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By Glen Stansberry

Making Time Off Predictable & Required

A thorough study for the Harvard Business Review detailing the effects of forced downtime on a consulting team.

Lab Rat: Does Desktop Minimalism Drive Productivity?

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50 Web Apps for Freelancers

From file management to accounting, invoicing to time tracking, there’s a web app for pretty much everything in a freelancer’s life. Over on our sister blog Web.AppStorm you can find a huge roundup of half a hundred web apps freelancers will find useful! Amidst all those decisions that have to be made, you also have to choose what tools you’re going to use to actually do your job.

Join my virtual book talk on Sunday

First off, sorry I've been a little inactive on the blog lately. So many talks to give! But speaking of talks, I wanted to let you know that I'll be giving one right here on the blog on Sunday, Oct 11 at 5PM EST. I'll be using this really cool technology called Vokle which will allow me to take questions too.

Shave Like Your Great Grandpa: The Ultimate Straight Razor Shaving Guide

Our very first post on the Art of Manliness was a introductory guide to shaving like your grandpa with a double edged safety razor. Since then, we’ve received requests to do a similar article on straight razor shaving.

Daily Links: Sisters of the Road Edition

Many GRS readers have urged me to take a more active role in charity and giving back to my local community.

7 Must Read Productivity Steps to Finally Getting Things Done

I wrote this article as a “master guide” to productivity. Well OK, I don't know about a "master guide" but one thing is for sure: implementing these steps will help you increase your output if you implement them towards the tasks that you’re passionate about.The process I’ve documented below is the one that I personally use, and frankly, I have had excellent results.

How Many Goals Do You Have?

Right now, how many goals do you have? How many big projects and ventures are you involved with? Whether they’re related to your career, your family, your community activities or your personal life, have a quick think through them. If you’re like most people, chances are you have too many goals – and you’re not going to see as much success as you’d like.

A Weekend at Our House

This past weekend was a typical one at our house – lots of time spent together as a family and surprisingly little money spent.

Facebook has a Gross National Happiness Index.

I’m intrigued by Facebook’s “sentiment engine,” the United States Gross National Happiness application that tracks the happiness of Facebook users based on the words used in their updates – words like “happy” or “awesome” or “sad” or “tragic.” CNET reports that it covers only English-using United States-based members, but that is likely to change. Fascinating.

Snap out of it! Six Tips for Avoiding the Afternoon Energy Slump

Do you find yourself zipping through your workload in the mornings, feeling energized and motivated ... only to crash after lunch?Most of us are probably familiar with the mid-afternoon energy slump. Whether you feel sleepy, exhausted or just lethargic, these are six ways to keep up your energy levels throughout the afternoon.

Hide your cables in a Vattern

This is neat. Paul hides a stash of cables and switches inside the Vattern bathroom cabinet. "In a corner of my room I've fixed my router, the switch and the cables on the wall. It was quite practical but it looked ugly. Two months later I found in the "bargain corner" two doors of the Vattern series. Later I bought two basic elements of the Vattern series.

Digital Signatures & Encryption

In this post, we are going to look at the fundamentals behind sending encrypted emails and documents.

Organizing medical billings and paperwork

Professional organizer Julie Bestry speaks from personal experience on how to organize medical billings and paperwork to avoid bankruptcy in her article “Don’t Let Hospital Billing Errors Bleed You Dry“: Harvard University research indicates that approximately 62% of U.S. personal bankruptcies are caused by unaffordable medical bills.

Gasoline, Groceries, and a Simple Look at the Cost of Time

Recently, my wife was in rural area of Iowa where the gas prices were significantly higher than they are near where we live. While there, the amount of gas in her tank got low, so she stopped to fill up.