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Ask Unclutterer: Partner’s messy desk

Reader Montse submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer: I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 3 years now. We live in a flat, not very big. I’m really worried about his stuff.

How Personal Metrics Can Change Our Lives

The marriage of lifestyle and technology has given way to a new capacity for understanding the effects of how we live our lives with more clarity than ever before. Personal Metrics can help us change how we live our lives.

4 Tips to Save on Car Insurance

By Sarah Winfrey Auto insurance is one of those pesky, nagging things, almost like a tiny leech. It sucks money away and we're not even always aware of it, at least until we have to write another check. The bad news is, car insurance isn't avoidable. Most states have minimal amounts that you're required to carry in order to drive legally.

Modular Meals

Now that my wife has returned to full time work, we’ve been focusing a lot on careful meal planning for the coming week.

Talking Shop With Fellow Freelancers

I found one of my long-term clients in my area through a freelancer I know. I chose my CPA based on advice from another freelancer who lives near by.

Warren Buffett Has No Regrets About the Past Year — Do You?

This article is GRS staff writer Adam Baker. In addition to his work at Get Rich Slowly, Baker blogs over at Man Vs. Debt, where he maintains a list of every single item his family owns. It’s no secret that J.D. loves him some Warren Buffett. Honestly, though, who doesn’t? Financial wisdom seems to ooze from his pores. Previously on Get Rich Slowly, J.D.

Workspace of the Week: Call for entries

This week, instead of highlighting an office, we want to make a request. Our Unclutterer Flickr Pool is full of images of amazing spaces — but the vast majority of those spaces are in people’s homes. I work from home, so I’m quite the fan of the home office. However, we know that most of our readers work in offices in buildings outside their homes.

Finally, an ergonomic desk!

Joel and Mandy "We had an old Ikea desk that wasn't ergonomic. In fact, none of the desks at Ikea are ergonomic! So we decided to build one ourselves using Vika parts (Furusund, Byske, Fintorp) and created a nifty second tier on top by mounting two Knuff magazine files sideways.

Should You Care What Other People Think of You?

Even the introverts amongst us – myself included! – are social beings. It’s natural for us to pay attention to what other people might be thinking.

How do you Stay Accountable?

We're working on a new collaborative Tip, and would love your feedback. Ping us at myideas@behance.com with thoughts/suggestions/general musings.

A Man’s Guide to Clothing Alterations

A modern day gentleman understands he does not need to be a tailor to dress well, but he realizes a basic understanding of maintaining and repairing one of life’s necessities is an asset he can ill afford to neglect.  There are those who would say the maintenance of clothing is better left to others (stereotypically the women in our lives) or that we live in a disposable society and it’s che

Daily Links: Hermit Mode Edition

I’m in full-on hermit mode for the next few days. Kris is out of town — on a road-trip with friends — and I’m devoting every waking hour to my book. (Well, I’ll walk the marathon on Sunday, but aside from that…) It’s actually kind of fun to dedicate myself to a single project for a prolonged period of time.

There’s No Task Easier Than No Task

“Remember that there is no code faster than no code.” - Taligent’s Guide to Designing Programs Post written by Leo Babauta.

How the Traditional “Rules” of Frugal Living Often Vastly Undervalue Time

A few weeks ago, I met up with an old friend of mine who reads The Simple Dollar. After a bit of catching up, he started criticizing me on my purchase of a Prius. “You’re basically throwing your money away there,” he told me.

Ten Simple Ways to Spend Less Money

There are two ways to get ahead financially. The first is to make more money; perhaps that is the obvious one. The other is to spend less money.Out of the two options, saving money is actually more valuable. If you make an extra $1 you will need to pay taxes, say 25%, so you would then have $0.75 left. Certainly that is more than you had before but you don’t get to keep the full dollar.