaron’s amazing home office: This is a real home office. Aaron’s such a good photographer that his pictures look like they’re straight from a catalog — which is where these images belong.

Ask the Readers: “Help! I Co-Signed on a Loan and Now I Wish I Hadn’t!”

Ah, relationships. Without other people, money management would be easy! Easy-er, anyhow. But love, family, and business relationships tend to make people do things they know they really oughtn’t. Take Patrick, for example. He fell in love, and it led him to commit a financial faux pas.

Want Motivation On Weight Loss? 5 Tips

Want motivation on weight loss?

Action Method III: Make Time for Processing Your Next Steps

As you move through your day of meetings, brainstorms, and other occasions of creativity, you will start to accumulate Action Steps, References, and Backburner Items. Handouts, random pages of notes, emails, and social network messages will build up all around you.

How to Build Your Wardrobe Part IV – Protecting, Storing and Cleaning your Clothing

Introduction First in How to Build Your Wardrobe Part I we listed the wardrobe basics for several different kinds of men.  Next in How to Build Your Wardrobe Part II we went over these basic items in more detail.

Action Method III: Make Time for Processing Your Next Steps

As you hurry through days filled with emails, phone calls, and meetings, action steps and references pile up. Why daily “processing time” is essential.

My Unusual $100,000 Birthday Present (Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World)

Soon 33 years young. I’ll be back on the playa in August for Burning Man. 33. I’ll turn a glorious 33 this weekend. It’s going to be a great natal year–I can already feel it. Repeating numbers (born in ‘77) are good luck.