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Art of Nonconformity

By Chris Guillebeau

Übernote Review

Did you know that a single two-second distraction can cost you 15 minutes of your day? When your concentration is interrupted, it takes up to 15 minutes to get your focus back. Our ambient sounds help reduce the amount of noise distractions in your workplace.

6 Tips for Coping with Boredom.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day. This Wednesday: Six tips for coping with boredom. Samuel Johnson wrote, “It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery, and as much happiness as possible.” Little things make us happy, and little things can drag us down. One “little thing” that can be a source of unhappiness is boredom. Sitting in traffic.

Unitasker Wednesday: The Gboard

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! Reader Blaine sent us a unitasker that is incredibly worthy of our unitasker Wednesday feature — the Gboard! From the Gboard description: The Gboard is a unique keyboard that will turbo-charge your Gmail experience.

How to Motivate People: Skip the Bonus and Give Them a Real Project

As it turns out, work quality may be a stronger motivator than money rewards.

Technology linked to happiness, study claims

You know you're attached to your mobile device, but is it actually contributing to your happiness? This study says yes.

A year ago on Unclutterer

2009 Furniture solution for music practice spaceDedicated furniture can help organize a music practice space. How to clean stuffIf you are looking to clean anything in your home, check out How To Clean Stuff for solid directions. Organizing from A to ZUnclutterer and Erin are mentioned numerous times in the June 2009 issue of Real Simple magazine in the article “Get Organized.

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Pure Imagination Edition

One of the fun things about being a parent is introducing your child to some of the things that built your own fondest memories of a child. Sometimes they react with indifference.

Does your portfolio have to be fancy?

On June 5th, I’m reviewing portfolios for AIGA SF Portfolio Day. While I love talking to students, I’m already dreading one thing: the “fancy” portfolio. By fancy, I mean a hardbound book with embossed lettering, ultra expensive paper, and precious unreadable typography. Or maybe it’ll be encased in a large metal box with tricky clasps and handles.

Simplify Your Bookkeeping

When keeping your books is hard, it doesn’t get done. When you’ve got lots of work on your plate, your bookkeeping doesn’t get done. If you have anything more appealing to do, your bookkeeping doesn’t get done. Many freelancers struggle with keeping their records up to date, whether it’s because the task itself is difficult or we have better uses for our time.

Reinventing Work With Tony Schwartz

I recently had a chance to sit down with my friend, neighbor and author to talk to him about some of the ideas in his insanely hot new book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working (#19 on amazon as I write this), Tony Schwartz.

The KISS principle

In one of my newspaper design courses in college, our professor would write “KISS” on our papers if our layouts were cluttered — not enough space around an image, more than two typefaces — or overly complicated.

From Butcher Block to Vanity for Two

Materials: Groland Butcher Block Island Description: When we moved into our condo, the one not so great feature was the tiny master bathroom - 45 sq. ft. total! In order to shoehorn in a 2 sink vanity (and not break the bank in doing it), we decided to make our own. (1) After assembly of the butcher block island, we cut two sink holes in the top.

Six Steps to Strengthen Your Family on the Journey to Financial Freedom

J.D. is on vacation in Alaska. This is a guest post from Dustin Riechmann. Dustin created Engaged Marriage to help others achieve the extraordinary in marriage and in life.

Look Good, Feel Good: 5 Cost Conscious Ways

Image courtesy of Hashem Abrishami In previous articles, I have discussed just how deeply unemployment can affect a person’s self confidence.  And let’s face it, if you don’t feel good, you probably don’t look good.  You see, another downside of unemployment is that it can do damage to your good looks. I’m certain many of you, as you read this, are shaking your heads or snickering whi

Frustrated at Work? Make a Case for Change

Have you ever sat at your desk, quietly cursing your boss for failing to understand your untapped creative gifts? Or maybe just biding your time until she intuits that life would be 1000% easier for you if the company had more interns? We are often guilty of waiting – particularly when it comes to innovating within our own job description or work culture.