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The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: No Money Resolution Edition

Several people wrote to me expressing some surprise that I didn’t have a money-related resolution this year. To tell the truth, I don’t know where a single-year money resolution would come from in our budget or in our life. We have some ongoing three-to-five year goals that seem to be in a good place right now.

Magical Clients: Coping with the Disappearing/Reappearing Act

Credit: Bohman on Flickr Sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do when a client disappears. Things can be great for a long time, but then they don’t call you for work. You’re sure they’ve found someone else to complete the projects you used to get, when–poof!

Seed-starting shelves

Materials: OMAR shelving unit (I used 36 1/4" high, but you could use the taller one), 2 standard "shop fixtures" (48" long), 4 40-watt T-12 fluorescent light bulbs, 1 timer for the lights, 4 small metal S-hooks (or substitute), 1 two-plugs-to-one converter, 1 extension cord, several large pieces of cardboard (can be from OMAR box), 2 25-foot boxes aluminum foil, clear t

Is Content Curation Is The New Black?

Content is king…right?If you want attention, a platform, the ability to lead, sway, sell, move, emote, promote, you need to be putting out killer stuff.But, there’s a major wrinkle in the theory that pretty much nobody talks about, even though it’s become one of the most powerful content models on the planet.The content…doesn’t have to be yours!We are assaulted and ba

Beyond Tupperware: Frugal food storage

This post is from new GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes the Living With Less personal finance column for MSN Money, and writes about frugality and intentional living at Surviving And Thriving. To hear the storage industry tell it, every kitchen needs plastic containers in a dozen sizes.

How To Communicative Effectively

Communication is always looked upon as key factor in a person’s overall growth whether in career, personal or professional relationships.

Concealed ventilation

Materials: 1 black Fritiof stool, 4 hooks, 1 shoelace (1m), powerdrill Description: Unscrew the seating surface from the legs. Screw 4 hooks in the skrewholes of the seating surface. Drill 8 small holes in the ventilation casing. Thread the shoelace throught the holes and the hooks, tense it and knot together. Finished.

Child-proof vice versa

Materials: cavity anchor, screw Description: It is a solution for a most common problem if you have to re-equip your furniture in order to make it child-proof. IKEA offers the PATRULL drawer/cabinet catch, which will, in their words, "Reduce[] the risk of the child reaching improper contents in drawers/cabinets." As for that, the tiny plastic catch serves its purpose well.

Francis Ford Coppola: On Risk, Money, Craft & Collaboration

Legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola talks about how he self-finances all his films, why the artist must never lie, and how true collaboration is like great sex.

Are You A Serial Under-Earner?

Less isn't always more. We take a look at the characteristic traits of the "under-earner," and open the floor to hear your thoughts about money management.

Mastering Man Food: Knowing Your Peppers

When food and manliness intersect, two culinary staples inevitably play a role in the conversation: bacon and peppers. We’ve already covered the basics of bacon, that most venerable of proteins. Let’s take our next culinary journey into the world of peppers.

Building a Freelance Career #4: Do I Need a Website – Really?

Credit: Cory Doctorow, gruntzooki on Flickr Back in the early ´80s – if you were actually born at that point when I was a young music student in the UK – on graduating, aspiring soloists organized the production of a nice glossy brochure, set up a few high profile concerts and then gained experience by treading the national music society circuit. You might offer teaching in order to pa

Young Children, Allowances, and Financial Focus

For us, 2010 was a year of learning for both the parents and the children in our household about what allowance means, how it works, and what kinds of money lessons our children are learning. Let’s roll back the clock to November 2009, when our children each received piggy banks and the allowance adventure got underway: Our son received a Money Savvy Pig for his birthday, which has four slo

How to Be Prepared For Life: The Ultimate Guide

How often do you run into a situation in life and think to yourself, “Nobody ever prepared me for this?” The truth is, there is absolutely no way to prep anybody on how to explicitly deal with every possible life event that could conceivably happen.

Husar Re-Envisioned Into Recycling Center

Materials: Husar Shelving Description: I changed my knotty pine Husar drawer and shelf unit into a stylish recycling center with some thin lattice wood strips and stain. the original Husar The biggest impact comes from the addition of the lattice wood, which is cheap and easy to use! I love the difference it makes!