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By John Wesley

What Does “YMMV” Mean? The Official Guide to Decoding the Language of Frugality

By Linsey KnerlIt may seem like a lot to learn at first.  Clipping coupons, saving receipts, and mailing in rebate forms can be an overwhelming new practice to some.  Before you get your wallets in a bunch, however, stop and take time to learn the lingo of savings experts like Melissa from Consumer Queen.  Better yet, print out this list, clip it, and stick it in your savings binder

Nobody Completes You

It was an iconic moment… Jerry McGuire, played by Tom cruise, walks into a room full of women and professes his love to Dorothy Boyd, played by Rene Zellweger, saying, “you complete me.” Dorothy, in tears, walks into his arms as she reveals, “you had me at hello,” while the audience stands, claps madly and cheers triumphantly.

Direct Stock Purchase Plans: A Better Way to Invest

This is a guest post from Michael Robertson, a writer and avid personal investor who lives in Washington, D.C. He is keenly interested in raising money for, and awareness of, multiple myeloma.

Three Tips for Running Your Business Away From Your Business

As freelancers there are often times we work away from our desks. This could be due to taking much needed vacations or working from a coffee shop to gain a little human interaction. How can you keep your business going in a professional setting when you’re not working from your typical office space? Treat Phone Calls With Care

Another option in space-saving ladders

A little over a year ago, I highlighted the telescoping ladder as a space-saving option. The other day, I found another collapsible ladder via Apartment Therapy. The 5-Foot Compact Ladder (pictured) collapses down to roughly the size of a 61″ long 2″ x 4″.

Bathroom mirror, more than meets the eye

Gilito from Alcoi, Spain, has this absolutely fabulous mirror. It really got me. Me. Like. Robots. Too. "I would like to submit my simple hack conformed by the Atran lockable cabinet in stainless steel, the mirror Frack, and two lamps that I got in another lamp store.

Seven Dieting Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

If you read Glen’s post on How to Gain Weight And Build Muscle and thought, “I wish I had the problem of trying to put on weight”, this post is for you.You’ve tried multiple diets in the past and nothing ever seems to work. Perhaps you manage to stick to a rigid diet for a few days, but you crack before the week is out. Maybe you get into good habits, but somehow let them slide again.

Chase reverses new maintenance charges

By Lynn TruongBack in January, I wrote a post about finding a new monthly $10 "maintenance fee" for my Chase credit card -- the one I was never late on and had a transfer balance that guaranteed me a 3.99% APR for life. People were outraged, of course, but now Chase has had a change of heart. I received this in the mail today: Dear Lynn Truong:  

7 Exercises to Make You Look and Feel Like a Man

This is a guest post from Vic Magary of Gym Junkies.com. Vic is a personal trainer, karate/taekwando blackbelt, and a U.S. Army veteran.

Swoopo - great auction deals or great scam?

By Xin LuToday I stumbled upon a site called Swoopo.  It is touted as a new auction site that combines shopping with entertainment.  I took a quick look and it seemed like many items were selling for very low prices.  For example, an ounce of gold recently sold for only $187.96 when it is worth around $1000.  How is this possible?

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 3: Finding Balance

Join us this afternoon for the third episode of The Personal Finance Hour, a BlogTalkRadio program all about personal finance. I’ll be co-hosting the show with Jim from Bargaineering at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern).

Can You Live Without That Service?

When I reached my financial bottom, one of my first responses was to look for fat to cut out of my life. I eliminated Netflix. I eliminated magazine and newspaper subscriptions. I whacked away at some of the pricier options on several other bills.

A Fake Ad -- For a Drug for the "Insufferably Cheery."

Several thoughtful readers sent me this fake ad for Despondex, a “prescription depressant for the insufferably cheery.” According to the ad, Despondex is “effective at reducing a range of symptoms,” such as: talking to people in line at the grocery store participating in community theater Christmas caroling collecting ceramic animal figurines organizing neighborhood potlucks

Why You Need to Fail to Succeed

That’s a rather provocative title, I suppose. Surely if you can avoid failure that is better, right?  Not necessarily. There are two ways to avoid failure. Working so hard and doing such a good job that you succeed. Only taking on projects that are so far below your capabilities that failure is never a realistic possibility.

How To Turn a 2-liter Bottle Of Water Into a 50-Watt Lightbulb

By Paul MichaelIt's not often that I'm taken aback by the simplicity and power of an invention, but this one does it for me. It's cheap, anyone can make one and it literally changes lives. Welcome to the water-bottle lightbulb.